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33 ABY (reformed)

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Fremoc Pepoi

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The Pepoi Family is a group of members of the Dark Brotherhood, and not an official Family in the Brotherhood.

The Pepoi

Much isn't known about the Pepoi family beyond 89 BBY as records have disappeared. In 89 BBY, Ronium Pepoi was born on Coruscant, and was immediately detected by the Jedi and brought to the Jedi temple for further testing. Ronium was given the chance to train under the masters and various other people, learning as much as he could. By the age of thirteen he had become a padawan learner to one of the many Jedi Knights in the order. By the age of twenty five, Ronium had fallen in love with a fellow Jedi, Dari Claremoore. Secretly their love grew, and eventually the couple decided to leave the order due to the Jedi Order's rules forbidding love.

The Jedi couple moved to Onderon, where they gave birth to their first child, Thonas, in 59 BBY. In 51 BBY, Dari gave birth to twins, Carsis and Satele. Ronium began to train Thonas in the ways of the Force while Dari was taking care of Carsis and Satele. Thonas didn’t learn how to create a lightsaber because Ronium and Dari had not learned. By the age of eighteen Thonas had fallen in love with a woman named Catri Tade, while Carsis and Satele were being trained by their mother and father.

After Zane and Cari left Onderon for greater things, it left Carsis and Satele alone to recieve additional Force training from their parents for the next couple of years. The training helped them become more skilled in the Force, allowing them to become more confident with the powers that were given to them, go so far as to become more and more confident in subduing their Force signature to a point. In 35 BBY the twins found themselves falling madly in love with some of their neighbours, Carsis with a beautiful Miralukan young woman by the name of Serenity Ventus and Satele with a tough young man by the name of Tiberius Farron. The couples spent the next several years completing their education and training before leaving the planet in 30 BBY and 27 BBY for other planets.

The decision to leave Onderon was spurned from a vision that the twin's father had been given through the Force, a vision of death and destruction on a Galactic scale that affected the Force users of the galaxy. As Carsis reached his twenty-first birthday, he married Serenity and the two fled to a distant planet of Aquilaris to remain well outside of normal shipping lanes and the growing might of the Republic. Shortly there after on her twenty-fourth birthday, Satele married Tiberius and the pair moved to the planet of Tatooine in a similar move to that of her brother. Things changed greately for the twins over the next several years and in 19 BBY things went terribly for all Force users as the Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire and Order 66 saw all "Jedi" or other Force users to be captured or slain on sight.

The Miralukan Factor

While Satele and Tiberius left Onderon for Tatooine, Carsis and Serenity left for the quiet aquatic world of Aquilaris and settled down on some of the smaller nondescript isles that dotted the planet's oceans almost an hour away from the only major city on the planet, Floating City. The quiet planet and it's extremely loose affiliation to the Galactic Empire made it a safe haven for the couple, and their distance from the more heavily occupied city allowed them to remain a little more relaxed. Within two years of relocating to the planet, the couple gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they named Fayth. The young Miraluka learned the ways of the Force from her parents quickly, but was taught to always remain careful and suspicious of others due to the nature of her race. As she grew, her ethereal grace and skill with the Force grew with her; subtlety and suppression allowed her to keep her regular usage of the Force in check while helping ensure the family's safety from the Emperor and his spies.

While an attractive young woman, Fayth was overtly studious and would only venture to Floating City every once in a while with her parents for food or other supplies. On one such trip in 3 BBY, Fayth met a young Miralukan man by the name of Lucien Fey and was immediately taken with him. Love at first "sight" would definitely by the correct term to use as both of the young Miraluka were immediately stricken with each other. The two were polar opposites of each other: Fayth a quiet and studious young woman while Lucien was a stunning warrior and figurehead of the Aquilarian society. As much as the two were vastly different, they were both madly in love and did everything they could to communicate with each other even with the great distance between each other. The experience led for Lucien to be the only person besides the Pepoi family to visit their island homestead and for Fayth to begin to visit Floating City more often to see Lucien; the two fed off each other's strengths and helped one another overcome their weaknesses while their parents helped them gain even further skill and talent in the ways of the Force.

In 3 ABY, things began to get hectic for the young lovers as Lucien and Fayth quickly wed within the large beautiful gardens of the Pepoi homestead. Things grew worse following their happy marriage as Imperial Agents began to track the family; determined to capture, subvert and train these powerful Force users for their own Jedi to challenge those allied with the Republic, the agents were able to successfully infiltrate the Pepoi homestead in 7 ABY just as the family began to leave for the spaceport on the Floating City. In a bid to ensure his daughter's safety, Carsis openly challenged and fought the Imperial Agents to the death outside of the spaceport just after destroying all data referencing his family's travel records. Fayth's father's death weighed heavily upon her as the family settled on the newly reoccupied Republic world of Coruscant, but the love and care given to her by Lucien and her mother kept her going to the point of the birth of their healthy baby boy, Methyas, in 9 ABY.

For each blessing the family seemed to recieve, something had to be repayed it seemed; a few months following Methyas' birth the Imperials led by Grand Admiral Thrawn began a brutal bombardment of Coruscant, known as the Third Battle of Coruscant, which saw the family seeking refuge in the Undercity of Coruscant. During the journey to the lower levels of the City, Serenity Pepoi gave her life while creating a barrier in the Force to allow her grandson and daughter to safely escape an incoming turbolaser barrage. While the barrier didn't last too long the effects resonated through the family, the death of both her parents at the hands of the Imperials steeling Fayth's resolve to fight alongside the Republic. During this time, Fayth gave birth to her second son Mirado. Fate seemed determined to wipe the Miraluka from the face of the galaxy however, as the Fourth Battle of Coruscant saw a vicious conflict errupt on the surface of the city-planet. In a bid to keep their children safe, Fayth and Lucien quickly secured the older of the boys in a hidden location, and handed the younger to a pair of Miralukan refugees that had found a way off world, before challenging an Imperial strike-team bent on their destruction; although they fell their legacy lived on.

With worried and hungry cries, Methyas alerted a nearby Republic commando by the name of Arthur Arcturi to his presence within the devestated remains of the Fey household. Arcturi took the child in as his own alongside his wife, keeping young Methyas safe along with many other children that came from war torn families and began to train him in self-defense as well as the Mandalorian ways. Methyas lived with the family for many years until their demise during the Battle of Mandalore, the event shook the man to his very core and saw him searching the galaxy for vengence until he encountered the Brotherhood in the Orian System.

Mirado, however, was taken to Chandrila and hidden with his adoptive parents Maart and Veila Lhaan, where he spent his first three years hidden away. At the age of five, they won a trip to Dantooine, where Maart and Veila Lhaan were killed with the rest of the tourists in an act that Mirado has yet to determine.

Thonas’ Blood Line

Catri and Thonas left Onderon for Corvanni IV in 40 BBY, since they figured they would find a job there better than on Onderon. They were married in 39 BBY, but due to them both working hard at their jobs, they did not have a child until 28 BBY, named Zane. The couple made the conscious decision to make Zane feel normal, and not train him as a Jedi like Thonas had been. When Order 66 occured, Thonas had completely stopped using his Force abilities to make sure he stayed hidden from the Empire. Zane grew up and went through his schooling quickly, and earned a job in the Xev Corporation on Corvanni 4.

By the time Alderaan was destroyed, Zane was a vice president to the Xev Corporation, and had married Rebec Voss in 0 ABY. In 2 ABY, they had their first child, Fremoc. In 5 ABY Rebec gave birth to Skye. Rebec and Zane’s marriage was rocky for the first few years. Zane was having commitment issues and would at times have affairs with women that were nineteen to twenty-two years old. In 7 ABY, things came to a head when a young woman of twenty years old, a woman that Zane had last saw 9 months prior, approached Zane with an infant child, named Kano. The woman wanted to continue her schooling and gave Kano to Zane since he was the father. Immediately Zane called his good friend Tor Verda, a Mandalorian, who immediately took the child as his own. The woman called Zane several days later, asking how Kano was doing to find that Zane had given him to Tor Verda.

The family remained peaceful until 20 ABY, where terrorists began attacking the Pepoi household, twice the terrorists were killed by Zane and Fremoc. In 21 ABY a bomb killed Rebec, Skye, and Zane while Fremoc was standing outside the house. Fremoc had asked his then girlfriend at the time, Camille Peterson, to marry him prior to the event. Fear had struck the young man, and thinking that she was in trouble, he gave her and her parents money to go to Coruscant. Camille had failed to tell Fremoc that she was pregnant with a child before she had left and wound up giving birth to Thomas Pepoi in 21 ABY.

For a while Fremoc had forgotten who he actually was and began to go by the name of Demonic. In 26 ABY Camille watched in horror as Fremoc had been pronounced dead after an explosion during an operation. She went to bed and never woke up, leaving Thomas with his Grandparents. Fremoc joined the Dark Brotherhood, and started training as a Dark Jedi under Jade Atema and also met Teu Veld, who was a Jedi Hunter at the time. During the retaking of Antei, Fremoc remembered his actual name and relearned his past through dreams and various other experiences. Teu and Fremoc became very close with each other and Jade saw this, wanting to keep them away from each other, Teu was sent elsewhere. It wasn't until he was on a personal mission to Telos, that he found out about Thomas. Thomas returned to Tarthos with Fremoc, leaving the refugee camps there for a life with his biological father.

After Fremoc was appointed the Night Raptors Battleteam leader, Fremoc took on an apprentice named Ryuk. During the attack by the Peace Brigade and Yuuzhan Vong, Thomas was captured by the Peace Brigade. After the Vong were eradicated from the Sepros system and Fremoc had gone on an expedition with Ryuk to Nar Shadda, who learned his name was Kano Verda, prepared his vessel to find his son. Teu stopped the then Dark Jedi Knight and demanded she go with him. Fremoc relented and allowed Teu to go with him. On the trip to Yavin 4, the two revealed their feelings for one another, and some time after returning to Tarthos, Teu and Fremoc where married.

In early 32 ABY, Teu became pregnant with their first child, and gave birth to Darra later that year. The family was separated for a time because Teu had become Aedile of Ludo Kressh while Fremoc was Quaestor of Marka Ragnos. Darra and Thomas remained on Tarthos, while their mother was allowed to come home whenever she felt like it. During 33 ABY, Fremoc ordered the bombardment on Green Sector in Markosian City because it had become overrun with Ekind and Vongspawn, and nearly killed himself and Shan Long in the process. Shan Long gave Fremoc the choice of death or exile, where he was chose exile. Upon the death of Hafa Chun and the last of the Ekind, Fremoc began his exile.


When Zane handed his secret child over to his long time friend Tor Verda in 7 ABY the Mandalorian instantly accepted the child as his own. Kano lived with Tor, Shai, and his younger brother Rang happily until 13 ABY when a group of outcast Mandalorians attacked the family’s house. Everyone was killed except Kano, who had been knocked unconscious as he attempted to save his mother from one of the attackers.

Kano awoke a year later in 14 ABY with no memory of his life or family. He was alone on the planet of Raxus Prime for several hours before a man wearing a full armor suit and T-shaped visor approached him. The man was former leader of the group that attacked Kano’s family and he offered the young boy a home and training to become a Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter. He gave the child the name of Ryuk and only only went by buir.

In 22 ABY the boys training was completed by attaining and completing a bounty for death on the man that had been training him. After that event Ryuk went across the galaxy completing bounties and other works for hire until 31 ABY when he made his way to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood by mistake while looking for a way to use the powers he felt he had.

In 31 ABY Ryuk discovered his true identity and took on the name of Kano Verda. Kano fought alongside of his Clan mates in many battles and continues to do so. Such battles including Salas V and killing the Vongspawn and Ekind on Tarthos. With Fremoc's exile, Fremoc made sure that Kano stood by Teu, and acted as her personal bodyguard.

Forming the Family

Fremoc’s travels took him back home to Corvanni IV, where he learned of who his grandparents where and traced them living on Onderon for a time. During his time on Corvanni IV, he found records of his father meeting a twenty year old woman in 7 ABY. Pepoi found the woman had given birth in a hospital near his home, to a boy named Kano and had named the father as Zane Pepoi. Fremoc found where the woman was living on Corvanni and began to question her about the child, and to his disbelief, Fremoc found out that Kano was his half brother.

Fremoc left Corvanni IV and ventured home to Tarthos despite his exile, and slept with his wife. He decided it best not to tell her or Kano who knew he had returned because he was protecting the female Pepoi. At Onderon, Fremoc found that his Great Grandparents were Ronium and Dari Pepoi, and also had twins by the names of Carsis and Satele. Fremoc followed were Carsis and Satele had moved and followed their bloodlines to Tattooine and Coruscant, learning that his distant cousins were in fact Methyas L’eonheart and Araxis Farron. The revelation that his closest friends where actually family made him happy, but before he could share the information with them, Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir called upon Fremoc once more to serve as his Praetor and went to Antei. Fremoc informed the members of the family on Antei during the Disorder vendetta, before leaving to become a member of the Marked of the Wanderer. The Family returned to the Orian system, with Fremoc becoming Aedile of Naga Sadow, Teu becoming the Rollmaster of Naga Sadow, Kano as the Regulator's Battle team leader, and Araxis and Methyas as Prefects.


While the rest of the family cast the Pepoi name aside, Fremoc and Kano trained in the unknown regions, while Methyas sent messages of updates that were going on in the Brotherhood, before returning to the Brotherhood under the Tarentum flag.

Primary Directive

  • The Pepoi Family is a group of members looking to have fun, and have bonded over the last year. They want to show their friendship with being made as one family.

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  • All members refer to Fremoc as "Papa Smurf", which originally began through Araxis.