Holocron Center of the Brotherhood

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Holocron Center of the Brotherhood
General information

26 ABY


Dark Hall, Antei


Aristan Dantes

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Holocron Center of the Brotherhood is a secure area deep beneath the Dark Hall. It houses the Dark Brotherhood's collection of holocrons and operates in an auxiliary capacity to the Dark Vault of the Shadow Academy. The center is maintained and protected by the Tribune of the Holocrons and his handpicked staff.

Other than the Tribune's staff, only Elders and Grand Masters are permitted to enter the center; all others may only access replicated information via the relay at the Shadow Academy, while the Headmaster may still access the entrance to transfer newly studied holocrons to the Tribune should he or she not be of Elder rank.


Commissioned by Grand Master Sarin in 26 ABY, the Center was designed to protect the most powerful of the Brotherhoods treasures--knowledge. To ensure its pr With the works uncovered during the exploration and pacification of Antei and the holocrons salvaged from the escape from Eos, Lord Sarin wanted a place created to ensure knowledge be preserved no matter what disaster befell the Brotherhood.

With the assistance of Darknyte, the Dark Lord ordered construction to begin shortly after ascending to the Iron Throne.

The first Tribune of Holocrons to take command of the Center was Kaine Mandaala, former Herald with years served as a member of the Dark Council.

Later, not sure if it was under attacking During GJW IX. Have to look into it.

Later still, something about Ronovi and Ben and holocrons... dunno. Must get someone to paraphrase for me.

Also sure we can add a few excerpts from each of the Tribunes time... whatever they fictionally added to the Center or whatever.


The bulk of the center consists of a lattice of hallways, lined with holocrons suspended by miniature Repulsorlifts. The uninitiated often assume that these devices are simply on display but are actually being actively studied by the Tribune and his staff. The Headmaster also studies holocrons within the Dark Vault in the Shadow Academy and documents new knowledge and information drawn from them, sending the data to the Center for the Tribune to review before the Headmaster delivers the holocron personally once his or her work is done.

Once all that a holocron has to offer has been gleaned from its depth and entered into the center's databanks, it is stored in the Holocron Vault. The Vault is below the halls of the center and makes use of sophisticated droids to take and store the valuable artifacts. Only Grand Masters are able to enter the Vault, meaning that only they are able to retrieve a holocron for further study once it has been placed into storage.

The Vault itself is nondescript, but its walls are lined with holocron receptacles and the floor and ceiling are polished obsidian stone.


There are currently only two relays in existence which allow remote access to the information housed in the center. The first being in the office of the Headmaster which can, in turn, be routed to any auxiliary terminals throughout the Shadow Academy.

The second is used by the serving Tribune when away from the Holocron Center.


  • The Holocron Center of the Brotherhood was first mentioned in a Grand Master report by Muz Ashen to introduce the character Vexxtal.