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Trevarus Caerick Irad Sadow
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24 BBY

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Consumed by Shan Long in 29 ABY, Resurrected in 33 ABY

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1.95 meters


68 kilograms





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"Every breath of life brings the Final Way to its consummation, yet every death ultimately reveals the wisdom to survive into the Final Order. How many deaths have you suffered, young one?"
―Trevarus Sadow

Character History

Trevarus Irad Caerick is the birth name of the beings known alternatively as Trevarus Sadow or Shan Long. Regarded as one of the most influential and powerful Elders to ever walk the Final Way, Trevarus has influenced many spheres of Brotherhood development. His extensive research into the ancient history of the Dark Side and the origin of the Final Way have also marked him as one of the most literate and obsessive Dark Jedi.

Birth and Early Life

"What of your father, young one? Mere shades and vapor."
―Kiln Tobasa

Born to Jedi Master Alaerus Caerick on the outskirts of Coronet City, Corellia, he enjoyed the life of easy aristocracy. Being an intensely insular, secretive man, Alaerus never revealed the birth of his son to the Jedi Council, instead quietly raising and training his scion in the ways of the Force. Like his father, Trevarus showed an affinity to the delicate arts of the lightsaber, languages, and perceiving the deep visions the Force provides. Unlike his father, he displayed a dangerous layer of outright malice.

When Trevarus had barely passed his sixteenth birthday, the political transition to an Empire finally decided his fate. Alaerus had fought bravely within the Corellian System during the Clone Wars, surviving the infamous Order 66. A group of Jedi Hunters lead by Adept Kiln Tobasa invaded the family estate, destroying the Master and his wife. Empowered by pure rage, Trevarus wielded his father's lightsaber and destroyed all but the Adept. Fascinated by the young man's raw potential, he captured the boy and brought him back to Coruscant as his protege.

The Imperial Court

"Do you hear me Tobasa? I swear to death herself, I will kill you!"
―Trevarus Caerick

Tobasa continued the boy's training in the ways of the Dark Side, having fully corrupted his fragile young spirit over the course of two years' enslavement. Barely weeks before the Rebel attack on the Death Star at Yavin IV, Tobasa attempted to overthrow the Emperor. Tobasa barely survived the attempt to steal a powerful artifact from the Emperor's grasp. For his crime, Tobasa was sentenced to death, but escaped. As his uninvolved Apprentice, Trevarus was exiled to a cell of the Intelligence Division attached to Admiral Thrawn of the Admonitor.

Five years are a complete mystery. Trevarus never speaks of this time. However, this span seemed to have greatly affected his drive to explore, as evidenced later in his life.

When he next appeared in the Galactic proper he had began training with a sect of Force-wielders called the Jensaarai on a remote world called Susevfi in the Suarbi System. None know how or why he sought out the cult of Sith Heretics, and the Elder himself does answer questions.

He almost died on the approach to Susevfi, his freighter falling under heavy attack from mercenary forces. Crashing into a mountainside, he bled out onto the floor. A healer of the Jensaarai named Carina Slayt found and nursed him back to health over the course of months. The two became close friends and lovers, eventually marrying. Trevarus lost touch with his Imperial superiors, and began training as a Defender. The Sith teachings of the group reminded him of the peculiar religion of his old Master. Regardless, he excelled in his new life and gradually lost his desire for power.

Battle drew him back into the full grasp of the Dark Side. A powerful Dark Jedi invaded the Jensaarai compound, raiding their archives and brutally interrogating members of the sect. Trevarus gave into his rage and slew him, after brutally raping his mind for insight. He felt the call to leave, and that very night he commandeered the dead man's ship and followed his vision to the Aurora System.

Rites of Initiation

"You are my son in Sadow, my brother in arms, and my blood at the end of days."
―Tron Sadow

Prostrated before Lord Justinian Khyron, Trevarus swore eternal devotion to the Iron Throne. Upon his formal admission, Trevarus petitioned Tron Sadow for admission to Independent House Naga Sadow, and was quickly accepted.

He proceeded through the Shadow Academy with unreasonable skill. Accepted into his new House, Trevarus found his true place. He joined the Emerald Serpents Phyle of House Ludo Kressh after the House was chartered as Clan Naga Sadow. Lord Khyron ordered the separation of Houses by Order, causing his transition to House Marka Ragnos.

Aseret Thunderhawk appointed him a Phyle which he named the Night Hawks Phyle. As his first leadership role in the Clan, Trevarus demonstrated his ability to organize a unit. The exploits of the original Night Hawks have become legend in the Clan, most famously recovering the Holocron of Antar IV, and investigating the ancient Krath military bases under the ice of Loki. Most of the Tyros Trevarus commanded grew to infamy in their own right. He went on to become Aedile and then Quaestor of his House.

As Quaestor, Trevarus ruled the Sons of Ragnos for only a short time, appointing Enerum Shka as his Aedile, and striking down the rebellion of Arkane Maithal. This act alone saw him appointed to Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow, and after the retirement of Ace of Darkened Hearts two weeks later, to Consul.

Beginnings of a Legend

"What the hell is that thing in the middle of his forehead?"
―Deceased Journeyman

His reign as Consul has often been referred to the Golden Age of Clan Naga Sadow. Upon assuming the Consulate, he immediately stripped the Clan of unworthy Clansmen, a bloodshed unprecedented, named the Massacre of Sif. Nearly two-hundred fell under his merciless order. With a fresh body of eager Fallen, the Archpriest appointed leaders to each of his Three Houses. When selecting a Proconsul, Trevarus was interested in two prominent members of House Ludo Kressh, then Aedile Kale Lobacz and the Quaestor Manesh. Manesh refused the appointment, while Kale answered the Consul's call. A young Commander of Sapphire Squadron named Goatham was appointed Aedile to replace Kale. Trevarus saw remarkable talent in the Falleen, and took him as his first Apprentice.

The resources available to Trevarus awakened the mystical hunger from his youth. He became the Magistrate, and ultimately Praetor to Arania Lawakiro, the Krath High Priestess. He plundered the archives of the Dark Council, frequently traveling to distant solar systems to seek out artifacts and records from the earliest days of the Great Wars. He balanced the requirements of his Clan, with his own obsessions until one of the greatest tests of his Clan, and his leadership came to pass.

Trevarus had recently returned from a journey to the Orian System, one of many he would take before the Exodus. He had finished a compilation of Dark Side Lore in three volumes, called the Chronicle of Dark Souls. Lord Thedek had retired from the Iron Throne in his absence, and the Lord's successor marked a polarizing transition within the Seven Clans. Archibald Zoraan had been an ineffective Consul of Clan Tarentum, and upon his Ascension, the Consuls of Clan Naga Sadow and Taldryan voiced their opposition. The fires of the Third Great Jedi War marked the alliance of former Grand Master, Lord Jac Cotelin Consul of Taldryan, and Trevarus. The war stilled, Clan Naga Sadow returned to routine.

The Chronicle of Dark Souls was presented to the Dark Council, and received with trepidation. Much of his research was heretical to the current order, but Trevarus was awarded the Ruby Scepter for his work. He returned to his studies.

For several months after the war, Zoraan had begun horrible experiments in the observatory of the Dark Hall, consuming resources, and wasting lives. He neglected the Dark Council, and was eventually stripped of authority by the Fleet Commander. In a desperate move, he slew several Councilors, and seized the Dark Hall, declaring himself the new Emperor. Clans Naga Sadow and Taldryan immediately deployed forces to Eos, and with the aide of the Fleet, broke the siege of the Dark Hall. Zoraan was presumed destroyed in a massive Force Storm.

A few months later, Trevarus would resign as Consul, and disappear for nearly a year. When next seen in Brotherhood space, his features had hardened, and a strange tattoo of an eye was in the middle of his forehead. He called it the Mark of the Wanderer.

Creation of a Monster

"Seven... two... two from one... voices from millions of thousands."
―Trevarus Caerick

Every Elder felt a strange glimmering in the Dark Side around Trevarus shortly after he appeared with the Mark. His obsessions seemed to consume him completely. In lucid moments, he was pedagogical, sparring with his Apprentice, now named Xanos Zorrixor, and offering lectures at the Shadow Academy. When he appeared with the Amulet of Orian on his arm, the Elders noticed a disturbing new character in Trevarus. His lucid states became less frequent, often slipping into violent meditations and speaking in tongues. After observing him tear an Apprentice's throat out with his teeth, the insane Lord Chi Long began his own tutelage of Trevarus Caerick.

The Dark Lord twisted Trevarus' rage into a new personality which he named Shan Long, the Thunder Dragon. He promoted Trevarus to Krath Pontifex, and appointed him Knight Commander of the Brotherhood, to serve as his personal historian and representative within the Brotherhood. Shan Long lay dormant, while Trevarus resumed control of his Force. For a year, he worked diligently, but finally retired to Clan Naga Sadow, becoming Proconsul for then Consul Xanos-Zorrixor.

The Journey of the Seven

"We must stand united. The Empire has fallen, and we shall see our brethren into the Final Nights. The wounded and dying shall be left for the crows."
―Lord Firefox

Trevarus' return to Clan politics marked one of the most unstable periods in the Brotherhood. Lord Firefox, and his Deputy, Lord Cotelin desperately worked to balance the Brotherhood's existence with the Emperor's Hammer who had degenerated into rabble. The Executive Officer pulled for more resources and control of the Brotherhood, and the Iron Throne resisted him. Trevarus, as an experienced officer of the Fleet, worked with Lords Firefox and Cotelin, trying to maintain stability. While in conference with Lord Chi Long, Trevarus offered a vision of a Brotherhood free of the Fleet, recalling a prophecy he had uttered some years before. Together, they approached Firefox and Jac Cotelin. Thus began the Seven.

Timing would be crucial, Trevarus secretly prepared his Clan for the departure. The Dark Lord offered a series of visions, a far off system hidden behind a shroud of the Dark Side. Trevarus had explored such a world many years prior, and led a team of researchers back to Antei, to lay the groundwork for new Brotherhood facilities.

With a new territory secured, Lord Firefox called for the meeting that sparked the Third Brotherhood Civil War, otherwise known as the Exodus.

Herald of the Final Order

"He did something, shadows came out nowhere after he opened his eyes. His body went dead, and the shadows stopped. His body was covered in metal, like a statue."
―Korlyn Teras
The Oracle Trevarus Caerick.

The newly promoted Elder of the Brotherhood worked tirelessly to solidify the nascent holdings of his Brethren in their new system. Lord Firefox named him Oracle of the Brotherhood, and charged him with seeking out every possible mystery on his ancient new Throneworld. Construction worked blasting for a new facility uncovered a massive underground cavern. Sensing a disturbance in the Force, Trevarus dispatched a junior apprentice to investigate. While the Apprentice was absent, he delivered one of his most chilling prophecies to the Dark Lord, now called the Tenebric Conclusions. The Jedi Hunter returned, attempting to slay the Oracle and his Praetor, Vassan Rokir. The ancient Unknown Consciousness was introduced to an unwary Brotherhood.

Trevarus survived the attack by forcing the Amulet of Orian to cover his body with its invincible protection, while unifying his spirit with the Force through an art called Preparance. Normally only performed by the Grand Masters, Trevarus' lack of skill split his physical and spiritual energies. He would watch the Third Brotherhood Civil War through the blood-red hue of the Dark Side as a helpless shade.

At the conclusion of the conflict, Trevarus would be restored to his body. His spirit however, underwent a dramatic shift. The long dormant personality of Shan Long reemerged, and exerted tremendous control over their body. Trevarus was named Dark Jedi Master, before retiring as Oracle, a move to better control the aspects of his psyche. Moments after his resignation, Shan Long emerged, and attacked the assembled body of the Dark Council. As one of the first actions of his second reign from the Iron Throne, Lord Jac Cotelin returned the Master in chains of Trevarus' own design to the Sons of Sadow on Sepros. His Clansmen worked to restore him to sanity with the assistance of Dark Jedi Master Kem-Shu Maeda. They succeeded in allowing Trevarus' an incorporeal existence outside of their shared body, a state from which he managed to slay Kiln Tobasa, becoming the new Prima Marked of the Wanderer.

In modern nights, Trevarus continues to travel, researching the deepest mysteries of the Dark Side, and the Consummation of the Final Way. He instructed worthy Apprentices, and guides his Clan with the weight of his experience. Balance has been achieved between his dual personalities, although Shan Long occasionally lashes out in murderous impulse. Trevarus beamed with pride upon the promotion of his First Apprentice, Xanos Sadow to the rank of Dark Prophet after a successful term as Deputy Grand Master. Upon Xanos' return to Clan Naga Sadow, they collaborate to engineer their Clan's triumph in the Final Nights.

Despite his loyalties and memories, Trevarus is rarely seen within the Brotherhood territories. Months pass between his appearances in Sadow Palace or the Amicus Club. Rumors and speculation follow whispers of the Master over drinks and scratched parchment. Those who probe the Dark Side seeking the enigma only draw tangled missives in two-score languages. All are certain that Trevarus will reappear, with some new mystery for the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi to consider as he draws nearer to apotheosis.

The Seer, Seeker, and Sorcerer

"Trev is probably the most psychotically brilliant Elder around. I've seen that bastard rip throats out with his bare teeth, and utter prophecy with the corpse's tongue."
―Anonymous Equite

If there were ever a cautionary tale about the dangers of delving too deeply into the mysteries of the Dark Side of the Force, the enigma of Trevarus Caerick should serve as the classic example. Were it not for the usefulness of his talents, and the raw puissance he has demonstrated in fanatical devotion to the Final Way, the Iron Throne would certainly have slain him years ago.

As a student of the Krath Order from the earliest days of his induction, Trevarus was fascinated by the legends of the ancient Krath sorcerers. How, through the sheer power of will, they commanded the very elements of the Universe itself, and tore power from the deepest reaches of the Force. His private journals indicate a carefully constructed path to achieving powers the Elders would deny him.

Proving himself a skilled commander of Jedi within Clan Naga Sadow, Trevarus applied for research access within the sealed archives of the Krath Order. Prominent Krath were hesitant, but the High Priestess, Arania Lawakiro took the upstart Equite into her tutelage, appointing him Magistrate to her office, and finally to Praetor. Trevarus used his nearly unfettered access to the Archives to plunder locations and grimoires. He would often disappear for weeks at a time, scouting ancient sites and relics of the earliest Dark Jedi. He never accounted for his findings, or the seemingly haphazard logic to his travels. All the while, he rose in rank as he demonstrated his capabilities and bested rivals. Observers and allies alike agree that these formative years of deep research allowed the fracture that eventually broke his mind.

Trevarus abandoned the bureaucracy of the Krath Order upon his elevation to Krath Pontifex. Called to make an accounting of his studies by frustrated and jealous Krath scholars, Trevarus presented the Chronicle of Dark Souls to Lord Zoraan, finally revealing the depths of his heresy. Perhaps Zoraan should have destroyed him, instead he ordered Trevarus to leave his work unpublished, and presented him with a Ruby Scepter. After his oust from the Iron Throne, his Successor, Lord Chi Long brought the powerful Equite onto the Dark Council to continue his researches with the sanction of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

The Pontifex basked in his new authority, researching and practicing the most obscure and potent Krath Magics, delving into areas forbidden even to the most powerful of Elders. Some rumors speculate that he was guided by the combined influence of Lords Chi Long and Jac Cotelin, who protected his life from the powerful forces he wished to command.

After resigning from the Dark Council, Trevarus disappeared for a year, returning with the strange Mark of the Wanderer. It would seem that his connection with this powerful and heretical cult had doubled the powers of an already unparalleled sorcerer. He became violent, unpredictable. Insanity had claimed him. Intrigued, Chi Long began his public tutelage of the Equite.

The Voice of Shan Long

"We... we... are cold... so... so... cold... feed we... must..."
―Shan Long

Trevarus' forays into powerful magic had forced him to utterly focus his will into the Force, suppressing all emotions. This latent pressure bubbled over and began to break the Elder. To save his life, Chi Long focused every suppressed emotion into a singular vision. By splitting his identity, Trevarus was free to continue, unencumbered by the pressure of the Dark Side, and to expand upon his will-driven explorations into the Force. Begotten of Trevarus, the Birth of Shan Long began with a long slumber, and it seemed that he was fully in control of all his faculties, a spirit sleeping in Trevarus. He was awakened by ancient Gods of the Dark Side who are many thousands of names beyond naming.

It seemed that at the very moment Trevarus stepped foot on the barren dead soil of Antei, Shan Long awoke. Trevarus' insight had long caught the ear of the Star Chamber, and Lord Firefox had appointed him Oracle some time before, yet with the culmination of the Exodus, the clairvoyant outbursts of the Oracle took a surprising twist. His voice changed, he demanded blood, and any who looked upon his face saw only the wasted visage of a man consumed with passion. Shan Long had a face now.

Trevarus was the first Elder to be affected by the Consciousness. To save their body from death at the blade of a knife, Trevarus retreated his spirit into the very heart of the Dark Side. His art of Preparence utterly split the spirits of Trevarus Caerick and Shan Long. Shan Long was totally consumed by the ravages of the Nameless Ones, yet Trevarus remained untainted. When Lord Firefox rescued the Elder's essence from the Force, Trevarus Caerick was completely changed. His magics became more potent, and with the aide of the powerful Elders of Clan Tarentum, he studied the deepest mysteries of life and death. Even more withdrawn than normal, Trevarus began to lose touch. In his last lucid moment, Trevarus resigned the Dark Council, and asked to be delivered in chains to his Brothers in Clan Naga Sadow.

Eventually, he wrested control of himself back from Shan Long, but nothing would ever be the same. To this day, Trevarus is acclaimed as one of the most gifted and knowledgeable Sorcerers of the Dark Side to serve the Brotherhood, yet the price of this power has been exacted tenfold.

Identification Line, Titles, and Possessions

DJM Shan Long (Krath)/Naga Sadow (KSOE: RENV) (ACC: CN:3) ED / RS / AK / SB / GC-S-GS / SC-CoR / StA-QL / DC-LC-R-C / (GNB) / (SN) / (BNAu) / Cr-2R-2A-2S / CF-BlF / LSG / DSS-QK-QL-QW / SI / SoL-TC-TC-BE / S:-6M-2D (SA: U:TL - G:L - K:CORE)

His Immortal Eminence, Dark Jedi Master; Admiral Trevarus Irad Caerick, Knight First Class; Son of Sadow

Oracle of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi; Overlord of House Marka Ragnos, Consul Emeritus of Clan Naga Sadow

Shan Long, Apprentice of Lord Chi Long; Prima Marked of the Wanderer

Duke of Sepros, Orian system; Lord of Alabrek Castle

Baron of the Du'san Boundary, Lord of Kalekka Tower

First Echelon of the Krath Order, Master of the First Caste of the Inner Order, Clan Naga Sadow

  • Trevarus is the current Prima Marked of the Wanderer, having slain Kiln Tobasa in combat.
  • His lightsabers, named the Death Crimson were created from crystals cultivated from the souls of a hundred slain foes, culminating in the death of the Krath Witch.
    The Death Crimson
  • After the Brotherhood was exiled from the Antei System, returned to House Marka Ragnos on Tarthos, and oversaw the construction of Kar Alabrek, and Alabrek Castle
  • The CEC YT-2400 Nighthawk is his vehicle of choice for everyday travel, but he often utilizes a heavily modified Corellian Corvette, the Sanguinus.
  • The Amicus Club in the city of Eriador of Antei's Sunside is co-owned by Trevarus and Field Marshall Maxamillian von Oberst of Clan Tarentum.
  • Clan Naga Sadow's mastery of the Telekinetic Arts is traced to Trevarus' mystical power. He is one of two current Masters of the First Caste of Clan Naga Sadow's Inner Order, with his Apprentice, Master Xanos Sadow.
  • Trevarus wields the unnatural Amulet of Orian
  • As one of the preeminent scholars of the Krath, Trevarus has earned status as a member of the First Eschelon.
  • The Library of Kalekka Tower is said to encompass over thirty-million documents, volumes, and other rare artifacts. This is arguably the largest collection of any individual library, rivalling even the collected archives of the Krath Order and the Brotherhood itself.

DJB Facts

  • Introduced the religion The Marked of the Wanderer to the Brotherhood .
  • Trevarus was one of the first of the Seven, bringing Lords Chi-Long and Firefox together, to discuss the possibility of a successful split
  • Trevarus penned the Petition for the Redress of Grievances, the first drafts of the Dark Covenant, and laid the ground work for the newest versions of the Dark Side Compendium. He is also credited with creating the mythological basis for the Brotherhood's existence, linking it with the Sith Empire, the earliest examples of the Star Chamber, and the Empire. His fictional vision has impacted nearly every facet of the Brotherhood's operation.
  • Trevarus first leadership role was the creation of the Night Hawks Phyle of House Marka Ragnos. The Night Hawks are the longest-serving Phyle in the Krath Order.
  • Trevarus wrote the Chronicle of Dark Souls while still in his first two years of membership. One particular poem prophesied the Exodus with unreasonable accuracy.
  • Trevarus wrote the background story for the Fifth Great Jedi War, and worked with Lord Cotelin to oversee its execution.

Former Positions

  • The Seven Brethren
  • Oracle of the Brotherhood, ad honorarium
  • Knight Commander of the Brotherhood
  • Consul of Clan Naga Sadow (Two Tenures)
  • Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow (Three Tenures)
  • Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos (Two Tenures)
  • Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
  • Tetarch and Founder of the Night Hawks Phyle (Two Terms)
  • Praetor to the Krath High Priest (Three terms)
  • Magistrate to the Krath High Priest (Two Terms)
  • Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master
  • Magistrate to the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy
  • Tetrarch of the All Night Phyle
  • Knight First Class, ad honorarium


  • Nascisr (Deceased)
  • Goatham A.K.A. Xanos Zorrixor A.K.A. Darth Vexatus
  • Vassan Rokir (Missing in Action)'
  • Sildrin Sadow A.K.A. Xia Long
  • Syrus Korodin
  • Shin'ichi Endymiron
  • Nero Pennant


  • He is the youngest member ever to receive the Ruby Scepter.
  • While in battle during the Third Great Jedi War, Trevarus inflicted a wound to Lord Jac Cotelin's leg that never properly healed.
  • Trevarus has penned nearly two million words in over 1,400 separate documents for the Brotherhood.