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This is the official Layout Guide for articles created on the Dark Brotherhood's Wiki. By following this guide, you can easily complete a character article that could be recommended as a Featured Article.

Your character's wiki page is an invaluable resource for yourself and others who wish to make use of your character in fictional events.

Eras Tag


  • This tag adds symbols to indicate which eras the subject of the article exists in.
  • When designing your character's page, your eras should be based on your character's age and the current era.
    • pre: > 25,000 BBY - 25,000 BBY
    • rep: 25,000 - 19 BBY
    • imp: 19 BBY - 5 ABY
    • rdb: 5 ABY - 13 ABY
    • exd: 13 ABY - 33 ABY
    • nor: 33 ABY - Present
  • To properly use this tag, visit Template:Eras

Maintenance Templates


  • Maintenance templates are used by the Wiki Staff to indicate that a page is in need of a specific type of maintenance.
  • Members can also place tags to indicate that their article is Under Construction, or request for it to be Deleted by the Wiki Staff.
  • A full list of Maintenance templates can be found in the Maintenance category.


Example: (for a Character page)

|type= Sith / Jedi / Loyalist / Mercenary / Gray / Dark (Choose One)
|image= (first upload an image to the wiki before attempting to link it)
|firstname= (include middle name or initial in this variable as well)
|lastname= (last name only for categorization)
|dossier= [[dossier:#|#]]
  • Fill out the infobox with any information relevant to your character. The infobox provides a brief overview of your character's vital statistics.

Opening Quote


{{Quote|I am a Jedi. Like my father before me.|Luke Skywalker]]
  • The opening quote of an article should generally be said by the subject of the article.
  • Quotes should be written in-character, whether by Brotherhood members or Star Wars canon.

Character Articles

Example: (for a Character page)

'''Luke Skywalker''' was... (a brief summary of who the character is)

== Biography ==
* Your biography details your character's personal history. You may choose to start from
the '''Early Life''' and cover events right from birth, or you could start with a later
event such as your induction to the Brotherhood.
* The biography allows the most creative freedom of a character's wiki, but there are
several restrictions to take note of:
** The [[Dark Brotherhood]] currently exists in [[38 ABY]]. This means being born in the
"The Old Republic" timeline or the Legacy Timeline will violate our canon.
** Having your character directly influence Star Wars canon events or characters is 
not allowed. You may work certain characters and locations into your history, but do 
not claim to be the "Chosen One" or be a part of the "Battle of Yavin".

=== Heading 1 ===
{{Quote|In character quote|Speaker's name}}

=== Heading 2 ===
{{Quote|In character quote|Speaker's name}}

==== Sub-Heading 2a ====
{{Quote|In character quote|Speaker's name}}

==== Sub-Heading 2b ====
{{Quote|In character quote|Speaker's name}}

== Physical Description ==

== Personality and traits ==
* This section is used to describe your character's personality traits.
* When describing your character's personality, make use of the Personality Aspects on 
your Character Sheet.

== Powers and abilities ==
* This section is used to describe and Force abilities or skills your character is 
especially talented with.
* As a rule of thumb, only outline the use or study of an ability that you've raised to 
the highest level on your Character Sheet.



[[File:Picture-emblem1.jpg|thumb|right|200px|The logo of the Dark Brotherhood]]
  • Images should be placed throughout an article where they would have the most relevance.
  • Each part of the Image "markup" is required to properly display an image.
    • Filename - This is the actual filename of the article you uploaded to the Wiki
    • Thumb - This shows the image as a thumbnail, creating a box around the image.
    • Left/Right - Decide which side of the article you would like your image to be placed on. Text will automatically wrap itself around an image.
    • Size - Denote the size you want the image to be displayed at. The size is measued by pixels using "px". Images should not be too large, and should rarely get bigger than 300px.
    • Comment - The last part of the markup is a brief description of the image, or the events taking place in the image.



{{Quote|You fought in the Clone Wars?"<br>"Yes. I was once a Jedi knight, the same 
as your father.|Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi}}
  • Quotes may be placed in the body of the article, with a single quote per heading right at the beginning of the section.
  • Quotes must be "in character" and should somehow relate to the section they're written in.


Interwiki Links


[[Apprentice]] John Doe is a member of the [[Dark Jedi Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]].
  • The wiki is built around the internal linking of other pages on the wiki. You do this by placing the [[ and ]] marks around a word that belongs to a pages title.
  • If you want to link to a specific page, but need to change the displayed words, add a | between the page name and the displayed text, as illustrated above.
  • Only link to pages that already exist on the wiki. If a page does not exist, the text will display a red link.

Wookieepedia Links


The most common external link is to the [[starwars:Main Page|Star Wars Wiki]].
  • The Brotherhood makes extensive use of information and pages already written on the Wookieepedia. You can properly link to these pages by adding "starwars:" before the Wookieepedia page name.
  • Same rules apply to change the displayed text. Add a | between the page name and the text you wish to display.



  • Categories help to sort wiki pages based on the subject of the page. Find the right category for your page by checking this list of categories. Also, the Category:Contents is a good place to explore the category structure of the Brotherhood as opposed to a list of all categories.
  • Character pages should be manually added to the unit member categories. You can find these sub-categories in the Characters by affiliation category.