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Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY

Physical Description





1.9 meters


100 kilograms


Black, kept in nine row braids, which are in turn braided halfway down his back.




Cosmetic cyber-optics. They are there only to conceal his species, and that only when dealing with targets or in public.

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Custom hilt, alchemically treated Stygium crystal, ultramarine blue.

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information
  • Hunter
  • Guide
  • Wilderness Scout
  • Assassin
  • Hired Thug
  • General Skilled Muscle

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Naga Sadow

Known masters:
Known apprentices:


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"If you’re not risking your life, you’re not living it."

Character History

Early life

Venator was born Mirado Lhaan on Chandrila, just a simple little boy being raised by refugee parents. He, due to his species, had to hide, and spent almost his entire life indoors and around his parents.

This was all he knew. The truth was, however, much stranger than the fiction.

His name was the only real thing he knew about his life. He was born Mirado Pepoi to Lucien Fey and Fayth Pepoi, on Coruscant. As an infant, during the 4th Battle of Coruscant, Fayth was forced to make the worst decision asked of a mother, and handed her youngest son over to fellow Miralukan refugees Mart and Veila Lhaan, in an effort to preserve as much of her family as possible. This Miralukan couple had sold everything to make the money to get themselves off the planet.

Shortly afterwards, Lucien and Fayth hid their other son Methyas away, and died trying to protect themselves and others.

That is the history that took over 20 years for Mirado to learn.

Trip to Dantooine

At the age of 5, well into the swing of the building of the New Republic, his father had gotten work and could live outside of the sage house. At work in the used speeder lot, Mart Lhaan called into the broadcast station to ask that his wife's favorite song be played. He hadn't heard the cue previously aired, and wound up winning a contest to visit one of the planetary preserve parks.

While on one of the hiking trips, the entire expedition was attacked by a large group of mercenary raiders. Mirado was the only survivor, and has no clue as to why it happened. He was entirely too busy running and hiding.

The Crystal Caves

The Crystal Caves of Dantooine

While on the run, Mirado happened upon the crystal caves, and wandered in. While hiding out there, he encountered the Force Spirit of his grandfather, a Jedi Knight who was killed during the Battle of Geonosis. He explained to Mirado that because of the resonant energy of the Force and his familial connection with his grandson, he could appear and communicate with the young boy.

Living as a wild child

With his grandfather's tutelage and whatever scraps and salvage he could find, Mirado spent several years learning all about the natural world around him, and occasionally killing and eating it as well. If it weren't for the occasional visits by the Force Spirit, Mirado would have likely gone completely insane and totally feral, but these visits helped keep him grounded and aware. In addition to keeping him company, Mirado's grandfather also helped to maintain his education, and spent considerable time training the young boy in the ways of the Force. These lessons would serve to help the boy in his quest to survive.

Teenage Years

Hunting a more dangerous prey

Around 25 ABY, Mirado was out hunting for his dinner, and had spent considerable time stalking a small pack of Kath Hounds. While he waited, a group of speeders swept in and began lighting up the area with blaster rifles. Startled, and extremely hungry, he waited just long enough for them to stop shooting before attacking.

He managed to kill four of them before he was blindsided with a Stokhli Spray Stick. When he came to, he was sitting manacled to a chair in the cargo hold of a ship. It was several hours of beating before he was even addressed, and when he finally was, it was made clear to him that he'd assaulted the personal retinue of the Devaronian gangster Olhel Noona. It was only because he'd killed four blaster armed people using sharp scraps of speeder wreckage in such a short time that he was going to be kept alive.

To repay their mercy, he would become their own personal bounty hunter.

Gearing up

The first chance that was gotten, Olhel took Venator (an ancient word for Hunter, and far more intimidating if you asked Olhel) to a back alley cybersurgeon and had cosmetic eye implants lodged into the 15 year old boy's skull. The fortunate and beneficial thing was that without connecting them to Mirado's brain and nervous system Olhel would save a considerable percentage from the cost of surgery, and Mirado would keep his natural Force Sight ability.

As part of a cultivated image, Mirado's back, arms, legs, and some of his chest carry a spiderlike tribal tattoo. This is not something he agreed to however. He wears most often a sleeveless vest with metal hook and eye closures, very wide legged pants which he keeps tucked into his 3/4 knee length combat boots, and a blackened nexu hide coat, this also sleeveless and carrying hook and eye closures.

Early Adulthood to Present

Mirado, the Hunter of Sadow

Mirado spent a considerable amount of time serving as a Bounty Hunter for the Olhel Noona gang. During this time he collected several bounties for the crime lord, which amounted to several scalps for his collection as Olhel rarely bothered with keeping live prisoners.

One very unique hunt was for the live capture and return of one Zeltron woman named Masika. She'd managed to con over half a million credits from the Noona crime family, and had gone on the run. Mirado tracked her to Corellia, but when he finally caught up to her, the Noona gang had already been killed. During the attempt to capture her, however, Mirado nearly choked her to death, permanently damaging her vocal cords, turning her from a Soprano to an Alto.

Mirado left Olhel's employ rather abruptly, to say the least. Acting on the orders of Trev, Sai traveled to Noona's hideout at the time on Ession and killed the entirety of the gang, save for Mirado who was on assignment to retrieve Masika on Corellia. As far as the galaxy knew, or cared for that matter, Olhel Noona was dead.

Mirado returned to Ession, only to discover a hooded man waiting on him. Expecting he was next to be killed, Mirado decided not to go without a fight, succeeding in scoring only a small cut on the man who would later be his Quaestor and Consul, before he was knocked very handily upside the head with the Rod of Correction. It wasn't until much later that Mirado awoke on Tarthos, and discovered just exactly where he'd been taken. As of the moment, Mirado is still unaware that Sai was responsible for bringing him into the fold, or that Trev gave the order to make it happen.

Unrest in the City

Seeking Deliverance

Mirado wasn't originally deployed to the conflict with Deliverance, but when things turned south, he was sent out to assist his clanmates. As he geared up for this conflict, he was asked to deliver a package to Fremoc. To this day, he has no idea where it came from originally, or what good it did, but he did as asked and delivered it before engaging Deliverance with the rest of his clanmates.

The Ekind Uprising

Later, during the assault on Mucenic he was tasked with guiding his soon to be Master Macron to the command center from his landing zone, and to move with the Night Hawks to make a push to put their Ekind and Vongspawned armies into artillery range.

Following the battle of Mucenic, Mirado was tasked with entering Markosian City alone as a forward scout for the rest of the Clan. While there, he found a few other Clanmates, including one Roxas who'd taken a serious beating at the hands of an unknown assailant. Mirado drug Roxas to the resistance for treatment, inadvertently giving the armed citizens the leader they needed.

Also during the battle of Markosian City, Mirado made something of an alliance with a Hawkbat from the local zoo when he released all of the Zoo's inhabitants to assist with the battle. He's named the creature Shrike and is training it, though he refuses to use it as anything more than a hunting companion.

In the Interim

After the battle of Markosian city, Fremoc requested Mirado remain an ace in the hole in the event that his friends were overwhelmed in the line of duty protecting his family. During this time, his hide was noticed by Kano, and some time afterwards, wound up finding the man after the events of a voodoo ritual he'd performed. Both of these things remained secrets between the two of them. Also during this time, Mirado was appointed the Prefect of Gamuslag, earning him the Rank and Title of D:SOG commander, and thus putting him on Gamuslag on a more permanent basis.

Learning a Lightsaber can be useful, Pt 1. Makashi

Coming soon!

Learning a Lightsaber can be useful, Pt 2. Soresu

"Where's the part where you kill the guy?"

After the assault, Mirado spent some time training under Methyas in the lightsaber form Soresu, to compliment his limited mastery of the Makashi form. In exchange, he taught Methyas how to withdraw more fully his 'Fountain of the Force' technique by way of Teras Kasi meditation techniques, which permitted the elder Miraluka to see far more clearly than he had before, up to being able to visually see the Emboss letters used for visually impaired accessibility. In addition, he is also helping Methyas learn to read.

A House Divided

Following assignment to command the Raptor team of the Regulators, Mirado and the rest of the Battleteam were assigned to support Macron and his retinue in killing Curwen Sunei. En route, their orders were countered by the newly appointed Fist of the Brotherhood, Fremoc Pepoi. Sunei came peacefully, but performed some warlockery while being brought to the Temple of Fire, leaving the team incapacitated.

Following some misadventure that involved some beatings being taken and dished out, the Regulators made their assault on Curwen Sueni, and were quickly joined by Macron Sadow and his retinue. The final result was, Sunei was dead, but, so was Kano, at Fremoc's hand, following the Regulator's possession by Sunei.


"Hey, you know what this feels like?"
"Don't Say it..."
"The blind leading the blind."
"You had to go there, didn't you?
―Mirado to Methyas while searching for Holocrons

(More to come)

Personal Effects

"Don’t worry about the money. I don’t even have an account. I just make, borrow or steal what I need."
Mirado's 'Work Clothes'
Mirado's 'Formal Clothes'
Mirado's 'Day to Day Clothes'

There's very little that Mirado can say he actually owns. A few sets of knives mostly, a couple of plain clothes outfits, a suit, and that's pretty well it. His statement to Fremoc however, is an outright lie. He has access to some of Olhel Noona's old accounts, the sum of which is quite considerable. He just cares almost nothing for money, and keeps these finances on hand in the event of an emergency.

Aside of these things, the only notable things he has attachment to are Shrike, his pet Hawkbat, which should never under any circumstances be considered trained, domesticated, or even docile. The creature is less an animal companion, and more of an ally with mutual goals. In addition, there is a droid he was recently given, TZ-63b, a Handicapped Assistance Droid, specifically built for the blind. It was a gift given to him by Kano, and with its origins and designation in mind, he's taken to calling it Tease.

Tease remains within his office on Gamuslag, which is appointed in a way which might make the term Spartan seem too lavish. The only real concession within is a top of the line holoplate projector, used for both computing (along with an Emboss keyboard), communication and entertainment.

Mirado's Fighting weapons
Mirado's Heavy weapons
Mirado's Basic weapons

Mirado was granted limited access to a small machine shop while in Noona's employ, where he spent time shaping and honing his handmade knives into a pair of crescent shaped razors. These leather handled knives carry small lanyards of trinkets he's collected over the years. Recently, after receiving a gift from his master, the leather wrapping his razors are red dyed Gungan tongues.

Later, during his time within the brotherhood, Mirado also fabricated another pair of knives, these a bit more utilitarian, to take advantage of his expanding knowledge of hand-to-hand combat. These blades were somewhat shorter, but carried an outer hand guard with wicked serrations. In addition, the handles of which also held a pair of sharpened throwing darts for surprise attacks and long range distraction. Recently, he's taken to keeping these darts poisoned, a departure of a previous attitude of rarely using the stuff. This comes from engagements in combat where, had he not kept poisoned weapons, he would have been killed by his enemies. These also carry red wrapped handles.

In addition to these paired weapons, Mirado also carries a basic vibroblade, which he has trained to use in concert with his lightsaber.

His lightsaber is a unique device, originally built from scraps within the Orian tombs as part of his Knight's trials. It contains pieces made from cast offs and scraps, but the important parts are inside the weapon. Made with a natural blue adegean and a diamond, it produces a slightly prismatic translucent blade, with less of the "white light" shaft in the center of the blade, and a blade of a slightly richer blue color, very close to an ultramarine shade. Following his trials, he replaced much of the 'garbage' components he had to make do with, and built something more in line with his personality, including leather wrappings and an animal tooth on the pommel.

In addition, there are certain features installed within that he keeps quiet about, for good reason. First and foremost, the switch on the hilt of the weapon only allows a small portion of power to flow through, effectively turning it into a training saber unless the real, internal switch is activated by way of the Force. This is a dual safety measure. For one, it prevents it from being used against him at full power, and also, should it be recovered on a battlefield, an ally is FAR less likely to kill themselves accidentally. In addition, beneath the red leather wrappings on the hilt is a grip lock, meaning it will immediately dissignite if dropped.

This saber is also a departure from the norm for his use of the Makashi form, as it is a straight hilted weapon. This decision was founded on the theory that while curved hilted sabers are more common among Brotherhood members, it's still far more likely that, should he lose his lightsaber, it will be much more likely to recover a straight handled saber from the dead.

Mirado's first lightsaber

While he hates, loathes, and despises blasters, he does own one. It's a small Hold Out, of the extremely high power variety, which only holds charge for a single shot. He carries this only when hunting another assassin, as a show of respect. He will give them the blaster to end their own life with, so that they can go out on their own terms and with their dignity. To date, this weapon has never been fired, and charged only once.

Mirado keeps a permanent residence on Gamuslag, though he stays there very infrequently, as he considers the planet filthy and uncomfortable. In addition, he has a permanent home in the Pepoi compound near Mucenic. It is one of the homes found in the Kashyyyk Arms housing community, but built into his family's homestead.

DJB Facts

Non-Combat Skills

Mirado can be considered an expert in these Non-Combat skills

  1. Acrobatics and Gymnastics
  2. Stealth
  3. Survival
  4. Hunting and Tracking
  5. Sleight of Hand
  6. Simple Items Crafting (Basic knives, clothing, etc.)
  7. Poisons
  8. Dance
  9. (To be added when I figure out what I want here)

Unarmed Combat

K'thri: Mirado uses K'thri more of a mobility art than he does an actual combat art. By taking advantage of the movements that K'thri trains it's users in, Mirado can evade his opponent's attacks through unorthodox methods, leaving them open to being struck in undefended places.

Teras Kasi: This is Mirado's primary striking form. Utilizing the very linear form, Mirado is able to land devastating strikes against his opponent. This is made all the more dangerous as he uses K'thri movements, so his foes don't expect such straight line attacks.

Armed Combat

Aside of the lightsaber, Mirado utilizes a paired knife approach, and can be considered a master in the use of a short blade. Given his reckless nature, he has overcome the difficulty of most knife fighters, that being the fear of being cut. Because of this, and because of his reach, he can and will come at an opponent in both close range and at reach. Often he will use feinting techniques, but is also known to use his strength to push his opponent's own weapons away and land a simultaneous strike with both weapons.

Lightsaber Combat

Mirado has some experience with the Makashi form, and is skilled with Soresu. He has been studying considerably in regards to the Sokan form, to the point of working out his own take on it. He has combined his ambidexterity with his knowledge of K'thri to fight Lightsaber/Vibroblade in a very dynamic, movement oriented style. While this doesn't begin to compare to the real thing, it is, at least, a start, until he can locate training in both Ataru and Sokan itself.

Force Powers

Among members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Mirado can be seen as something of a child in terms of his power within the Force. In fact, there are novices and apprentices who's abilities with the Force far outstrip his own. This hasn't stopped him, however, from getting creative with his use of the Force.

  1. Withdraw Force Signature: Not a power, and similar to a voluntary self Force suppression, this is a very common trick among the Jedi. By electing not to channel the Force, or live in constant contact with it, Mirado's Force signature is much more withdrawn than others. In addition, this limits his natural Miraluka 'Force Sight' to that of one of his species with no Force Training whatsoever, meaning he's fairly limited to basic shape and whether or not something is organic. Among members of the Brotherhood, Mirado maintains his connection (mostly because he expects treachery)
  1. Slow Fall: A trick used by many of his brethren, this is simply an application of telekinesis, used to arrest a fall. Simply, at the end of a fall, he Force pushes against the ground to telekinetically 'bounce' himself, cutting his downward velocity. So far, his courage in testing this ability has proven a 5 or 6 story building is a possible leap, but with some discomfort on impact. Given his reckless nature, however, he will likely be testing his limits and timing with this power for some time to come.
  1. Wall Run and Wall Spring: Enhance Ability applied to increase his balance, coordination, and speed, allows Mirado to temporarily defy gravity to a degree, taking advantage of surfaces that his opponents might not consider.

While Mirado does have an understanding of a decent suite of Force Powers, he tends towards more 'internal' powers, such as Enhance Ability, Force Jump, and Burst of Speed. The blessings of Sadow (Heart Stun and Force Blast) he tends to keep up his sleeve, using them only when they can be applied to devastating effect.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Kano Tor Pepoi Battle Team Leader of The Regulators
34 ABY - 35 ABY
Zeak Yurashima
Fremoc Pepoi Prefect of Gamuslag
34 ABY to Present
House Formation Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan
35 ABY to Present

Character Trivia

Because he is a Miraluka, Mirado cannot read print. If text is embossed or relieved, he can read that, but actual print is beyond his ability to perceive. The same goes for using a datapad or computer. Further, he is effectively colorblind, although energy which has a color (IE Lightsabers, Blaster Bolts, Opaque energy fields, and the like) is visible to him. In addition, Force Resistant or Force Dead creatures or people are almost invisible to him.

Mirado refuses to use blasters of any type, due to early childhood trauma. He's very uncomfortable around blaster fire because of this.

Also, he's not fond of armor, as he feels entirely too bound down by it.

While it's easy to write him off as feral, he DID spend time among other people while functioning as a bounty hunter. He is civilized, but he still prefers to be outdoors and away from crowds.

Owing to his time in the wild, Mirado's senses are well honed and he's very accustomed to relying on them. It's exceptionally difficult to surprise or sneak up on him.

Mirado isn't fond of speaking much, but he is willing to speak out and up when it must be done. He just isn't fond of small talk.

Vocally, Mirado is a baritone.

Women are a peculiar weakness of his. He's not lusty at all, but he never had the kind of availability of anyone to teach him how to handle being come onto. Because of this, he can become even more withdrawn than usual, and somewhat easy to confuse or misdirect.

Mirado has a habit of claiming scalps, but he only collects them from foes which have injured him or have otherwise impressed him. This is his only real claim to taking trophies, aside of lightsabers of those who he's defeated.

He has a lifelong goal of hunting and killing a Krayt Dragon, using no technology in the hunt until it's time to transport the carcass of the beast.

He refuses to wear the traditional Miraluka eye-wraps. Mostly because he knows nothing at all of Miralukan tradition. The only time he actually cares to wrap his eyes is in the most formal of situations.

OOC Trivia

Some of the influences I had in building this character's personality, mannerisms, and attitude are...

  • Batman (His use of Martial arts, disuse of firearms, and stealthiness)
  • Wolverine (the feral behavior, stealthiness, lack of social grace, and general lack of speaking much)
  • Tarzan (again the feral behavior, and the way he moves, to a degree)
  • Riddick (again the stealthiness, his use of knives, seeing differently, and his peculiar sense of humor and social mannerisms)
  • Henchman 21 (his not recognizing that he's capable of standing on his own yet, even though he can certainly hold his own) See below.

I've taken to adding one Non-Combat skill per rank, just an experiment I'm working on.

Originally, he was meant to be named Predator, but I wasn't able to use that name, so I chose the Latin word for hunter, unwittingly naming him after a Star Destroyer, and I'm too stubborn to change it.

Up until about 10/31/2010, I was torn between Shien and Sokan as the form I would build Ven for. This was finally decided, on the day I made Knight, by flipping a quarter.

My character was knighted in 144 days... definitely nothing impressive, but I felt it necessary to list it here.

Before I joined, I poked around the wiki and saw a lot of Mandalorians and a lot of Japanese cultured names, so I decided to go more Native American with him. This might have had something to do with watching Avatar a week before I signed up.

The decision to avoid blasters is peculiar for me, as I'm a firearms enthusiast. I did this as something of an experiment to see if I could pull it off, and so far, I think I did alright.

I made a goal of earning a diamond crescent, and I received my notification of earning one by way of my smart phone, when I'd just woken up from a late shift at work. My excitement unnerved my wife and woke up my son. I still feel like a goober for that.

As I've developed the character, I ran into this "Henchman 21" kinda groove with him, where he's this capable fighter and all, but still sees himself as just another thug in somebody's employ. Props to whoever gets this reference.