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Political Information
Founding Document:

Declaration of Clanning

Head of State:

Rian Taldrya

Head of Government:

Rian Taldrya

Executive Branch:

Taldryan Summit

Legislative Branch:

Taldryan Conclave

Societal information


Official Language:

Galactic Basic



National Holiday:

Domination Day, Valoris "Day of Valor"

Historical information
Formed from:

Independent House Ektrosis, House Archanis, House Dinaari

Date of Establishment:

13 ABY


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

[ Source ]

"Taldryan: A brotherhood within a brotherhood"
Sharad Taldrya Hett

Taldryan is a Clan of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The Clan was initially founded from Independent House Ektrosis, at which point House Archanis and House Dinaari joined with them to complete the structure of what would be the most dominant Clan in the Brotherhood's history. Today that record still holds true with the Clan continuing to push for an even more successful future.

Brief History

Main article: Clan Taldryan history

Taldryan is the First House of the Brotherhood and has stood the test of time and endured. Clan Taldryan was formed from Independent House Ektrosis in 13 ABY, several years before the great Exodus. Since that time the House has had many influential leaders, unforgettable members, and incredible victories on and off of the battlefield.

Government and Politics

Once Taldryan arrived in the Kr'Tal System they established relationships with the populations on all inhabited planets. Accordances were met and the Clan took up government of the system, thereby providing security and enhancing future development for the inhabitants and at the same time finding a home for the Clan. The government setup was a form of Military Dictatorship with the system being ruled by a Regent (Consul of Taldryan) and a Deputy (Proconsul of Taldryan). The Regent designates Planetary Viceroys for each of the planets in the system. These figures have control of all Clan forces on the planet and orbiting moons they govern.

The Clan is seen by the general public more as a military force that are guardians of their worlds, providing security and many other resources through its connections with TEAD (Textiles, Electronics, Agriculture, and Development) Technologies.


The Executive Branch of Taldryan takes on roles of all branches of government due to its government structure, but three branches officially exist for a better public face. All officials and departments are set up by the sitting Consul, all subject to appointment and removal by Clan leadership at any time. The Summit can realistically use any government power it wishes, from making laws to enforcing them.

Leadership Positions

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The Legislative Branch of Taldryan has very limited power - as the Executive Branch can override them - but since the selection of legislators is more or less done by the Summit, the branches don't typically see open conflict. The Taldryan Conclave only meets a few times a year to discuss the status of the Clan and the Kr'Tal System, as well as to propose any changes they may have to the Executive Branch.

Conclave Members

  • Sons & Daughters of Taldryan
  • Quaestors and Aediles
  • Few select other members chosen by the Conclave and acting Consul.


The Judicial Branch of Taldryan oversees cases brought by the citizens of the Kr'Tal System. The Magistrate General is appointed and removed at the will of the Summit, who then appoints a limited number of their own Magistrates. Few cases are heard that have anything to do with the House itself; when they are the outcome is almost always favorable to the current leadership.


A majority of the income the Clan makes comes from TEAD Technologies, a corporation founded and still operated by the Clan. TEAD deals in many areas such as textiles, mining, food supply, and growing technologies in the system. The corporation controls most commercial and private development, making them a monopoly in the economy of Kr'Tal. With virtually unlimited resources, Taldryan holds a formidable military to insure the security of TEAD Technologies and the surrounding worlds. The corporation has been in the process of expanding to the Rybanloth System in the time since the Clan's acquisition of the system.

Society and Culture

In the Kr'Tal System there are several different planets with many moons consisting of various and unique cultures, life forms, and climates. From fiery peaks, to frozen tundra, back to lush forests, the system holds all kinds of landscapes. Though the system is flooded with a huge population, the Clan rarely interferes with the diverse inhabitants, and allows them to keep their own heritage, beliefs, and connections to the world around them.

Taldryan made their way into the system many years ago and since then have assumed control of the worlds and resources, with the support of the native populace. There are several social classes within the system that are clearly different. There has been little to no resistance to the form of system government mainly due to the Clan providing an abundance of services to the population as well as protection that did not exist before.


Main article: [[Sons & Daughters of Taldryan|Sons & Daughters of Taldryan]]

These are the highest members of Taldryan, those that have been honored with carrying the name of the Clan. They usually serve at various levels of leadership within the House or even across the system. If you are a Taldrya, you are respected by all those around you, your loyalty and devotion well known. The Consul, Regent of the Kr'Tal System, considers the Taldrya as their close and personal advisers. Members of this class have full access to all locations in the system, excluding the few that are reserved for only the Consul and Proconsul.


The Taldryanites are the many members that belong to the Clan, positioned in all levels, from new Apprentices, Battle Team Leaders, and those armed forces that have declared allegiance to Taldryan, serving in the Security Service. Members of this class have much more access within Taldryan - more locations in the system than the average person, but still subject to limited access on Fleet vessels, as well as any other stipulations set in place by the Summit.

Kr'Tal Citizens

The many diverse populations across the worlds in the system are often referred to by the House as simply Kr'Tal citizens. While they all have their own cultural background, some with different dialects, they all belong to the same class. These citizens are not a part of the House and thus do not have access to many locations including House structures, Fleet vessels, and other restricted areas. They are content with their situation, as they are left free to live their lives as they always have with the added protection and benefits offered by Taldryan.


Main article: [[Taldryan Expansionary Force|Taldryan Expansionary Force]]

The military, known as the Taldryan Expansionary Force, is made up of three branches maintained and led by non-Jedi officers. For the most part, the Clan allows these officers to operate without restriction, however, the Consul has overriding authority over any and all military situations. When the need arises, the Consul posesses the ability to place members of the Clan in direct control over military units, though, even in these situations the Jedi focus more on what they do best and leave the actual command to the officers.

Army Service

Main article: [[Taldryan Army|Taldryan Army]]

The Taldryan Army Service is comprised of the Clan's ground forces and includes soldiers, special forces, and military-grade vehicles. For the most part, Taldryan's Army serves as a mobile infantry corps carried to battle aboard one of the many ships in the fleet to meet the enemy head-to-head on a planet's surface.


Main article: [[Taldryan Navy|Taldryan Navy]]

The Taldryan Navy is comprised of the Taldryan fleet, which includes all capital ships, starfighters, and support craft. Like the Army, the Navy operates under its own command structure only answering to the Consul of Taldryan. The Jedi are seen as important figureheads. The fleet officers know not to give a member of Taldryan an order, and for the most part are not given orders by these members in turn.

The fleet is made up into Battlegroups Vanguard and Vigilance as well as the Home Guard. The Home Guard is made up of a customs station, military space station and several facilities across the system. The Battlegroups are each designated to a specific task. While not in action they remain in the system always preparing for the inevitable clash between pirates, the New Republic, the Imperial Remnant, other Clans of the Brotherhood and the new threat in the shape of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Intelligence Service

Main article: [[Taldryan Intelligence Directorate|Taldryan Intelligence Directorate]]

The Taldryan Intelligence Service is the intelligence-gathering arm of the Clan's military. Under its own command, the Intelligence Service is responsible for keeping the leaders informed on Brotherhood- and galaxy-wide developments. The Operations Division oversees the collection of raw information through surveillance, infiltration, interrogation and informants. This information is then passed on to the Analysis Division, which then interprets the data and determines how things fit in the big picture.

Military Ranks

Main article: [[Taldryan Military Ranks|Taldryan Military Ranks]]

The rank progression for all branches of the Taldryan Expansionary Force can be found on the Taldryan Military Ranks page.


Taldryan is currently in control of three different star systems. All provide the essential needs to keep the Clan thriving and powerful. Kr'Tal is Taldryan's home system, while Rybanloth is largely a secret retreat and financial resource, and Merach is a hidden gem in the darkness of uncharted space.


Main article: [[Kr'Tal System|Kr'Tal System]]
Kr'Tal System

The Kr'Tal System was conquered by Taldryan shortly after the migration from their former system, Karana. The system's inhabitants were relatively undefended and unprepared to repel the powerful Dark Jedi invaders and soon acquiesced to Taldryan's rule. After time relations began to grow more naturally, with both counting on the other for different reasons. Kr'Tal is located in the Expansion Region just outside the Inner Rim.


Main article: [[Rybanloth System|Rybanloth System]]
Rybanloth System

The Rybanloth System, was awarded to Taldryan as the prize for First Clan in the Rite of Supremacy Second Darkness. The system is relatively small, having only four orbiting bodies, but is reputed to be tainted with the Dark Side and home to many secrets waiting to be uncovered. It lies near the Subterrel sector in the Outer Rim Territories.


Main article: [[Merach|Merach]]

Merach is an inhospitable planet that is rather rich in mineral wealth. Taldryan won this planet through its victory in the Seven Day War, a skirmish between the Houses of the Brotherhood over who would retain rights to the rich deposits on the planet's surface. The planet is in the Moroketh System right in the Wild Space region of space. The Clan has continued to gain a large amount of supply and income due to this possession.

Force Powers

Main article: [[Taldryan Powers|Taldryan Powers]]

Shortly after the Ninth Great Jedi War, the old Force Powers system was dissolved. Taldryan's specialization, Elementalism, became obsolete. Based on the standings in the Great Jedi War, each Clan was permitted to chose two powers (from a pool of twelve) in the order on which the placed. Taldryan, having placed second, was one of the first of the Clans to choose their new school of powers. The leaders of Taldryan communed, and it was decided; the Summit had selected the powers Phase and Cyrokinesis. Phase allows one to pass through solid objects (such as cloth, wood, and even steel/walls) without disturbing the molecular breakdown of the object. Cyrokinesis allows a Jedi to rapidly decrease the temperature of an object, person, or room, and with training allows you to freeze something to the point where it is coated in a sheet of ice.


Taldryan over time has collected a vast assortment of artifacts and other such possessions that add to its prestige and power.

Rites & Deeds

Crystals, Medallions, Etc.


Allies and Enemies


Taldryan currently holds no official alliances with any of the Clans in the Brotherhood, nor does Taldryan have any future plans for an alliance. To many, the other Clans are seen as inferior next to the might of Taldryan and there would be no benefit for the Clan to ally. None can match our strength in military, nor the dedication found in our membership.


Neither enemy nor ally, Taldryan has a different relationship with neutral Clans. Ever suspicious and distrustful, Taldryan views neutrality as a lack of immediate conflict. As long as they remain non-threatening to Taldryan interests, the Clan chooses not to provoke them.

  • Naga Sadow - Pompous and overconfident, Naga Sadow has always nipped at the heels of Taldryan's greatness. The bitter rivalry between the two Clans formed ages ago and reached a climax during the Sixth Great Jedi War. Since that time the Clans formed a brief alliance with the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong being greater their the rivalry. The alliance shortly fail and conflict returns as the Battle of Antei struck. Following the Incursion the Clan has decided to stay on neutral terms with them.
  • Plagueis - While Plagueis has been seen as an enemy since their inception, the Summit now takes a neutral position. Many still see Plagueis as the weakest and most pathetic Clan in the Brotherhood.


Taldryan has become one of the most feared and hated Clans of the Brotherhood due to its near-flawless record of victories in major wars. Because of this the enemies of Taldryan are numerous, though most are too cowardly to admit to open hostility. Regardless of this, certain Clans have managed to earn the wrath of Taldryan.

  • Arcona - Arcona was long thought of as Taldryan's biggest rivals, but during the reign of Halcyon Taldrya relations between the two Clans took a turn for the better. They have since been through several new leaders and have continued to revert to enemy status.
  • Scholae Palatinae - Scholae Palatinae is seen as little more than an annoyance that needs to be ended in the most brutal of fashions. Past and current leaders of the Clan have strengthened Taldryan's belief that they should simply be wiped off the face of the galaxy. In more recent times they have shown signs of growth, daring to even battle Taldryan in conflict. This has served to further Taldryan's desires for their destruction.
  • Tarentum - For years Tarentum was considered an enemy Clan, but the two found a common enemy in Scholae Palatinae. It wasn't enough to bring the Clans together as allies, though they did manage to declare dual neutrality. After the blatant assault on Taldryan during the Vong Incursion, the Summit considers Tarentum a hostile entity.

Typical Actions/Reactions

Taldryan carries the motto of the Brotherhood within a Brotherhood. This holds true in all they do, safeguarding the Kr'Tal System and its boundaries from unwanted guests. Normally the Clan's first interest is increasing its many assets, but they spend an equal amount of time securing their current holdings, as well as maintaining a strong sense of Clan unity. When provoked their actions are swift and vicious, always with the entire strength of the Clan behind any action taken.

Taldryan has always had a strong sense of loyalty towards the Dark Brotherhood, more so since they participated in the Exodus that separated them from the tyranny of the Empire's Hammer. While Taldryan would never follow blindly, there is a bond between Clan and Brotherhood due to having had many prominent members serve in various positions on the Dark Council, including the seat of Grand Master. When other Clans rebel, Taldryan is usually the first to stand up for the unity of the Brotherhood - whatever the cost.

Important Figures

  • Jarla - The first Consul of Clan Taldryan
  • Jac Ae-Sequira Cotelin Taldrya Cantor - Former Consul, Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master
  • Telaris "Mav" Taldrya Cantor - Former Consul and Deputy Grand Master
  • Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor - Former Proconsul, Sith High Warrior and Justicar
  • Kir Taldrya Katarn - Longest serving Consul and known to many to have the Greatest Influence on the Clan

Sons and Daughters of Taldryan

Main article: [[Sons & Daughters of Taldryan|Sons & Daughters of Taldryan]]
Sons & Daughters of Taldryan
Taldrya Induction
Kir Taldrya Katarn 11/22/2003
Mordin "Apo" Malchia Taldrya 11/22/2003
Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin Taldrya-Cantor 12/11/2003
Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor 12/11/2003
freshjive Taldrya 01/08/2004
William Fletchette Taldrya Cantor 02/02/2004
Shadow Taldrya 02/21/2004
Sharad Taldrya Hett 02/21/2004
Benevolent Taldrya Whiner 01/19/2005
Alanna Taldrya 10/01/2005
Dark Sabre Taldrya 10/01/2005
Andan Taldrya Marshall 05/22/2006
Duga Taldrya Arkarso 05/30/2006
Sithspawn Taldrya 12/30/2006
Chaosrain Taldrya 12/30/2006
Telaris "Mav" Taldrya Cantor 07/31/2007
Bubbles Taldrya 07/31/2007
Swiper Taldrya 07/31/2007
NexusMage Taldrya 07/31/2007
Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib 11/06/2008
Kraval Taldrya 11/06/2008
Vodo Biask Taldrya 06/30/2009
Vladet Taldrya Xavier 06/30/2009
Tarax Eosphoros Taldrya Kor 06/30/2009
Halcyon Taldrya 06/30/2009
Shaz'air Taldrya 02/14/2010
Vardar Fen'Amar Taldrya 02/14/2010
Rian Aslar Taldrya 02/25/2014
Howlader Taldrya 02/25/2014
Raistline Taldrya Majere 05/04/2015
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