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Malisane de Ath
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10 BBY

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Clan Naga Sadow, House Shar Dakhan

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The Deathshead



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Malisane is Sith Battlelord in House Shar Dakhan of Clan Naga Sadow and currently serves as it's Quaestor, and currently lives mostly aboard the Marakith Skyhook

Before The Dark Brotherhood

The Early Years

Malisane was born in 10 BBY on the planet Kangaras, a largely unknown jungle world within several days travel of Orian, in Usharak Keep, the planets only structure.

His birth was the design of his father, "Darth" Severak, an old self-proclaimed Sith Lord who wished to use his son as a sacrifice in a ritual he believed would gain him the ultimate power needed to overthrow the Emperor and his apprentice and gain him and his followers rule over the Empire.

Severak's plans were foiled when shortly after the birth the newborn Malisane was stolen by the medic officiating over the birth and taken in a stolen shuttle to Coruscant. Though the medic was hunted down and killed by a disciple of Severak, she first managed to leave the baby with Talos Var, a cantina owner who agreed to adopt the child and gave him the name Jagos.

With no idea of his legacy or his true father's search for him, the newly named Jagos grew up as a happy child in the cantina with his adopted father and brother. He attended a local school and developed a great love for poetry and writing, and won himself a place at a university to study further.

However events took a different path and on the night before Jagos was due to leave, a thief broke into the cantina and accidentally started a fire which destroyed the cantina and killed Jagos' adopted family. The seventeen year old youth chased the thief until he caught up with him in an alleyway. Though the fight initially went in favour of the older and physically stronger thief, Jagos' latent force powers allowed him to slay the thief and gave the young man a clue to his eventual future.

Jagos put his past behind him, took the name Malisane, and left Coruscant that night to seek his destiny.

The Adult Years

Malisane left Corsucant for good in 7 ABY and using the money taken from the thief, he made his way to Carida and volunteered as a recruit in the Imperial Army.

Through his training his natural abilities, enhanced by the Force, were noted by his instructors and at the end of his first year he was transferred to join the officer cadets in training.

It was here he gained a great enthusiasm for strategy and combat techniques and passed with full honours. He was granted the rank of Lieutenant and was transferred off Carida shortly before Kyp Duron destroyed the planet, and placed in command of a covert operations platoon.

Malisane, still assuming his adopted name, enjoyed the next decade. First as a Lieutenant, then as Captain, he operated behind enemy lines, hunted pirates and vagabonds, and carried out acts of subversion and sabotage in the name of the Remnant. He was currently happier than he ever remembered and memories of his past began to fade.

Unfortunately again fate rolled a dice and Malisane's life was upheaved once more. In 20 ABY he was sent to lead his platoon to investigate rumours of a suspected force user on a supposedly uninhabited planet. He found one.

Tierdonis, a former Sith Battlemaster of the Dark Brotherhood and now rogue attacked Malisane's platoon, wiping them out nearly to a man. The sole survivor was the Captain. Sensing the latent force ability in Malisane, Tierdonis offered him a simple choice, die by his saber or become his student. Malisane had little choice but to take the second option.

For the next few years, alone in their shelter, Tierdonis taught Malisane to both hone his skills in the force and perfect the arts of both armed and unarmed combat. Malisane was an enthusiastic student and learned much from the more experienced Sith. However at the end of the second year once more fate interfered with the young Sith's plans.

One night two men came to the planet hunting Tierdonis, Krath Archpriest Manji Keibatsu and his student Knight Macron Goura, two envoys sent to eliminate a former one of their number.

Tierdonis fought Manji and eventually was defeated. Malisane sought to escape and ended up in a struggle with Macron. He fought well but in the end was no match for the Sith Knight. However Macron was impressed by what Malisane had learned and against his better judgment persuaded Manji to take the young man to join the Shadow Academy and Clan Naga Sadow. Malisane had finally found the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

The Dark Brotherhood

The Beginning Of His Career

After a short time in the Shadow Academy where his current understanding of the force was tested, Malisane gained the rank of Apprentice and was transferred to his new home, the planet Aeotheran, base of House Ludo Kressh, and was taken as a student to another Battlemaster, this time Xhedias Forkall, or Shimura Keibatsu as he was to become, Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow.

He quickly moved through the initial ranks, Novice, Acolyte, Protector, and joined Sapphire Squadron under the Commander and House Envoy he had fought, Knight Macron Goura, where he was trained in the arts of piloting and fighter combat, and though not amongst the famous Squadrons greater pilots, his skills became at least accomplished. It was then after his somewhat chaotic involvement in the feud between his own House and Marka Ragnos he was promoted to Guardian then Jedi Hunter in quick succession. When the position of Macrons Assistant Envoy became available Malisane applied and was accepted, beginning his involvement and loyalty to the mysterious Society of Envoys.

Shortly after this Malisane began his trials towards Knighthood, and during this an upheaval took place in the Clan. Battlelord Robert Daragon, Quaestor of Ludo Kressh and Clan Envoy of Naga Sadow retired and left the Clan for destinations unknown. Aedile Macron was chosen to replace him as Quaestor, and resigned as House Envoy, creating a number of vacancies. Malisane's Master, Shimura Keibatsu, became Macrons Aedile, Derev Niroth, former Commander of the Night Falcons, succeeded him as Rolemaster, and Jedi Hunter Malisane was surprised to be chosen as Clan Envoy, as was Siyavash Kaida who became House Envoy of Ludo Kressh. Along with Siyavash, and Nekura Manji Keibatsu, House Envoy of Marka Ragnos, Malisane set about improving the Envoy system of Clan Naga Sadow.

The next six months were an interesting time for the Clan Envoy. He completed his trials and built and wielded his light saber as Dark Jedi Knight Malisane de Ath, his master Shimura resigned as Aedile and left the Clan, to be succeeded as Aedile by Malisanes former Battleteam member Lucius, and Malisane, Siyavash and Manji worked hard greeting new members and devising ways of improving the Envoy system, and Malisane was awarded the Degree of Dark Maven for his efforts in helping new members. It was around this point in time that Lucius left the Clan and Krath Priest Sildrin Hastur became Aedile of Ludo Kressh, and the Clan Envoy and Aedile quickly formed a close friendship.

Shortly after Headmaster Spears Tarantae resigned and Anshar, the Knight Commander of the Brotherhood, replaced him and left a vacancy. When the result was announced, House Envoy Siyavash Kaida was chosen to replace him leaving Malisane as Clan Envoy and without someone to look after Ludo Kressh. He chose recently returned Guardian Xayun Erinos to replace her. Anshar rewarded Malisane with the rank of Knight First Class Envoy for his efforts.

However Malisane had a feeling then his time as Clan Envoy was coming to an end and began to train Xayun as his replacement. The time came sooner than he expected, when Quaestor Macron resigned and Sildrin was chosen as the new Quaestor. Quaestor Sildrin chose Malisane to be her first Aedile. Malisane resigned as Clan Envoy recommending Xayun replace him, and when Knight Commander Siyavash needed someone to serve as her Adjutant, Malisane accepted that role as well. With one foot in his House and the other in the Society of Envoys, the immediate future looked rosy for Malisane, however once more events took over and they were to lead Malisane to meet the last person he expected.

The Family Reunion

This bizarre series of events began close to the end of Malisane’s term as Clan Envoy. Following the discovery of a spy in Clan Naga Sadow, the existence of a rogue Sith group, the True Brotherhood, was discovered on the planet Kangaras. It was lead by the self-proclaimed Darth Severak, and his chief disciple Severina. Kressh Quaestor Mononoke Keibatusu led a mission to destroy this rogue brotherhood. They were partly successful, Severina was slain in route after infiltrating the ship the Clan members were aboard, Severak’s Usharak Keep was captured and most of his True Brotherhood slain, though the Sith Lord himself escaped. Upon return to the Orian system the Dark Council chose to record Severak as slain and all members of the mission were sworn to secrecy and the matter was said to be closed.

However later that year, following the Brotherhood’s successful conquest of the light side of Antei and his appointment as Aedile of Ludo Kressh, Malisane was given information implicating newly appointed Quaestor Xia Long in selling bioweapons to Jagred partisans. With help from members of Sapphire Squadron he arrested his Quaestor and imprisoned her in the Squadrons orbital space station. Former Quaestor Macron and Herald Muz Ashen Keibatsu boarded the station with the intention of freeing the Quaestor, at which point Severak attacked. Following a fight the Sith Lord was slain by the Herald and evidence emerged exonerating Xia Long fully.

Unfortunately Severak was able to use an ancient force transference ability to steal a body of a Journeyman, and following the discovery that Malisane was his long lost son, kidnapped the Aedile and took him to Mustafar where a second group of True Brotherhood had gathered. Before Severak was able to sacrifice Malisane and complete the ritual he was rescued by his fellow clan members, and Severak stole a third body during the fighting that ensued and escaped in his shuttle. However Malisane managed to beat his father to the shuttle and sabotage the hyperdrive motivator and trap Severak in hyperspace, supposedly forever.

Unknown to the Dark Brotherhood two weeks later an Imperial Remnant Interdictor Cruiser accidentally dragged a shuttle out of hyperspace, containing a powerful young force user who took over the accompanying Victory Class Destroyer. This force user presumably has spent the last few years consolidating his position with the Remnant and regaining his strength for another confrontation.

The Rise and Fall

Things were looking up for Malisane. Xia Long left Ludo Kressh to join the Dark Council and he assumed the position of Quaestor of Ludo Kressh. Things initially started well and he worked hard with his House Summit to develop the House and encourage new members and also worked with House Overlord Darth Vexatus to reinforce Seng Karash and prepare it's defences for the inevitable confrontation with the Vong.

In addition to this Knight Commander Siyavash Kaida resigned and Malisane took over the position and leadership of the Society of Envoys, raising him to the Dark Summit. With a promotion to Sith Battlemaster the future had never looked more promising.

However at the back of his mind things were slowly turning sour. For the last year internal strife had repeatedly raised it's head in the Clan. From the initial appointment of new Consul Manesh Sadow over the following year ambitious or resentful elements within Naga Sadow had caused problems and attempted to promote themselves at the expense of others or settle old scores, something Manesh, Malisane and others tried to counter with limited success. Though several of these rogue elements were encouraged to depart things were still cold in the Clan, something Malisane regarded as a personal failure.

With regret he first resigned from Quaestor, and then following Manesh's departure resigned as Knight Commander, and resolving to remove himself from Clan affairs he left Seng Karash and Aeotheran and was named Prefect of Kangaras making his new home in Usharak Keep.

Builder and Businessman

Since retiring Malisane has worked with others to establish and develop the growing Dystopian Leisure, constructing Dystopia, Seng Karash's premier nightspot, and has recently begun the development of a Dlarit Corporation holiday resort on the Aeotheran island of Lor Zatean

He has also been employed designing and overseeing the construction of the Tarthos city of Kar Alabrek following the destruction of the previous Dlarit Security Force installations surrounding Alabrek Castle

Family Reunion Part Two

Things changed in 29ABY. Based on information supplied to him by Severina, Malisane and Macron sought out Severak in a remote unsurveyed system known as K240. What they found was a shock to both of them. Upon leaving hyperspace they encountered a large Imperial fleet of star destroyers and support ships, with its numbers steadily growing. They discovered that Severak masquerading as an adviser to a Remnant Moff had persuaded a small sector fleet to desert Grand Admiral Pellaeon and his apparently doomed forces, revealing himself to be a Sith Lord and promising them glory over whoever triumphed between the New Republic and the Vong, claiming to be in effect the heir to Palpatine who would restore the Galactic Empire. As word spread quietly among the Remnant's disillusioned forces more ships joined him. He is currently observing the situation from afar and awaiting his moment to act.

When Malisane and Macron encountered him after an initial struggle in which Severak triumphed, he took Malisane aside and explained to him his vision, and convinced the Equite that his career in the Dark Brotherhood would ultimately lead to nothing. Though Malisane originally thought Severak's plan doomed to failure he finally began to see the Elder's ambitions were more than remotely attainable. Though not agreeing to join his father outright, he has agreed to consider the idea and return when the time comes. In truth Malisane has grown frustrated with the lack of progress he perceives the Dark Brotherhood to be making and its bureaucracy and is giving Severak's offer serious consideration when he has learned all the Brotherhood has to teach him, which may be sooner rather than later.

Malisane was last seen in 29 ABY on the planet Lehon in combat with the mercenary Agrist He is suspected to have left aboard the Liberator which was observed entering the system shortly beforehand.

At Peace

Malisane has no idea what happened next. There are two months missing from his memory from leaving Lehon to being with the Dark Council fleet as a member of the Chamber of Justice. He served for a year of fictional time as Left Hand of Justice before his term ended and he returned to his Clan.


Following his return to the Ludo Kressh Summit as Aedile he and Agrist engaged in a possibly ill advised plan to assault the now destroyed Vanise Tower with the intention of killing Severina. Although initially overcoming her they were beaten back by a zabrak who turned out to be Tslotha Garnath, who Severina had resurrected as her slave.

Malisane lured Severina to Dystopia where he placed a thermal detonator in the disembodied head of Talorthane Zemar taking a force suppressant to stop the elder sensing his intents. Unfortunately the suppressant damaged his mind stopping him from escaping and he was caught up in the explosion and subsequent destruction of the facility. Though physically his body survived his skin and facial features were severely damaged by the explosion and subsequent restoration surgery. His skin is now a mass of scared tissue, his nose and ears were destroyed and the remainder removed leaving holes he breaths and hears through, his eyelids have been burnt away making him unable to blink or sleep without covering them, and his lips have mostly been smashed leaving him with a permanent grin. He usually covers these features with armour or a hood.

Recent Years

Malisane spent several more years in the Clan, serving again as Aedile, Quaestor and Rollmaster when required. However over the years he became disatisfied with the lack of progress the Clan was making and convinced the cause was the decadence they had grown, more concerned with wealth and status than the Clan's mission.

He seized the opportunity to exploit a struggle between the other Sons of Sadow and Clan Summit to steal the Marakith Skyhook with the intention of crashing it into the city of Kel Rasha, the financial home of the Clan. However due to a raid by unknown force users, whose identify was never revealed, his plans were ambushed and the Skyhook was stolen, while he barely escaped.

He spent several of the following years unsuccessfully searching for Marakith, before abandoning his search and retiring to a small cave by the sea on the island of Lor Zatean. He spent seven years there separated from events, and was oblivious to Dark Brotherhood activities including the Crusade and the capture of the Orian System by the Collective until some of their agents found him. After overcoming them and torturing them for information he returned to his Clan. Following the successful recapture of the Orian system he has been appointed Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan.


  • Along with Alchemist Macron Goura, Malisane has developed a breed of Sith-spawned Ewoks, mutating normal ewoks into dark and twisted armoured hybrids. Despite many of their contemporaries considering this idea insane the two Sith consider the project a success. The Ewoks currently reside on Malisane's homeworld of Kangaras.