Dark Crusade - Prologue

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Exodus era.
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Capturing the Avenger II
Conflict: Zoraan has been defeated. The Grand Master wants to capture his starship, the SSD Avenger II before it can escape the system.
Date: 30 ABY
Location: Super-class Star Destroyer Avenger II

List of Participants

Outcome: Avenger II captured

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

One Sith


Muz Ashen

Darth Necar

  • Kalia
  • Atra
  • Araxis
  • Archangel
  • Methyas
  • Backup Teams

  • Unknown
  • Soldiers/Officers
  • Reaper and Frost
  • Dantella Novae* (captured/turned)
  • Darth Necar

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The Dark Crusade Prologue is a Brotherhood-wide event designed to capture the Avenger II. Members have been tasked organized into 18 teams, have been given the task to board and capture the former flagship of Grand Master Zoraan. The fog of war destroys the greatest of plans and yours will be no different. Information for this adventure will be provided to you but it does not limit the scope of your run on. Keep things interesting and exciting by focusing on character progression and plot development!


In the wake of their master's death, the SSD Avenger II is attempting to flee the Antei System before the Brotherhood can mount a counter-attack. However, without Zoraan's guidance, the ship is having difficulty navigating through the Shroud leaving it blind and vulnerable for attack.

Muz Ashen has recruited you and a team of powerful Dark Jedi to board the Avenger II, eliminate all opposition, and capture the vessel for the Dark Brotherhood.

The Mission

Phase I

Hangar Bay - Click to enlarge.

Your team has departed Antei after receiving an operations order from the Dark Council. Intelligence reports indicate the SSD Avenger II's external weapons will be hampered by the effects of the Shroud allowing your shuttle to dock at an axillary hangar bay, opposition is expected to be extreme once on board.

Your team has been tasked to board the ship and secure a small hangar bay. Additional teams will be operating throughout the ship in a simultaneous attack designed to confuse and disrupt enemy forces.

Be prepared for trouble. And remember, the obvious route is not always the best one...

Phase II

Explosions rock the SSD Avenger II as Dark Jedi Brotherhood forces successfully breach multiple access points within the ship. Your team has secured the hangar and defeated the combined forces of Reaper and Frost. Preparing to move forward, you begin to conduct inspections of personnel, ammunition, and supplies, but are interrupted by secondary assault teams arriving within your hangar. A transport shuttle bearing the markings of the Dark Council touches down and the Deputy Grand Master descends the boarding ramp accompanied by Pontifex Ekeia Iclo.
Map of the Security Deck

Without hesitation, the Pontifex moves towards your team and hands your team leader a datapad. Ekeia informs you that the message is coded, stamped priority, and the contents of the message may be shared at the discretion of the team leader. Accessing the datapad, your team leader sees the following: Coded Transmission Data

Ekeia rejoins Raken and his assault team as they move toward a secondary infiltration point within the hangar. You and your team are unaware of the Deputy Grand Master’s mission, but their presence has added a distraction to your already difficult mission.

Your team reassembles and moves toward the waiting turbo-lifts, eager to push forward before the enemy can regroup. As the last of your team enters the lift, you tap the console highlighting the bridge level. The lift accelerates upwards with a burst of speed, the only sounds coming from the hum of recycled air and your teams breathing. Before you can gather your thought, the lift slams to a stop, hundreds of meters below your objective. From behind the durasteel turbolift doors, you can hear the blaring sound of sirens and military commands.

The enemy has reacted more swiftly than you had hoped.

Security has disabled the lift and activated the ship's automated defenses. You turn to your comrades and reach an agreement. A lightsaber flares to life, stabbed violently through the metal walls entrapping you. In a few moments, your makeshift door falls to the ground with a thud and you begin to climb your way out of the turbo-lift....but, before your team can move forward, a flash bang rolls in to the turbo-lift and detonates amongst your team. Temporarily blinded and partially deaf from the enclosed explosion, your team spills out of the car...

To move on, you're going to have to disable the ship's security and find a new path to the bridge.

Phase III

Bridge - Click to enlarge.

Klaxon's wail and red emergency lights flash as the combined forces of the Dark Brotherhood assault the SSD Avenger II. Your team has triumphed against Dantella Novae and successfully navigated their way to the ship's bridge to discover madness. A lone man stands surrounded by bodies and blood, his chest heaving and his mind fragmented within the Force. As you step forward, the man turns towards you, his eyes glazed with insanity and a deranged smile alights his face. As your team moves in to position to engage, you notice additional movement within the room....


  • Note - Replace Boss info with characteristics and traits from winning RO depictions

Reaper and Frost

  • identical twin dark jedi, late twenties
  • humans
  • excessive chatter, annoying
  • pale skin, dark hair, combat attire
  • lithe and agile, very acrobatic combatants
  • Dual Lightsabers (red, white)
  • Force Slam (the ability to lift an opponent in the air and slam them to the ground)
  • The twins combine Force attacks to increase their power

Dantella Novae

Priority Voice Intelligence Report: Bravo India 06

Darth Necar

Priority Voice Intelligence Report: NOVEMBER ECHO 13


Participation List
Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6
Koryn Eiko Atra Marick Kairus Mirus
Shadow Nighthun Ronovi Araxis Socorra Setsuna Malfrost
Raiju Solus Gar Archangel Teroch Locke Mirando
Evant Alaris Jinn Kalia Tsainetomo Roxas Bubbles
Morotheri Tra'an Methyas Wuntila Coop Lokasena
Teylas Ramar
Team 7 Team 8 Team 9 Team 10 Team 11 Team 12
Shadow Taldrya Gaius J.C. Nikola Valtiere Valhavoc Nath Voth Halcyon
Jac Vessicant Nadrin Troutrooper Zakath Benevolent
Aeson Silent Anigrel Skye Dulovik Damon Tye Keirdagh
Rian Telum Oberst Montresor Incendus Layon Krayt Anubis
Talon Kuro Kogarasu Kell Palpatine Tirano Andrelious Tarax
Team 13 Team 14 Team 15 Team 16 Team 17 Team 18
Xathia Vynn Jaek Macron Etah Anshar
Kant Lavar Sang Fet'ai'narun Vexatus Putra Altheseus
Celevon Ood Cethgus Jeric Kalon Dane Jason Hunter
Arden Karn Wes Inarya Xia Valeriuskane Tenda
Kal Kratus K'tana Shirai Anduriel Mirado