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The DJBWiki was created in 2006 to be the repository of any and all knowledge related to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Here, there are hundreds of categories filled with knowledge that has mounted over the past two years. This includes character articles, Clan articles, information on positions and ranks, Clan military information, vendetta histories, and so much more.

Registered users will have access to add and edit Wiki Content with Dark Council members serving as subject matter experts and final approving authorities on entries that pertain to their realm of control within the Dark Brotherhood. Registered users will be required to use their Dark Brotherhood name on their registration form when signing up. All users will be held accountable to the Chamber of Justice under Article VII of the Dark Covenant and to the Wiki's Code of Conduct.


On April 16th, 2006, the "Dark Holocron" sprang into being. It was shortly thereafter that it was renamed the "DJBWiki," and opened to public use. The first Wiki Tribune, Kaine Mandaala, was appointed on October 9th, 2006. The wiki was already growing, with tons of different templates and character infoboxes that have become essential to the day-to-day operations of the wiki today. There are currently over 2,000 articles on the wiki, with nearly 700 registered members and over 1.5 million page views! See Statistics for more numbers.

The wiki is growing, and it's development is based on the development of its members. Each day there are many edits, and each brings a new standard to an article or many articles in the DJBWiki. This is the dream that was started when the wiki was founded in 2006, and it is a dream continued to this day. The wiki now houses more fictional information than any other tool associated with the Brotherhood, and serves as a crucial accessory and augmentative tool to the main webpage.

Play a part

Become a part of the wiki community today! Once you've registered, you can create your character article. To do so, check out the Getting Started guidelines. Also, read the Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting anything. After you've familiarized yourself with the way the wiki operates, you can begin working on editing other articles and improving them as well. Maybe you could try to get your article featured as well.

The wiki is one of the most popular daily activities of Brotherhood members, and rightfully so. It plays an integral part in DB live, and can play a similar role in your DB life. So don't hesitate to get started, the staff is here to help. Discover the wiki, discover yourself!

Wiki Staff

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The first Wiki Staff consisted of Sarin, Kaiann, Dessan, Kromtal, and various coders. Since then, it has grown to evolve through various staff members, and each has added a new degree of quality to the wiki.