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Roxas Buurenaar
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Summer of 13 ABY

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Glowing Red

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Rathelm Canex



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Roxas is a dedicated Mandalorian warrior, who eventually learned the Force after the death of his friends and family. He fell to the dark side and was waiting to be tried by the Jedi until he escaped. He then joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. His only reason for using the Force is to get revenge for the death of his Mandalorian Clan. Roxas is the former battle team leader of The Regulators. Roxas is also bartender of The Crossroads. He is known as Fremoc's only failed apprentice.

Before the Brotherhood


"Buurenaar sounds like a name you'd give to a dragon or something."
Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart

Roxas was born on the planet Mandalore, to Clan Buurenaar. His parents were never warriors, but it is in their blood, for his grandparents were warriors in their youth. Although his parents had never been a part of that life they wanted their son to be a warrior, so when he was still a child they sent him to the jungle moon of Onderon known as Dxun, where many Mandalorians are trained to be warriors.

Roxas's Symbol

Mandalorian Training

Roxas was born for Mandalorian training; he loved every second of it. With his clan he accomplished a multitude of missions. He successfully accomplished many bounty, assassination, and mercenary missions, receiving praise from his teachers. His clan was hired for many small wars and skirmishes. Due to this fact Roxas is an extremely skilled warrior. By the time he was thirteen he was extremely knowledgeable of combat techniques and tactics because of that he was usually given missions where he worked alone, for this reason his comrades called him "Wolf" and even made a symbol for him to wear on his armor. He wears this symbol on the right shoulder of his armor.

Listening To The Force

Like other Mandalorian that are believed to be Force Sensitive he ignored his feelings. During his time on Dxun, he was hunting and walked upon a dark place in the jungle. The area was ancient, it looked like animals went there to die, but it didn't smell like death. He walked around this ancient dark place amazed by it. While in that ancient and evil place he could feel an immense cold, it was so powerful that he could not ignore it, he believed that he was experiencing the Force for the first time. He never told his Clan. He decided he would not use the Force in combat, for fear of being outcast from his clan. He tried his best to ignore the Force, but it grew increasingly difficult.

A Warrior On His Own

The last battle of a once great clan.

The End Of His Clan

When Roxas was fifteen, his clan was hired as mercenaries to end a war between rival companies. The company that Clan Buurenaar was working for was legally logging trees and replanting younger ones to take their place, while their rivals were taking trees illegally and ruining the soil with pollution. The war waged taking a huge financial toll on both companies. Roxas's employer wanted the war over immediately, and asked the Jedi to end the conflict so that they could try diplomatic methods to resolve the problems. The Jedi Council sent a knight and an apprentice to investigate. The rival company, which was a front for a Dark Jedi received information from one of their spies that their enemy had asked the Jedi for help and informed their Dark Jedi friend of the situation. The Dark Jedi came to the aid of the company, killing most of Roxas's clan; while Roxas was away gathering supplies; which left the Jedi to handle the Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi had little trouble killing the knight. The apprentice trying his best just wasn't enough, so Roxas using a sword made of Mandalorian Iron joined the battle, to avenge his fallen comrades. After an extremely intense battle Roxas was severally wounded. The Dark Jedi could feel the Force flowing through the Mandalorian, but feeling that the Mandalorian needed training before he could be of any use decided to let him live, hoping to one day take him as an apprentice. The Dark Jedi was able to escape the planet virtually unscathed. The death of his clan members left Roxas as the only trained warrior of his clan. Roxas was taken to Mandalore to heal and recuperate. With the war over, the apprentice believed that Roxas would make a great Jedi. The apprentice tried to convince Roxas to come with him to Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi, but the proud Mandalorian would have no part in it. Roxas had more important things on his mind, like finding the Dark Jedi and avenging his Clan. Roxas had the symbol given to him by his clan tattooed on his right biceps as a way to remember his fallen comrades.

Looking For Revenge

Leaving the CEO's office

Roxas fully healed left Mandalore and headed for the company that hired the Dark Jedi. He killed every armed person that got in his way, essentially killing his way to the CEO, but not without his fair share of injuries. They employees were so frightened that they asked the nearby Jedi Enclave for help, and they sent help immediately. Roxas reached the CEO and tortured him until he told Roxas where to find the Dark Jedi, Nar Shadaa. Knowing where to go Roxas killed the CEO, and headed for his ship. On his way to his ship he was confronted by the Jedi that was sent to help. The Jedi asked him to come peacefully, but Roxas ordered the Jedi out of his way. This lead to a fight and Roxas was subdued and captured. The Jedi took Roxas before the Jedi Council and explained that Roxas had killed the entire company and resisted arrest. The Jedi Council decided that Roxas would be held in imprisonment until he was given a proper trial. While Roxas was imprisoned the Jedi apprentice that he met in the war came to visit him and after learning of what happened decided to help Roxas escape. The apprentice let the Mandalorian out of his Force cage and gave him a data pad that contained the layout of the temple. Roxas was seen trying to escape and the apprentice stepped in by fighting the Jedi that saw Roxas, giving the Mandalorian time to escape. Roxas doesn't know what ever happened to that Jedi apprentice, but presumes him dead.

Falling To The Darkside

Exploring The DarkSide

After escaping the Jedi he headed for Nar Shadaa, all the while training himself in the Force. While there Roxas found the Dark Jedi and confronted him. Roxas eventually chased the Dark Jedi to a landing platform and the ferocious battle continued, Roxas attempting to kill the Dark Jedi used a thermal detonator destroying the landing platform and injuring himself in the process. Though the landing platform was destroyed the Dark Jedi escaped. Unknown to Roxas the landing platform was owned by local slavers, who wanted compensation for their platforms destruction. Roxas being injured they took him as a slave. The slavers, realizing that Roxas was a Mandalorian didn't sell him. Instead they tortured him and kept him in a cage for nearly a whole year. One day his captives were attacked by rival slavers and his cage was damaged. After kicking the cage for a while the door of it fell off and Roxas using the battle as a cover escaped. Being in captivity altered his psyche to the point that he is extremely violent to those who disagree with him, though when he gets to know a person he calms down and is more collected with his demeanor. Though some people, he won't get to know, because his temper will lead him to hate the person to the point where he will stop acknowledging them, and eventually attempt to kill them. Roxas will wait and bide his time until he knows that he can kill the person and even waits for the proper time before actually attempting to kill them.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

After escaping the slavers he wandered the galaxy until he found the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and decided to join so he could learn what only someone adept in the Force could teach him. When he joined the Brotherhood Roxas was twenty years old. He joined Clan Naga Sadow as an Obelisk. He was a member of the Night Raptors battle team, until unfortunate circumstances the battle team was disbanded. In 33 ABY all the Clans were downsized into houses and the Houses were downsized into battle teams. Around 34-35 ABY Naga Sadow was restored to Clan status.

The Brotherhood

Unrest In The City

Aeotheran (33ABY)

Terrorists had been threatening the Dlarit Corporation owned by Tron Sadow. After receiving the transmission Roxas had a lot of catching up to do to reach his Clan, as he was still in Sadow Palace training. With a little luck he was able to catch up in time to help his clan with the action. Clan Naga Sadow infiltrated the terrorist organization and turned the media against them, and then Clan Naga Sadow was able to destroy the terrorist leader known as Deliverance. Roxas was able to aid his clan during the battle with Deliverance. During the mission Roxas showed his skills and abilities in battle, proving that he is an extremely determined warrior. He also showed his willingness to contribute to his Clan.


Markosian City

A few weeks later, a massive army of Vongspawn and Ekind attacked Tarthos. The Sadowans hurried to the defense of their planet. Roxas valiantly fought on the front lines aiding his Clan to push the enemy back a great distance and eventually defeating them, but not without sustaining significant injuries. After the Vong and Ekind had been removed from around the Temple, Roxas sensed something he hadn't in a long time, so he Force pushed the doors of the temple open. There he donned his golden armor and, disobeying his orders, took a Headhunter and flew for Markosian City. Letting his feelings guide him, he searched for the one who destroyed his Clan. As he neared the center of the city his ship was shot down and he had to continue the search on foot. After a short mishap of friendly fire from Araxis Pepoi Farron Roxas reached a Dlarit Corporation office building that the Dark Jedi that killed his clan had taken over. Roxas scaled the building, using the grappling hook on his armor. Roxas learned that the Dark Jedi was searching for him and that the Dark Jedi had helped the Vongspawn and Ekind during the invasion. The two fought an intense battle in which Roxas wounded the Dark Jedi and was thrown from the landing platform that they were fighting on. Roxas threw two thermal detonators as he fell, destroying the landing platform. Roxas was severally injured, suffering a dislocated shoulder, a broken arm, broken ribs, and a broken leg. Roxas was led by Venator to the base of resistance fighters that were combatting the invaders. There Roxas's wounds were tended too and he assumed control of the group. Roxas was not fully awake when Venator helped him; all he remembered was waking up in the Resistance base, and decided that he owed one to whoever helped him get there. Roxas taking command of the resistance fighters lead them toward the last place he saw his allies, the red sector. Roxas was surprised to hear a command come over his comm from Fremoc Pepoi, all forces were ordered to the blue sector as the green sector was declared lost. Leading the resistance group as fast as he could out of the sector, Roxas met up with Methyas and Araxis. Shortly after this, Fremoc Pepoi had green sector annihilated by the Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way. Roxas wasn't bothered by the destruction of the Green Sector instead he understood that some saccrifices would have to be made. During a temporary break in the fighting Roxas used the power of Force Hibernation to learn who had helped him find the resistance members. He learned that he was helped by Venator and vowed to help Venator out whenever he needed him. Roxas traveled with Methyas and Araxis to Orian Manor. And still suffering from his injuries went to the infirmary. There he had a soldier bring him his black suit of armor and send the gold suit to be scrapped as it had suffered irreparable damage. Roxas then went to the armory and got a new armory saber seeing as his other was destroyed during his fight with the dark Jedi. Roxas then went to the Final Way and gathered DSOG troops to aid in the battle in Kar Alabrek.

Kar Alabrek

Upon reaching the ruined city Roxas joined up with Methyas, Araxis, and Venator. Together they began the attack on the Vongspawn and Ekind. The group got separated as Methyas and Araxis rushed to aid Fremoc. Roxas lead his troops into Ragnos Cathedral. While inside he lead his troops further in, in an atttempt to clear the area of enemies. The group was attacked and a battle ensued. They were overwhelmed, and had to fall back and leave the Cathedral. While outside Roxas met up with Venator and they fought side by side and back to back aiding each other as they moved (The two dark Jedi work extremely well in combat). The Sadowans fought their way back to the cathedral under the orders of Fremoc. As he reached the cathedral Fremoc had Methyas and Araxis heal Roxas' wounds, while the Mandalorian boasted that he had killed over three hundred Vongspawn and Ekind. None of the dark jedi were able to open the doors to the Cathedral except an elder. Trevarus Caerick was the only person who could open the doors. As the elder opened the doors all the Sadowans ignited their lightsabers at the same time in preparation for the Vongspawn and Ekind inside the Cathedral. The doors opened and the Sadowans charged inside toward the enemies awaiting them, the Ekind Honor Guard. An intense battle began with heroes on both sides, the only difference was that the Sadowans were trained in the Force giving them an advantage against their enemies. After a fierce battle the Sadowans fought their way through the Great Sadow Library and made it to the Ritual Chamber. There they began the battle with the leader of the Vongspawn and Ekind, a beautiful woman named Hafa. The battle was long a fierce. As Methyas attacked her, she ran. He followed determined to get the information that he needed out of her. Just before she fled, giant arachnids stormed into the room from the ceiling and attacked the Sadowans. Roxas himself was pinned by one of the spiders and the only way that he ould escape was to ignite his forearm mounted flamethrower and set the creature on fire, causing it to burn to death. He then aided Teu Pepoi, whose arm was broken by one of the enormous arachnids. During this time Kano returned to Naga Ssdow and gave aid to his comrades. While the Sadowans were clearing the remaining enemies, Methyas killed the female enemy and retrieved the information that he needed. Soon after, Fremoc left Naga Sadow for his exile.

Disorder (34ABY)

Roxas was aboard the FCC Firefox when it landed on the desert that is Antei. He was provoked by some of his men and he fought them, killing the one's that attacked. He left the Sith armada and headed for the position being held by the Obelisk troops. As he reached their position he was captured and taken before of the Obelisk commanders. Roxas explained how he wanted to become an Obelisk and that he wanted to be trained by Fremoc Pepoi. They lead them to Fremoc's position, but the speeder they were using crashed and Roxas was lost in the desert for the rest of the war. He was finally rescued and he met up with Fremoc for his training.


A New Team

"I have a new team. It will be hard and if you don't keep up you will die quickly."
―Kano to Roxas

Shortly after the events of Disorder, Kano Tor Pepoi started a new battle team, which he called The Regulators. While Roxas was training, Kano came to him and asked him to join the team. Roxas agreed and was given a black bandana that had the crest of the new team on it.


Fremoc was practicing his techniques in the Temple of Blood on Sepros. Roxas was hiding nearby, secretly watching his master train. Fremoc received a message from Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow and was told that he was needed on Antei as he was now the Fist of the Brotherhood. Fremoc, who had noticed that his apprentice was watching him called him over. As Roxas approached him, Fremoc charged and knocked him to the ground. Fremoc handed Roxas the lightsaber that he had confiscated days earlier and handed it to him, as well as helped him back up off the ground. Fremoc informed Roxas that he was now knighted and then left without another word. The Raptor team of the Regulators was called to go to Aeotheran to help Macron kill Curwen Sunei for the murder of Ashura Isradia Sadow, but along the way Fremoc sent a message to the team and ordered them to capture Sunei instead, but only half the team heard it as the Raptor squad had already jumped out of the ship, using HALO jump to reach their destination.

Nifokalija Mountains, Aeotheran

The mountains were littered with a thick forest that was covered in a dense fog and deep snow. As the group walked a blaster bolt flew toward them and it was up to Roxas to find the sniper. Using the thermal imaging function of his helmet the Mandalorian was able to find and neutralize the enemy. The team walked over to where the enemy's body should have been and it had vanished. Deciding that it was the best thing to do, they launched a flare to signal their position to Kano and the others. Roxas fired his blaster and was met by a double edged pike to the neck of his armor, it was Kano's. He called out and Kano and the rest regrouped. Together the group continued toward their target. After some time the Regulators found a cave, and their target was inside. The team captured Sunei with any struggle. The M/CRV Reaper's Call picked up the team and their prisoner.

M/CRV Reaper's Call

The team was successful in its first mission, or that's what they thought. Sunei used some sort of dark side magic to put the Regulators to sleep and turn the crew of the ship into zombie like creatures, this also shut down the ship leaving it dead in space. Kano was the first to wake up and he woke up the rest of the regulators. The team began looking for a way to get the ship working again. Roxas was the first to be attacked by a crew member, who he struck down with ease. The team stayed on their guard as they continued the search of the ship, but one of their own, Methyas, was somehow possessed by Sunei and attacked Venator and Roxas. Venator was able to bring Methyas back to his senses, but not without sustaining injuries that included a collapsed lung and some broken ribs. With Venator's and Methyas's wounds being taken care of by John Witwalker and Dirk Valentine the team continued their search. Oddly enough Kano was slowly possessed as well, but Fremoc showed up and began fighting him to bring him back to his senses. The rest of the team had now found Sunei and began fighting him. Macron, Jade, Kalei, and Aleho cut through the ceiling of the bridge and dropped in to aid in the battle. The fights on the bridge and the one between Kano and Fremoc were intense and neither would end without death. Thanks to Macron's group and the Regulators Sunei was killed, but not without serious injury to the crazed alchemist. Fremoc unable to bring Kano to his senses killed him as a last resort. Macron lying on the floor of the bridge was dying, but the members of Sadow wouldn't allow it to happen. Every member in the room reached out with the Force and gave a portion of their own energy and connection to keep the Sith from dying. At this time Roxas discovered something within himself that was buried deep within his soul, but was unable to understand it. With the group concentrating all that they had on the Sith alchemist, they were able to revive him. With the mission finally over the Regulator returned to Tarthos to bury their fallen comrade and brother in arms, Kano.

Funeral of a Vod

"Let the afterlife know that when Kano is armed, and drunk, even the departed aren’t safe."
―Venator at Kano's funeral

The scene was full of sadness as the wake was taking place. Each member walked by their fallen comrade and put some small trinket or other in the casket. Venator being second in command had taken complete command of the Regulators as the teams new Sargent. Roxas, Rang and Witwalker stood near the hole to which their ally would be placed, each man holding a rifle. And as Venator gave the order they fired over the casket into the sky in honor of their past Sargent. An hour later at the Pepoi residence, Roxas wore his full suit of Mandalorian armor and no matter how many times he was asked or told to remove at least the helmet and get comfortable he would ignore it, for in his own way he was honoring his fallen comrade. Roxas never have been in the Pepoi compound began walking around and found Kano's old room. He entered and saw his former master's helmet on a shelf. Roxas removed his helmet and said his goodbyes. (There is more to come, editing is needed before posting)

Markosian Slavers

Children orphaned during the occupation of Markosian had begun disappearing. Mirado, who was the new leader of the Regulators, decided to use the team to investigate. Mirado, Masika, and Roxas split up to find out what they could by using their own old contacts for information. Roxas headed for his home planet of Mandalore. There he met up with his parents and asked for any information or advice that they could give and was instructed to head for their clan’s old base on Dxun. While on the way to his Clan’s old base, Roxas stumbled upon a Boma, Roxas was forced to use his DC-17m to defend himself. He was hit by the beast and his blaster was trampled making it useless. The Mandalorian defeated the boma and continued to the base. Roxas tried to use the base’s computer to get information on the slavers, but the generator wasn’t working. After a few hours of working with it, he was finally able to get the generator running. He gathered all the information from the computer and then destroyed it, before returning to Tarthos.

The Crossroads

Back on Tarthos, in a bar that was bought for Naga Sadow, the Regulators were being further briefed by their leader. They were informed that there are people going around behind them and erasing proof of what they had done, and also, locating where the slavers were basing their operations. After some snooping by Masika, the Regulators were able to get tickets to an event where the slavers would all meet at. The Regulators successfully infiltrated and crashed the party, killing all the slavers and freeing the children. Shortly after, Mirado gifted the Crossroads to Roxas.

The Regulators (35 ABY)

Roxas briefing the Regulators.

Mirado was promoted to a higher position and left the battle team to Roxas. The Mandalorian immediately set out to reorganize most of the team. While doing so, pirates attacked the planet of San Karinor. They pillaged and stole all they could, eventually seizing control of the planet. With help from a former Regulator turned Krath Tetrarch of The Raptors, Masika Oshairana, the two battle teams joined together to handle the pirates. Within hours the Pirates were all, but extinct and the planet was back under Naga Sadow control.

Great Jedi War X

The grandmaster ordered the destruction of the Jedi of House Odan-Urr. Clan Naga Sadow responded quickly. The Regulators were used to clear the forests of New Tython in search of Jedi, the native peoples and Mandalorians from Clan Ordo. Roxas fought a fellow Mandalorian head on in the war, but came out victorious. He had no feelings about killing the man, but did state that killing one of his own kind was a fun challenge. In one of the last battles the majority of the Sadowan forces surrounded a downed dreadnought, they entered clearing the enemies inside and detonated it to clear the field of any other enemy resistance. The Jedi of Odan-Urr WERE defeated and the war ended. Shortly after the war the Regulators were temporarily disbanded (35 ABY) and Roxas was promoted to Prefect of Gamuslag.



"Leave this place Roxas, before you wind up even more of a failure."

Roxas was at the hidden training grounds of DSOG on Sepros to help train the troops. Fremoc goaded Roxas into attacking him, but Kano and Araxis released four Force Blasts, breaking Roxas's hands, knees, ribs and causing internal bleeding. Kano went to deliver the killing blow, but Fremoc stopped him after receiving a message that The Consul Macron was sending for Roxas to be brought to him. Fremoc dragged Roxas to the Onyx 2 to meet with Macron.

After Macron's Alchemy

Onyx 2

Sildrin Sadow showed a slight kindness by relieving some of the Mandalorian's pain, but not much; stating that she didn't want to take the fun of hearing Roxas in pain from Macron Sadow. Macron using Alchemy healed Roxas's wounds, but not without side effects. Roxas was made stronger and faster, as well as getting glowing red eyes. The Alchemy was extremely painful and Macron told him that he would have to have a strong will to survive. Roxas's skin would literally ripple as his body changed, this lasted until it had fully run it's course and he was completely healed. While on board the space station, terrorists attacked various places in the Sepros System, to effect the environment of the several planets. Macron, Fremoc, Malisane Sadow, and Roxas headed for Aeotheran to aid there, while other members of Naga Sadow spread throughout the system to aid in other areas.

Aeotheran and a bikini clad blonde (EQ1)

Macron, Fremoc, Malisane Sadow, and Roxas landed outside of Kel Rasha near a power plant across from a beach. While crossing the beach, littered with civilians, a sniper shot Roxas's helmet, breaking the T shaped visor. Instantly many terrorists began running from the power plant and firing at the group of dark Jedi. Civilians in the area ran for their lives, except one woman, who was so frightened that she couldn't move. Roxas sprang into action, rapping her with his crimson cape and setting the damaged helmet over her blonde head to protect her. He then carried her to safety, where she thanked him with a kiss and promised to meet him again at the Crossroads. Roxas and the woman were extremely enamored with each other and had a strong attraction, even though they had just met. The four Sadowans quickly an easily took care of the terrorists within the power plant, thanks to the Mandalorian's flamethrower.

Marakith Skyhook

Locke, Methyas, Mirado, and Atra Ventus confronted Macron over the recent evidence that they had witnessed. That included the weird alchemically created creatures on Gamuslag as well as Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow imprisonment. Roxas stepped in to aid Macron by fighting both Locke and Mirado at the same time, but Roxas was overcome by Mirado's expertise in Teras Kasi.The fight waged on until the Grandmaster Muz Ashen used the Force to subdue everyone to end the fight, so that he could take Macron with him to Antei. Years ago Muz had ordered Macron to secretly use alchemy on members of Naga Sadow to create many strong Force adepts. The only members that Macron was able to turn into "experiments" were Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow, Atra Ventus, and Roxas Buurenaar. Of the three only Atra and Roxas are known to be stable. While Roxas was out cold Locke assumed the role of Consul and granted Teu with the title of Proconsul. He also made Atra Quaestor of Shar Dakhan. When Roxas awoke he told Locke that he didn't know how to handle the Krath's treason, so when he needed Roxas that he should send Mirado to mediate and then left the skyhook and headed for Tarthos.

Tarthos/The Crossroads (36ABY)

Roxas waited for the woman that he rescued on Aeotheran, so he could get his cape and helmet back. He was also going to take her on a date. She arrived drenched from the rain. She told him that her name is Pacifica Angelus. Their date was interrupted by some thugs, so Roxas attacked them. Pacifica being an advocate of peace asked Roxas not to kill all of them; even though, the thugs planned on raping her. He did as she asked and while dragging the remaining two out of The Crossroads he noticed that the city had fallen into chaos due to riots. He made sure that Pacifica was safe and then aided the DSOG troopers that were fighting to end the riots.

Roxas training in the forest outside Ragnos Cathedral
A Storm Is Coming

Roxas and Pacifica hit it off well. She went to visit her parents for a while, so Roxas went into the woods outside of the Ragnos Cathedral to train and hopefully to learn a way to counter Teras Kasi in case he was to ever encounter it again in the future.

Children of Revolution

"So Roxas, how does a hero to the people become a traitor?"

"I have no idea what “hero” means. And it’s not easy to get a straight answer when I ask for the definition. There is no such word in my language."
―Macron and Roxas

The summit had summoned every member of Clan Naga Sadow to meet at the Sadow Palace on Sepros, but Roxas chose to ignore the call and continue his training, knowing that it was most likely something to do with the fact that Locke had taken the mantle of Consul from Macron by Force and that Roxas didn't want to have any part in a civil war within the clan. Not long after the first call, Roxas received another that a member of Marka Ragnos named Setsuna Sakurazaki was injured and asking for aid in Markosian city because the city had been attacked my Macron's Sith spawn ewoks and other alchemically altered creatures. Roxas headed for Markosian to provide aid, but soon after helping her, Setsuna turned on Roxas with a heart stun and arrested him, ordering troops to take him to Sepros. In transit Roxas woke up and attacked the troopers that were holding him and attempted to escape as the ship started to land on Sepros, but Teu stopped him by overpowering him with her Force abilities. Roxas was then stripped to his underwear and locked in the detention center of the Sadow Palace. Soon after being captured, Atra Ventus the new Quaestor to Shar Dakhan came to Roxas and offered him freedom if he would join him under the cause of reuniting the Clan and without a second thought the Mandalorian accepted. Atra and Roxas came across Macron in the damaged halls of Sadow palace after it had been attacked by a horde of terrified wildlife and they headed to confront Locke in the consul's office. Locke and Macron fought out their differences and the rest of the supposed traitorous members had resolved their issues as well. Once again the Clan was whole; although, Markosian City had been left in a frozen ruin in the process.

Sepros System Invaded

The two Houses of Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis allied with each other and invaded the Sepros System, attacking the planet of Sepros and the city of Kel Rasha on Aeotheran. After receiving the information that the system had invaded, Roxas formed a small team to attack the space fleet by boarding enemy ships and destroying them from the inside. The team consisted of Robert Sadow, Darth Vexatus, Tyren Atema, and the new Aedile of Shar Dakhan Kairus. Bob and "Xanos" provided cover with star fighters while the other three boarded enemy ships. They were successful in temporarily disabling the MJHC Relentless. While aboard the cruiser the three Sadowans worked well together; although, they had never been properly acquainted, even fighting to help each other. At one point Tyren had been outnumbered and injured, so Roxas came to his aid. While helping Tyren, the Mandalorian's left arm was hit with a Spear of Midnight Black, which broke his arm. The team was called back to Sepros in order to help the ground forces drive the remaining enemies from the planet just as the enemy houses turned on each other. After the battle Roxas and Atra, the two experiments of Macron Goura Sadow, spoke slightly. Atra thanking Roxas for making the decision to not forsake the Sadowan Summit and to rejoin the Clan proper; although, Roxas still had his reason, it was the choice that mattered. Soon afterward Roxas met Pacifica's parents and got her father's blessing to be with her. Setsuna also returned the white bladed lightsaber to Roxas, but he kept using his cyan one.

Rebirth Of Clan Buurenaar


Roxas woke up early in the morning due to a nightmare. He decided to go to the Cross Roads on Tarthos and grab his Mandalorian armor, which he had left there for safe keeping. He quickly returned to his girlfriend's home on Aeotheran and he made her pack her bags. The two jumped into a speeder and headed for the spaceport. Although the speeder was under heavy fire from the spaceport, Roxas was able to get through the defenses. There he met Coop Ter'An and Tiberius Di Cloud. Roxas ordered a transport to take Pacifica to Mandalore and deliver her to his parents for safe keeping. Roxas had secretly messaged his father and taken the reigns as leader of Clan Buurenaar, by giving the order to protect Pacifica with his life. Their ship stalled on their way to Antei and they were picked up by various members of Clan Arcona and other houses. Under the eefects of the plague Coop attacked Roxas. Roxas proved his metal against the crazed Journeyman by knocking him out and sparing his life. Roxas then aided in retaking Yridia II from Zoraan's forces before returning to the Orian System to strike back and return the system to Sadowan control as well as to show that Clan Naga Sadow would not stand for invasion. During this time Roxas began secretly training with Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart because the atrocities he had witnessed from the plague had troubled him.

Mand'alor Buurenaar (37 ABY)

" Take the sword of our people and rebuild us. I will not be able to lead us until I have restored our honor."
―Roxas to his father

Once a small peace had returned to the Orian System Roxas, left for Dxun. He would need to do a few things before going to see his parents. While on Dxun, he searched his Grandfather's old room at the now abandoned base that belonged to his Mandalorian Clan. There he found the sword that he used to fight the dark jedi that killed his clan. The sword was dusty, but didn't lose it's edge or it's meaning. Only the leader of Clan Buurenaar could carry the weapon. With the sword in his possession Roxas headed to Mandalore. On Mandalore he presented the sword to his father and made him the leader of the clan. With his parents' approval of Pacifica he proposed to her and returned with her to Aeotheran. Roxas began secretly training in the lightside with Methyas, but not to become a Jedi. After seeing a lot of the darkness and evil done by darksiders, Roxas decided that he should be more grey. His feelings for Pacifica also influenced Roxas making his alignment lighter.

Legacy of Sadow and a Crusade

Roxas's right eye
Roxas was given a mission to scout out the city of Kel Rasha on Aeotheran, to take it back from One Sith that had taken the city as their own. He reached the planet with a LOLO jump and preceded to infiltrate the city using prototype equipment that would possibly become standard issue for Naga Sadow. The equipment consisted of a black cape that would turn into a glider when jerked in a specific manner and a small grappling hook that attaches to the wrist and can be used repeatedly. He successfully used the gear to infiltrate the city and was even able to adapt the equipment to help him sneak through the streets without being noticed. He gathered the needed information for an invasion to begin retaking the planet and found that his greatest enemy was in the city. Roxas followed him to a small underground base in the Nifokalija Mountains and then found out the name of the man, who killed his Mandalorian Clan, was Crissor. Roxas fought Crissor to avenge his Clan, but slowly turned from wanting vengeance to wanting justice. This weakened the Force Bond between them and allowed some of Macron's alchemy, that had yet to take hold, flow into Roxas and change him yet again. The changes were minor, being an odd Sith'esk "tattoo" in the cornea of his right eye, fangs, and stronger slightly longer fingernails that were claw like. Roxas killed Crissor breaking the Force Bond, but not after taking some serious injuries and completely destroying what had made him recognizable with in Naga Sadow, his Mandalorian Armor. Roxas sat against a vehicle at the battle site to rest and had a vision of his grandfather, who told him that the Sword of Buurenaar isn't the actual symbol of the Clan's leader, but an ancient lightsaber created by their ancestor is. He also told him that the main branch of Clan Buurenaar secretly used the Force at one time, but it had fallen out of practice. Roxas left to Endor to collect his fallen Mandalorian brothers from long ago, but more importantly to get a lead to the Lightsaber of his Clan. Once he arrived on Endor the owner of Galactic Exports informed Roxas that the competing company is back to its old tricks and that his help was needed. Roxas agreed to help, so long as he was given everything that belonged to his Clan.
Dark Crusade

During this time period forces of the brotherhood were sent to many planets in the Sith System to retake them from the One Sith and claim dominion of them. Each unit (clan or house) that conquered the planet got to keep it.

Fenrir and a wedding

During a time of rest between battles of the Dark Crusade Roxas acted on a vision he had received from the spirit of his grandfather, to find a lightsaber created by his ancestor, by going to Endor to gather the remains of his fallen Mandalorian Clan and to help the company that he had been hired too all those years ago. The CEO of the company gathered the remains and equipment of the fallen members of Clan Buurenaar while Roxas once again lead an assault against their enemy logging company. Roxas was successful in destroying the company quietly and even defeating Crissor's old Apprentice. The apprentice was a young woman that had the lightsaber of Clan Buurenaar surgically implanted into her body. Once he had removed the lightsaber from her body his grandfather's spirit reappeared and told him that the name of the weapon was Fenrir and that it was created by their ancestor thousands of years ago to defeat a Sith that out of insanity vowed to destroy Clan Buurenaar and implant his soul in its leader. Roxas knowing the laws of the Brotherhood decided not to use the weapon upon his return to Aeotheran, so that it wouldn't taken from him and to keep him from using it until he was given the rights to a custom lightsaber. The weapon once contained an incineration crystal, but it was sucked dry of its energy from being implanted in the woman. The power of it burned her alive without the hilt inside her to regulate the power.

After returning Roxas and Pacifica Angelus were married. It was a decently sized, but private ceremony; involving her entire family and his parents. After the ceremony Roxas and Pacifica performed a traditional Mandalorian marriage with both his and her parents as witnesses. At the reception Roxas's father gifted him with a blank set of Durasteel alloy Mandalorian armor plate, gauntlets, and a helmet; all to be used in the construction of a new suit; although, Roxas had already begun construction of a next generation suit.

Roxas's Strike Armor with prototype rifle
Sins of Our Fathers and Betrayal from within

Clan Naga Sadow launched a small offensive against Taldryan trainees to show that CNS shouldn't be mocked or threatened. Soon after a Commando from CNS name Daggath Prost hacked the SHADOW network and went rogue. He headed for Nar Shaddaa to sell the information to the highest bidder. Roxas completed his advanced suit of Mandalorian Armor that he designated as "Strike Armor," just before heading out to join Macron, who had created a team to catch Prost, on Nar Shaddaa. The Strike Armor was damaged, causing Roxas to later begin testing and improving on the armor periodically. The Sadowans caught and killed Prost after leaving a lot of collateral damage in their wake.

After Athis

Roxas was promoted to Obelisk Prelate. He moved in with Pacifica at her home on Aeotheran. Roxas, Macron, Shirai Ryu Dupar, and Maelous Ascarend formed a team to retake Markosian City on Tarthos. Two teams had been formed to try and make a small competition of it, but the four Sadowans won and even took care of all the people that might become a threat later. The four Sadowans began calling themselves The Four Horsemen because each of them resembled a member of the ancient apocalyptic tale. After yet again liberating Markosian, Roxas repaired and began using Fenrir, but the weapon wasn't at its full strength because he wasn't able to get ahold of an incineration crystal.

The Horsemen of Naga Sadow

They decided to accept their destiny and began calling themselves The Horsemen of Sadow. They took up new names that suited their abilities.

After Great Jedi War XI/Slice of life/Awakenings/Awakened from the dream

Roxas fought valiantly during this war, same as many other warriors on each side of the conflict, but soon after the Orion System was attacked by The Organization and while fighting against them on Tarthos he was captured, but not before rescuing his wife and her parents on Aeotheran and secretly helping to free the city from The Organization's control. While in captivity they experimented with unique forms of torture and brain washing, trying to turn the Sith Spawn Horseman of War to their cause. Dragoon began a search for Roxas after the conflict had ended, the trail had gone cold, but he was able to gather some intel that he too to the Consul Locke Sonjie. When the opportunity arose Locke sent a small team to find and rescue Roxas. The team consisted of Cethgus Tiberius Entar, Sanguinius and Marcus. They succeeded in rescuing finding Roxas, who then aided in his own escape, but not without sustaining serious injury and had to be put into a medically induced coma. He awoke a few months later and immediately headed for Mandlore where he fought an enemy madalorian clan and returned to the Orion System with his wife, who he was surprised to learn was pregnant with his child.

Random Information

Roxas only knows two languages: Basic and Mandoa. He believes anything else is a waste of his time. He strongly follows Resol'nare with one exception being the use of the Force, he justifies this by referring that the Force is a weapon and that is how he intends to use it. He also justifies the Force by almost twisting the Mandalorian code of Resol'nare by stating that he only uses the Force for vengeance. It is unknown where he currently lives and when asked he replies either Mandalore or Dxun. There have been many rumors that he either lives in a hut in the woods of Tarthos or he doesn't sleep at all and instead spends all of his spare time in the training halls. The latter of the two is convenient as Roxas usually does spend his time training; although, Roxas has moved into the back room of The Crossroads and lives there; only a few people actually know that he lives there. Roxas is driven by duty and honor, but he won't let the quest for honor kill him, as he is wise enough to know when he is doing something stupid. Fremoc views Roxas as a failed apprentice, even though Roxas passed the training and earned the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

Power of the Demon

During his training with Fremoc, Demonic would make many appearances. It lead Roxas to believe that his master couldn't fully control Demonic. Soon it was as if Fremoc wasn't training Roxas at all, but Demonic was. In fighting the "two" Roxas was almost forced into taking on the lightsaber form Shii-Cho in order to survive. He quickly grew extremely proficient in the form and he is able to adapt the form to almost any combat situation. When Roxas wasn't training with Fremoc/Demonic he was secretly using the Force power Hibernation Trance to learn the power of Demonic for himself. He eventually was able to learn it, but not the same way as his master. Roxas learned that it was a Force Form and how to control it without creating an alter persona. Roxas can use the Force From for three minutes without suffering more than extreme exhaustion, but for each additional minute after the initial three he loses one hour of consciousness; and after eight minutes the ability becomes instantly lethal upon deactivation of the Force Form. With time he may grow strong enough to where he can use the form longer, but it is unconfirmed if this is possible or if the form's limitations are set permanently.



Roxas' Lightsabers

Upon reaching knighthood Roxas constructed his first lightsaber, which he affectionately calls "The Wolf's Fang." After constructing his first saber, Roxas immediately began training in the lightsaber form known as Shii-Cho, which is an aggressive and deceptive lightsaber form. During World Wreckers the wolf's fang was damaged, so Roxas had to build a new lightsaber. It differed from his first in that it had a straight hilt with padding for his hand and a white blade. That blade was later taken by Setsuna during Children of Revolution, so Roxas had to construct his third lightsaber. The color of the blade slightly matches the eye color of Pacifica Angelus. The white blades saber was eventually returned by Setsuna and the Cyan blade was destroyed, but instead of going back to the other Roxas created a new one. It had a red blade and matching accents, he did it to match his Sith Spawn status. It was destroyed by Crissor, so Roxas went back to the white blade.


Fenrir is the lightsaber created by Roxas's ancestor to defeat Crissor. The blade originally held an incineration crystal, but it was sapped of its power, so Roxas replaced it with an adegan crystal. The weapon is Roxas's birthright, as he is the rightful leader of Clan Buurenaar. The lightsaber has secretly been passed down the main branch of the Clan since it's creation. In order to get the weapon back Roxas had to carve it out of the stomach of Crissor's apprentice. It was implanted in her, so she would be more powerful in the Force. It worked, but once the blade was removed from her she burst into flames. The power that she absorbed from the incineration crystal could no longer be regulated by Fenrir, with it removed from her body. At times it seems as if the lightsaber has a mind of it's own, in actuality it is the spirit of it's creator/Roxas's ancestor exuding his influence in an attempt at coomunication. Fenrir can only be wielded by someone of the main branch of Clan Buurenaar, and of immediate family (IE significant others) The weapon was created to protect the family of its owner and to destroy Crissor.


  • I based Roxas off of many different characters, but one in particular was Solid Snake/Big Boss of the Metal Gear Solid series. I also attempted to lightly base him off of my own personality, by making him able to apply his knowledge and problem solving skills to figure things out on his own, but he still needs help on occasion.
  • I asked Macron for the Alchemy because I needed something that would set my character apart from others (especially since the numbers of Force Adept Mandalorians in the DB is rising)
  • Pacifica Angelus is Latin for Peaceful Angel, I created her to try and give Roxas something more to fight for that vengeance for the death of his family, I also created her to develop him into understanding more about life and that there are other things to live for besides war. In a way I wanted to give him more depth and mature him.
  • Don't speak Mando'a on the CNS mIRC channel or you'll get kicked (I know from experience) >.>