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The "Art of Vendetta" is a codified set of rules designed to govern fair play between Independent Units during Dark Brotherhood wide competitions. The following rules are strictly enforced throughout

Part I: The General Directives

  • The Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master have the authority to declare a Vendetta.
  • All Houses and Clans will follow the directives of the Council regarding Vendettas.
  • All members of the Dark Brotherhood are eligible to participate in a Great Jedi War or Rite of Supremacy. Only members of participating Clans may participate in Clan Feuds.
  • A Vendetta's rules will be tailored for the individual event. Rules for the event will be published prior to the event's official start.

Part II: The Forms of Vendetta

Vendettas can take the following forms.

  • Great Jedi War - At this level, Clans will battle for supremacy in the Brotherhood in the form of earning the titles of First Clan, Second Clan, and Third Clan of the Brotherhood.
  • Rite of Supremacy - At this level, Clans will battle one another or other threats for rewards decided upon by the Council.
  • Clan Feud - At this level, two Clans will directly war upon one another under the supervision of the Council. Spoils may include the possessions of the other Clan agreed upon upfront or other valuable items determined by the Council.

Part III: The Spoils of War

Awards for a Great Jedi War
  • The titles of First Clan, Second Clan, and Third Clan of the Brotherhood will be awarded to the top placing Clans in overall scores in the Great Jedi War.
  • Additional awards presented to the victor of a Great Jedi War will be decided upon individually by the Council.
  • Novae are granted to individuals placing first, second, or third in Great Jedi War competitions, along with appropriate credit bonuses for placement and participation based on the Possessions Salary Policy.
  • Credits will be awarded to Clans based on tailored rules established prior to each War.
Awards for a Rite of Supremacy
  • The awards presented to the victor of a Rite of Supremacy will be decided upon individually by the Council.
  • In addition, placing individuals are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Novae.
  • Credits will be awarded to Clans based on tailored rules established prior to each Rite of Supremacy.
Awards for a Clan Feud
  • The victorious Clan will earn spoils decided upon by the overseeing Council pursuant to the Clan Feud policy, which may involve wagered possessions.
  • In addition, the individuals placing first, second, and third overall across all competitions will earn Novae.
  • Clans may wager possessions in the Clan inventory with the approval of the Grand Master.
War Heroes

For excellence in the field of battle, members can be given special titles for placing in the top three in a major vendetta. First Hero, Second Hero, and Third Hero are the titles awarded, each for their respective vendetta. Clan feuds, while a form of vendetta, are not eligible events for these titles. See the MAA Policies page for more information

Part IV: Penalties for Violation of the Art of Vendetta

All Vendettas conducted in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood take place under the established rules set forth in the Covenant and Rites of Combat. The Justicar is the Chief Judge of Vendetta related disputes, violations, and penalties.

Part V: Transfers during DB-wide events and Clan Feuds

To prevent abuse of the transfer system and to prevent the problem of people moving into clans solely for the purpose of participation in one large event, it is hereby ordered that all inter-clan transfers stop one week prior to any DB-wide event (including the competing clans during a Clan Feud), and continue that way until the event's end.

Rogue members may still transfer into clans during the transfer-ban-window, and may participate in said event but do not accumulate points for any unit as a rogue, and will not transfer any points earned while a rogue to a Clan.

Part VI: Clan Feuds

Clan Feuds are a type of Vendetta where two to three units war directly upon one another, effectively engaging in a Great Jedi War on a limited scale. These Vendettas have a distinct winning unit, both fictionally and “out of character” from the competitions themselves. Feuds are overseen by the Council, and unlike co-op competitions between units, can only occur a maximum of two times per year per unit. Additionally, as Vendetta competitions, Feuds are considered canon in the Brotherhood timeline.


Prior to 2007, Clan Feuds were treated as Vendetta level events that resulted in major awards for the winners and consequences for the losers. From 2007-2015 the Clan Feud decreased in prestige as major Great Jedi Wars, Rites of Supremacy, and Independence Games consumed the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's time. Starting in 2016, the Clan Feud will return to club prominence with Vendetta level prestige and rewards granted.


Clan Feud competitions begin at Second Level Crescents and are organized under a parent competition which will track individual achievements via a leaderboard, similar to normal Vendettas.

The parent competition will award Novae to the first, second, and third placements respectively, according to the individual leaderboard. Feuds are considered major competitions, and should reflect this in terms of duration of competition, nature of competitions offered, etc..

In addition, prior to the start of the Feud, the Council may announce additional spoils as going to the winning unit in the form of a custom accessory or weapon, but potentially expanding to other items (from possessions system) in the future.

Units may choose to wager possessions in Feuds, but it is not required. Wagering of possessions may increase the spoils granted by the Council; interested Consuls should discuss options with the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, and Master at Arms if they are interested in wagering possessions.

Council Oversight

The Council will oversee Feuds. Prior to planning a Feud, interested unit leaders should reach out to the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, and Master at Arms with a timetable for the event to assess if the Council can oversee a feud at that time; the Council reserves the right to postpone a timetable or table the proposal entirely in the event a suitable time slot is not available in the foreseeable future.

Prior to the start of the feud, units must provide a detailed outline of the fiction relating to the Feud background to the Council for canon review, and provide complete competition details to the Council. Furthermore, unit leaders must both agree to a complete scoring system that will be used to determine the winning unit, as well as graders for each competition. Additionally, the Council will assign a co-organizer from the Council to subjective grading competitions to provide final say on placements in those competitions.

Clan Transfer Ban

All clan feud transfer bans must be requested through the Master at Arms office no later than two weeks prior to the start of a feud - and the onus is on competing clans to arrange it.

Failure to timely request a transfer ban from the Master at Arms will result in downgrading the awards for overall individual winners from Novae to Crescents.