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Methyas L'eonheart
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5 ABY (age 34)

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1.7 Meters


79.4 Kilos






Cybernetic Leg (Left)

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"The Force is neither light or dark, good or evil; it exists as vastly as space itself, flowing through those who can feel it as a conduit. It is those who channel this power that determine how it is viewed by how they present themselves."
―Methyas L'eonheart

Methyas L'eonheart (pronounced meh-thigh-iss) is a Miraluka Augur of Clan Naga Sadow and a Son of Sadow. He was born of the Fey-Pepoi lineage and received the surname of L'eonheart from his father early in his childhood to conceal him from the search of the Inquisitors before being left to train with the last of the Jedi. He has been mentor to some influential figures within Naga Sadow, and has notoriously been trained in the ways of the Force by figures such as Michael Halcyon. While he takes no effort to hide his care for others, he risks much as a Jedi among numerous adherents of the Dark Path. Following the Tenth Great Jedi War, Methyas began to pursue his Jedi Trials and subsequently lost his right arm at the shoulder, successfully completing the Trial of the Flesh. In one of his most dangerous missions, Methyas helped capture the Avenger II from a dire threat to the Brotherhood and lost his left leg at the hip fighting Darth Necar before the ship's capture. Since the events of the Eleventh Great Jedi War, Methyas has kept his distance from the Brotherhood and Dark Council, and with the dawn of the New Order era he was recently being marked as an "Undesirable" by those he once faithfully served.


The Journeyman Years

Out of the Ashes

Born to Fayth and Lucien Fey in 5 ABY, two years after the Galactic Concordance on the world of Dantooine, Methyas was the first born of Fey-Pepoi line. As the years passed, Fayth gave birth to Mirado, and their small family of oddities grew in peace in the Outer-rim. But their peace was not to last, when in 11 ABY a few of the Remnant's last Inquisitors discovered the family. In an unexpectedly fierce battle, the Fey held their ground to protect their offspring, but the skill of the Inquisitors was too great and Fayth was killed at their hands. Distraught at his mother's death, Methyas lashed out with the Force, catching some of the Inquisitors off-guard with his natural skills and leaving enough of an opening for his father to finish their adversaries off and protecting the family. Knowing that they would never be safe, Lucien decided it was best to split his family apart and cover their tracks, making it more difficult for the Inquisitors or other threats to follow. While Mirado, as young as he was, was left with a caring family; Lucien decided it was best for his son to learn how to control his talents under proper guidance, leaving him in the care of the |last Jedi to learn their ways.

And so, Methyas grew, under the guidance of the Jedi with others both young and old seeking to learn the ways of the Force. Yet as he grew, he always felt a pull, something that he longed for and desired more than anything else, his family. When he reached the age of sixteen, Methyas decided it was best to part ways with the Jedi and left in search of answers to the questions he sought. Methyas wasn't entirely blind to the events of the galaxy, having always heard of the growing threat out in the unknown regions during his time with the Jedi, and as such he joined the Resistance. Knowing he was very much out of place and considered an oddity among the denizens of the Galaxy, Methyas sought to keep himself in the shadows on tasks along the Unknown Regions, gathering intelligence on the First Order's activities. This veil of secrecy gave him the freedom to remain anonymous, to protect the people of the Galaxy in some fashion, and to continue his search for his family while he did so. As he searched and the years passed, a persistent nudge kept eating at Methyas’ focus, something calling out to him from the Unknown Regions. Going against his superior’s advice, Methyas head out to the Unknown Regions and into territories known by the First Order, in search for the source the siren’s call. As the months passed, Methyas steadily found himself in a small system known as Orian, in which it was whispered and rumoured that the Corporation which governed the system was controlled by followers of an ancient Sith lord. It was there that he was introduced to an organization of Force sensitives called the Dark Brotherhood by a member of their order. Intrigued, Methyas abandoned his duties to the Resistance and enrolled in their Shadow Academy where he steadily found himself further entrenched in their ways. Even as a learner within the Dark Brotherhood, Methyas knew better than to let them in on his faith in the light. He had found a people and populous that needed his help, be it through the will of the Force or fate, Methyas knew that he needed to protect the hapless citizens of the Brotherhood's Clans. Through subterfuge or otherwise, Methyas would help these people and he would find his family in the process.

The Brotherhood and the Underworld

Methyas in traditional robes

"Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.
―Methyas, citing the Mantra of the Force

His admitance into the Brotherhood had been easier than he ever could have foreseen, but his natural connection and use of the Force had made the process much simpler. He found himself quickly as a part of Clan Naga Sadow and House Marka Ragnos, rising to the rank of Proselyte before being approached by Dark Jedi Knight Fremoc Pepoi and Jedi Hunter Kano Tor Pepoi about joining the Battleteam Night Raptors. Feeling accustomed to combat and being part of a team, Methyas graciously accepted and started to grow closer to the members of Marka Ragnos before being approached by Dark Jedi Knight Teu Pepoi about becoming her apprentice; another request he swiftly accepted to learn more about the Force.

"Can't wait to see what you do next Sergeant."
"I can't wait to see what I do next.
―Aedile Pepoi talking to Sergeant Arcturi L'eonheart

It didn't take long for Methyas to become noticed by those on the House Summit. During a routine operation with the Night Raptors his commanding officer, Kano Tor Pepoi, became wounded by their enemies leaving him unable to continue his duties for a period of time. As the Raptors were left without someone to command them Methyas took some time to prepare himself for the coming storm. His activity and subconscious control of the Force hadn't gone unnoticed as he quickly found himself summoned by his Aedile Fremoc Pepoi to the catacombs of their home in Mucenic. It was there that Methyas met with Fremoc and the new House Marka Ragnos Quaestor Kharon Daragon and he was given the position of Obelisk Sergeant of the Night Raptors. In this time Methyas had also been told of the changes that were looming, he had been considered for the position of Black Guard for the Aedile but it had been granted to Dark Jedi Knight Ekeia Iclo instead.

The next couple of weeks were rather trying for Methyas; in an attempt to make the Night Raptors more of a military team as the House Summit saw fit, Methyas requested the Dlarit Corporation work on new weapons for the team using his mother's old weapon as a base for research and development. Because of the sentimental value of Odin's Thunder to him Methyas was rather detached and distracted until it was returned to him and he was able to test the first couple of prototypes. During the prototyping phase Methyas was told by Aedile Pepoi that the Night Raptors would be relocating the capital of Markosian City to act as a cover for their elite unit as well as to protect him during his subterfuge. During the move Dlarit completed a production model of the weapons for Methyas and started dispatching them to the Night Raptors.

"The apartment has been comprimised, I repeat our cover has been blown. Need to regroup, please advise."
―Methyas during the Underworld mission

Shortly after his appointment as the Sergeant of the Night Raptors, Methyas found his team thrown into the fire as the Clan required as many warriors as they could to help quell an incident aboard the spacestation Refuge. Even amongst the young Guardian's complaints, he was sent to lead his team in their first live-fire mission.

The mission proved to be rather difficult for the entire group, especially once their cover had been blown resulting in an all-out assault on their safehouse. The super-human enhancements of many of the members of the notorious Underworld kept many members of the team on their toes and kept many of the Raptors fighting together against the tougher opponents. The mission was registered as a successful trial of the NR-series pistols by Methyas in a later report for their power, accuracy and stealth purposes and a comment had been left on a change in behaviour with many of his team in regards to use of the weapon in part thanks to its limited ammunition capacity.

Numerous injuries were received by members of the Clan and the battleteam, resulting in a harrowing final battle with the Underworld's leader Drastig. The mission's overall success saw Methyas promoted to Jedi Hunter before the Dark Council declared Vendetta.

The Spoils of War, a Voice to be Silenced

With Vendetta declared all the clans found themselves shipped to Salas V for a Rite of Supremacy, this included Methyas and the Night Raptors so soon after their military action on Refuge. With most injuries fully healed the Raptors took up arms alongside House Ludo Kressh for the honor of their clan.

It was a tough series of battles and most notable for Methyas was their battle to claim a base of operations on the planet; during the campaign the Raptors fought alongside the Night Hawks under the command of Tetrarch Raven and The Bastion under the command of Sergeant Kano Tor Pepoi. In their attempts to clear the landing zone Methyas had a run-in with an old adversary, Nin Amor, an alien he had spent the last several years tracking. The young Hunter was unable to capture his target at the landing zone and as a result spent the remainder of the engagement on Salas V divided between his duties to Clan, which he completed with the utmost care and sense of pride.

The close of the Vendetta saw disappointment from Methyas as his quarry had escaped the planet undetected; as the Clan stood tall for their victories Methyas stood beside them and his team, happy that they would be able to return home for a bit of rest. The return to Tarthos however didn't see a complete rest for the young Miraluka until he had been brought before the house at Mucenic to pledge his Oath to the clan, his final step before he was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight.

"Good Hunting Raptors"
―Methyas before entering Mucenic's Great Hall

It hadn't been long after the completion of the Vendetta that the House saw great turmoil again, awakening to a disturbance in the Force, Methyas plunged himself into full-on combat to defend Bal Demona from the approaching storm. Learning quickly that Mucenic was under siege, Methyas led the assault on the ancient sanctuary with the Night Raptors. Taking advantage of their unusual combat methodology, the Night Raptors effectively used their stealthy tactics to their advantage and seized control of the surrounding temple grounds with the assistance of the Night Hawks under the lead of Ekeia Iclo. During this time Methyas sent a narrowband transmission to all Dlarit military units in the system for assistance, knowing that Manji Keibatsu Sadow and Taigikori Aybara Dupar would arrive with the RSD Final Way to help secure the planet from their unknown adversary.

The final assault on the temple itself would prove tough for the battleteams as they encountered greater resistance amongst smarter and more experienced warriors. Methyas himself didn't fair too well as his left shoulder was destroyed by a lucky thrust from Ravened Magnum of the Divine Reborn before his death and his left arm was further devastated by the blade of Antar Nakcohh. As the battle continued the Divine Reborn knew that their efforts were in vain, the Disciples of Ragnos were far too powerful and eliminated virtually all of the Reborn before they could flee. As the confrontation ended Fremoc met with Methyas and Kano in his office at Mucenic to inform them of a couple of changes to their order. With Bal's life becoming more hectic he stepped down leaving Fremoc to promote Methyas to Aedile of House Marka Ragnos with Kano once again assuming command of the Night Raptors. Assuming the position of Aedile would be a big step for the young Knight, but he took it knowing fully what was in store for him. The next week for Methyas was spent in a mixture of a Hibernation Trance and time in a Bacta Tank following receiving his replacement shoulder joint. After his recovery Methyas appeared before the people of Markosian City to officially take hold of his title; appearing at the conference with his new weapon, a Shikomizue, he appeared as a blind politician to most of the public who didn't know his background.

Summoned to the Marakith Skyhook orbiting the Kresshan world of Aeotheran for a discussion on a more unified Clan environment; Methyas and Fremoc arrived to celebrate less strenuous laws and travel between the two houses when Consul Manji Keibatsu Sadow finally arrived and shocked the members of the Clan with news of an uprising on the planet below, forces that sought to wrench the hold of their shadowy organization from the planet. Kicking them into gear, the various members of the clan began their own subtle ways of infiltrating the various organization that threatened their hold on the planet. Methyas initially vouched for a more immersive role with the displeased and displaced refugees outside of the main city of Seng Karash in what had come to be known as Tent City. During his time in the Resettlement Center, Methyas learned of the poor conditions of the unfortunate refugees. Staying with a Gungan engineer by the name of Rayfor Eliesum Methyas also learned of the kindness of these individuals while learning more of the Force himself. While he felt like he was making progress, he knew he was still too unskilled with the Force to make too much of a difference, and so Methyas resolved to take a more direct approach in helping these people.

Joining the Voice of Justice under the guise of a Mandalorian mercenary Methyas rejoined most of his Clan in a pre-planned assault on Generator Two. The mission started as a successful infiltration of the heavily guarded facility until circumstances led to the capture of Teu. As the facility went to high-alert the Clan swiftly became separated and Methyas began a diversionary assault with the aid of Fremoc and Kano to ensure the others could complete their objective of disabling the generator. As the situation grew worse and worse with the number of Dlarit military personnel increasing exponentially the three Mandalorians saw the numbers of Voice of Justice personnel decreasing just as exponentially. In the process of laying covering fire for the remaining survivors Methyas took a series of rounds to his right side causing the Miraluka to believe this would be his grave until Kano charged the nearby command center of the Generator and set it to self-destruct. With Fremoc rescuing his wife, the group escaped the facility before certain death and regrouped with the members of their Clan outside the facility with the summit displeased by the fact the Voice of Justice had escaped them in the resulting Chaos.

Regrouping upon the Marakith, Methyas was tended to by Doctor Naomi Salus, a high ranking medical professional with the Dlarit Special Operations Group. During the medical procedures Methyas further attempted to discover the secrets of Meditation of Immersion and created a weak illusion of a tropical oasis for the Doctor as she worked. Upon being released from the Medical facilities the Aedile regrouped with Fremoc, Kano and Roxas Buurenaar in the Observatory where Kano gave the Aedile a heavier chestplate for the coming battle. The battle came swiftly resulting in the Clan to be delivered to the isle of Lor Zatean where the Voice of Justice had holed up and threatened to take the isle to the bottom of the sea. Deploying the lighter and more mobile members of the Clan on the beach a distance away from Keebada Villa where their target lay hidden, the Clan had vouched for the heavier Mandalorian clad troopers to be inserted once things took a turn for the worse. After a quick aerial insertion upon the Villa's rooftop Methyas along with Fremoc, Kano, Roxas, Araxis Farron and Rang Verda entered the Villa to begin a top-down sweep and exfiltration of any civilians within the building. During the infilration the troopers began to fan out and Methyas encountered one of the enhanced agents of the Voice of Justice, the brute had a similar signature in the Force to those he had encountered on Refuge when dealing with the Underworld and as such the Knight was on the defensive against the physically stronger adversary in close quarters. The resulting battle saw Methyas as the victor following a bit of Force-induced rage but not without further damage to his chest and a broken and nearly crushed left leg. The remainder of the facilities infiltration and exfiltration mission was more hurried following that as the Clan's presence had been detected, although the armoured group succeeded in exfiltrating the civilians within the building before regrouping with the remainder of the Clan to deal with a couple more bio-engineered brutes that stood between them and the basement of the Villa with Deliverance.

Their attack on Deliverance would be harder than anticapated as the woman had grown colder and more determined with the aid of a group of bio-engineered brutes in addition to two well trained agents by the names of Kelvert and Carolides. The resulting firefight saw more injuries before the arrival of Manji and the mad alchemist Macron Goura Sadow. With the help of the two new Equites, Deliverance was placed on the defensive as Teu repurposed the bomb that had been delivered to serve their own purposes. With the battle seeing many further injured including Fremoc, a strange new Miraluka arrived by the name of Venator to help out the Quaestor before assisting Macron and Manji in slaying Deliverance. Following the death of Deliverance, the Clan quickly escaped the Villa under constant fire before being exfiltrated themselves by the DSOG. Once the transport had escaped to a safe altitude Teu detonated the bomb she had repurposed, destroying a good deal of Lor Zatean in the process and killing the remaining stragglers of the Voice of Justice thus ending their reign of terror. Returning to the Marakith for medical attention and cleanup after the chaos on Aeotheran, Methyas once again found himself under the watchful eyes of Naomi Salus where the two sparked a relationship between each other. The next several weeks would see the Knight under the medical attention of Naomi before the two were transferred to Tarthos and Mucenic for increased security of the House in addition to keeping Methyas out of the line of fire for the next couple of months.

War Changes All

"I may not be able to return you to perfect health, but right now I'm the one who controls if you live or die."
―Methyas speaking with alien, Nal Yin, in the Great Sadow Library

The clan had little time to recover following the events on Aeotheran with the Voice of Justice, Methyas and Fremoc having retreated to Mucenic once more for a moment of peace and serenity to heal their wounds. War had a way of finding it's way back to the Disciples of Sadow however and Markosian City reported itself under seige by an unknown enemy with another large contingent moving towards Mucenic itself. Mobilizing all present assets, the Ragnosians began the defense of their hidden sanctuary while they awaited further assistance from the remainder of the Clan. As the seige of Mucenic began, their enemies revealed themselves to be remnants of a supposedly dead race known as the Ekind, legions of their warped creations, and rumours of an alien leader he had once been tracking. The ensuring battle for the security of the Ragnosian sanctuary saw Methyas in a different light for many of his allies; the usually clam, collected and calculating warrior had become a devastating loose cannon as he broke formation and disobeyed direct orders to seek the location of the alien he sought. This was a task he succeeded in, discovering the location of the alien and the Ekind leadership before being arrested by DSOG commandoes and brought before Fremoc and the rest of the Clan Summit. His success eased the Knight's mind but his actions had caused much embarrassment, and so he forfit his saber to his friend and was relieved of duty on the front lines until he returned to a stable state of mind. While taking care of troops behind the front, Methyas took possession of a package which had arrived from the Fist of the Brotherhood containing a trophy for his success in a prior engagement, a unique energy sword the Knight named "Harmony".

Having returned to his regular state of mind and with events occurring within the Command tent that were beyond what the Knight was aware of, Methyas was tasked with carrying the Banner of Revulsion to the top of the nearby hill and planting it to help end the conflict at Mucenic. With the assistance of Araxis, Venator and many other members of the Clan, Methyas successfully achieved his goal and planted the Sadowan standard resulting in an unsuspecting result that cast the surviving enemies far from the sanctuary. As the members of Naga Sadow began to regroup, guilt filled the Aedile as the people he had spent over a year with at Markosian City were now in the thick of combat. Methyas quickly started towards the makeshift vehicle depot deployed from the Final Way in orbit and commendeered a LAAT/i Gunship and tank to make a swift assault run on the City, a task that would've been solo had Araxis, Fremoc and Sarconn followed him to help lead the assault. The flight into the city went completely against what was planned due to the Ekind being more ingenious than expected and had taken control of TIE Fighers that had been stationed at Markosian. As the Gunship suddenly became a massive target, Methyas devised a plan to detatch the tank from the gunship and use its repulsors to safely guide it to the ground along with the sloping Firefox Hills. The plan went without a hitch, Araxis utilizing the Tank's top-mounted gun to fend off any curious TIEs while Methyas utilized the powerful main cannon alongside the repulsors themselves to guide the primarily land-based vehicle to safety while overdriving the repulsors.

Defence of the mighty city was considerably tougher than the quiet sanctuary of Mucenic had been, here the Ekind had access to their war machines and had already dug in to make their extraction many times harder. Here Methyas fought admirably with a solemn heart as many people he had known, trusted and had in turn trusted him now lay dead in the streets or fleeing from their destroyed homes. Once again the Knight found fellow Miraluka, Venator, working with him and protecting him from threats. Upon successfully clearing sectors, Methyas was capable of experiencing the horrors of a Base Delta Zero himself in close quarters, the full effects of both the Geosynchronous Platform Onyx and the RSD Final Way laying waste to the Green sector following direct orders from Fremoc. Arriving at Orian Manor shortly after the en-masse destruction, Methyas was able to witness a nearly full Clan Summit present at the Manor itself and even get a chance to meet the Grand Master, Muz Ashen, himself. Speaking briefly to Fremoc about the destruction and death he had allowed to befall the people of Green Sector, the Templar dismissed his Aedile quickly before departing for Kar Alabrek, a task that Methyas started up quickly after him. Once again securing a LAAT transport along with a small group of DSOG troopers, Methyas found himself alongside Araxis, Teu and Venator en-route to the forsaken city when a large searing pain ripped through himself, Araxis and Teu. Boggled by the sudden pain, the three tried to shrug it off to ensure that they could arrive at the foresaken city in time to keep Fremoc from doing anything stupid. Their arrival at the city was swift and well co-ordinated with their troopers as they dove into the heart of the enemy stronghold, arriving safely at Fremoc side and preparing to enter the former Sadowan citadel when Methyas noticed an odd thin gold strand connecting himself with Fremoc in the Force; an extremely small strand that he subsequently lost as the group began their insertion.

Combat had already errupted within the ancient citadel as the group arrived, and Methyas learned the truth of the arrival of the Clan summit at Markosian; the Clan had been downsized to a House by the Dark Council, a motion that had effectively terminated Methyas' status as Aedile. Not letting politics interfere in the reclaimation of the planet he called "home", Methyas pushed into the catacombs of Castle Alabrek with his House and entered the Ritual Chamber deep within the Great Sadow Library in time to challenge the resurrected Hafalia Seprosin Chunasca, Queen of the Ekind and Ombi. In the battle that ensued, Methyas worked with Fremoc, Araxis and Teu to skirt around the combat to the central platform in an attempt to assassinate the High Priest of the Ekind while the bulk of the Sadowan force dealt with Hafalia. While the plan almost went off without a hitch, the High Priest had spotted the group as they stepped upon the platform and alerted the alien Methyas sought. Demanding answers from the alien woman, Methyas was ready to challenge her when she summoned large modified Spiders to contend with the group, beckoning for the Knight to follow her. In a moment of inner strife, Methyas was torn between helping his friends and discovering the location of his nemesis, a moment that was decided for him when Fremoc told him to chase after the alien.

Challenging the woman alone, Methyas knew his time as Aedile had more than prepared him for the title of Templar and matched everything the alien could throw at him. In a moment of dumb luck, Methyas unleashed a push in the Force as Nal Yin threw a series of poisoned darts at him; the result of which ended with the woman was struck down by her own weapons. Needing his answers, Methyas kept the creature alive while torturing her for answers, the darker side of him rising up once more as Kano Verda returned once more to help his House. Speaking with his friend casually, Methyas issued an ultimatum to the dying alien: Help him find Nin Amor or stay alive as a prisoner of the Jedi. The decision was clear and she gave him the information he sought before he mercifully slew her on the spot. With the conflict over, Methyas left Kar Alabrek for Mucenic with Araxis, Kano and Teu to see Fremoc off on his self-exile; being promoted in title to Templar before his friend left for unknown regions.

Entering Equite

Lain to Rest

"You have changed longer as aggressive, more calculating and precise. You rely more on the call of this "Force" than strength."
"I have changed. You've changed me, war's changed me and I've changed for the better...
―Nin Amor and Methyas bantering in combat upon the Unknown Planet

The months that followed Fremoc's exile from the Orian System were quiet for the Sadowans and after a couple of months to recover further from his injuries sustained from the Voice of Justice incident on Aeotheran and the subsequent Ekind uprising on his "home" planet Tarthos, Methyas had to leave to finish business of his own. Placing his wife Naomi in the care of his Housemates Kano and Teu, Methyas left the sanctuary of Mucenic for the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy. The name of the planet the alien Nal Yin had gave him was unfamiliar but the co-ordinates, after some excessively deep digging, turned out to be uncharted and which most software believed didn't exist. Leaving Orian behind and taking a massive leap of faith, Methyas called upon the Force to aid him in traversing the massive distances of space between home and the co-ordinates given, his Instinctive Astrogation allowing him to plot hyperspace routes he never thought possible.

The Unknown Planet
Arriving in an unknown system with a single brilliant star and several planets, Methyas was drawn to the third planet of the system as though something had upon it had been calling to him. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere, Methyas spotted and landed upon a mammoth technological marvel; a massive floating fortress bearing such unfamiliar and alien architecture that Methyas was daunted by its majesty at first. The city itself spanned several kilometers both in height and width and seemed to almost exude the Force, acting as a massive Force nexus. It was the city itself that had drawn the Miraluka to it, and incidentally the alien architecture that had drawn Nin Amor to it. Upon first meeting within the city, the alien immediately withdrew his weapons to do battle with the Jedi yet Methyas held his ground without drawing his saber.

Humouring the young Templar, Nin Amor proceeded to explain how the planet had apparently once been a final bastion of a technologically advanced species and how he had come to find a way to use the technology they had left behind to help his people conquer the Galaxy. The subsequent battle between the two was grander, more elaborate, time consuming and far more destructive than either had anticipated. Methyas taking a more aggressive stance as a sort of "spellcaster" due to his experiences against Nal Yin had caused Nin Amor to be uncomfortably on the defensive and unsure of how to handle the almost radical change in his opponent. In the final moments of the battle, the alien sought to escape with his vessel only to see it vanish in a ball of flame, carefully placed explosives set by the prepared Jedi detonating to cut off his escape; the alien was not to escape this time and fought valiantly before being slain by the young Templar. Finally at peace, Methyas disposed of the creature's body as far away from the floating city as possible before returning it, Methyas spent the several following weeks exploring the strange city, consuming any knowledge he could glean from the ancients and training himself within the calm of the Nexus. As the Force spoke to the young Miraluka, he grew more skilled with his talents while beginning to understand the intricacies and way the Force flowed through everything. While becoming closer to that of a member of the Krath order in his studies in the city, his need to perfect himself kept him dedicated to his order; his mind, soul and body screamed for the knowledge to become the man the Force and his allies needed him to be: his strength would flow from that which bound them all, as would his knowledge of his enemies.

As time progressed, Methyas finally felt the call of the Brotherhood and a bitter darkness rising in the void of space. Through the Force however, the darkness penetrated him and its very proximity to him chilled him to his very bone, the thought of something so terrible making him uncomfortable alone and choosing to head home. Leaving the Unknown Planet, Methyas tripped a sensor which caused the mammoth city to sink beneath the seas of the planet as he returned to the Orian System and his home of Tarthos, keeping his knowledge of the Unknown Planet only to himself as he arrived at Mucenic to help care for his pregnant wife while assisting in the reconstruction of Markosian City. His experience as "Governor" carried much weight in the city and the reconstruction effort moved at a brisk pace with many of the undamaged regions still offering refuge for those who had been displaced. It was in this time that Methyas started to reorganize the remaining members of the Disciples of Ragnos for the coming darkness that grew like a plague on his heart; his special operations training moulding the Ragnosians into a Special Reconnaissance team for the House and to build off of his successes with the Night Raptors. Utilizing many former elements and resources from the Night Raptors, it was not uncommon for members of the Governor's Security Force to see Methyas within their headquarters to run training excercises, reclaim some weapons and armour or even utilize the war room for his secretive planning. During this time Methyas also took Venator on as an impromtu apprentice in the ways of Soresu, a reciprocal arrangement as the other Miraluka had noticed Methyas' different applications of his sight and taught the Templar how to control the flow of his "leaky" Force signature and to "read" impressed or embossed scripts off of surfaces. The two applications were something Methyas took a liking to as it allowed him to truly disappear amongst Force sensitives if he wished and many of his former learners or subordinates had taken to writing notes to avoid trouble from him. His next task would be to learn how to understand "sign language".

Disorder and a House Divided

"Hey, you know what this feels like?"
"Don't say it..."
"The blind leading the blind."
"You had to go there, didn't you?
―Venator and Methyas during an infiltration of the Triumvirate Library

His secretive training and worry of the impending darkness had kept the Disciples of Ragnos ready for anything when the Dark Council nearly collapsed upon themselves in late 33 ABY; an Order War pitting many friends, family and allies against one another on the planet Antei for control of high-profile points of interest and the secrets that lay within them. As much as Methyas detested the situation, his honour led him to fight alongside many of his Obelisk brethren to secure the safety of the Brotherhood. During this time Methyas learned that suspiscions he held following the Ekind Uprising were true, he was related to Araxis, Fremoc and Kano as a cousin and decendant of the Pepoi family. Assuming his rightful family name by laying his foster Family's name to rest, Methyas retained the L'eonheart family name and fought alongside the rest of his family thanks to their commitment to the Obelisk order. While his presense was rarely seen, felt or apparent for the duration of the short engagement, Methyas took a large stance by assiting in the organization and implimentation of a small strike team of Sadowan warriors in infiltrating the Krath stronghold, the Triumvirate Library. While the team's success in their mission has been highly classified, the end of the War by former Grand Master Jac Cotelin ensured their survival and safe return to their homes as heroes in their own right with the Obelisk order being honoured for their many successes during the conflict.

"A Jedi?! We see the light within you, carefully enthralled by darkness. It offends us, this light..."
―The Unknown Entity, Nifokalija Mountains

Returning home had seen little relaxation for the members of Sadow, Methyas agreeing with his House Summit in the dissolution of a formal Ragnosian Battleteam to consolidate their power under a new team commanded by his Cousin, Kano. While the moment had offered the young Miraluka a slight repreive, he was given the title of Prefect of Tarthos and recruited into the new Regulators Battleteam. Methyas also took the chance to find himself an apprentice in a smooth Jazz singing Zeltron by the name of Masika Oshairana. While the woman had been on the defensive like a wounded animal, the light-hearted nature of the Templar had allowed him to win her over, her training beginning swiftly in the mastery of the Force. The interlude between acts in the grand scheme of things was broken swiftly when the Regulators were called into action to kill the escaped Curwen Sunei for the death of Ashura Isradia Sadow. With his last known location identified as the Nifokalija Mountains on Aeotheran, the team departed Camp Havok on Sepros aboard the M/CRV Reaper's Call to prepare for their assault. En route, their mission orders were countermanded by Fremoc Pepoi, now Fist of the Brotherhood, to capture the Dark Adept for questioning by the Dark Council.

Spliting into two teams, Raptor and Reaper Squad, Methyas was assigned as the senior member of Raptor squad whom were designated as advanced recon to clear a landing zone in the Mountainous deadzone. After disembarking for a HALO Jump, the remainder of the Regulators learned of Tsainetomo's deception, informing Macron Goura Sadow to continue with his original orders against the bulk of the Regulators. As Raptor squad made landfall, Methyas and Venator were overwhelmed by the Nexus within the mountains, the high levels of saturation preventing them from seeing things properly through their Force Sight as they were forced to try and locate Sunei before the rest of the team; shortly after their own landfall, the remaining Regulators performed their own LOLO jump from the Reaper's Call itself performing a low altitude entry near the Mountain's peak. After regrouping, the team closed in on Sunei in a peaktop cave; within Sunei's channeling of an Unknown Entity through the Force interacted with the local Nexus, allowing the entity to find its way into Methyas as well through his bizzare Force signature. The Entity pounded upon Methyas for the light within him, his light-sided nature protecting him in the end as the entity threatened to consume him. While the scene had alarmed his team, they completed their task and arrested Sunei, taking him aboard the Reaper's Call for holding and transportation back to Sepros.

The mission would've ended on a high-note, had Sunei not allowed himself to be captured for a far more insidious purpose. Utilizing his skills in the Force, the Adept weaved a spell across the Corvette causing the vessel to shunt to emergency power while lulling all the beings aboard to sleep. Due to a previous mistake with a Voodoo spell, Kano had been unable to be lulled to sleep but had been floored from the strength of the spell. Rising and rousing the remainder of his team from the Force-induced slumber, the Regulators decided to regain control of the vessel before dealing with Sunei. The Adept had prepared himself though, turning the crew of the vessel into an almost walking-dead to keep him safe; something the Regulators hadn't counted on. Nor had they counted on Methyas' mental barriers falling and allowing his possession by the Unknown Entity. In mere moments, the Templar had attacked two of his own before Venator retaliated with an incomplete Teras Kisai Death Weave to shake the other Miraluka from his possession. While the assault had succeeded, both Methyas and Venator had been a liability to their team without assistance moving due to the telekinetic assault the former had lain upon the latter, and the physical assault that had been retaliation.

Dedicated to moving through the vessel and slaying the dangerous Adept, the group moved swiftly with fear of possession an ever constant threat looming overhead. As reinforcements arrived to the drifting vessel, Fremoc Pepoi interfered with Kano's possessed attempt to slay his team, leaving the remainder to seal off their leader and the Fist of the Brotherhood before rapidly moving towards the Bridge to slay Sunei before the two Pepoi brothers could slay one another. As they approached the Bridge, Methyas offered to sync the team via a Force Meld to enhance their own strengths while they all worked in their own ways to keep the Adept distracted. The ensuing battle was sheer chaos, with not only the Regulators taking part but Macron with his team including Kalei Basai and Jade Sadow leaping into the brawl and taking advantage of the Meld. In a moment of blind luck, the arrival of Shin'ichi Keibatsu helped throw Sunei off balance enough for the Disciples of Sadow to pound through and slay the man where he stood. Macron utilizing the Sith Sword of Shar Dakhan allowed the Son of Sadow to once and for all eliminate the insane Adept, but nearly at the cost of his life if not for the Disciples present utilizing a sort of Healing meld to recover the mad Alchemist.

As the battle ended, it was a sombre moment as they had been too slow to free Kano from Sunei's grasp, the Voodoo Priest slain at the hands of his Brother. A small service was held outside of Mucenic at the Pepoi Homestead, remembering and honouring the fallen Disciple before Venator took the reins of the Regulators. A few weeks following these events, Naomi L'eonheart gave birth to their first son, Arcturus L'eonheart.

Burden, Distrust, Alliegence and Rebirth

"We both thought that we had been attacked by the other, but it turns out that the beasts originate here. The Throne has entrusted you and yours with this power, and we are here to make sure that an accurate accounting has been made."
Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow within Castle Tarentum

The rise of strange and incredibly violent creatures within the Orian system had began to cause some alarm for the Summit of Naga Sadow, enough of an alarm that Tsainetomo left to the Kr'Tal system to speak directly with Shaz'air Rathden about the shipments that had arrived bearing these creatures. Upon arrival, he received a similar question about the very same creatures arriving in shipments bearing the Dlarit emblems. Arriving at the conclusion that neither side had sent these creatures, the two left for the Yridia system and Castle Tarentum to get an accounting from Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae. While the approach had nearly seen a conflict arise, a Rakghoul plague had broken out in Yridia space causing much havok.

Uniting their forces, the members of Naga Sadow, Taldryan and Tarentum worked to purge the Rakghoul infestation from their systems and discover the source of the outbreak. Shortly before Sadowan forces were called to Yridia to assist in cleansing the outbreak, Methyas had been seeking answers to a nagging question; answers which unknowing revealed Venator as his brother, the younger Miraluka accepting his birth name in place of his hunter name and assuming his Brother's last name as Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart. During this time, Methyas spent much effort training Masika in elements of combat against these brutal creatures. While the event itself was incredibly grim for many members of the unique alliance, the event was an overall success without much information delivered to general masses. Naga Sadow's effective efforts did not go without notice, as the Quaestors of each House thanked them all for their hard work and successes.

"But, there it is. Obviously, some details need to be worked out, but the case is clear: Naga Sadow and Taldryan should align. What say you?"
Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow aboard the ENF Overseer

Shortly after the events of Yridia's Rakghoul crisis, Methyas was appointed to Aedile of Naga Sadow. During this time, Mirado's work as Sergeant of the Regulators had blossomed, the young Miraluka quickly taking the matter of possible slavers operating within the Orian system into his own hands at the blessing of the Summit. While Mirado and his Regulators began their mission, Methyas was called away by Tsainetomo to a classified location for a unique meeting. The center of the discussion started when the Taldryan summit arrived and boarded the ENF Overseer, a warm welcome extended by the Sadowan summit before their discussions began. The discussion went smoothly, though the idea of an Alliance took a few moments to formulate between the parties as only Tsainetomo had known the full details of his plan. In the end, an Alliance between the two great Houses was formed, the Dlarit Corporation would offer their services to develop the Rybanloth system at the blessing of the Taldryan summit while the two would operate as a joint defense fleet for the shipping lanes and systems where applicable.

"So it's happened then?"
"Yes, Mirado. It has.
Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart and Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow discussing Naga Sadow's restoration to Clan status

The time following the founding of the Alliance between Sadow and Taldryan was a relatively quiet one, Mirado's team getting more information about the slavers while losing their trail. While this set-back was frustrating for the Disciples of Sadow, they had more pressing matters as the anniversary of the Exodus approached and the House was summoned to Antei to participate in the Independence Games. Prior to the Opening Ceremonies, Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow and Sashar Erinos Arconae being summoned before the Grand Master to be informed of their unit's restoration to Clan status within the Brotherhood.

Methyas as Consul of Naga Sadow

"I'm pleased, Methyas. You’ve shown tremendous growth in such a short time.”
“Thank you, Master Halcyon. I feel better than I can ever remember
Michael Halcyon speaking with Methyas in his residence on Tepasi

Following the Independence Games Methyas found himself contacted by Vodo Biask Taldrya, the Voice of the Brotherhood, with a mission to locate a threat to the Brotherhood and continued reconaissance. Through their familial bond, his brother Mirado guessed at the potential mission and sought to join Methyas for further aid and a more stealthy approach. The mission itself started at the Holocron Center of the Brotherhood where Methyas utilized psychometry on the affected Holocron from the Disorder event; his own alliegence toward the Light side of the Force being revealed in the process as he focused upon it to reveal the traitorous Jedi's signature with which to follow. While this revelation had been seen by his brother and Vodo, both only spoke of it in hushed tones, knowing what would need to be done should Methyas turn against them.

The reconnaissance led the L'eonheart brothers to a planet and city within the Corporate Sector and the mission started as well as one could have hoped, but their target had more eyes on his surroundings than they did. Without a chance to react, the rogue Jedi Master Michael Halcyon burst into their hideout and threatened the pair; recognizing Methyas' potential to be converted the Jedi Master sought to kill Mirado to remove him from the equation, something Methyas himself feared. Simply to save his brother, Methyas used to Force itself to throw him through the window, knowing that Mirado would survive the fall and submitting himself to capture at the hands of a known enemy of the Brotherhood.

The next several months Methyas found himself the Padawan to Master Halcyon, a rather different from of study than his time as a child, but as time went on it became more natural for the young Miraluka to follow his heart and true nature within the Force. Meanwhile, Mirado had survived the fall and returned to Antei to report the situation, Vodo simply turning away the Sadowan Assassin as he requested aid to liberate his brother. As Methyas' training neared its completion, Michael granted him a new saber which had been crafted by the blind man's own hands, before sending him away to "Help him destroy" the Brotherhood from within and while Methyas showed hesitation, he agreed. Being transferred to a secure facility, Methyas waited, guarded by men loyal to the Jedi Master as though he were a captive while Mirado had recruited the bulk of the Pepoi family to begin a liberation mission. With a rush of chaos and blind fury, the Pepoi family stormed the facility, rescuing Methyas from the clutches of their adversary and returning to Orian where Methyas had become the Consul of Naga Sadow after Tsainetomo had relinquished his position.

Conflict of Interest

"Welcome esteemed Taldrya, I hope the mess outside wasn't too troublesome to sort through."
―Methyas greeting Shaz'air and Halcyon Taldrya in the Sadow FOB on New Tython

The period following the Jedi's return to active duty had not been an easy one for the newly appointed Consul. While the transition had occurred at some point during his time with the rogue Jedi Master, his wife and summit had done and excellent job keeping the Dlarit Corporation and its Disciples on course. There was no rest for the wicked however as the young Jedi soon found that San Korinar had been besieged by an unknown force. Working with his summit, Methyas sent the Disciples of Sadow to the colony to restore their control and eliminate their adversaries. While the siege that followed was far easier than the Consul had predicted, the number of Disciples who had answered the call was rather disappointing. The results however were more than satisfactory as the colony had been saved though it needed a major refit and renovation similar to Kar Alabrek or Markosian City. Plans were drafted for the colony's updates and the Corporation was set to work shortly before Methyas found himself called before the Grand Master. It would seem that the Dark Brotherhood would be going to war against the Disciples of Odan-Urr.

The Invasion of New Tython was a conflict that immediately divided the young Jedi; his knowledge of his Master's plans in relation to the Jedi of Odan-Urr had him hesitating to aid his Clan in the conflict but his loyalty to his Disciples meant had him more than prepared to fight alongside them. A saving grace for the young Consul was that as his position demanded to co-ordination of the Clan's military assets for the War and as such he was not required on the front-lines in which to kill another Jedi. During the co-ordination Methyas found himself face-to-face with Halcyon Taldrya, his Master's brother, and had enough time to help co-ordinate military action with the Deputy Grand Master before the man left to pursue the rogue Jedi Master and slay him. The death of Master Halcyon weighed heavy on Methyas' conscious for the remainder of the conflict but did not stop him from aiding his Clan, as the War ended Muz Ashen proclaimed that Arcona had been the most successful of the Brotherhood's units and gave them control of New Tython and requested their protection of the Yhi system. As the weeks passed from the War, Methyas found himself doubting his ability to command the Disciples of Sadow properly when he could not confidently face the man who had slain his mentor, stepping down from Consul and leaving control to Macron Goura Sadow.

As Methyas seemingly disappeared from the the radar of the Dlarit Corporation, he searched inwardly and across the Galaxy for answers to the questions he sought; the deep meditation and brief moments of study beyond the reach of the Orian system giving him the clairvoyance to accept he had learned enough with Michael to consider himself no longer a Padawan but instead a Sage of the Jedi. With this new-found clarity, Methyas returned to his Clan and instead remained an unbiased figure outside of the realm of politics and the Corporation, instead focusing on expeditions through the uncharted regions of Tarthos and Aeotheran. During one of these expeditions on Tarthos, Methyas intercepted a request from his Consul to deal with a potential jailbreak at the Cenota Facility on Gamuslag. Accepting the mission, Methyas left the cold of the Tarthosian wastes and arrived at Cenota to meet with his new Proconsul Locke Sonjie, another apprentice of his former master Teu Pepoi. As the pair explored the facility they were met with large swaths of damage caused by a potential Force user and encountered a few corrupted creatures as well. While these creatures were not much of interest to Methyas, despite the fact he had never seen any requests for these kind of "tests" within the Corporation's registries, he had found something else of interest; a young Force adept who called himself Atra Ventus.

Ventus was weary of his apparent saviors, as both had ties to the Corporation which had brought him in for these experiments, but he accepted Methyas' offer to teach him the ways of the Force; a power within him waiting to be awakened. The new trio moved to leave the damaged facility and encountered the source of the jailbreak, Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow, the former Consul having been apparently held within the prison for abandoning his post. After a brief conflict between Methyas, Locke and Sai, the Keibatsu warned the trio not to get into his way before leaving the facility on his own accord. While Locke wished to follow Sai to learn more of his imprisonment, Methyas held the young Proconsul back to ensure his continued health, the healing through the Force ensuring the young Bakuran would be able to continue his duty. Instead of being able to pursue Sai, the trio left for the Marakith Skyhook to attempt to locate the rogue Keibatsu; Methyas officially adding Atra to the Clan's rosters while Locke inquired into the Clan's situation and learned that Macron required aid at Kel Rasha. Answering the call, the trio arrived at the Kel Rasha spaceport disguised as Tapani nobles, searching for terrorists who now threatened to destroy the spaceport. The conflict was swift though not without pushing their individual limits; Methyas reaching the edges of his reserves on numerous occasions while Locke himself nearly died from a sniper's well placed shot before being healed by Methyas.

The mission at the spaceport was a resounding success, the terrorists captured and their bombs disarmed before the trio of Jedi returned to the Skyhook overhead. Discouraged by what he had seen at Cenota, Locke decided to confront Macron for control of the Clan; enlisting the aid of Atra, Methyas and Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart to help him seize control. Arriving swiftly, Locke informed the waiting Fremoc Pepoi Sadow of his intentions, the Fist of the Brotherhood responding curtly by leaving the Consul's Quarters with Malisane Sadow to allow the usurpers a better chance. Within the quarters proper, Roxas Buurenaar stood by the alchemist's side before being dispatched by Mirado before Macron rendered Atra and Mirado unconscious; the conflict itself ending abruptly as Muz Ashen arrived to officially sanction the change of Consularship from Macron to Locke, leaving with the Alchemist in his care. The sudden appearance of the Grand Master had spooked the Miraluka, concerned for his safety Methyas suggested that Locke arrange his new Summit with figures that had no relation to the events that had just transpired. Appointing Teu Pepoi as his Proconsul and Atra as the new Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan, Locke swiftly arranged his closest allies and enlisted Kalia Phoenyx as his new Rollmaster at the urging of Teu. With the changes to the summit completed, Methyas ensured that Atra received medical attention before sending his young apprentice with his Brother for a more physical training regiment. While his apprentice was away on a mission Methyas began to search for answers to the uneasiness he had felt in the recent months.

Return to Ragnos

"Why do you continue to help them?"
"Because this is my home...and they are my family.
Naomi asking with her husband about his allegiance to Naga Sadow

Unrest seemed to steadily overtake the city of Markosian following the Invasion of New Tython and even with the guidance of Jeric Cyrin the city just seemed to continue to fall further and further into the grasp of the dissidents. Eventually the Sith had no choice but to order the city contained by its own environmental shielding, the generators driven to a higher electrical drain to act as a typical shield generator as the Dlarit armed forces would deal with the uprising when the time came. In contrast to the upheaval of Markosian, Locke Sonjie and Teu Pepoi ordered the Festival of Renewal be held at Kar Alabrek to try to create a lighter mood and happier populous following all the darkness that had occurred in the last few months. The Festival itself was a success although Jeric announced to his Consul and Proconsul shortly afterwards that he would be taking a leave of his own; in light of this the Sadowan leaders appointed Kalia Phoenyx as his replacement. The young woman felt comfortable leading the historic House but believed wished to have another voice support her, a spot which was soon filled by Methyas upon request from the trio.

Returning from his self-inflicted limbo between Houses, the Miraluka soon settled in amongst the Ragnosians once more, preparing the House and his new Quaestor for whatever may rise against them. Working with the young woman, the pair had soon decided that the Clan needed more situational awareness and thus formed SHADOW to act as the Clan's eyes, ears and Black Operations division. It took little time for a threat to arise, Macron Goura Sadow enlisting the aid of others displeased with the state of the Clan to strike against the relatively young summit. The attacks were swift, the elders Trevarus Caerick and Xanos Zorrixor seeking to access the Clan vaults deep beneath the New Sadow Palace as they created diversions at the city of Markosian. In response to the diversions at Markosian, the Ragnosian leaders deployed Setsuna Sakurazaki as their first SHADOW operative. The young woman responding swiftly to the attacks but destroying all power reactors for the city to prevent a worm from entering the Dlarit Mainframes; effectively turning the city into a ghost town in the midst of the Tarthosian tundra. Back on Sepros, the conflict subsided swiftly as the Elders collected the information they sought and Macron was able to come to an agreement with the summit.

The Clan was given little time to rest though, their perceived moment of weakness drawing the attention of others within the Brotherhood. With little warning and even less time to prepare, Sepros once more found itself under attack as the joint fleets of Plagueis and Scholae Palatinae declared war upon the Disciples of Sadow. The Summit acted swiftly, the various cogs within the Dlarit war machine coming to life in response to the threat leveled against them. Amongst the chaos, Methyas coordinated the intelligence gathered by the various SHADOW agents and ensured that their counter-offensive would be effect when the time came. Though his work was short lived, thanks to the betrayal of Scholae Palatinae against their Plagueian allies, an opening had created on all fronts and Methyas took to the front in order to fight alongside his Consul in an attempt to minimize casualties on both sides. While the Jedi's urging to take prisoners raised a little interest from his Consul, few of the invading stragglers were given a reprieve against the Sadowan defenders and the conflict ended largely as it had started minus the burning wreck of Plagueian destroyer VSDII Ballista upon the surface of Sepros.

Following the failed attempt against the Clan, Methyas began to take more time for himself. Focusing on building the SHADOW elements and the continued reconstruction of their dominion, the Jedi focusing on his own well being when he was approached by a figure from his past. While spending a day out with his family, Methyas found himself confronted by the Jedi Master Aren Shey'lya; an old Republic Jedi who had been the mentor to his parents. Wishing to learn more, Methyas began to speak with the rogue Jedi periodically, the aging Bothan and his apartment remaining well hidden within the Orian system. The older Jedi gave Methyas some of the information he sought but left out a vast majority as he wished from the young Miraluka to complete the ancient Jedi Trials to confirm his commitment to the path he had started and to rightfully claim his rank as "Jedi Sage". Methyas agreed, if only to complete the training he had started under Michael Halcyon's guidance.

Following the will of the Force, Methyas once again found himself upon the Unknown Planet far outside the reach of the Brotherhood; the entire trip itself well concealed and veiled to ensure none would pursue him. Landing at the strange advanced city which had sunk beneath the surface of the sea, Methyas delved deeper into the large city until he encountered an oddly vacant chamber. Within this chamber Methyas faced his trials of Courage, Flesh, Insight and Skill; fighting against the simulacrum of those closest to him: the Pepoi family and the summit of Naga Sadow. While the trial itself was seen as a great success, the fight against the simulacrum had also seen Methyas lose his right arm precisely at his shoulder. Returning to Orian, Methyas relayed the events to the Bothan Master and even shared his memories of the conflict as it had occurred. Giving the young Jedi a reprieve to heal and prepare himself for his final test, Aren dismissed Methyas; though the Miraluka suspected he wouldn't be getting much rest anytime soon.

Horizons of a Crusade

The Jedi's suspicions were soon confirmed as new apprentices from the Shadow Academy began to show more promise and skill than usual, their aggression very apparent at an early stage though it didn't take long before they began to deteriorate further. It seemed that their elevated skills were not natural at all as they seemed to crash shortly after arriving with the various Clans and Houses of the Brotherhood; these younger members soon beginning to take their anger out on their elders as they lost their connection to the Force but seemed to grow even more physically stronger than before. Within the chaos of it all, Methyas and the new Proconsul Atra Ventus took to seeking out answers to the evident plague; going to the Yridia system where the first reports of the illness had come from hoping that they could receive more answers there. Things didn't fair any better in Yridia as the Sadowan pair quickly found themselves aboard the Arconan Pendragon One yacht alongside Kalia Phoenyx, Wuntila Arconae, Wes Erinos, Tirano Yamayura, Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae, Xen'Mordin Vismorsus, Thran Occasus and Raiju Kang. As the sickness began to take its hold further, all of the assembled found themselves affected, driven mad by the sickness; Methyas himself nearly collapsing in fear as the Force, the only constant he had ever known in his life, disappeared from him.

Soon after the Equites among them had become affected, a cure began to find itself dispersed amongst them all and a momentary ceasefire established across Brotherhood space; a short-lived ceasefire as Consul Locke Sonjie ordered the forces of Naga Sadow to strike back against the weakened forces of Scholae Palatinae. The offensive struck quickly, Methyas barely having time to adjust to his new role as Rollmaster of Naga Sadow before he found himself aboard a Dlarit vessel bound for the Cocytus System. As the Sadowan forces began the fleet and ground engagements, their adversaries were easily outnumbered, victory seemed assured until the return of additional Palatinaean forces relaying a message to focus their efforts on another threat. Sure enough, a remnant of Zoraan's fleet arrived, a Super-class Star Destroyer which found the full might of both fleets brought to bear. The engagement ended almost as swiftly as it had started and the Dark Council began a new mission requesting the presence of members from across the Brotherhood to aid in the capture of a new Brotherhood vessel.

Taking a small group comprised of himself, Atra Ventus, Kalia Pepoi, Archangel and Araxis Farron; the Jedi soon found himself aboard an ATR-6 Transport of the Dark Council hurtling towards Zoraan's former flagship; the Super-class Star Destroyer Avenger II. Boarding the vessel with the help of his companions, the group claimed the hanger after fighting the twin Battlelords Reaper and Frost before securing it for the arrival of the Deputy Grand Master Raken. The Deputy's arrival had also prompted an encoded message, dechiphered by Atra before they were attacked by forces led by Dantella Novae. While many of the assembled quintet found a challenge in this battle, they fought intelligently and managed to capture the rogue Adept for processing within the Brotherhood. Taking a moment to recover, they moved towards the bridge to finally secure the vessel, encountering both the rogue Grand Master Darth Necar and his augmented Terentatek. This battle was their toughest and they were certain their death was assured as Atra, Kalia and Archangel slew and captured one of the Terentatek while Methyas and Araxis challenged the derranged Sith Lord alone. Few left the conflict without a mark, Atra falling unconscious with status unknown as he was struck by a Terenatek's claw, Araxis losing an arm in his duel with the Sith Lord and Methyas losing his left leg trying to defend Araxis. In the end, the Sith Lord was defeated as Methyas secluded himself with the crazed man; seperating himself from his team by sealing the blast doors to the bridge before one of the viewports burst pulling Necar into the void of space and Methyas feeling himself hurtling towards the void before blacking out.

Crusades and Passions

It was with luck or the will of the Force that Methyas was recovered after the events aboard the Avenger II, although the young Jedi was left in a coma for a few weeks following the event. When Methyas finally awoke, it was to the grim reminder that the Brotherhood had a score to settle with its newfound enemies. Pulled into the Crusade by his friends and allies, Methyas often spent most of the war against the One Sith away from the front lines. During the early days of the Crusade, his actions aboard the Avenger II, as well as growing dissent within the Brotherhood, caused a bulk of the Pepoi family to leave everything they had known and depart for the Unknown Regions. The loss of those close to him was tough, although Mirado still lurked in the shadows of the Orian system to keep him company. During the bulk of the Crusade, Methyas focused his efforts in ways that would prevent conflict, or at the very least keep him away from the front lines. This often included seeking out artefacts of interest to the Council, or collect intelligence as required as a member of the Holocron centre's staff and during his brief tenure as Judge of the Antei Combat Centre. These actions shifted his stance from a combatant to that of an intelligence agent or broker among his peers in the Brotherhood, a task which suited his studious and inquisitive mind more than open combat. With the shift in his paradigm and temperament came change from within his Clan as well, they became more fluid and able to adapt to threats with the intelligence delivered to them by his remnants of SHADOW. Due to this strategic advantage for his disciples, and the Jedi's stalwart allegiance to those who would have seen him dead in the years past, Astronicus inducted Methyas into his Sons and Daughters of Sadow more than a year after the Crusade began. The remainder of the Crusade was spent maintaining and operating his network of contacts, ensuring the flow of information would be used to keep the Brotherhood, or at least his Clan, on peaceful terms. It was a battle in futility, as his wealth of informants could alert him to trouble, but could not carry any weight to act against the issue. With every success came just as much, if not more, failure. Methyas' actions in the Orian system were far more effective than those outside the system, often allowing the Clan to act on targets who thought themselves unknown to the Clan.

The Grand Master's attempts to wind down the constant fighting with Fading Light saw only more distemper and frustrations from his Brotherhood, Clan Naga Sadow answering the Lion of Tarthos' call each time out of a sense of duty more than wishing an end to the conflict. Even here, Methyas distanced himself from the front lines and remained focused on the research and intelligence to be gained from the conflict. It was amidst this period that the Jedi stumbled upon information he should not have, even minor details which were meant to remain buried. The months that followed this discovery saw numerous attempts on the Miraluka's life, actions which caused Methyas to resign his position of Rollmaster and to send his family away without a trace. A rising tension in the Force created heated conflict within the Orian system, first on the moons of Inos, and then it spread. Methyas attempted to act with what remained of his network of agents and spies, but they too were under attack by the threat which sought to silence him. In what seemed like a time his Clan needed him the most, Methyas silenced his network of spies and ordered them to go dark, an action he too followed to the letter. As Methyas fled to the shadows, he was determined to discover the truth behind the secret which had nearly cost him his life, an action which would take him across worlds they had reclaimed in the Crusade. As tensions continued to rise, reports reached the Jedi of lines being drawn within the Brotherhood, rumours and stories of the lies and deceptions leading up to this moment. Along his journey, Methyas had heard the call of the Force, listened to its whispers, and steadily began to understand. As the Jedi prepared to return to his Clan, he knew that he would have to become an instrument of the Force's will, a tool to restore balance. It was with this knowledge that he set his course for Korriban, and understand that his actions would come with consequence.

Rise of a New Order

The Eleventh Great Jedi War saw many changes to the Brotherhood, the destruction of their capital system and Muz Ashen leaving the Iron Throne. Darth Pravus rose to fill the position, immediately taking charge of the Clans to ensure they were once again focused on a singular task, and creating the Inquisitorius. While initially this group seemed harmless, their dark purpose soon reared its ugly head. In brutal attacks, the Krath and Obelisk orders were purged at the command of the Grand Master by members of the Inquisitorius, and not just the orders themselves but certain alien species were deemed "Undesirable" and marked for disintegration as well. Methyas took this as a chance to step back from the Brotherhood, trying to tap into his old Resistance contacts, but even they were difficult to contact as the First Order began to strike out at the New Republic. Before Methyas could truly reach out to the Resistance, the Galaxy found itself once more on unstable footing, as how far the First Order was willing to go to assume control of the galaxy was shown in force with the destruction of the Hosnian system. Any chance to reach the Resistance was lost as they turned their full attention to the First Order. The Brotherhood's Iron Legion and Inquisitors also made sure to show their might as well with a brutal attack on the Jedi of Clan Odan-Urr, absolutely destroying their world of New Tython and its supporting system. Methyas himself knew all too well the sting of the Inquisitors, a cruel scar running through his eyeless socket a singular mark of an overconfident agent's attempt on his life. Knowing he had to keep himself and his people safe, Methyas returned to the Orian system, trying to help the people of Naga Sadow however possible.

Personality & Traits

Methyas is a rather stoic and peaceful individual whom many have commented as being near impossible to anger. As an adherent of the grey path, Methyas often uses the full gamut of his emotions from happy and content to angry and upset; although it does take quite a bit for him to be angered. Within the Disciples of Sadow, Methyas is constantly one of the beacons of hope amongst chaos as he remains calm and rational in even the most harried of moments. When working with his peers, he is honest and respectful as much as he is honoured and respected. Among the Brotherhood, his Consular nature lends him as a mentor and scholar to all those around him, even those who do not walk the same path as himself. As an Intelligence broker, he often finds himself delving through many libraries and tombs along his missions, though he divines much of his knowledge from the Force itself as text is illusive for many Miraluka. Methyas' transparency as a Jedi amidst his Clansmen, often creates friction between himself and his allies due to his views. Although he continues to speak his mind candidly, he often keeps details and information to himself because of his history as an intelligence agent and active service as an intelligence broker.

Methyas' views of the Force are akin to that of a constant flow of energy which weaves through the universe as would a flowing river, its ebb and flow binding and entwining the beings and organisms it touches. Because the Force encapsulates all things, he believes that the Force itself does not possess an alignment and that it is those who wield it which define themselves; as such the Force acts in mysterious ways in an attempt for everything to remain in balance.

Methyas has a rather distinct connection to the Force, a grim reminder of his childhood, as he continually exudes the Force to the point that it appears akin to that of an overflowing fountain. This creates an ebb and flow of energy around him; almost like visually being able to see a thick scent around him. Combined with his Force sight, Methyas can physically see events and ties between objects in the Force from something as small as how something interacted with an object to how strong a bond was between two creatures. After training with his Brother, Mirado L'eonheart, prior to the Disorder vendetta, Methyas has learned to control this flow from that of a nearly non-existent signature to the opposite end of the spectrum with a powerful outburst capable of smothering a weak signature. This connection provides him with no greater benefits as it is a visual representation of his power and grasp of the Force itself, yet if left unchecked, Methyas's Force signature can be tapped by Elders or talented Equites and used against him.

Equipment and Inventory

Methyas kept a good deal of his equipment from his time as a hunter for hire, how often he uses the equipment is a completely different story. This is a list of all "possible" items he could carry on him.


Krayt's Fang, Shikomizue of Methyas
  • Krayt's Fang: A shikomizue or swordstick that had been given to Methyas as a gift following his move to Governor of Tarthos; a faithful member of the D-SOG gave him the weapon to help maintain his public appearance of a blind man while still keeping him lethal when he's unable to keep another weapon on hand.This weapon has essentially replaced Methyas' Katana as it is forged with similar methods to ensure an incredibly sharp and lethal blade.
  • Dlarit NR2S and NR3S: Crafted specifically for the Night Raptors from an old slugthrower belonging to Methyas, these weapons are granted to all members of the Battleteam to ensure they have an advantage over most opponents. Methyas still holds the first production model of these weapons and they are kept as a memento of his time leading the Raptors.
  • Combat Knife: A small blade always located somewhere on his body, the weapon is left as a just in case for virtually any situation where he could find himself unarmed.



Discord, Methyas' first true custom saber

In 29 ABY following Methyas' disastrous mission for the Voice of the Brotherhood, the young Miraluka found himself apprenticed to the very man he was tasked with surveilling. The former Jedi Master, Michael Halcyon, spent much time testing the young man to ensure he was a suitable apprentice before finally taking him under his tutelage. While Methyas had found himself to become a Jedi Padawan, the details surrounding these events remain redacted by order of the Dark Council. What has been revealed however, is the fact that Methyas was tasked with the creation of a new saber to reflect his apparent polar shift to the light side. The saber was crafted with an elegant flowing design with a near fountainous emitter, a design Methyas thought reflected his signature within the Force. While it is assumed that Methyas had been redeemed by Jedi Master, the subtle appearance of the emblem of Naga Sadow within the activator switch leave many wondering the true nature of Methyas' apprenticeship to Michael Halcyon. Similar to when he claimed ownership of Harmony, Methyas titled his new blade Discord, a reference to the unbalance he had felt within Naga Sadow and for the purpose Master Halcyon appeared to be training him for.


Harmony, Methyas' Energy Sword

Following the events on Aeotheran, Methyas help perform a weapon demonstration and simulation for the Fist of the Brotherhood; a mission that the Knight performed to expectations of the Fist. While unable to keep up to the skills or experience of the Fist himself or clan-mate Araxis Farron, his performance warranted much attention and recognition for his Clan for their combat skills. Upon returning to Tarthos and Mucenic for a final chance at relaxation following two fierce battles, Methyas was informed via Holonet transmission that the Fist sought to reward him for all his efforts and the honour he brought to his Clan. During the siege of Mucenic on Tarthos, Methyas was taken into custody by D:SOG commandoes for disobeying direct orders from Commander Fremoc Pepoi. Claiming this weapon as his own and passing Araxis his trophy as well, the Knight took his chance off the field and under the watchful eye of SOG Commandoes to train in the new weapon due to its unusual design and it's absurd effects on the environment around it. While training with the weapon, Methyas once again found his inner peace and named the vibrant cerulean blade to symbolize what he had found; Harmony. Harmony is the sister-blade to Araxis Farron's Stormreaver.

Blade Mechanics
A customized weapon created by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Muz Ashen, the Energy Sword is a unique saber comprised of a single ovoid hilt held comfortably in the wielder's palm with a raised edge resting between their middle and ring fingers. The primary ignition switch rests near the center of the hilt opposite the wielder's palm with twin emitters found at either end of the hilt. When ignited the blade takes a signature shape matched by no other lightsaber: twin trailing crescents act as a guard to the wielder's hand while the blade itself streaks out into two defined blades separated my mere inches at the tip capable of narrowly fitting a traditional saber between them. Due to its ovoid hilt the weapon has a nature of being called a sword as opposed to saber, the egg-like hilt generating a blade with a depth that is nearly a sliver when compared to a traditional saber and as such has a different feel when wielded due to its vastly different Gyroscopic effect. The Energy Sword's unique profile and gyroscopic effect are boggling to many duelists due to the fact that it's shape and effect do not match the familiar profiles of a traditional blade containment field. The blade containment field with this weapon is actually created by advanced Krath Alchemy forcibly moulding the containment fields from each individual emitter to its fixed position. Due to this time consuming work to ensure that each blade is identical and these fields don't fail, these blades are in extremely limited quantities.


An accessory worn regardless of any clothing is a small unit at his waist, it is a small droid intelligence, an invention created during his tenure as Consul of Naga Sadow. This little droid unit, named Zero by Methyas, has undergone made modifications since its original development, a number of them at the hands of skilled technicians and slicers, as such it operates in its original function as required through an earpiece, but also is capable of acting as an intermediary for Methyas and various data terminals as the Miraluka is unable to see the keyboards or the data upon their screens. Unless called upon, Zero often operates independently by finding and tapping into the nearest accessible Holonet feed to delve into various intelligence feeds using high-level slicing tools to remain unseen. While Zero does have a robust suite of tools at his disposal, he is limited in his functionality by his physical size and often needs to offload data or hijack additional systems for higher-level functions, without assistance from his operator, Zero is limited in his functionality and often remains dormant unless Methyas connects him to a terminal or other functionality. As a powerful resource, Methyas rarely calls upon Zero so as to keep its functionality and existence a secret, often requesting allies or other droids to complete tasks instead.

Positions Held

The following positions have been held by Methyas during his time with the Brotherhood:

Positions Held
Before Position After
Kano Verda Sergeant of the Night Raptors
26 ABY to 27 ABY
Kano Verda
Bal Demona Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
27 ABY to 28 ABY
None, House Dissolved
Fremoc Pepoi Sergeant of Marka Ragnos
28 ABY
None, Team Dissolved
Fremoc Pepoi Aedile of House Naga Sadow
29 ABY
None, Unit restored to Clan Status
None, Unit formerly House Status Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow
30 ABY
Robert Sadow
Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow Consul of Clan Naga Sadow
30 ABY
Macron Goura Sadow
Jeric Cyrin Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
31 ABY
Position Vacant
Kalia Phoenyx Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow
31 ABY to 32 ABY
Kaayn Salis
Additional Honouraries and Positions:
Son of Sadow
32 ABY to Present
Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.


  • Methyas was created as the progenitor of the L'eonheart family to explain their bizarre connection to the Force but also to right the current timeline as opposed to manipulating a character from two centuries in the future for the existing timeline.
  • The Miraluka Mandalorian was selected as the species to keep the Mandalorian background while explaining the bizarre connection the L'eonheart family shares with the Force
  • Methyas was formerly Severus L'eonheart, a descendant of the L'eonheart family born approximately 186 ABY in an alternate time-line.
  • Methyas has been informally trained by Fremoc Pepoi Sadow and Mirado L'eonheart while informally training the latter as well