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Orian System



Orbital period:

400 standard days


6,400 km


High levels of greenhouse, acid, and toxic gasses/aerosols

Primary Terrain:

Terrestrial; Mountains, toxic ocean

Native species:

Human 80%, Seprosian 18%, other: 2%

Official language:



1,000 in Cenota Facility, barracks space reserved for Orian Assembly units


Naga Sadow

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Gamuslag (pronounced Gahm-yoo-slahg), also known as Sepros Major, is the largest of the moons of Sepros. It is a terrestrial-type moon with a dense metallic core. The moon also undergoes sporadic volcanism, indicating liquid magma beneath the surface. These two combined effects contribute to the moon’s rather strong magnetic field. The outpouring of gasses and minerals from the active volcanoes in the moon’s early history created an initial atmosphere with large amounts of nitrogen and sulfur.


Ancient History

The moon has a long and sordid history. Long ago, Sith Lord Urias Orian used it as a dumping ground for his failed experiments and other vile things. The former Dlarit Corporation continued this tradition, using the ball of rock and metal as an industrial waste dump and radwaste storage facility. In particular, wastes from the mining performed around Amphor are often shipped here.

Exodus Era

However, there was profit to be made from those wastes as well as the mineral resources of the moon. Atmospheric scoops fly through the upper layers of the acidic haze and collect many useful gasses. Some small-scale mining does occur as well, especially the mining of old waste dumps for recoverable rare resources and the oceans for powerful solvents. A small penal colony exists underground here as well in a hidden location. The maximum-security compound contains only the worst offenders and is nearly impossible to escape from due to the harsh nature of the moon. The Dlarit Corporation formerly owned and administered the “Cenota Facility”, although some speculate it has darker purposes. It is now operated by the Orian Assembly.

Naga Sadow Dominion
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