Kalia Pepoi

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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Kalia Pepoi
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY

Physical Description



5 feet 4 inches


149 pounds


Blonde with bronze highlights


Bright blue

Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information



Dark Brotherhood Era


Clan Naga Sadow

Known masters:

Araxis Pepoi Farron



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"Sometimes the wrong choices lead us to the right places."
―Kalia Pepoi


Secrets and Shadows

Born to a high ranking official of the Imperial Navy, Kalia's birth was one of secrecy. Her mother had always commanded the respect of those around her, and it was often thought that it was her who should be in command instead of the Admiral. Even more so were there whisperings that she already was. In the open, her mother stood strong at the side of the man she loved, where as in private the veil was lifted and the truths of her pregnancy were known.

In all walks of life there are those prone to gather around a common purpose, even more so in the upper echelons of power. It was to one such society that Kalia's mother belonged. The order, known only through rumor as Regendi Domina, was one of great importance throughout the Imperial society. Her mother, through sheer presence and will, was the head of a branch within the order. This order was made up of women in varying levels of power, but always possessing similar traits and command of those around them.

It was in this home of love and secrets that Kalia grew, knowing only the warmth of her mother that became the primary idol in the child's eyes.

Kalia Pepoi

A Blossoming Sorrow

After two years of infancy it came time for Kalia to undergo the Divining. It was a ritual within the order performed by their mystics. During the ritual a child is examined for the specific traits sought by the Domina. It was with great reluctance that her mother relinquished her child to the ritual, her fear and love as a mother temporarily impairing her role as a leader. In the end, her fears were unwarranted as the child passed the ritual with a glowing recommendation that had never before been seen within the order.

With a renewed sense of pride Kalia's mother returned to her care, priming her for her future role. At the same time, Kalia's bond with her father was growing. As a high ranking Admiral he was often away from home for long periods of time. It was these short encounters that fostered her love. It is often said that we want most what we cannot have, and this was ever present between father and daughter. Quickly labelled a "daddy's girl" by family friends Kalia was always attached to her father's hip for his visits. Unfamiliar with raising a daughter, and having secretly hoped for a son, the Admiral found himself teaching this young woman what he would have taught his son. This occurred at the same time her mother was training her for the order.

In this way, as a young girl Kalia soon mastered the basics of survival training, as well as the finer points of the order. Her lessons often involved seduction, wile, history and tactics. An incredibly bright young woman she took to her lessons quickly, moving to the advanced classes with little time wasted.

The order, noting her mother's skills and leadership, called her away on assignment. With great sadness she left, knowing she would return to her family soon. Luckily for Kalia, she wasn't alone long before her father returned home on leave. Once more by her father's side they began a short trip; just the two of them and a small security force. Kalia was giddy with excitement until her world shattered.

As if in slow motion, an explosion tore through the spaceport and the small security team was cut down. It was brutal and efficient, and something Kalia would never forget. Hidden in her father's strong embrace she felt indescribable terror as she heard the fear in her father's voice.

"Go, my blossom, run!"

Without another word he pushed Kalia away, ushering her through the smoke to safety. Running on instinct she flew on her feet, covering her mouth and coughing as the smoke burned her eyes. Without knowing why she turned back, for the briefest of moments, and was greeted with a small opening in the smoke. An opening large enough to give the innocent child a clean view of her father being brutally executed. The scars of that day will forever grip Kalia's mind, but she would bury those wounds so far no one could see them.

The Red Rose

Kalia as HMR QUA
After her father's slaying Kalia had put her training to good use. Dropping off the grid she began gathering and organizing everything pertaining to the terrorist attack. She was a being possessed and the only thing that were sate her need for vengeance was those men dead. It didn't take long for her to begin tracking them down, discovering the first straggler still on Naboo. His death was quick, but decidedly unpleasant. Luckily for the others, they had already retreated to their hideout. Unluckily for them, Kalia was able to pull the information from the straggler quite easily.

The order had trained her well, and a young woman is rarely suspected for the act she was about to commit. Conning her way into the hideout she waited patiently, like a viper coiled dangerously around it's prey. At the slightest sign of weakness she struck, enacting the plan that had fostered in her mind for years.

It was here she was discovered by Araxis, sitting naked in a pool of blood, covered in it's ruby tint. The girl had become a woman, the flower blossoming into a Rose in a pool of blood.

Equipment and Inventory

Kalia is a dancer, gymnast, expert martial artist, marksman, and weapons specialist as well as having extensive espionage training.

The Red Rose uses a variety of equipment invented by scientists and technicians, with later improvements by S.H.A.D.O.W. scientists and technicians. Kalia has been enhanced by biotechnology that makes her body resistant to aging and disease and heals at an above human rate as well as psychological conditioning that suppresses her memory of true events of the past without the aid of specially designed system suppressant drugs. Attempts to do so result in extreme biological reactions, indicated as vomiting and black-outs.

Kalia wears a traditional poison ring bearing a red rose made of rubies and emeralds. It contains pheromones and specific chemical compounds which can cause a "love drunk" feeling.

The Red Rose is also equipped with "nanites", designed to be passed from her body with even the slightest touch. When activated they can incite someone to homicidal rage. A counter form of these were also introduced to her body so as she could neutralize the activated nanites in another.

The nanites serve a dual purpose, also capable of triggering artificial neural pathways within her brain. The result is unpredictable, but most notably resulting in increased congitive function, faster response times, and more efficient methodology.


One Lightsaber, red blade

One Chain Whip

6x Locust knives



Kalia became a being of anger, consumed by its fiery tendrils and rightly so. Her father's murder struck her in a more lethal manner than any death blow. Through rigorous training her master, Araxis Farron, was able to teach Kalia to channel that anger and mold it into strength. She is smart, efficient, and will not tolerate nonsense of any kind. Her confidence and beauty are tangible tools at her disposal and are often put to use.

It is often learned quickly that one should be careful when telling Kalia what to do. In general, the reaction is rarely kind. She is infuriatingly stubborn and will ensure that she gets her way, one way or another. Despite all this, the Red Rose possesses more than one face. When you make it past the thorns there exists a vulnerable beauty, only known to an exceedingly select few.

To give her a strategic edge Kalia dyes her hair blonde concealing her true hair color (teal). A trait she has inherited from her Zeltron Mother. Her skin tone has a light pink hue but due to her father being human is very subtle.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
none Magistrate to the FIST
35 ABY to Present
Teu Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow
35 ABY to 36 ABY
Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart
Jeric Cyrin Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
36 ABY to Present
none Praetor to the Master at Arms
36 ABY to Present


  • First Woman in the DJB to earn the highest rank in the Grand Master's Royal Guard GMRG
  • Second person to ever obtain the highest rank in the Grand Master's Royal Guard. Fremoc Pepoi being the first.
  • Held the position of Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos for over a year and becoming the longest reigning Quaestor House Marka Ragnos has had since its creation.