Seng Karash

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Seng Karash
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14 ABY




Dlarit Corporation

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Seng Karash is the principle city of the Orian system and home to around three hundred thousand employees. The majority of this world's civilian employees can be found on Aeotheran in this city, and to a lesser extent Kel Rasha, The Gilded Archipelago and the cloud city of San Korinar on Amphor. It is one of the three major populated centers on Aeotheran. It's miners working shifts at the various mining outposts across the planet and traveling predominantly by shuttle to and from work, or in the case of the outposts nearest Seng Karash by a limited rail network.

The city of Seng Karash was the jewel of the Dlarit Corporation when the corporation ruled the system. Currently it is under rule by the Orian Assembly. While mostly prefabricated, its citizens are entitled to comfortable living conditions, despite the long hours and hard labour the mines demand. Between the commercial and entertainment districts, civilians are provided a range of opportunities, and support for spouses and families. The city was erected in a barren crater that marked the otherwise endless jungles of Aeotheran; the result of a ritual by Urias Orian that killed the planet's population and created the Star of Ombus. Seng Karash is protected by a heavily shielded city wall that rings its entire perimeter and is constantly patrolled by units from the Orian Police Force.

The greyer side of Seng Karash lurks beneath it in the Undercity. The main feature of the Undercity are the power and hydroponics facility, that provide energy and food for the population above ground. Mostly run by droids, the Undercity is a warren of empty corridors, with any crime having been forced below ground by the routine patrols of the civilian police forces above ground.

Due to its relatively remote location just off the Hydian Way, during the long years of the Alien Invasion the Orian system became a common destination for refugee ships from the Core. Though San Korinar was designated to receive the majority of refugees, the population of Seng Karash has since spilled outside the city walls, resulting in a number of prefab buildings being hastily erected in what has been termed the Outercity.



The city of Seng Karash was built shortly after the Clans arrival in the Orian system, to provide a home and processing center for the Dlarit Corporation's carbon mining operations on the planet Aeotheran. The city is no longer owned by the corporation due to its collapse, and is now officially under the authority of the Governor of Aeotheran, usually the Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan.

Because the city has not grown up naturally over a period of time, but was purpose built by the Dlarit Corporation, it has been designed in a regimented manner with separate districts designated for different purposes.

All areas of life in the city from accommodation to transport to commercial and leisure facilities were owned and run by the Dlarit Corporation before its fall from power. However, it is now under control of the Orian Assembly.

In an attempt to segregate the Clan military from the civilian population, Seng Karash is policed only by members of the Orian Police Force.


The Starport

Seng Karash Starport

The Starport is a large modern facility in the southern part of the city. It serves both passenger transport and freight use, shipping both commercial goods and resources into the city, and of course transporting the processed carbon out. The spaceport is not used for military craft, for which separate facilities are available. Immigration here is strict, and only official visitors with permits, or civilian employees and their families who have legal resident permits are admitted to the city.

The Residential District

The north and east sides of the city house the Orian Assembly personnel and their families. Ownership of property is rare here, instead most of the population live in pre fabricated rented accommodation provided by the corporation, size of dwelling and facilities being governed by ones status in the corporation. Medical facilities are provided locally for the employees and an efficient public transport system exists to take them to other sectors.

The Park

Seng Karash from above

In the northwest of the city between the Residential and Leisure districts lies the main park of Seng Karash. This large retractable dome covered area is protected against the elements when necessary and hosts a pleasant variety of open lawns, wooded areas and a boating lake, as well as a band stand.

Special attention has also been given to several private relaxed and romantic areas, and a few pleasant cafes. At night discreet pleasant lighting illuminates the area for those wanting a moonlit stroll in safety. A selection of the planets less threatening bird and wildlife also live here and residents are also permitted to exercise domestic pets in designated areas. Gazebos, fountains and fish ponds also provide popular sights as well as artificial streams feeding to and from a waterfall that disappear into the ground at concealed locations around the edges.

There is also a fenced off wildlife zone where some of the planets more exotic creatures roam free in comfort where guests can observe them in safety from the monorail system above or protected speeders.

The park is therefore a popular venue for citizens of Seng Karash and visitors to the city and is well maintained making it a source of great pride for the city and the Orian Assembly.

The Commercial and Leisure District

The western side of the city hosts the commercial and recreational faculties for two hundred thousand employees. A selection of bars, clubs, casinos, sporting arenas, shops and markets selling everything from food, drink, clothing and exotic goods shipped into the spaceport from all corners of the universe. All facilities are owned and operated by the Assembly and private business is heavily discouraged. Though a blind eye is usually turned to the black market of goods, as it has been deemed unprofitable to attempt to eradicate this fully, steps are taken to at least limit this to a minimum.

At one point, the nightspot Dystopia towered over the district. After its destruction, the district was left without such a facility until Aul Celsus spearheaded the construction of Boomshakalaka as a new venue to serve both Clan and the populace.

The Industrial District

Industrial District

The eastern side of the city hosts the carbon processing plants into which raw carbon ore is brought in from the Orian Assembly mines scattered around Aeotheran, and pure carbon is sent to the spaceport for transport across the galaxy.

The Government District

In the center of the city lies the Government district, containing the City Hall and the central Police Headquarters where it houses the Orian Police Force.

The City Hall is a modern ten story building, and home to the civilian administration, lead by Mayor Arik Shathis, who manages the day-to-day running of the city and answers directly to the Governor, freeing up the latter for more important issues.

The Police Headquarters is a large compound with accommodation for four thousand officers, with training and exercise facilities and administration and forensic science, as well as the city penitentiary where suspected criminals are held awaiting trial and deportation. Naturally the Orian Authority does not waste resources incarcerating prisoners long term but simply dismisses and expels them from the Orian system along with their families.

Smaller police facilities are found in other sectors of the city for local enforcement and response.

The Hydroponic Facility


One of the key needs for Clan Naga Sadow and Dlarit was to develop self-sufficiency. With this in mind before the pre fabricated city of Seng Karash was created, an immense crater was hollowed out of the earth, in which the Hydroponic Facility was built; a series of vast farms where food is grown and livestock is raised under artificial light, and water is extracted and purified, both for the citizens of Seng Karash and to feed the men and women of the former Dlarit military. Now it serves to feed the Orian Authority. Though more exotic foodstuffs are shipped into the Orian system, the majority of the systems food originates here.

When the Orian Assembly took over they agreed that because the city of Seng Karash was built over the Hydroponic Facility, it should be the most protected part of the city. In the event of the system being under attack, or in the event of civil unrest, the tunnels leading to the facility can be sealed and protected, ensuring the continuity of the food supply.

Marakith Skyhook

For years the Marakith Skyhook hovered over the central government district of the city, serving officially as the governor's residence and unofficially as the base of House Ludo Kressh.

However during a period of strife within the Clan it was stolen first by its original designer Malisane Sadow, and then shortly thereafter it was stolen from Malisane by unknown Force users. It's whereabouts remain unknown to this date.

With the dissolution of House Ludo Kressh in 29 ABY, there have been no current efforts to find the Marakith Skyhook. House Shar Dakhan see's no reason to allocate resources and time to find a lost Skyhook.