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Dlarit Corporation
Organizational information

Astronicus Dlarit

Led by:


Parent organization:

Xucphra Corporation



  • Civilian: ~1.5 Million
  • Military: ~250,000
Chronological and political information


Date & dissolved:

33 ABY

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The Dlarit Corporation is a megacorporation and was previously the operational government for the Orian system which served as the public front for Naga Sadow of the Dark Brotherhood. Originally founded by Astronicus Aurelius Sadow during his tenure with the Emperor's Hammer, the Corporation has seen growth from a small conglomerate to a burgeoning Empire. Consisting of multitude of subsidiaries and maintaining its own standing security force for the security of its home system, the Corporation is a perfect cover for the Disciples of Sadow to work within while keeping their distance from their local population.

More recently, the Corporation has suffered setbacks as unrest in the Orian System grew to threatening levels. The Corporation lost much of it's foothold to revolutionary governments while Naga Sadow was focusing on fighting the Dark Crusade. Dlarit was further replaced by the Orian Assembly, which Naga Sadow later took control of it. Today, Dlarit continues operations, but on a much smaller scale, and no longer has a role in Clan Naga Sadow's affairs.


The Dlarit Corporation started with its roots in the Xucphra corporation, one of the two bacta-producing corporations in the Galaxy, however Xucphra was forced to cede control of bacta to the Vratix and Zaltin after the Bacta War in 7 ABY. Xucphra then went through a catastrophic change after the death of Aerin Dlarit and his daughter Erisi, the legitimate heir to the company was Aerin's adopted son Astronicus. He, however, was not interested in running a mega-corporation and instead decided to sell his shares of the corporation to one of his father's close friends. Astronicus established an account in one of the many banks of Muunilinst while he went about developing his military career with the Imperial Navy.

After the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty in 19 ABY, Astronicus withdrew his monetary gains and began investing them towards the creation of the Dlarit Corporation in support of House Naga Sadow along with his income as an Admiral in the Imperial Navy and what he received as Governor of Sif. Thanks in a large part due to the financial genius of several members within the House, the money was used wisely and grew exponentially.

The Dlarit Corporation controled the official government of the Orian system together with the system's military presence via Dlarit Security Force. It maintained control of the system's economy and overall civilian infrastructure by way of Dlarit Mining. The Dlarit Corporation also had its hands in various other smaller operations throughout the galaxy, including several in the Phare system. Today, these assets are the bulk of it's operations.

In addition to the Dlarit Security Force which was tasked primarily with the home defense of the Orian system, the Dlarit Special Operations Group, more commonly known as D-SOG, was charged with external threat prevention. In reality, D-SOG was the actual cover operation for the members of Clan Naga Sadow and provided them with wide reaching powers over all other facets of the Dlarit Corporation. In the present day, D-SOG has been replaced with the Warhost of Naga Sadow, a dedicated military organization in service to Naga Sadow.


The Dlarit Corporation is administered by a Board of Directors led by the Chairman, a position held exclusively by the Corporation's founder, Astronicus Aurelius Sadow. The more public members of the board are the President and Vice-President, positions typically held by the leaders of the Disciples of Sadow and are supported by the Chief Personnel Officer and various Directors.

Below the Board of Directors are various Departments and the Dlarit Military; these departments range from defence to internal security to commerce to foreign affairs. While the Corporation appears to have a rigid hierarchy typical to any organization similar to their own, the dark truth behind close doors ultimately means that the Board of Directors will always have the final say in the Corporation's direction regardless of how small the decision.


The Corporate dominion for the Dlarit Coporation covers strictly the Orian system with a small foothold in the Kangaras system, formerly the Corporation held roots in the Phare system within the dominion of the Emperor's Hammer but following the Corporation and the Disciples of Sadow's sedition from the Imperial Remnant the system's control has been lost.

Within the Orian system, the Corporation operates out of all the major settlements upon the planets and operates various military or corporate bases upon the various planetoids found within the system. Listed below are most of the major footholds controlled by the Corporation:


Security Force

Main article: Dlarit Security Force

The Dlarit Security Force, more commonly known simply as DSF, is the Dlarit Corporations public branch of security provided for the protection of all domestic assets within the Orian system. While it is known for harbouring many wash-outs from the Dlarit Special Operations Group, the Security Force often have many new recruits who have left the Galactic Alliance or Imperial Remnant seeking out work in private military services or seeking to uphold the peace. While formerly much of the Security Force was rooted in the full standing military of the Corporation, many of those services or assets have now been amalgamated under the D-SOG in an effort to consolidate armed forces.

Special Operations Group

Main article: Dlarit Special Operations Group

The Dlarit Special Operations Group, more commonly known simply as D-SOG, is the Dlarit Corporation's external hazard intervention, espionage, intelligence and logistics unit. It serves as the special forces and army counterpart to the domestic security provided by the Dlarit Security Force. While still a subsidiary to the Corporation as a whole, the Special Operations Group maintains a large state of autonomy within the Corporation as more often than not its members report directly to the Board of Directors instead of a specific military representative. Composed of a careful blend of Foxtrot Uniforms and non-Foxtrot Uniforms, the members of the Special Operations Group are the only beings in the Corporation who are truly aware of the dark nature that controls the entire organization.


May include details as to subsidiaries. The Corporation maintains a stranglehold upon the Orian system's economy through strict ownership of all imports and exports that pass through the system though this control has become slightly more lax in the years following the Yuuzhan Vong War.


The Hydroponics division of the Dlarit Corporation is potentially one of the largest and most understated subsidiaries within the Orian system. Tasked with the oversight of all the Hydroponic facilities within the system, this division maintains a surprisingly large number of personnel which is utilized in the repair and guidance of a largely droid staff. Outside of the Police and Security services provided by the Corporation, Hydroponics is the only division guaranteed to maintain a presence within each of the major settlements of the Orian system to provide food and soft-goods for the citizens of this large Corporate empire. Presently Hydroponics maintains facilities at Kar Alabrek, Kel Rasha, Markosian City, Seng Karash and San Korinar.

Medical Manufacturing

A recent addition to Dlarit in 35 ABY under the guidance of President Macron Goura Sadow; the Medical Manufacturing division operates primarily out of the Onyx 2 Platform in orbit of Tarthos and consists primarily of Verpine engineers recruited following the Invasion of New Tython. Presently much of the detail surrounding this subsidiary is highly classified by order of the Board of Directors.


Mining has always remained amongst the corporation's primary focus as a way to effectively control the system in which is resides in despite its foundations in the medical field. While the Corporation initially utilized and still maintains the principal population through employees brought into the system for the sole purpose of working the mines; it has long since surpassed that need with its recent expansions and developments. While most of this subsidiary operates free of the Corporation's extensive military, its local mine termed
A cargo freighter transporting a shipment of Tibana gas from San Korinar, Amphor
"Last Breath Mine" on Sepros is heavily classified and exclusively operated by members of the Army and Special Operations Group. Mining operates primarily upon the Orian system's rich sources of Tibana Gas, transuranides, metals and various non-metallic ores which are located across the various bodies found within the system.

Kaldex Transport Inc.

Kaldex Transport Inc is the name of a front organization operated by the Disciples of Sadow and a subsidiary to the Corporation which was first founded in 18 ABY. During the secession from the Imperial Remnant funds were laundered into Kaldex's accounts and used to place an order for the construction of a new defense force. This fleet was completed in 28 ABY with its possession and operation relieved to the Corporation's standing Military and new Naval branch. As of 19 ABY and the Corporation's occupation of the Orian system, Kaldex has began to work in tandem with the Corporation's Mining subsidiary was well as provides transport of various goods and services that may be required by the citizens or corporate assets within Orian.

Kresshian Pictures

Originally founded internally as Dlarit Productions and externally recognized as Indonesian Productions, this subsidiary was assigned with various forms of entertainment for the population of the Orian system. While primarily focused on holovision programs in more recent years, full holofilms were quite often the organization's focus under the guidance of the Corporation's previous directors. In 35 ABY with the reorganization of the Corporation's assets, Indonesian Productions was also reorganized as Kresshian Pictures and relocated from humble studios at Seng Karash to the booming coastal city and studio lots of Kel Rasha. In these new studios, Kresshian Pictures distinguished themselves by filming in both standard 2D as well as full detailed 3-dimensional holoprograms and film that are known for their crisper quality compared to that of their competitors.

Indonesian Productions Logo

Kresshian Studios currently shows high ratings on a few shows.

  • Jedi Fights: ACC Battles which have been filmed, edited for time and content, and given color commentary (the real nature of these battles remains absolutely undisclosed, for obvious reasons). Many people watch the show with great interest, and fans will clash over their favorite combatants. Dlarit has been considering producing licensed merchandise of the more popular combatants.
  • To Kill or Not to Kill: A romantic comedy of a chance meeting between a Zeltron female and a Gungan male. They fall in love, but all the while the Zeltron is constantly plotting inside her head different ways to kill her new Gungan boyfriend. The comedy ensues as her plots are heard by the audience through a voiceover. Each time being pulled back to reality and the thin line between love and hate by competing with her own heart and feelings. She is constantly battling herself on whether to kill him, or not to kill him.

Notable members of the Indonesian Productions staff include: Ashura Isradia as Executive Producer & Director, Joseem Maruuch as Executive Producer & Animator, Macron Sadow as Director of Sound, Jade Imperial as Director & Director of Music, and Valorian as Producer & Animator.

Notable Indonesian Productions film include:

Other productions by clan members but not produced by Naga Sadow Productions:

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