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January 2017 - Godless Matron


The Godless Matron is a Lucrehulk-class battleship in the service of Dark Council, more specifically the Herald. It is a ship out of time, far beyond its former glory, serving as a base of operations for the Shroud Syndicate, and their crews of cutthroats and brigands.

To its enemies it is a visage of terror, emerging from the darkest parts of the galaxy. For its allies, it is, at best, an ill omen and a sign of trouble to come. The Matron constantly spreads her influence across Dark Brotherhood space, ready to engulf its next victim.

The Godless Matron is a dated design, more than fifty years old, which is very rarely used in the galaxy anymore, if ever. She has been in active service for a short time before being crippled during the Clone Wars. It was only returned to active service forty years later as a base for an illicit smuggling ring, lead by a human pirate named Jom Ferran. While its engines were still functional, as were most of her essential systems, her auxiliary generators, and weapons, including the droid assembly facilities were largely damaged, under-used and under-powered.

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