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Taldryan Republic
Political Information
Founding Document:

Declaration of Clanning

Head of Government:

Cassandra Oriana Tyris

Executive Branch:

Taldryan Summit

Legislative Branch:

Taldryan Senate

Societal information

Port Kasiya, Kasiya

Official Language:

Galactic Basic



National Holiday:

Domination Day, Valoris "Day of Valor"

Historical information
Formed from:

Independent House Ektrosis, House Archanis, House Dinaari

Date of Establishment:

40 ABY


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

[ Source ]

"Taldryan: A brotherhood within a brotherhood"
Sharad Taldrya Hett

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THe Taldryan Republic is a Clan in name only of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The Clan was initially founded from Independent House Ektrosis, at which point House Archanis and House Dinaari joined with them to complete the structure of what would be the most dominant Clan in the Brotherhood's history. For over a decade Taldryan was the first clan of the Brotherhood and winner of five successive Great Jedi Wars. To this day, the Clan still maintains a proud culture of teamwork, community, and competition.

In 40 ABY, former Consul Appius Wight Taldrya reformed Clan Taldryan into the Taldryan Republic, a galactic democracy to potentially succeed the fallen New Republic, giving sectors in the southwestern Outer Rim Territories a chance to become more than what they have been in these trying and wild times.

Brief History

Main article: Clan Taldryan history

Clan Taldryan as it was known at the time was formed from Independent House Ektrosis in 13 ABY, several years before the great Exodus. It was made into a Clan and joined by House Dinaari and House Ektrosis upon settling in the Kr'Tal System. Taldryan occupied the Kr'Tal System for 15 years before abandoning the system in the wake of and former Grand Master and Justicar Jac Cotelin's surprise attack upon the Taldryan Republics in 35 ABY. From Kr'Tal, Taldryan set about consolidating its place at the forefront of the Brotherhood and at the top of the Clans by providing several Deputy Grand Masters, Justicars, Tribunes, Dark Councilors, and Combat Masters. Sons and Daughters of Taldryan have, and continue to serve as heads of Societies, Orders, and facilitated inter-club gaming opportunities with those organizations allied to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. After a year spent on the run from the Justicar's minions and Inquisitors, Taldryan settled into the Caelus System and has remained there since 36 ABY.

Government and Politics

Internal Governance

Supreme Chancellor

The Consul of Clan Taldryan serves as the Supreme Chancellor of the Taldryan Republic. The Supreme Chancellor of the Taldryan Republic has absolute authority over it's affairs, and along with the Vice-Chancellor, oversees the day-to-day affairs as well. While the Supreme Chancellor has final authority over decisions related to the Caelus System and the Taldryan Republic, major changes to the Republic's structure and function are deliberated and voted on by the Taldryan Republic Senate. The current Supreme Chancellor is Cassandra Oriana Tyris.

Vice-Chancellor / Grand General / Grand Admiral

The Proconsul of Clan Taldryan serves as the Taldryan Vice-Chancellor. Serving as the Republic's Second-in-Command and direct liaison to the Consul, the Proconsul supervises and coordinates with the Magistrates to the Supreme Chancellor, the Grand General of the Taldryan Army, the Grand Admiral of the Taldrya's Brotherhood Naval Fleet, and also with each leader of the Taldryan Auxiliary Divisions. In some cases, the Proconsul also serves as either General of the Taldryan Army or the Grand Admiral of the Taldrya's Brotherhood Naval Fleet. When this is the case, their military rank is used in place of the Vice-Chancellor title. The current Vice-Chancellor is Zenod'ande'rson.

Taldryan Senate

The Taldryan Senate is a council of dignitaries that serve the Taldryan Republic and are called upon to deliberate and vote on major changes that affect the structure or function of the Republic itself. It consists of the Supreme Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, the Sons & Daughters of Taldryan, the Magistrates of the Republic, but mostly the membership of the Taldryan Republic. From a fictional standpoint, it also includes the top military leaders of both the Navy and Army, as well as the Auxiliary Divisions. The Senate can be convened at the request of either the Consul, Proconsul, or a member in good standing of the Sons & Daughters of Taldryan. While the Supreme Chancellor has primary decision-making privileges, major changes to the Republic's structure and function are deliberated and voted on by the Taldryan Conclave before approval and implementation as a fail-safe to ensure a safe and secure Taldryan society.

Governor of Kasiya

The First Magistrate of the Supreme Chancellor serves as the Governor of the Perune moon of Kasiya. The Magistrate is the face of the Taldryan Republic at large, with primary purpose of this role being to lead and govern the Taldryan Capital City of Port Kasiya, the Kasiyan moon at large, and increase the public's perception of the Republic across not just its governance on Kasiya, but also throughout the Caelus System and the Taldryan Republic at large. The Office of Secret Intelligence is also secretly overseen by the First Magistrate as well, who serves as it's spymaster. Sometimes this role is deferred to the Vice-Chancellor if the First Magistrate deems it a stronger fit. The current Governor of Kasiya is Alaisy Tir’eivra.

Kriz Crime Syndicate

Under the guise of corruption and chaos, the Second Magistrate of the Supreme Chancellor serves as the Syndicate Boss and of the Kriz Crime Syndicate. Their identity within the organization itself is entirely unknown, kept under the strictest veil of secrecy where proxies operate on their behalf when demands are made to see the leadership of the Syndicate. In truth, they serve as the leader of the Sphere of Research and Intelligence and utilize the syndicate as a way to keep a close watch on the pirate and crime influences within the Outer Rim Territories, passing select information on to the Taldryan Republic Military to act upon when it is deemed a potential threat to the stability of an area within the Taldryan Republic. With the deep cover and involvement required to sustain and grow the Kriz Crime Syndicate, some within the Taldryan Senate worry that the line between where true loyalties lay may become blurred the more involved Meleu Karthdo become and that both they and the Syndicate eventually become a threat for the Republic. While Cassandra Oriana Tyris does not see it that way, the worries do give pause for concern.

Auxiliary Divisions

Main article: Taldryan Auxiliary Divisions

In 37 ABY, then-Proconsul Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama established Taldryan's Auxiliary Divisions: bodies that contributed to Taldryan's development and influence, but fell outside the normal sub-unit structure of Houses and Battle-Teams. Some of these divisions already existed in some form or another within the Taldryan Republic, while others were created entirely anew. At their inception, there were eight Auxiliary Divisions: Community Outreach, the Force Mystics, the Military Prefecture, the Office of Secret Intelligence, the Sphere of Research and Intelligence, TEAD Technologies, and the Vornskr Battalion (a Taldryan-sponsored private military company).

In 39 ABY, Consul Appius 'Zappius' Wright dissolved the Military Prefect position in favor of establishing a Chief of Staff who would oversee the military at large, working directly with the Generals of the Taldryan Army and the Admiralty of the Taldryan Navy. This was done in response to continuing threats within the Caelus system, and the repeated failures of finding a suitable Fleet Admiral for the Taldryan Naval Forces. The Military Prefecture itself would continue to exist, allowing members of Taldryan to be able to work with the military as needed.

The remainder of the Auxiliary Divisions were split between the Houses in terms of support and command authority, however, membership in those Divisions was not restricted to that one specific house. Any member of the Republic is able to join any Auxiliary Division they so choose, regardless of affiliation.

External Relations (History)

Following their arrival in the Caelus System, Taldryan was in the unfamiliar position of not being entirely in control of their home system's government. Following the overthrow of the Caelus Cartel, control of the system passed to the newly-formed Caelus Council. Although the Council was effectively installed by Taldryan, there were no official links between the two. The Caelus Council's independence became a threat to Taldryan in 37 ABY when Council President Kain Eriston (the second-ranking member of the Caelus Council and a Collective sympathizer) led a vote to suspend Chancellor Ceyra Ky'Lian from her official duties, which nearly resulted in the Collective evicting Taldryan from Caelus.

The Arasaka Corporation primarily remained quiet during this period, focusing on their own Republic within Caelus space on Kasiya instead of becoming involved in the Caelus Council's efforts. At the end of 38 ABY, however, the corporation coordinated a cyber assault directly on the Citadel, Taldryan's seat of power, in an effort to disorient them after Consul Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama left the system for meetings on Arx. Under the leadership of the Proconsul Appius, this assault ultimately failed and was the precursor to the war to follow between Kasiya and Taldryan.

At the end of the war in 39 ABY, because of Taldryan's efforts and focus on civilian lives and protection both during and after the war itself, the Clan as it was known at the time, gained a massive standing of influence within the system when it comes to public perception. Where the corporation had oppressed the people and utilized their spoils for themselves prior to the war, Taldryan had shown itself to be selfless and dedicated when it came to those around them during the War for Port Kasiya. The largest event broadcast was when a regiment of the Taldryan Army took up residence in a parking garage to rest, giving their warm makeshift base to a large group of civilians who had been displaced following an assault on the Holmes District and their homes being lost. At this point, many of the people within Port Kasiya rallied behind the clan and against the corporation.

Following the war in the latter half of 39 ABY after the formation of House Thanatos, Proconsul and Grand Admiral Teebu Nyrrire quietly oversaw the construction of a massive Shield Gate in conjunction with the Antares Construction Group of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's capital planet of Arx in a nearby area of the Unknown Regions that had been mapped out. This project was kept under the most secure of secrecy, even from Consul Appius Wight Taldrya himself, to ensure it did not fall into the wrong hands.

Upon its completion and implementation in the orbit of Taldryan's new capital and homeworld of Kasiya at the start of 40 ABY, many of the resources used in the original defense of the system were able to be diverted further out to surrounding systems and regions to increase the Clan's sphere of influence. While the Clan itself did not extend it's command or ownership into these adjacent areas, it did however foster numerous alliances and trade agreements to allow for the creation of the Taldryan Republic.

Taldryan Republic Influence

Berrol’s Donn System - Kriz Sector

Situated directly over the Corellian Trade Spine, the Berrol’s Donn system is one of the Taldryan Republic’s most protected systems due to it’s direct access to the spine. Due to ongoing conflicts with the Imperial Remnant, it is the northernmost system in the sector currently within the control of the Taldryan Republic. Commanded by former New Republic Officer Zeke Rondel, the trade planet of Berrol’s Donn has a mutual trade alliance with the Taldryan Republic at large, allowing all allied systems access to its trade facilities. Rondel’s only request being to never adopt imperial values, and not to allow any member anywhere near the system if they had past affiliations with the Empire. With those being the only stipulations, it was an easy agreement for Supreme Chancellor Appius Wight.

Berrol’s Donn is also home to Sangorn’s Net, a bar that once existed during the Galactic Civil War but has recently re-established itself under more honest pretexts, openly calling itself ‘’The Playground of the Taldryan East’’ which takes aim at Jorm Na'trej’s bar in Port Kasiya, ‘’The Playground’’ as a direct competitor.

Seitia System - Seitia Sector

Located on the northwestern border of the Tunka and Seitia sectors, the Seitia system is home to the megacity world of Seitia Prime. The Outer Rim famous Bellorin Medical Academy is also housed here as well. The Taldryan Republic has a mutual training alliance with Seitia Prime, which allows members of the Republic to train at the Academy in exchange for allowing Seitian citizens to train at the Kasiyan Military Academy, as well as a defense agreement and trade agreement between the two.

It was this alliance that saw the construction of the Taldryan Republic's new flagship, the Starhawk-class Battleship Mark II, Leviathan and a large portion of its upgraded and retro-fitted fleet.

Absit System - Tunka Sector

The Absit System is located near the borders of the Varada and Tunka Regions and has a strong trade agreement and direct alliance with the Taldryan Republic. This gives them access to their prime agricultural yields and practices on the planet of Absit in exchange for additional protection and route access to the Corellian Trade Spine in the neighboring Seitia system. After the fall of the Final Order, which had taken control of Absit just like the Empire had before them and conscripted many of their men into service, they did not want to fall into a similar situation in the future given the proximity of the Imperial Remnant in the Verada System and the Supreme Chancellor offered them just that.

However, that trust has fallen into disarray in recent times as the Verada Imperial Remnant of the 19th Saber Imperial Remnant has begun moving into it's northwestern territories, laying claim to large swaths of it. Due to this, the alliance between the two is on the verge of collapse if the Taldryan Republic does not hold to it's claims and fend off the remnant.

Neutral Influence

Marat System - Varada Sector

Located near the borders of the Unknown Regions, the planet of Skye in the Marat system was a vital area to bring into the Taldryan Republic as it war directly adjacent to a safe passage route into the unknown. The inhabitants, a winged species known as the S’kytri, were thankful after the Taldryan Republic had defeated the forces of former Chyron Chancellor Ky’Lian and made Skye independent once again.

After that, however, the system fell under the control of the 19th Saber Imperial Remnant. Despite that however, they still hold trust and provide intelligence and other information to the Taldryan Republic in hopes of being free again one day.

Baralou System - Varada Sector

Baralou is the planetary home of the land dwelling Ewoks and aquatic Multopos species. Because of continued efforts at helping the Krikthasi cultivate food, they have a fierce loyalty to the Taldryan Republic. The Multopos on the other hand, having severely negative relations with the Krikthasi, see the Taldryan Republic as an encroacher and often acts out against them. This attitude changes however, demonstrating their primitive nature, when gifts or tribute is willingly given to them in which case they allow access to their underwater cities and temples. Overall, the Baralou system is a fierce ally of the Republic and rejects all other outsiders at the their request, even against their newest masters after the system fell to the 19th Saber Imperial Remnant. Despite that, they still maintain loyalty to the Taldryan Republic.

The neighboring planet of Yaralou has recently garnered the Republic’s attention however as a potential future outpost or expansion, given it’s lush landscape and lack of remnant forces or outposts of their own. It’s only negative is that it is heavily saturated by water and minimal sunlight due to the perpetually unending rain, something the flora has become accustomed to.

Dyspeth System - Varada Sector

The Dyspeth System only has minor trade agreements with the Taldryan Republic, due to the system itself is under the strict protection of the Disciples of Twilight. This enigmatic Force-sensitive order stands neutral to the influence that the Taldryan Republic presented, making it very clear that their only interest is the protection of the populace of the shadowy moon of Dyspeth, and they will defend them from all injustice regardless of the originating source, including Taldryan. Because of this, all travel to this system is restricted except for traders so as to leave them in peace.

The 19th Saber Imperial Remnant has had incredible issues maintaining control of this system, instead opting to blockade and isolate it.

Barraken System - Varada Sector

Home to three planets, only one of which is inhabitable, the Barraken system is considered a quarantine system by the surrounding systems. The inhabitable planet of ‘’Barraken Two’’ is a dense field and forest world, which has attracted many suitors over the years but every attempt to colonize this planet has resulted in the complete eradication of every single expeditionary group to attempt it. Further investigation found that the creatures of the world are highly toxic and deadly, particularly the Barraken Weed-Scorpion. It’s microscopic and hypodermic stinger, made of an unusually hard material, has been shown to pierce through even Beskar. In laboratory testing, it’s venom has proven to be lethal with even the smallest microgram in both small creatures and large creatures up to the size of a Rancor within minutes. The stinger however, has proven intolerable to all forms of reforging, making it useless at this time outside of medical injection purposes.

The other two worlds are home to similar deadly creatures, but due to massive atmospheric storms, it has been impossible to research further.

Dahvil system - Rayter Sector

Located along the route to the Kriz sector, the planet Dahvil of the Dahvil system is the home of a lesser-known pirate faction that only hunts former imperials who have not renounced their ways. Because of their nature, the Taldryan Republic has no formal alliance with them directly but does have an agreement under the table through the Crime Syndicate which supplies them with weaponry and other goods in exchange for them to put pressure on the 19th Saber Imperial Remnant forces that had begun to encroach in the neighboring Narg system.

It is also home to the Dahvil-Fodro Hyperspace Promenade, as well as the newly created Taldryan Circuit - Dahvil Podracing Track.

Keskin System - Virgillia Sector

Nestled near the southern border of the Koradin Sector adjacent to the Tunka Sector, the Keskin system currently sits as a neutral participant within the Taldryan Republic. The planet Keskin is home to a Killik tribe that was saved from Grand Moff Jafan Sloven’s 19th Saber Imperial Remnant forces that originated from the northern Koradin sector.

Because of the Taldryan Republic’s efforts in freeing them, they have not yet decided as of yet if to remain neutral, ally themselves with them, or conduct any form of trade or alliance. Only time will tell with this hivemind tribe how this evolves..

Faldos System - Saijo Sector

Located on the southwestern most edge of the system directly adjacent to the Unknown Regions, the planet of Faldos has a neutrality agreement with the Republic in exchange for offerings that are undisclosed. It has been noticed however that occasionally Taldryan naval forces including prisoner transports use Faldos as a jumping point into the unknown regions, their final destination unknown.

Negative Influence/Enemies of the Republic

""...is now an enemy of the Republic.""
Emperor Palpatine

Varada System - Varada Sector

The Varada System, the heart of the Varada Sector, is under the control of the SoroSuub Corporation which is based on the sole inhabitable planet of this system, Varada Five. The planet is similar in governmental structure to Chyron, with luscious forests similar to Ostara. The SoroSuub Corporation has refused all offers of alliance, openly declaring that it will not accept any assistance or agreements with the Taldryan Republic. It has even gone as far as to open fire on any and all Taldryan-based ships that have entered the system.

Delantine System - Varada Sector

With four different planets within the Varada Sector, the planet of Delantine in the Delantine_system serves as the command headquarters of one of the three 19th Saber Imperial Remnant factions, this one under the command of Moff Staale Lynbare. Despite the close proximity of the Tunka sector, the remnant does everything it can to put pressure on the Taldryan Republic's alliances there but never enough to cause full-scale war. Rumor has it they have allied themselves with several pirate factions that continually harass the Seitia-Tunka trade routes, but this cannot be confirmed.

Virgillia System - Koradin Sector

The seat of power for the 19th Saber Imperial Remnant, the world of Virgillia serves as its base of operations and it is considered one of the largest current threats to the Republic’s northern influence. Having refused to adopt the sector’s newly established name of Virgillia after the collapse of the empire, the 19th Saber forcefully re-established it’s Empire-era name of Koradin. Commanded by Grand Moff Jafan Sloven, it’s own sphere of influence includes the entirety of the Koradin sector, as well as the recently captured Wazta sector.

The Grand Moff, being as brilliant of a tactician and strategist as some of the Taldryan Republic’s best, has outed every attempt to plant a spy or mole into any of the three remnant groups, and his alliances with the northern pirate factions, the forces of former Chyron Chancellor Ky’Lian, and the recent absorbsion of recently deceased Kasiyan Governor Yorinobu Arasaka's military and financial assets have proven to make this particular group a formidable force. His endgame is currently unknown, and to date has made no physical offensives against the Taldryan Republic though this is not expected to last forever.

Besberra System - Subterrel Sector

Located in the central reaches of the Subterrel sector, the Besberra system is the home and command center of one of the three 19th Saber Imperial Remnant factions, this one under the command of Moff Myn Genko. Of the three factions, this one follows a strict interpretation of the ‘’Imperial Code’’ including its extreme xenophic tendencies. Based inside of a planetary station made up of three retro-fitted Golan III platforms together as one, they have made it a known policy of executing every alien that sets foot on their station on sight. Because of its heavy weaponry, defenses, and monitoring systems, the Taldryan Republic has no outpost or settlement nearby for observation leaving this remnant force largely unmonitored except by other system spies.

Terminus System - Kallea Sector

Located at the intersection of the Corellian Trade Spine and the Hydian Way trade route, the Terminus System is under heavy dispute and control of various pirate factions that exist all across the Kallea sector. Having seen the profitability of what the Taldryan Republic has managed to produce to their north, the various factions constantly launch assaults and raids into the southern area of the Saijo sector, requiring a constant naval presence to deter them from progressing any further. Because of how little is known of the pirates inner workings, no specific leader has been identified as the balance of power in Terminus constantly shifts like a violent storm.


Following the fall of Port Kasiya into Taldryan control in 39 ABY, the economy within Taldryan began to stabilize and fewer funds went to the Caelus Cartel at large. Towards the start of 40 ABY, over 80% of the economy of the Taldryan Republic was conducted through Port Kasiya with the remaining 20% coming from Chyron.

Following the construction of the Kasiyan Shield Gate in 40 ABY, this shifted to a greater degree with nearly 90% of the economy for Clan Taldryan being conducted through Port Kasiya and 10% from Chyron due to the added security guarantees being more of a lucrative draw. With trade agreements established with both the planets of Berrol's Donn, located in the Kriz Sector on the eastern side of the Taldryan Republic, and Keskin, located in the Koradin Sector on the northern side of the Taldryan Republic, Port Kasiya quickly began to evolve into a massive trade center for this section of the outer rim.

As the economy of Chyron continued to decline due to this shift in trade power, Taldryan member Jorm Na'trej was voted in as Chancellor of Chyron in an effort to bring back stronger ties with the Taldryan Republic itself, and bring trade back to the dwindling moon. This was largely successful, with Jorm being hailed as a hero on Chyron for managing to restore it's strength and financial status. Following the destruction of the shield gate in 40 ABY and the damage taken to Port Kasiya, Chyron assisted in the restoration of the city with supplies and manpower.

Society and Culture


Main article: Sons & Daughters of Taldryan

The Taldrya are members of the Taldryan Republic who have sacrificed much in the name of their Brothers and Sisters. They have taken Taldryan's motto and internalized it, living and breathing its meaning. Among the Clans of the Brotherhood no honor is so sought after as the prestigeous recognition of the Sons and Daughters of Taldryan and to bear the name of the Taldryan Republic itself as their own. Members are considered on their years of contributions, activity, and leadership spent in service to Taldryan. New inductees are considered only after recommendation by present Taldrya and internal, secret debates among the whole of the Taldrya. Once it is decided to bestow the honor of the name Taldrya upon a member they are inducted into the secrets and rites which are the sole possession of the Brotherhood's most exclusive club. Taldrya are expected to continue in their service to the Taldryan Republic and are often called upon by the current Summit to weigh in on matters of importance or to clarify records of the past.

The Sons and Daughters of Taldryan exemplify the virtues and qualities sought after in all members of the Taldryan Republic. They are drawn from all walks of life be they Gamers, Writers, Roleplayers, or Leaders.


The Taldryanites are the many members that belong to the Taldryan Republic, positioned in all levels, from new Apprentices, Battle Team Leaders, and those armed forces that have declared allegiance to Taldryan, serving in the Security Service. Members of this class have much more access within Taldryan - more locations in the system than the average person, but still subject to limited access on Fleet vessels, as well as any other stipulations set in place by the Summit.


Main article: Taldryan Military

Intelligence Service

Main article: Office of Secret Intelligence

The Office of Secret Intelligence is the Republic's intelligence gathering and counter-intel apparatus charged with providing the Supreme Chancellor the very best up-to-date information. Under the directorship of Vodo Biask Taldrya it was firmly established in 36 ABY in the Caelus System and quickly set to work normalizing relations between the native population and the Clan as it was known at the time.


Main article: Caelus System

After being forced to leave their historical dominion, Taldryan re-settled in the Caelus System within the Seitia Sector in 36 ABY.

Important Figures

  • Jarla - The first Consul of Clan Taldryan
  • Jac Ae-Sequira Cotelin Taldrya Cantor - Former Consul, Grand Master, Justicar, and Deputy Grand Master
  • Telaris "Mav" Taldrya Cantor - Former Grand Master of the DJB, Former Consul and Deputy Grand Master
  • Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor - Former Consul, Proconsul, Sith High Warrior, and Justicar
  • Kir Taldrya Katarn - Former Justicar, lead the Clan out of the Emperor's Hammer during the Exodus.
  • Rian Taldrya - Longest-serving Consul of Taldryan; over 4.5 non-consecutive years spent in service of Taldryan

Sons and Daughters of Taldryan

Main article: Sons & Daughters of Taldryan
Sons & Daughters of Taldryan
Taldrya Induction
Kir Taldrya Katarn 11/22/2003
Mordin "Apo" Malchia Taldrya 11/22/2003
Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin Taldrya-Cantor 12/11/2003
Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor 12/11/2003
freshjive Taldrya 01/08/2004
William Fletchette Taldrya Cantor 02/02/2004
Shadow Taldrya 02/21/2004
Sharad Taldrya Hett 02/21/2004
Benevolent Taldrya Whiner 01/19/2005
Alanna Taldrya 10/01/2005
Dark Sabre Taldrya 10/01/2005
Andan Taldrya Marshall 05/22/2006
Duga Taldrya Arkarso 05/30/2006
Sithspawn Taldrya 12/30/2006
Chaosrain Taldrya 12/30/2006
Telaris "Mav" Taldrya Cantor 07/31/2007
Bubbles Taldrya 07/31/2007
Swiper Taldrya 07/31/2007
NexusMage Taldrya 07/31/2007
Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib 11/06/2008
Kraval Taldrya 11/06/2008
Vodo Biask Taldrya 06/30/2009
Vladet Taldrya Xavier 06/30/2009
Tarax Eosphoros Taldrya Kor 06/30/2009
Halcyon Taldrya 06/30/2009
Shaz'air Taldrya 02/14/2010
Vardar Fen'Amar Taldrya 02/14/2010
Rian Aslar Taldrya 02/25/2014
Howlader Taldrya 02/25/2014
Raistline Taldrya Majere 05/04/2015
Justinios Taldrya Drake 12/25/2018
Zxyl Venzos Taldrya 05/04/2020
Seraine "Erinyes" Taldrya Ténama 08/07/2020
Appius "Zappius" Wight Taldrya 05/04/2022
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