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General information

Grand Master Darth Pravus


Voice of the Brotherhood

Historical information

33 ABY

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Dark Brotherhood


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Inquisitorius is the secret society of agents formed from the ranks of Brotherhood Clans that has been tasked with identifying, hunting down and eliminating threats to the Dark Brotherhood. Inquisitors are granted access to the Dark Brotherhood’s greatest secrets and technologies in order to execute the Grand Master’s will against internal and external threats.

History of the Inquisitorius

The Inquisitorius was a society formally established around 33 ABY by Grand Master Darth Pravus. It was formed following the Eleventh Great Jedi War as a way to protect the Iron Throne with a severely crippled fleet and army. It became clear that the Dark Council needed to address threats in a more systematic fashion. Darth Pravus turned to his Voice of the Brotherhood, Evant Taelyan, and tasked him with making his vision of a secret society a reality.

Potential agents of the Inquisitorius were identified by showing loyalty and service to the Brotherhood or their Clan. Once identified, they were put through a period of evaluation to determine if they were reliable and powerful enough to carry out the responsibilities of the Inquisitorius society. Then, once inducted, continued acts or loyalty in service to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood would see them elevated in the society to higher ranks.


First Initiative

In the beginning, movements and actions of the society took place in secret, behind closed doors and in a classified nature. As such, many of the accomplishments of its members were never known to the outside world. Yet, advancement and reward were given within the society itself. Protection of the hand moving in the shadows was itself of the utmost importance to the safety of the Brotherhood.

While the members of the society all worked together towards the Grand Master's means, the Inquisitorius were completely decentralized and often never knew the true identities of those they worked alongside. It would not be strange for two members to pass each other in the halls of the Shadow Academy without knowing that they had both just finished working in tandem to accomplish a task for the Brotherhood.

Dissemination of information and resources was done in secret, at drops, and in dark corners and shadows. Rarely would multiple members ever meet, with small gatherings being a rarity. Membership in the society was marked only by nondescript tattoos and symbols to designate rank and authority within the organization. Nearly all members of the Inquisitorius held roles and positions of some capacity all over the Brotherhood, and went about their day to day with none knowing just how deep they were in the secrets of the Iron Throne.

Originally, the present location of the Voice of the Brotherhood at any given moment was the closest thing the society had to a base of operations, yet in public, the leader would deny any involvement at all in a secret society that protects the Brotherhood. Where the specialized equipment that the Inquisitorius utilized was procured and how it made its way into the hands of members was not of consequence. Neither was the exact knowledge of how advancements, training, and identification of new members was handled, or even where all the information and data on locations and missions that assessed threats were stored and managed.

New Initiative

With the threat of organizations such as the Collective coming into full view, Voice Marick Tyris realized that the need for denying the existence of the Inquisitorius was no longer an effective methodology. The Brotherhood had been caught by surprise by Rath Oligar’s machinations, so the need to hide the society's existence was replaced by revealing a very real organization that would actively bite back against enemies of the Brotherhood. The Inquisitorius would identify and take down rival intelligence agencies like Capital Enterprises at their own game.

While the Voice continued to serve as the visible figurehead and leader of the Inquisitorius, there was a still a need to better coordinate and utilize the Brotherhood's existing network of covert agents and their combined resources.

With help of Combat Master Atra Ventus, the duo dedicated their time to implementing stricter training routines for new initiates, enforcing data-driven decisions over opinion-based hunches, and helping create a truly secure intelligence network that would serve as the heart of this new initiative.

Advanced Inquisitorius Network (AIN)

The Advanced Inquisitorius Network (AIN) is maintained by mundane teams of operators that have been trained to route real-time data communications securely between the field and the central headquarters nested inside the safety of the Dark Ascent on Arx.

Designed by Senechal James Lucius Entar Arconae, the core strength of the AIN is based on the advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence assistants that allow Operators to scramble and then reassemble communication waves between secure terminals. End-to-end encryption is only one layer of this process, however, as its effective range would be limited without some kind of way to distribute over the lattice of a wider network.

You Can’t Stop The Signal

Inquisitorius IGV-55 Surveillance Vessel.

With the help of Arx Capital Enterprises, Regent Evant Taelyan was able to commission a small fleet of IGV-55 Surveillance Vessels. Originally utilized by the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) as “Listener” ships, these unbranded vessels are equipped with heavily modified long range signal boosters that bounce fragmented datastreams between nodes to disperse data across the AIN. Thanks to variable encryption algorithms, any single attack on a “man in the middle” would fail because the fragments alone contain only a fraction of the data. Behind these encryption counter-measures, the data does not live in any one database or centralized node. As a result, no information would be lost if one or even two of these Surveillance Vessels were to be taken out, disabled, or even captured. The relay signals would just find a new destination at one of the other vessels.

Arx Capital Enterprises commissioned extra IGV-55’s and are always training new crews to operate and deploy to replace any pieces of the AIN’s fleet relay system that might go down.

Safehouses & Supply Caches

Aside from allowing data to be dispersed discreetly, the AIN provides the coordinates and locations of various safehouses and supply caches scattered throughout the Outer Rim Territories. The degree and availability of these locations is something earned through loyalty to the Inquisitorius.

Agents (Field)

Agents in the field come in many forms, mostly comprised of Infiltrators but filled in with a wide range of disciplines and skill sets such as cargo pilots, saboteurs, and junkers.

Operators (Homefront)

Operators are selected out of the Academy on Arx as intelligence officers that showed promise in security and attention to detail.


With this added layer of organization and technology, however, a need for a leader unconnected to the Dark Council arose to help handle the day-to-day operations of the field agents, sleeper cells, technicians, and operators that would protect and serve the Brotherhood's interest. For this reason, Tyris appointed the first Director of the Inquisitorius.

Screenshot 2018-08-28 at 12.10.09 AM.png Name: Ness'arin Ohnaka
Position: Director of Operations
Faction: Inquisitorius
Character Sheet

Ness'arin Ohnaka has served as the first Director of the Inquisitorius since being appointed to the role by Voice Marick Tyris. The Weequay earned the Voice’s trust with her organization skills, poise under pressure, analytical mind, and keen eye for detail. Ness'arin Ohnaka is highly adept at remaining calm in catastrophe. Some would even say she thrives in it. Originally pulled into the upper ranks of the Inquisitorius after being noticed by Grand Inquisitor Marick Tyris, she has undergone his personal and rigorous training to hone her mind into a weapon that can operate efficiently even when chaos is breaking out all around her.

As Director, Ness'arin is responsible for being hands on with the coordination of all Inquisitor related activity. This includes reviewing field reports, budgeting, personnel staffing and recruiting, enforcing policy, maintaining data security, and a slew of other tasks entrusted to her that revolve around running the day-to-day operations of the Inquisitorius. While she has shown undying loyalty to her post, there will always exist a negative stigma of being able to trust someone with as much power and knowledge as she possess. She tries not to let that get in the way of her work, but it is unavoidable at her level of security access and visibility.

Rank System

Whether for ambition and power, or access to greater information and tools to carry out an agenda of peace and justice, all members of the Inquisitorius were placed into a ranking hierarchy. Through contributions to the goals of the Brotherhood or their Clans, or acts of service or skill, a member will find themselves climbing through the ranks of the society. This primarily includes participating in fiction activities such as run-ons, fiction competitions, or Antei Combat Center matches, as well as earning Clusters of Ice or Dark Side Scrolls. Additional advancement was available for shows of skill with placements in these activities, or through service to the Brotherhood by running these competitions to provide the opportunities, judging matches in the Antei Combat Center or holding different roles with influence on fiction.

The ranks are broken down into five different agent tiers, based on twelve different ranks within the society. As a member advances through the ranks they will find different perks become available both fictionally, and for show.

Inquisitor Ranks

Apprentice Inquisitor (Ranks I through IV)

Having only recently been identified as an agent of the Inquisitorius, these are more aspiring members than full fledged members. They are still given access to information and resources necessary to carry out less critical assignments for training and to prove themselves for advancement.

Inquisitor (Ranks V through VIII)

With enough service and shown skill and dedication, a member of the society will reach the rank of full Inquisitor. Most members of the society will have this rank. Trusted now with high profile assignments and information, including tasks that are highly important.

Chief Inquisitor (Rank IX and X)

With not much left to prove, Inquisitors will find themselves at this rank, getting a first pass at missions and information before the rest of the rank and file of the society. These agents will find themselves in audience of the Dark Council on occasion to report on their missions, and get access to some of the best resources available. At this rank, there was little doubt of the member’s allegiance and loyalty to the Dark Brotherhood.

High Inquisitor (Rank XI)

With not only an unfaltering loyalty, but a dedicated history of both service and high skill in the field, agents will be pulled into an inner circle of their peers known as the High Inquisitors. Often receiving objectives and orders directly from the Voice or Grand Master, these agents are entrusted with missions where failure would be costly to the Dark Brotherhood.

Grand Inquisitor (Rank XII)

This rank was reserved for the best of the Inquisitorius society. The actions and movements of those at the rank of Grand Inquisitor, and results of the decisions made remain so secret and classified that their impacts may never be known to any but the Voice of the Brotherhood and Grand Master. They are so trusted within the Brotherhood and by the Dark Council, that they receive specialized training to ensure those secrets can be well protected.

Society Points Chart

The following table shows the different ways that a member can earn points, through different activities, services, or skills. How many points are required for each rank are explained below.

Earning Points
Activity Points
Cluster of Ice 2 Point
Dark Side Scroll 1 Point
Voice Approved Competition, valid entry 20 Points
ACC Battle, judged complete 20 Points
Skill Points
First Place 35 Points x Multiplier
Second Place 25 Points x Multiplier
Third Place 15 Points x Multiplier
Service Points
Organize a Voice Approved Competition 50 Points
Co-Organize a Voice Approved Competition 30 Points
Judge an ACC Battle 30 Points
90 days as Voice 140 Points (per 90 day period)
90 days as P:Voice 70 Points (per 90 day period)
90 days as M:Voice 50 Points (per 90 day period)
90 days as Combat Master 70 Points (per 90 day period)
90 days as an ACC Judge 50 Points (per 90 day period)

Rank Elevations

The following table shows the point total requirements for each rank of the Inquisitorius society. How to earn points is explained above.

Points Required for Ranks
15 or Inquisitorius History 90 160 310 470 620 770 930 1,390 1,840 2,770 3,680


The following table shows the different rewards given to members who achieve certain ranks. What rewards are available and each rank and details on that reward are listed for each.

Rank Reward
Rank 1
  • Inquisitorius Warbanner Tassett: A tassett displaying the Inquisitorius logo may be added to a member's warbanner.
Rank 2
  • Advanced Comlink: A handheld comlink accessory issued to members of the Inquisitorius. Features a 100-kilometer range, encoding, locator, and the necessary frequencies in use by the society, as well as the ability to transmit complex data in the course of official business.
Rank 3
  • Basic Inquisitorius Tattoo: A basic permanent mark made onto the body of the member, applied through the Force. Visually invisible unless activated, it is applied when a member has become invaluable enough that they are pulled into the fold.
Rank 4
  • Inquisitorius Warbanner Pattern: A pattern unique to the Inquisitorius society that can be displayed in the background of a member’s warbanner.
  • Character Sheet Feat: (Chosen) Eagle Eye: {{member}} has been trained to keep an eye on a target even in a crowd. {{member}} can use {{gender:his,her}} Subterfuge skill in conjunction with {{gender:his,her}} Perception of the environment in order to follow a mark from a safe distance without being detected.
Rank 5
  • Inquisitor Armor: A set of basic armor consisting of a cuirass, boots, gloves and optional cowl. Designed in a way to optimize movement and flexibility while remaining absolutely silent, though still affording a reasonable amount of protection from harm. Perfectly designed with clandestine operations in mind.
Rank 6
  • Inquisitorius Stiletto: An accessory weapon that is a variation of the Molecular Stiletto appearing to be nothing more than a typical, slender dagger. Upon thumbing a small activator stub on the hilt, however, a sharp and nearly invisible monomolecular blade springs from the tip. This makes the stiletto perfect for penetrating armor in weak points and is deadly as a stabbing weapon in its own right. The blade itself is incredibly brittle, however, and will buckle under impact against even a basic vibroblade. Perfect for a quick and quiet kill, but not as useful in a fight.
Rank 7
  • Inquisitorius Scanner: An accessory computer that carries out a multitude of tasks on behalf of the user to assist in their operations. This includes communications scanning, lifeform detectors, magnetic resonance and thermal scanners, as well as limited range jamming. In addition to these basic functions, the devices were heavily customized from user to user depending on the mission to perform other surveillance activities .
Rank 8
  • Normal Inquisitorius Tattoo: Building on the basic tattoo rewarded at an earlier rank, additional permanent marks are made onto the body of the member, applied through the Force. Visually invisible unless activated, it is applied when a member has reached the top of their respective agent rank to signify their standing and readiness to carry out a new level tasks on behalf of the Brotherhood.
  • Character Sheet Feat: (Chosen) Crooked Smile: {{member}} has received specialized training in using {{gender:his,her}} Empathy as a means of lulling a target into a false sense of security that can be capitalized on at the opportune moment. {{member}} can earn a target's trust without the need of manipulation or mind tricks, focusing solely on {{gender:his,her}} ability to connect on an emotional level.
Rank 9
  • Chief Inquisitor Armor: A set of advanced armor consisting of a cuirass, boots, gloves and optional cowl. Designed in a way to optimize movement and flexibility while remaining absolutely silent, though still affording a reasonable amount of protection from harm. Perfectly designed with clandestine operations in mind. In addition to function, this advanced set of armor emphasizes form as well, remaining sleek and intimidating in appearance to align with the expectations of the Chief Inquisitors to whom it has been awarded.
Rank 10
  • Advanced Inquisitorius Tattoo: Building on the normal tattoo rewarded at an earlier rank, additional permanent marks are made onto the body of the member, applied through the Force. Visually invisible unless activated, it is applied when a member has excelled to the top of available Chief Inquisitors in their accomplishments, to signify their standing and level of commitment to the Inquisitorius.
  • Character Sheet Feat: (Chosen) Won't Attract The Worm: {{member}} has learned how to move silently as a shadow even when wearing medium to heavy armor that would otherwise be a dead giveaway to any attempt at stealth. {{gender:He,She}} is able to balance {{gender:his,her}} weight in just the right manner to mask and conceal clinking or creaking of plate or reinforced hide.
Rank 11
  • Master Inquisitorius Tattoo: Building on the advanced tattoo rewarded at an earlier rank, the final permanent marks are made onto the body of the member, applied through the Force. Visually invisible unless activated, this completed tattoo signifies someone of unfaltering loyalty and dedication to the Brotherhood. As a High Inquisitor, the member joins a circle with this mark to safeguard the Brotherhood.
Rank 12
  • Sith Dagger: A weapon that is crafted specifically for Grand Inquisitors with a unique styling, made of metallurgical alloys that make it impossibly light, with alchemical alterations that allow it to block incoming lightsaber attacks and deflected blaster bolts.
  • Character Sheet Feat: (Granted) Steel Curtain: {{member}} has received specialized training from the Grand Master and has gained the ability to steel {{gender:his,her}} mind against any attempt to pry information about the Brotherhood and its secrets. While this bonus to {{members}}'s Resolve makes {{gender:him,her}} better able to handle Interrogation, the training becomes more evident in its ability to indefinitely prevent {{member}} from divulging Brotherhood secrets.

Current Roster of the Inquisitorius

For a current roster showing all members of the Inquisitorius and their ranks, please refer to the Inquisitorius Roster.