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NV4 (Proselyte/Trainee/Trooper), is the fourth rank in the Dark Brotherhood, which is awarded after completing the requirements of a NV3 (Novice / Recruit / Cadet).

It is part of the Novitiate class, the fourth step down the path to JM4 (Knight / Professional / Captain).

Battleteam Leaders have the authority to promote up to this rank.

NV4 to JM1

Main article: Promotion Requirements

The requirements for the promotion from NV4 are found at the above link, the completion of the above requirements will earn a promotion to JM1 (Neophyte/Runner/Private).

NV3 (Novice / Recruit / Cadet) NV4 (Proselyte / Trainee / Trooper)
JM1 (Neophyte / Runner / Private)