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The current Dark Brotherhood year is 35 ABY

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February 2017 - Tasha'Vel Versea


Tasha’Vel Versea is a former Obelisk Assassin in Clan Naga Sadow, currently serving House Marka Ragnos. She worked hard to push herself, studying in the Shadow Academy and training rigorously beneath her former Master Marcus Kiriyu. As she grew up, she came from a family that expected her to uphold the family’s honor by walking the footsteps of a warrior. Never desiring to be held back by others, Tasha tends to shy away from crowds and groups, preferring to work alone- at least when she is not acting in her proper office. She seeks to gain further honor for her family and to improve her battle techniques. This desire extends to her House and Clan as well as her family.

Tasha excels in martial arts training and specializes in combative telekinesis. One of her early missions was to assassinate a person stealing documents about her clan’s plans for the different house squadrons. While successful it came with a price. For a time she was hunted the shuttle owner, until the heat finally blew over. This acted as the first step in a long walk from the Dark Side to a more moderate position. In time, she would even start to edge, if not completely cross over toward the Light.

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