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Welcome to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Fiction Center. Here you will find links to the various pages and documents that will help both new and returning members with getting caught up with the Brotherhood's current storyline. You will also find summaries and recaps of previous and current storylines and fiction updates.

  • The current DB fictional year is 35 ABY.
  • The Brotherhoods home rests in the Arx System. (Antei was destroyed and the Dark Council relocated).
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Previous Storyline: Fictional Recap

The previous Story Arc – The New Order – can be found on the Fiction Updates: Story Arcs page.

Current Storyline: Fictional Recap

"While the Brotherhood dealt with it's own internal conflict, a new organization solidified it's power and waited patiently for the right moment to strike and reveal themselves. The Brotherhood was forced to reconsider their position internally, as their focus was forced onto an enemy that threatened them all. "
Farrin Xies, Headmaster, 35 ABY

Rath Oligard, former Fleet Admiral of the Dark Brotherhood, was declared absent without leave from the Fleet in 29 ABY. Known throughout the Brotherhood as a rising military star, Oligard abandoned his position following the tragic and unfortunate events that led to the death of his family on an uncharted planet known only as XL374. Oligard’s journey over the next six years took him from sorrow, to depression, to anger, and finally towards a single driven purpose. The galaxy had toiled under the yoke of Force users for Rath’s entire life. The Old Republic were ruled by a cadre of unfeeling and arrogant monks who sat within a temple and passed judgment upon the galaxy. The Empire ruled with an iron fist and destroyed any and all who opposed it. Now, the galaxy sat in a state of abject chaos as multiple Theocracies attempted to impose their will upon it.

The former Fleet Admiral would tolerate it no longer. He crawled from the alcoholic haze that blurred the loss of his family from his memory. He drug himself, upon hands and knees, into the dens of miscreants and criminals until he finally began to find those who understood his new found philosophical goal. The Galaxy was a miserable and contemptuous place, but it was much more tolerable when it was not oppressed by the yoke of the Jedi or Sith.

The creation of the Collective was a tedious and daunting process. Rath’s personal vanguard within the Liberation Front were the true believers. They despised Force users of all kinds and abhorred the institutions that they created. The Technocratic Guild, a series of eccentric engineers and scientists, did not harbor the same hatred for Force users, but did jealously covet their knowledge and possessions. Finally, Capital Enterprises; the mercenaries for hire within the Collective, agreed to Rath’s terms solely to eliminate the Force users from cutting into their bottom line. Rath understood Capital Enterprises greed, but he also knew their enigmatic leader, Ghafa Ordam, harbored deep hatred for the Sith and their slaver ways.

Six years, billions of credits, and the unification of multiple visions produced the organization that now opposed the Dark Brotherhood. Rath Oligard, military genius, rogue, and charismatic leader, looked forward to finally obtaining the justifiable wrath he sought for his family.

He had conducted hundreds of small scale attacks against the Dark Brotherhood fleets over the past several weeks and now he had ushered them to his front door on Nancora. Exactly where he wanted them.

Fiction Update Summaries

The following section will provide links to the relevant news posts that launched each fiction update, as well as synopses for the GJWXII: Retribution story arc.

Prologue: The Collective


  • Aboard the Collective flagship, the Skylla, Captain Sul Pahlee observes the spectacle of the Iron Navy's flagship in ruins.
  • Lead by a man going by the name of Rath Oligard, the Collective is revealed to be an organization comprised of three unique factions: The Liberation Front, Capital Enterprises, and The Technocratic Guild.
  • We see a glimpse into Oligard's history, granting insight into why the Collective are so hellbent on opposing the Dark Brotherhood and its population of Force Users.
  • The Collective forces destroy the crippled Brotherhood Flagship, the Suffering, while also harassing each of it's seven Clans forces.
  • The Collective gives a final middle finger to the Iron Navy as reinforcements show up, fleeing to hyperspace and leaving the Brotherhood to its next action.

Chapter 1: Vengeance

Chapter 2: Impetus

Chapter 3: War

Timeline: Fiction Updates

To get caught up on the latest brotherhood storyline, check out the fiction updates below. The Dark Crusade is the beginning of the contemporary storyline, so we begin there.

To see the different arcs, see the Fiction Updates: Story Arcs.

Fiction Updates
Year Story Arc Fiction
30 ABY Dark Crusade
31 ABY Fading Light
32 ABY Eleventh Great Jedi War Finale
33 ABY The New Order Prologue: Undesirables
Chapter 1: A New Order
Chapter 2: Treason
34 ABY Anthology series:
Part 1 - No Return
Part 2 - Rise of the Lotus
Part 3 - Seven Strands
35 ABY Chapter 3: Reconciliation
Chapter 4: Order
Chapter 5: Endgame
Twelfth Great Jedi War: Retribution Prologue: The Collective
Chapter 1: Vengeance
Chapter 2: Impetus
Chapter 3: TBA
Chapter 4: TBA

For the complete timeline, please see the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Timeline article.

Brotherhood Universe

The following data bank provides a quick reference to information about persons, locations, and organizations of interest that show up in the Dark Brotherhood storyline.

Collective logo.png The Collective The Collective is a powerful organization that has chosen the recent events of the conflict between the Brotherhood’s Resistance and the Iron Throne to make its presence and purpose known.
Inquisitorius logo.gif Inquisitorius The Inquisitorius are the Grand Master’s covert network of agents. They represent the Brotherhood's strength outside of the Iron Legion and Iron Fleet. While not all that are enrolled are aligned with the Grand Master’s visions, many compete for favor and to rise in the rankings. The Society offers various awards and incentives and is headed by the Voice of the Brotherhood.
SevenClans.png The Seven Clans The seven Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood all hold different motivations and personalities.

Arcona, Naga Sadow, Odan-Urr, Plagueis, Scholae Palatinae, Taldryan, Tarentum.

A member of each respective unit is referred to in the following manner:

  • Arconan
  • Taldryanite
  • Sadowan
  • Palatinaean
  • Odanite
  • Tarenti
  • Plagueian
LotusGraffiti.png Lotus The name of the rebel resistance that stands in direct opposition to Darth Pravus, the Lotus fight against the Grand Master and his zealous, militaristic methods of eliminating any who do not fit his vision for a “New Order.” They are prominently supported by the rogue Jedi of Clan Odan-Urr as well as Clan Arcona among other Clans and growing sympathizers.
Arx-system.png Arx System The Arx System is located in the depths of Wild Space, far away from the core worlds and isolated from the galaxy at large. The planet Arx — or more commonly simply called "Arx" — now serves as the current seat of power for the Dark Brotherhood.
Canon galaxy map.jpg Outer Rim Territories The Outer Rim Territories, also known as the Outer Rim or Outer Systems, was a sparsely populated region of the galaxy located outside the Mid Rim before Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. The largest region in the galaxy, it was home to diverse worlds and rugged, primitive frontier planets. It is here that the bulk of the Brotherhood’s storyline evolves.
Antei.jpg Antei The former home system and planet of the Dark Brotherhood. Destroyed by former Grand Master Muz Ashen in a destructive ritual to gain immortality.
Darkcouncildblogo.png The Dark Council The Dark Council serves the Grand Master of the Brotherhood, and governs the various elements of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
DracaryisHeadshot.jpg Dracaryis Sunstrider
Fist of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Dracaryis has been tasked with taking over military operations for the Iron Legion and Iron Navy. He is cunning and eager to test the boundaries of his new power, and has taken on a more bold approach to tactics thanks to his new right hand officer.
Marick1 -1975526829.jpg Marick Tyris
Voice of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Recently separating himself from Clan Arcona by executing the traitor Zakath Agrona, Marick has cemented his position as leader of the Inquisitorius. The Master Assassin has brought a new level of efficiency to the office but faces everyday challenges as both an administrator and bureaucrat.
MorganHeadshot.png Morgan Sorenn
Herald of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Head of diplomatic relationships between the Clans of the Brotherhood, Morgan also has her hands in the criminal syndicates and operations that operate in and around the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Her intentions seem to represent her own interests and remain a mystery to even the Grand Master.
JamesQuack.jpg James Lucius Entar
Seneschal of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
The enigmatically eccentric, ever endearing Seneschal heads up the Brotherhood’s Research and Development and also maintains sovereignty over cyber security thanks to his unique artificial intelligence, Construct dbb0t. James has a penchant for riddles and rarely involves himself in political matters, claiming to serve the Brotherhood and the Galaxy at large. He is most often left to his own devices out of both respect and fear.
FarrinHeadshot.jpg Farrin Xies
Headmaster of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
The Master Archivist overseeing the Shadow Academy and all of its secrets.
EvantHeadshot.jpg Evant Taelyan
Regent of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Evant was responsible for forming the Inquisitorius and using it to execute Pravus’ plans to purge the Brotherhood of all he deemed undesirable. This earned him the trust of the Grand Master, leading to his appointment as the Brotherhood’s first Regent. His focus has been on the creation of Arx, the new imperial capital of the Brotherhood, and establishing a base of operations for commerce and construction. Using his vast network of resources, he procures the tools for Pravus’ success such as credit accounts, kyber crystals, and other material acquisitions. Evant is brash, egotistical, and absolutely loyal to Pravus.
JacHeadshot.png Jac Cotelin
Justicar of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Jac Cotelin made a bold statement of support for Grand Master Pravus by turning his back on Clan of Taldryan and launching a full frontal assault on their home planet, Karufr.
Gamblingman Howie.jpg Howlader
Master at Arms

Character Sheet
Howlader is rarely seen in his office, but his work always seems to get done. Overseeing the ceremony and record keeping of the Brotherhood’s dossiers, Howlader’s allegiance seems to be more to the position he holds than to any one leader or even his home unit.
TelarisHeadshot.jpg Telaris
Deputy Grand Master

Mav ascended to his prestigious position thanks to being the worst ever. He was also implicated in the IRC murder case. Charges were dismissed.

(This will remain until Mav updates his CS)

Pravus3.png Darth Pravus
Grand Master

Character Sheet
Grand Master of the Brotherhood. Leader of the “New Order”. Manipulative, cunning, and utterly dedicated to his vision of a clean, pure, and efficient Brotherhood.

The Iron Throne
The seat of power for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

The Iron Navy
The Naval Branch of the Iron Throne.

The Iron Legion
The troops, vehicles and ground forces of the Iron Throne.
Nixheadshot.png Damon Nix
Lord Marshal
The enigmatic strategist behind the Iron Legion looks to ensure that Pravus’ plans proceed as intended. A master of subterfuge and deception, the man who had previously lead the Dark Crusades by posing as the mysterious Darth Esoteric is one of the most dangerous Sith in the Brotherhood for his unpredictable methods and lethal cunning.
NecrenHeadshot.jpg Darth Necren

Character Sheet
The Dark Council’s seedy “hitman” is a professional killer and tends to show up wherever violence is needed on behalf of the Grand Master.
AtraHeadshot.png Atra Ventus
Combat Master

Character Sheet
Faithful to the Brotherhood as an entity unto itself, Atra has taken to his position as Combat Master with zeal. His influence has brought a renewed vigor towards combat instruction for veterans and newcomers alike while acting as a threat assessment tool for the Inquisitorius. Still, he is challenged with gauging his adherence to ideals against expected loyalty to those in power.
MuzHeadshot.jpg Muz Ashen
Grand Master

Character Sheet
Former Grand Master responsible for the destruction of Antei as a result of attempting a ritual of immortality. Currently resides as a House leader in Naga Sadow.

Inquisitorius Archive

Official Fiction Updates for both the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the independent Clans can be found here in the Inquisitorius Fiction Archives.

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