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The Equites, or Equals, belong to the class that comprises the middle ranks of the Brotherhood. At the point of ascension to the Equite Class, each member is formally accepted into their Order of choice: Sith, Jedi, or Force Disciple, Loyalist or Mercenary. Though the ranks carry different appellations, specific to the philosophy and duties of the order, a Force Disciple Mystic will be equal to a Sith Warrior of their respective Order.

Of course, the reality is often quite different. While the Elders are often quite secure in their position, the Equite are the most tenuous. This Class is riddled with intrigue, as the Orders compete among themselves through the Equite Class. Jedi of this Class often hold high positions within the Clans and Orders. Competition for position and honor is fierce. The pressure of these positions, to satisfy the Elders above them on the Dark Council, and keep the Journeymen in check, has caused more than one to an early end.

Individually, there is also turmoil. The Equites are more powerful than the class below them, but in a position to realize that the Elders are keeping secrets from them. If their position does not cause conflict, a desire for mystical advancement often will. Some will become attachés to Dark Councilors, in the hopes of gaining knowledge. Others will seek out deadly knowledge themselves. Those who succeed in the service of the Dark Council are often highly regarded. The second, are often destroyed before they become a threat to the Brotherhood.

Overall, the Equites are the most dedicated of the three classes. Their future depends on the success of the political structures of the Brotherhood, especially within the Clans of the Brotherhood.

Ranks Sith Order Force Disciple Order Jedi Order Mercenaries Loyalist Forces
EQ4 Warlord Augur Warden Reaver Colonel
EQ3 Battlelord Seer Vanguard Corsair Lieutenant Colonel
EQ2 Battlemaster Savant Ranger Raider Commander
EQ1 Warrior Mystic Peacekeeper Privateer Major

Journeymen Equite