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Wesson Lyall Biriuk Rikkr
Biographical Information
  • Born: Harrun Kal
  • Lived: Corellia
Date of Birth:

15 ABY

Physical Description





1.96 m / 6 ft 5 in


113 kgs / 250 lbs





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):
  • Shadow Fist
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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"My name is Wes Biriuk. You may have heard of me."
―Wes Biriuk, speaking to the Erinos family members at the funeral of Xar'Kahn


Wes Biriuk never knew his parents. He knows nothing of his origins other than that which he has been told: born in 15 ABY on Haruun Kal to criminal parents on the run, he was called Wes by the local authorities when they declared his existence. All Wes can remember from his young life was growing up alone and learning how to live the hard way.

When he was somewhere around six years old, Wes was at the local spaceport to try his luck at thieving from some fat off-worlders. He had picked a couple of juicy targets and each had provided well for him, he would be able to eat and store some treasure away for hard times. He was almost done when he saw a woman walk toward a shuttle that was due to depart soon. She was different. At the time Wes did not know what it was about her, though looking back he can see that is was her beauty and elegance that drew him toward her. She wore a beautiful lace cloth over her eyes, and was dressed fashionably. Wes couldn't help but think she was from money and that she might be a target. The small boy walked over slowly, bashfully, as to not draw attention. When he was within closing distance he felt a hand grasp his shoulder and Wes almost jumped out of his skin. Heart-racing, he turned to see a roguishly handsome man of an age of maybe thirty-five. He smiled and talked happily to the boy, warning him off any rash behaviour. The woman also turned around and smiled, she nodded and the man took a knee next to Wes and asked a life-changing question. Feeling something greater than he was playing out here, Wes agreed to the man's proposition and boarded the shuttle with the two strangers.

And so it would be Wes was adopted and given the new name Wesson Lyall Rikkr. His father, Dhet Rikkr, was a human and a smuggler of some note in his younger days, but was going straight after meeting and becoming besotted by his Miralukan wife, Aliassa. Being as she was, she had sensed the force in the young boy and wished to aide him as best she could. Aliassa made sure Wes had a basic understanding of the Force, but refrained from training him in any particular way so as to not have unwanted attention drawn to him.

Living on Corellia was a lot different to his life on Haruun Kal and Wes adapted quickly. He was enrolled at a school, took part in sports and learned some tricks from his parents. He also never fully gave away the tricks he learned before his life changed, constantly annoying his family and friends with his light fingers and stealth.

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Shortly after the death of Xar'Kahn, Wes was formally inducted into Clan Arcona as a full-fledged member. It was also at this time he was made a brother of the Erinos family.

Once Soulfire had been decommissioned, Wes found himself with no direction and no purpose inside Arcona. Never in his life had he not known what to do with himself. He spent a lot of time alone, simply passing time. His new family didn't know how to deal with the newcomer enough to break his cycle. In this time he withdrew into himself, some would say he came back somewhat different to the man they knew in Soulfire.

Wes came back into the fold of Arcona after being approached by Etah d'Tana, then Battleteam Leader of Spectre Cell, to join his team. It was at this time that the events of the Dark Crusade, Grand Master Muz Ashen's foray into the Old Sith Space, were just starting and Wes thought it wise to be part of an active team for personal gain.

During the first phase of Dark Crusade Wes and a few other Erinos family members had some growing pains, so the newest family member decided it would be best if he left the family. Wes didn't however burn the bridges of friendship he had forged with some of the family. Wes took some time off and was not heard form for some time.

Wes heard of Soulfire's re-opening while away and immediately knew what he was doing. He enlisted as one of the reformed battle-team's first new recruits and got back to training full-time, sensing battle. During this time he worked his way up the list in the Grand Master's Royal Guard, achieving rank VIII in short order.


Physical Description

Wes' tall and broad-shouldered physique is the perfect frame from which to build up a large, if slightly under-toned, body of muscle. His mid-length black, wavy locks and rugged but well-kept beard draw your focus to his piercing blue eyes that create a striking contrast with his bronze skin. His skin seemingly glows slightly to enhance his figure.

Wes wears his full battle armour (see Armour below) in all combative circumstances. When appearing in formal Arconan or Brotherhood events the Corellian will wear his standard issue Knight robes. Otherwise when doing personal training or where combat armour is excessive he prefers clothing that will give him the full range of movement he requires should he need it. Black loose-fitting pants held up by a belt and heavy soldiers boots are the extent of his attire. Bare-chested and brutal. Wes is predominately right-handed, however shoots all weaponry left-handed.


Due to the event of his early life on Haruun Kal, Wes has always been quietly angry, but has put on a happy face for as long as he has known how to control himself. He finds being happy is a chore but definitely makes life easier. Wes liked to be the "funny guy" and his humour came in the form of cracking one-liners. In battle, Wes does away with conversation for the most part, preferring to focus on the task at hand. His facade could come off as overly nice and often lands him with people not liking him because they feel that it is forced. Wes has a very short span for idiocy, so short that even his exceedingly nice facade cannot contain it. Part of the reason he took up Xar's offer of Dark Jedi training was to be able to let the curtain fall. He wishes to be able to be himself, although he doesn't really know or understand what that means. He will never intentionally hurt or betray those he feels are on his side.

Wes identifies as a Corellian, as his adopted parents raised him there.

During his time under Xar'Kahn and further when he was in Soulfire, Wes became infatuated with the Mandolorian culture and language. Wes can hold a basic conversation in Mando'a with his Erinos brethren and often finds himself thinking in his second-tongue.

Wes' lightsaber

Combat Apparel

Neo-Crusader Armor
Wes' is bigger


Upon attaining the rank of Jedi Hunter, Wes was presented with a choice of blueprints in order to create his own lightsaber. Creating it would be one part of his required service in order to attain the rank of a full-fledged Dark Jedi Knight. Wes chose the "Shadow" and his last act as a Jedi Hunter was to ignite its royal blue blade. During the prototype building stage Wes was unhappy with the light feel of the saber, fearing he could crush it in his grip in the fury of battle. He therefore built the saber to a unique, heavier feel that better suited his favoured, physical Shii-Cho saber form. Not only does the extra weight give Wes more power in each swing, but the hilt also serves as a heavy bludgeoning object that can be thrown to cause a great amount of damage. Wes has his lightsaber clipped to his armour at the right hip and while fighting will always hold his saber in his right hand.

Upon earning GMRG rank VIII, Wes switched to using a lightsaber pike. Combined with his proficiency in Juyo, Wes has become a very dangerous fighter. Wes used the armoury lightsaber pike to both train and fight with until he could create his own improved version.


Wes has kept his Dar'Verd Combat Environment Suit (DV-CES) from his time in Soulfire and wears it religiously on combat missions.

Combat Specifics

Wes serves Arcona as a specialist berserker. When sent in to a battle, Wes is pointed toward a target and let loose, he always leads from the front. No matter what the situation Wes always carries a butcher's cleaver (called "Da'Vaab") at his right hip for the up-close and personal combat instances. Da'Vaab is always wielded in his right hand. Wes has become accustomed to a certain standard and level of operational preparedness.

Wes has a small collection of favoured weapons that he enjoys using and will find any reason to do so.

  • "Da'Vaab" butcher's cleaver

This is the most personal weapon in Wes' collection. He picked it up long ago and used it as his trademark weapon since then. Wes would never enter willing combat without his trusty cleaver.

  • Hydra Pistol

Obtained during a brief stint as a pilot in Void Squadron, Wes has formed a remarkable like for this slugthrower. It is always on his person and holstered on his left hip.

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