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Exodus era.
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Markosian City
General information


Physical specifications
  • Garrison: 18,000
  • Civilians: 250,000
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Markosian City was the former capital of Tarthos following the events of the Incursion and the Invasion of Orian. The city was commissioned for construction by Derev Niroth in 27 ABY and completion of initial projects was finished in 33 ABY. Due to Fremoc Pepoi ordering an orbital bombardment, the city's projected completion date wasn't until 39 ABY. However, following the riots and the civil unrest that unfolded in 35 ABY most of the city's sectors were severely damaged or destroyed. By order of Executive Director Jeric Cyrin the city was isolated from the rest of Tarthos and martial law enacted to return order. The governmental seat of power was once again moved to the militarized city of Kar Alabrek. Plans to begin the reconstruction effort are already in the works with full completion of the city now slated for 45 ABY.


Following the near destruction of Kar Alabrek in 27 ABY, Markosian City became the new seat of power for Tarthos. It is projected to have a population of nearly 250,000 following the completion of its initial sectors. Located almost perfectly on the equator the city experiences an almost even day and night cycle and thanks to the city's shield generator the weather can almost be described as tropical. Before it's destruction in 35 ABY, Orian Manor served as the home to all governmental and administrative services for the planet and doubles as a home for the Governor appointed by the Dlarit Corporation. While initially assigned a garrison of 18,000 troops from Kar Alabrek, Dlarit forces now operate loosely out of the overflowing city while also servicing the remainder of the planet. Those troops assigned to the defence of Markosian are at the direct command of the Mayor who is appointed by the Governor.

Although the projected population is rather small for the number of refugees seeking sanctuary, the city has been located in a region that allows for expansion if necessary. Planned far in advance the city is composed of five sectors that can be secured via sealable checkpoints secured by stationed troops to prevent unauthorized entry or exit. During the planning phase these sectors were determined by the distinct functions they provided the people of the city.

As with most populous regions on the planet, Markosian city is protected by a powerful shield generator helping protect the population from extraplanetary siege and to offer a habitable environment and distinct weather control; because of a visible bubble is created as a dome around the city due to a different concentration of atmospheric gases inside and outside of the shielding. The weather control and shield generators are kept secured with the Black sector and access to them is restricted to high-level government and military personnel.


Early in 27 ABY Governor Derev Niroth noted the overwhelming refugee crisis on Aeotheran and Amphor and ordered the construction of a new capital, Markosian City, to help assist with the crisis and to reduce the number of refugees left waiting on the other two planets. By 31 ABY the Blue and Black sectors of the City had been completed while many of the residential sectors were left under construction, this complicated matters as recent attacks on Kar Alabrek had led to most of the Dlarit Security Force to be moved to Markosian while the Dlarit Special Operations Group assumed control of Kar Alabrek to clean up the damage and contaminants. Due to the sudden occupation of the city by the military forces, the number of residences available for the refugees from the other planets were slim to none causing a good deal of friction between the Dlarit Corporation and the refugees.

As 33 ABY rolled around the city continued development at a steady pace but was still far from complete even with the rushed production requested by Fremoc Pepoi and Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, an initiative which proved to give the citizens of Markosian steady jobs and a steady income. Sadly, shortly after the beginning of 33 ABY, Fremoc ordered an orbital bombardment on Green Sector thinking that the area was lost during the Ekind uprising. The entire Greens sector was leveled, as well as some other areas of the city.

Repairs of the damage caused by the bombardment was nearly completed by 35 ABY. Most of the city's major projects were also nearing completion. The population had skyrocketed in the past two years, already nearing the projected 250,000. But construction efforts would again be slowed when riots broke out. Many of the city's sectors were heavily damage, some were completely destroyed. Executive Director Jeric Cyrin was forced to enact martial law over the city and used the shield generator to isolate it from the rest of the planet. The capital was once again returned to Kar Alabrek.


A planned city by development, Markosian is comprised of five sectors that each are defined by their purpose within the city while maintaining individuality through unique locals and attractions.

Red Sector

Serving as the residential sector for the people of the city, the Red sector or Red zone is the largest of the five sectors of Markosian due to the known need for housing within the city. The Red and Green Sectors are primarily the outlying of the sectors due to knowledge of future need for expansion.

Ashen Meadows

  • Larger houses consisting of more modern designs, the buildings of Ashen Meadows are said to be the best you can get without moving to the hills surrounding the city. Ashen Meadows are located as an interim between the Ath'ael River and the Firefox Hills, a comfortable region that is starting construction and is projected to be completed between 32 ABY to 34 ABY.

Firefox Hills

  • Named foremost for the way the setting sun blazes upon these hills and sharing the name of a former Grand Master of the Brotherhood, this residential project was intended to belong to some of the elite being the largest buildings for residence besides Orian Manor. Sharing the ancient architecture of the planet, these homes will be known for their vaulted cathedral ceilings and hanging light fixtures when construction is completed. This region has not yet started construction and is projected to be one of the last regions of the city to be completed.
    Red Sector, Circa 34 ABY

Kashyyyk Arms Luxury Apartments

  • Why waste your time in some tenement, or a cookie-cutter Coruscant condo? The Kashyyyk Arms luxury apartments, located less than 5 kilometers from the newly rebuilt Green Sector of Markosian city, are the finest luxury homes available in the Outer Rim territories. First look at the stylish and cutting edge manufacture! On the outside, these homes seem to be a grove of the beautiful Wroshyr trees found on Kashyyyk, whose lush green boughs dip and overhang, giving shade and elemental protection, as well as homes for all manner of beautiful wildlife. How did we do it? Well, that's a trade secret, but we can say this. Using state of the art droid manufacture, as well as Ithorian biogenetic techniques, the durasteel frames upon which these homes are manufactured will last well longer than even the mighty Wroshyr trees they're modeled after, and are also insect repellent! The beauty doesn't end there friends, not by a long shot! Inside, these apartments, available in two, three, and four bedroom, are appointed with the finest of appliances from such brand names as CookTech, Cryonic, and our own proprietary in-home Chef Droid, the Z3 model home meal assistant unit. The Z3 even comes with a six million recipe database, with weekly updates from the home office. You can customize your updates as well, and the Z3 model will learn your tastes, suggesting new and exciting dishes for you to try. These units do not come pre-furnished, but before you sign the mortgage on your new home, take a look at our proprietary furniture catalogs, where you can find home interior products mirroring the latest fashions from the Core, the Tapani sector, and the Corporate sector, plus many, many more! Don't hesitate, the Kashyyyk Arms were granted only so much space within Markosian City, so once all the units are sold, you may find yourself without an opportunity to live in such a fantastic residence!

Sleepy Forest

  • Cottage style homes located in a beautiful wooded area containing a community lake for all residents enjoyment. Each home comes standard with a cozy fireplace and faux tauntaun rug to snuggle up to the fire with that special someone. Sleepy Forest cottages are affordably priced for the everyday homeowner.

Markosian Memorial

  • This Memorial was erected to honor of the people who lost their lives while during the Ekind uprising. Many come here to honor a brother, sister, mother, or father who were fated to be in the Green sector when the bombing started. Some bring flowers others bring tears, but all come to remember those now passed on.

Long Towers

  • Built in remembers of those who died in the siege of Markosian, the Long Towers were named for the list of civilians slain in combat and thanks to the generous donation from the Long family as a relief effort. Towering skyscrapers dot the landscape of the Red sector throughout the other regions and are amongst some of the most prestigious homes available in the capital.

Green Sector

Designed primarily as the retail sector of the city, the Green zone is rather small compared to what one would expect and is one of the heaviest sectors for traffic due to an almost constant flow of shoppers in and out of the sector. Sharing it's borders with the Red and Yellow Sectors, the Green zone is one of the sectors prepared for potential expansion. With nearly fifty percent completion of this sector, the Green zone is just barely keeping step ahead of the Red sector. After the Orbital bombardment, most of Green Sector was destroyed, but shortly after the rebuilding commenced, allowing a few places to open with more to come.

Budget General

  • The Budget General, where surplus and overstock collide in a riot of savings for you, the average buyer. Come let our vending droids know your needs, and watch as they effortlessly assist you in locating your future purchases, from thermographic imaging equipment, to Hoth rated sleeping bags. Check back frequently for warehouse overstock, from clothing to housewares. Nothing made is ever sold totally, and we keep it all here.

Get Printed

  • A publisher's outlet. A nice quiet place where people can come write their novels, poetry, short stories, etc. Everything is provided, a computer, personal thesaurus, personal dictionary, printing and proofreading services, as well as binding services for your works. Many different packages are available at reasonable prices.


  • A fast food franchise that has taken Markosian City by storm. Open breakfast, lunch, and dinner Markdonalds will server you food anytime you want. Come on by and try the new Markgridle served with a piping hot cup of coffee or delicious orange juice(only available during breakfast hours). Or the famous Quadruple Quarter Pounder with cheese, which is four Markpatties on a warm bun with 4 slices of cheese in between each patty topped of with our very own secret special sauce and on the side a large fries with a drink (only served during lunch and dinner hours). So come on down and don’t forget to bring the kids, while you wait for your food to be ready they can play in the miniature playground or even meet our mascot Arnold Markdonald the Selkath clown.

Wampa Hut

  • One of the largest eat-in pizza chains in the galaxy, Wampa Hut is known for the lunchtime buffets and signature Wampa shaped pies. While the eat-in experience is slowly a dying breed for many pizza chains, Wampa Hut’s deals and their exclusive Nerf-burger pizzas keep drawing a crowd.

Yellow Sector

A rather large and sprawling region, the Yellow zone is perhaps one of the most important sectors of the city due to its usefulness for the general public. Due to the nature of the services provided by this sector, it's peak hours are generally during the evenings and weekends. Current construction status has most of the yellow sector completed at approximately eighty percent completed, approximate completion is currently set for early 33 ABY.

Cineplex Orian

  • One of the largest cinema companies on Tarthos; with a range of different cinema’s from the Cineplex 24 to the Coliseum, they’re name is one of the greatest to be found in Markosian City. Cineplex Orian cinema’s are always the first to have a new movie in their theatres or the first to showcase a large event.

The Luscious Lekku

  • A high-class Gentleman’s club sitting away from the more family oriented entertainment, the Luscious Lekku caters to the needs of the busy Governmental, Military and Dlarit representatives after a busy or hectic day. As a well established club, the Luscious Lekku also caters to couples as well as single men.

Stage Time

  • An aerobics center where people can come and take classes to learn how to pole dance, line dance, and all other types of dances that are done on a stage.


  • One of the largest work out centers ever built in Markosian City. With five different floors for working out. On the first floor we have our lap pool, where we have many different water exercises ranging from water aerobics to water yoga. On the second floor we have our weight room, here we have all kinds of different workout equipment that will strengthen every muscle from your head to your feet. The third floor is the cardio room here in here we have a large track that circles the room and inside the track are workout bikes and much more. Now the fourth floor is what we like to call the self-defense floor, here we have master martial artist teach you any type of martial art you want to learn. Finally we have the fifth floor which is only open to our gold card members (which is only earnable with the say so of one instructor from every floor in the building), all that we can disclose here is that on the fifth floor our top of the line instructors will turn your body into something you could only dream of before.
    Yellow Sector, Circa 34 ABY

Scarlet Hawk

  • The Scarlet Hawk, a fine dining experience, catering to tastes from across the galaxy, specializing in exotic cuisines, many of which are considered illegal on their systems of origin. Try our 12 course tasting menu. Proper attire required.

Orian Arts Centre

  • A rather ritzy living arts centre, the Orian Arts Centre is amongst the premiere centres for the Arts in the Orian system. Host to numerous musical acts, visual arts shows and theatrical productions from various groups ranging from young, up-and-coming to experienced veterans; the Orian Arts Centre has earned several nods from the arts community for their successes.


The Crossroads is a very small bar and musical venue. It's something of a mystery in Markosian City, as there's very little, if any advertising except for handbills listing the musical acts that come through. Very much a blues dive in every sense of the word, the place is dim, and smells of cheap liquor and smoke. Still, there are truly loyal patrons here, most of them also musical acts. The place is known not to charge a fee for the use of the stage, as the first owner felt it important to not hinder the artists who come by to perform. This tradition is still in place under its current ownership. Among those in the know, this place also serves as a front operation, and recreation area for The Regulators, and is managed by one the team's own when not deployed on mission.

Black Sector

Balanced for location with the Blue Sector, the Black zone is a strictly militarized zone in which civilians are not permitted access to. Almost encircling the secure Blue zone, the Black sector is home to the rather large number of displaced Dlarit forces and is devoted to keeping the capital city safe. Following the Invasion of Orian, the Black sector had a large push for increased security and as such non-essential Dlarit personnel were put to work completing the sector.

Sector Five

  • A region of the Militarized zone named for its classified nature. Projects that occur in Sector Five are more often than not requisitioned and classified by the Governor of Tarthos and require the utmost attention and security around them, compared to the rest of the Militarized zone Sector Five is virtually impossible to enter without the right credentials. It is said by some members of the Dlarit forces that projects in this installation are monstrousities capable of ripping people in half with a simple flick of their wrist.

Fort Keibatsu

  • Named for one of the largest and most influential families in the Clan, Fort Keibatsu is one of the major military installations of Markosian City. The general population recognizes the Fort as a friendly gesture between Dlarit and the Keibatsu family that has fought alongside them for many years. With the most up to date equipment and being stationed closest to the Secure zone, Fort Keibatsu is the first on call for any military needs as well as are tasked with defending the Governor’s palace in extreme circumstances.

Installation Theta

  • A secure installation hidden somewhere within the Militarized zone; tasked with keeping the Governor and all essential personnel alive during orbital bombardment or planetary siege, Installation Theta is one of many secure facilities located beneath the surface of Tarthos and accessible through Markosian City. Installation Theta is also accessible through a series of passages leading to the Governor’s palace.

Blue Sector

The Blue sector is an extremely secure section supporting a good deal of the local infrastructure, while maintaining most of the governmental and administrative buildings for the entire planet this sector is also home to many regional buildings ranging from fire services, health services, educational services and many more. The Blue sector is one of the few completed regions of the city due to the importance of the infrastructure it provides for the city even in its incomplete state.

Orian Manor

Main article: Orian Manor

Orian Manor is the Governor's mansion of Tarthos, a marble white building consuming a large area of the Blue sector. While central to the entire city, the Mansion is also located directly underneath Platform Onyx located in Geosynchronous orbit above the city following the events of the Invasion of Orian. The Manor operates as the primary executive building for the city and is fully operational and buzzing with activity on a daily basis.

GSF Headquarters

Main article: GSF Headquarters

Located deep within the Orian Manor in the sub-basement, the Governor Security Force's headquarters are an impressive complex that spans the entire floor it's located on. Accessible only through service elevators and maintaining the correct clearance levels, the members of the GSF are secluded from prying eyes. Large living quarters are granted to the more permanent members on campus while all are offered the room if they need it. Near the centre of the complex lies the war room and sparring chambers, the latter specifically designed for hand-to-hand while the surrounding walls, floors and ceilings are designed to be lightsabre resistant to ensure safety to everyone outside of these chambers. The war room is designed to co-ordinate the battleteam and house military when necessary; the GSF more often than not operate as a Special Operations team and will take the lead in combat, during larger operations the battleteam will often be directed the Aedile or Quaestor from this chamber. Additionally the team has access to a well stocked armoury containing both Clan and House armour and weapons as well as personal equipment.

Orian Memorial Hospital

  • Formerly the Sanctuary General Hospital, the Orian Memorial Hospital is one of the largest and most well known hospitals in all of Markosian City and Tarthos. As one of the foremost hospitals on Tarthos, many of the professionals are somewhat force sensitive and have used their powers to help accelerate the healing of their patients. People are known to travel from all over Tarthos to seek medical attention, especially considering the infamy and praise the doctors and surgeons have received.

Sapphire Collegiate

  • The home of the Mighty Seals, this Collegiate is home of some of the greatest minds on Tarthos. With some of the largest fraternities and sororities on the planet, the Mighty Seals are heavyweights compared to all the schools especially during the annual Markosian City Pub-night.

University of Central Tarthos

  • A school that’s spawned some of the brightest politicians, business-people and officers that the galaxy has ever seen. With scholarship options and internship offers available from the Dlarit Corporation, UCT is one of the strongest schools available to those young adults that want to enter their field of choice faster than that of their colleagues.

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