Platform Onyx

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Production information

XQ3 Platform

Technical specifications

891 meters


2560 SBD


1216 RU

  • 6 dual turbolaser batteries
  • 6 laser cannons

3 starfighter squadrons



  • Space platform
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Platform Onyx or Onyx Station was one of two platforms that orbited Tarthos in the Orian System; its sister platform, Obsidian, was destroyed in 27 ABY by the True Brotherhood. Onyx serves as one of the primary repair, refit and refuel stations for the Dlarit Navy in the system. With its geosynchronous orbit Onyx also provides orbital oversight and fire support for the new capital city of Markosian City and the Orian Manor on the surface below following the destruction of Kar Alabrek in 31 ABY. Onyx has also been refitted with additional hanger space and quarters for the Dark Council, their emissaries or emissaries from the other Houses of the Brotherhood. After Great Jedi War X, the Onyx platform was traded for the newer Onyx 2

Operational History

Invasion of Orian

When the True Brotherhood invaded the Orian System in the year 27 ABY, Platform Onyx along with her twin, Platform Obsidian, protected Tarthos from most of the invading forces. When the enemy Star Destroyer Dark Fusion came into weapons range both platforms along with the VSD Covenant engaged it, during the ensuing battle Platform Obsidian was lost to the superior firepower of the enemy vessel. It was not in vain though, after a battle on the Dark Fusion itself the vessel was captured and now serves the fleet as the VSDII Orian Legacy.

Operation Rurouni

Four years after the Invasion of Orian another plight came upon Platform Onyx. A group of Yuuzhan Vong, Peace Brigade and a Jedi by the name of Eliria Krishnaya, captured the station along and obtained a high ranking prisoner, the Herald Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu. Hearing the news, the then Consul, Kharon Daragon, sent in the Journeymen of Clan Naga Sadow to take back the Platform and rescue the Herald.

The task force, that was sent to take the Platform back, was jointly led by then Dark Jedi Knight Fremoc Pepoi, and then Epis Manji Keibatsu Sadow. The task force split into three groups, two going through thermal ports to the stations second floor and the main force forced their way in from the main docking bay. All the journeymen fought valiantly to get to the second floor of the station where the Herald was captured. By the time the task force got to him he had dispatched his captors and "won" a prize to boot.

After his rescue the rest of the enemies were mopped up and the station once again was in the hands of Clan Naga Sadow. Following the end of Operation Rurouni, the Clan decided to move Platform Onyx from its geosynchronous orbit over Kar Alabrek to Markosian City in 31 ABY.

Once the move was completed the Clan made the decision to have a bigger presence on the platform, revamping the interior into sectors, one for every wing. With the center included there are now four major sectors within Platform Onyx; shipworks, fueling, living, and entertainment. All four easily reached by hover tram.

Locations of Interest

Although primarily for defense and support the platform is also home to a variety commercial enterprises including but not limited to hotels, taverns, and restaurants. The following list includes some of the more frequently visited within the Entertainment Sector.

  • The Onyx Resort: The primary hotel aboard the Onyx, housing some of the most important CEO’s of the galaxy. The resort is located on the top level and has more the 700 rooms. Once entering the main lobby of the hotel you’ll see some of the best artwork the known galaxy has to offer, as well as seeing a breath taking view of Orian System. The suite’s come with a view of Tarthos, where as the more economic stable rooms are lucky to have a personal refresher.
  • Tarthos Bound: Located near the Main Dock, this bar is frequented by pilots from all over the Orian System. This average bar has some of the not-so-average bartenders, Tarthos Bound owners take pride in the high perquisites of hiring. Each bartender can make any drink you can find in the galaxy, with a guarantee that if your drink isn’t known to the bartenders, you drink for free the rest of the night. Unfortunately, because of the difficulty of hiring, there are very few servers, almost to an incredible ratio of 150:1. So come on in for a drink, just come early.
  • Heilos Market: The main trading sphere of the station, run by the Dlarit Corporation, this market houses some of the “higher end” items. From fashion to passion this place has it all, but having it all means you will probably spend it all. Easily found near the import-out port dock, if you get lost somehow, just follow the lights.
  • CTZ: This restaurant is said to have the best Nerf steaks in all of the Orian System. Don’t let that stop you from tasting some of the other items on the menu, this restaurant feels like a mom and pop dinner, with no droids taking your orders, but real beings with a friendly attitude, mostly, located next to Orian Square.
  • S & V's: This bar is known as the place to go for those that need some more illegal work done. Ironically located right next to Tarthos Bound, this bar is shadowed from the lights of the stores and nightlife around it, dubbing it “Shadow’s Corner”. Unlike Tarthos Bound, you will be lucky to get a drink in a clean glass, but if your wanting somebody to get whats coming to them, this is the place for you. Hired hitmen, spies, armed muscle, and good ol’ bounty hunters, S & V’s has all you need to go from thug to boss.
  • Orian Square: Wonder what that glow is down the way? It’s Orian Square, the one stop tourist attraction. Shops, bazaars, pubs, clubs, and other various attractions, Orian Square is a nice little place to spend those hard earned credits. No worries though, most everything here is cheap and well crafted, if your smart you can come out of here with more stuff then you know what to do with.
  • Sadow’s Deposit Casino: Now don’t let the name put you down, because there is always a chance you can walk out a winner. Sadow’s Deposit is a good place to build some credits, going from transport jockey to yacht owner, this casino can make your wildest dreams come true. Don’t worry if you don’t have credits, you can ask for a pay advance for credit, all the way for the net two standard years. Rumor has it that this casino is the primary economic growth of this platform. Located outside the factory sector.
  • Onyx Dance Corner: This corner does indeed have dancing, with an exotic twist. This hole in the wall joint is located fairly near the casino, right next to the factory sector. All genders are welcome to attend as some of the more “spicy” races are premiered here, and with newer discounts and nightly deals, this place is a good way to blow off some steam after a hard days work.


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