Cocytus System

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Cocytus System

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The Cocytus System is comprised of a single white star known as Imperius and six planets, as well as a number of other satellites and objects in orbit around its sun. It is home to millions of sentient life forms and the Royal House Scholae Palatinae.


Imperius is a white star estimated at 1.4 million kilometers in diameter. It provides the necessary warmth and illumination to sustain life on the four closest orbiting planets.

A relatively young star when compared to other similar stars in the Mid Rim. Its birth is speculated to have been at the exact moment of the decay of bi-solar stars, creating a series of chain reactions that were highly volatile which resulted in the birth of a new white star and its collection of orbiting masses now known as the Cocytus System.

Inner System


Main article: Antenora

Antenora is the closest of the planets located in the system to the sun, orbited by the moons Ugolino and Sereia. It is predominantly dry due to botched terra-forming and has very little precipitation, if any. It is the home planet of Battle Team Acclivis Draco.


Main article: Judecca

Judecca is the second planet in the system from the sun, orbited by three moons; Judas, Brutus, and Cassius. The planet has a mix of jungle, a forest prevalent in equatorial region, rough mountainous areas towards the tropic lines and small annual Polar Regions. It is the home planet of House Scholae Palatinae.


Main article: Ptolomea

Ptolomea is the third planet in the system from the sun, orbited by the moons Alberigo and Zanche. It has open grasslands, temperate forests, tropical jungles, mountains, lakes and rivers. Continents are separated by oceans. It is the home planet of Battle Team Caliburnus and serves as the bastion world and is bristling with military strength.


Main article: Caina

Caina is the fourth planet in the system from the sun, orbited by ten moons known as the Bolgia Satellites. It is Arctic, night time temperatures drop significantly, dry and only precipitation is in rare snowfall. It was the home planet of the former House Dorimad Sol.

Asteroid Belt

A region occupying the space between Caina and Iblis, between 2.5 and 3.5 AU from Imperius, composed of metallic minerals and ice. Remnants that failed to fuse during the creation of the rest of the planets and moons in the system due to gravitational interference from Iblis. The numerous asteroids range from microscopic to hundreds of kilometers across.

Outer System


Main article: Iblis

Iblis is the fifth planet from the sun, considerably further from than the next closest, Caina. It has six moons; Zepar, Nemea, Astaroth, Gressil, Vetis, Marchosias, and two satellites; Zepar I and Zepar II. It is a massive gas giant, with strong gravitational eddies and a crimson hue. Most, if not all, interaction with the population of the system revolves around its many moons.


Main article: Vassago

Vassago is the sixth and furthest planet from the sun with no moons. Essentially a barren rock in the outer reaches of the system, Vassago has sprung up as a mining corporation's paradise, with a strong rivalry between two powerful companies spurring industrialization and development. Primary exports include metals, oils, crystals and the rare metal, Venic. Primary imports include most foodstuffs, oxygen and water.

Points of Interest

RevengeX Palpatine Shipyards

Main article: RevengeX Palpatine Shipyards

Located mid system, this small shipyard is the lifeblood of the system's economy. It is located close to Judecca to remain under protection of the Fleet of Scholae Palatinae, though more for economic security than protection of a military asset.

Manufacturing Plants

A series of industry parks are placed in orbit above the planets or near the shipyard. These plants are responsible for the production of pieces and parts necessary for the shipyard and local companies to produce transports and military vessels - these plants are also responsible for serving as the leading edge in technology development and experimental science.

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