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Clan Odan-Urr
Political Information
Founding Document:

33 ABY

Head of State:
Societal information

Menat Ombo,

Official Language:

Basic, Harakoan


Galactic Credit Standard

Historical information
Formed from:

Acolytes of Odan-Urr

Date of Establishment:

33 ABY


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Clan Odan-Urr, the first Light side Clan admitted to the Brotherhood was formed in 33 ABY after the initial encounter with the Dark Council on planet Harakoa, before which the Jedi upon Harakoa existed as the Acolytes of Odan-Urr. Though their function changed little - as defenders of the local colonist and tribal populations - admittance to the Brotherhood shifted the focus of the Odanite population from purely domestic matters to interplanetary ones, particularly fending off their rivals—who would happily exterminate them—with savvy politicking and, when necessary, espionage. After the destruction of New Tython they relocated to the Kiast System with their Headquarters on the planet Kiast.

History Of The Clan

Main article: Clan Odan-Urr history

Despite the Great Jedi Purge, several Jedi Masters managed to elude Palpatine's wrath and survive, going on to train students to rebuild the Order. Jedi Masters like Ylenic It'kla fought actively with the Rebellion, alongside his students. However, the death of It'kla upon Alderaan and subsequent defeat of the Rebellion at Hoth (a battle in which It'kla's young Force-sensitives took part) shook the will of the students to continue active resistance against the Empire. They fled deep into the Outer Rim in their fighters, eventually encountering a world populated only by what they could describe as noble savages—a people that called themselves Harakoans who lived closely tied to nature, shunning all modern technology as corrupting.

Clan Ordo, attacking Dark jedi on New Tython

Settling upon the world Harakoa (rechristened New Tython by the Jedi), the new arrivals had soon spread across the planet, ingratiating themselves with the wide variety of tribal populations inhabiting the continents. However, as the population of colonists from distant, more technologically advanced worlds increased from several hundred to many thousands planetwide, the relative peace of the tribal world was largely shattered due to conflicts (which often erupted into full scale wars) over rights to land and resources. Fearing the eruption of a planet-wide bloodshed the Jedi intervened politically, brokering a truce at the site which would become the capital city of Menat Ombo. Though the peace which resulted was tenuous at best, it has persisted to the present day, interrupted by only minor skirmishes between isolated groups of colonists and the tribes.

By the time contact with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was made, the Acolytes of Odan-Urr possessed little in the way of military technology. Their space force consisted of only a handful of outdated, beat up old fighters from their time with the Rebel Alliance, while their ground forces were made up of warriors from countless tribes and colonies, who often disliked one another more than the enemy they were supposed to combat. Due to the precarious state of their armed forces, the Jedi knew they could not defeat the Brotherhood fleets, nor would their devotion to New Tython (and the people there-on) permit them to retreat. To their great surprise the Dark Council was willing, and prepared, to broker an agreement, permitting the Acolytes of Odan-Urr to continue their existence within the fold of the Brotherhood as Clan Odan-Urr in exchange for Brotherhood recognized dominion over New Tython. Though the motivations of the Dark Jedi were, naturally, suspect, in the Brotherhood the Acolyte council saw a nearly unending supply of converts, and the continued ability to protect their world. The true motivations of the Grand Master Muz Ashen were not then known, though it was possible he either intended to congregate all of the Light and Grey subversives amidst the Dark Clans in one place before annihilating them, or perhaps desired a foil with which to weed out weaker Brotherhood houses.

The motivations of the Brotherhood were eventually made known when the combined armies of the Brotherhood descended upon New Tython cutting out a path of destruction on the planet. The fog of war spread wide and thick across the land. Within days devastation had turned Menat Ombo into a pile of rubble. Odan-Urr fought back by allying itself with the late Jedi Master Michael Halcyon and the forces of the Mandalorian Clan Ordo. When the senseless war had concluded the Brotherhood departed as swiftly as they came leaving behind ruins and a shattered people.

Battle of Tanduran fields

The months following the war were filled with a long and arduous period of reconstruction. During this time anti-Jedi sentiments began to stir and foment. Near the end of 35 ABY the seeds of discord blossomed with the emergence of the Mad Hermit Cy Thuron. By raising support from the common populace Cy was able to topple the longstanding Jedi-led government. The Jedi, recognizing the peoples' right for autonomy stepped down vacating Ooroo Abbey whilst ceding governmental control to the Menat Council, a civilian elected body.

Cy's aggressive supporters then targeted the local urbanized Harakoan presence in the city. The group's speciest attitude towards the Harakoans led to the rise of an oppositional and equally influential peace movement led by farmer turned social-activist Gideon Varos. The two hemispheres of Menat Ombo's conscience eventually clashed at a rally precipitated by Cy's call for violence against the native Harakoans. With a warrant for his arrest, Cy either fled the city or went underground. Gideon and his supporters then moved to petition the Menat and Jedi High Councils to intervene and disband the violent dissident group. At the open assembly an explosion tore through the Abbey taking the lives of several civilians, Menat Council member Marten, and famed Jedi High Councilor Ji.

In the aftermath of the explosion Cy's supporters formally rallied together establishing the political entity The People's New Dawn headed by former Menat Ombo citizen Ozan Miliet. The group distanced themselves from the Mad Hermit and further cited grievences against the new government after which The New Dawn declared its official secession from the city-state. The New Dawn then en masse departed the city for points north the morning following High Councilor Ji's passing into the force in an event known as the Morning Exodus.

In the weeks following the exodus, peace and quiet did indeed return to Menat Ombo as did the continued reconstruction of the city. The Jedi having moved base of operations to the Halls Of The Watchmen began moving their operations into the Harakoan ruins that would become the Arca Praxeum, named in honor of the ancient Jedi Master Arca Jeth.

Peace would continue as the Jedi were called away from the planet, as the Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood went to war with the One Sith throughout the regions of Sith Space. Recognizing that the conflict could lead to a stronger Brotherhood, an unchecked Sith Order, or both spilling out into the Galaxy at large, they mobilized to try and blunt the advances of both forces. It was in this time that Ozan Miliet was found dead in a Menat Ombo alleyway, followed shortly by the disappearance of the New Dawn movement from political circles. This disappearance would soon be explained, as Cy Thuron - having trained in the ways of the Sith since his disappearance - retook control of the movement before combining it with a vast army of mercenary and pirate forces he had amassed. Rechristening his new group the Thuron Monarchy, he used the absence of the Jedi and the element of surprise to smash the Harakoan tribes of the planet at night before moving on to conquer the city of Menat Ombo. The colonies fell shortly thereafter, while his forces used advanced weaponry and slash-and-burn tactics to massacre Harakoan tribals and imprison those they captured in the new prison of Purity Rock. This event would come to be known as the Fall of New Tython.

The Jedi, despairing over news of the planet's fall yet still beleaguered by the Brotherhood's Dark Crusade, returned to the world briefly and attempted to rescue anyone they could from the world, ultimately only being able to save a few thousand refugees. Guided by the Force, the Summit of Odan-Urr were able to evacuate these few to the previously undiscovered world of Haven, whereupon they established a de facto base of operations and would work to bolster their military forces, the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force, for a future assault on the Monarchy. With these developments, their role in the Crusade shifted from one of trying to hold back the Brotherhood, to one of guerrilla assaults and raids aimed at stealing weaponry, equipment, and supplies from the Brotherhood's Clans and the One Sith wherever they could. They would gather these upon Haven, alongside anyone they could gather to fight as part of the KUDF for their return.

This effort would see its largest action on the Corellian world of Talus, where Odanite forces infiltrated the world in the midst of their travels to prevent a dangerous and potentially destabilizing uprising from spilling over into the Galaxy. Dubbed the Renewal of Hope by the Jedi at later dates, the Jedi would clash with a governor of Talus named Garus and his forces as they attempted to activate a warhead filled with deadly biological agents against their enemies. In the ensuing battle, a tibanna gas explosion, several strikes by Jedi forces, and the death of Garus at the hands of the Quaestor would see the insurgent forces decimated and their stockpiled weaponry and supplies spirited away to Haven, to help arm the bulk of rebel forces against Thuron's rule. In the weeks following, the Jedi would be contacted by the Bothan crew of the NSD Fey'lya's Last Stand, whereupon the Bothans would offer the Jedi military and fleet support if they would in turn receive the opportunity to create a colony on New Tython's surface after Thuron's fall. The Jedi were quick to accept, forming the backbone of their naval forces.

Shortly after the Renewal of Hope, the Jedi would suffer a setback as one of their Strike Teams, the Knights of Allusis, fell captive to the mercenary group Alpha's Omega. Part of the Thuron Monarchy's forces, the group would oversee the imprisonment of the group within the compound of Purity Rock. There, they would meet with Whenua, longtime ally of the Jedi among the Harakoans and a leader of the Iwu Gioki tribe, as well as the long-imprisoned Gideon Varos. With their help, and the aid of the prisoners, the Jedi would slowly sabotage and disable their shock collars and await the arrival of aid to stage an uprising against the prison's warden, a mass murderer of Harakoans known as Vorlem Tytis. Their chance would come when two other Strike Teams, Ooroo and the Disciples of Baas, staged a conjoined attack on the facility and disabled its defenses from without. As the guards fell back upon their prison's walls, the Jedi would spring their trap, leading to a mass prisoner outbreak that would obliterate the prison's guard corps, liberate millions of Harakoans and other rebels, and leave Purity Rock deserted. In the chaos, the Jedi would escape aboard pirate frigates that would be rechristened the Pride of Owyhyee and the Proxia Mustirion by the Jedi.

Gathering in the Owyhyee mountain range bordering the Hunonum Desert, the Harakoan escapees would be met by the Jedi as their forces quietly slipped supplies and munitions to their positions from their base on Haven. There, they resuscitated the rebels to health before working with the KUDF's soldiers to train them in the use of the weaponry and equipment stolen from the Brotherhood and Talus during the Crusade. Though initially offended by this technological change, many Harakoans were eager for any chance to strike back at Thuron, and over the next few weeks their forces would learn to trust and even welcome the training offered by Odanite forces. With Whenua's guidance, they negotiated the beginnings of a document for after Thuron's fall that would unite their tribes, protect their rights, and ensure a place for both them and the colonists of the planet in the peace that would follow the uprising. They would unite and become the first iteration of the Harakoan Tribal Army, a force millions strong and dedicated to the protection of New Tython - freeing the Jedi and KUDF to move about the Galaxy without fear of the world falling again.

Launching their strike in late 37 ABY, the Jedi and their tribal allies struck first at the space station Sanctuary in an assault known as Operation: Daybreak. With their ability to control mass space travel to and from the planet destroyed, the Monarchy had to rely more upon their ground-based and aerial operations to patrol the world, a capability severely stunted when the Tribal Army and the KUDF descended upon their main staging area - the Mon Calamari colony known as the Dac Compound. Liberating the enslaved populace and conquering the colony's defenses, the Jedi forces captured the colony and garrisoned it with Harakoan troops to allow themselves mobility across the world's surface. In reaction, Cy would order his forces in the colonist town of Tanduran to deploy a shield generator and ground forces to the surrounding fields, where they would engage KUDF forces in a vicious terrain battle the likes of which hadn't been seen there since the clashes of the Brotherhood's invasion. The successes of the Jedi would lead to a local uprising in the colony of Vard Mislu, and while KUDF forces were able to assist and enlist the rebels in what would ultimately be a victory, nearly the entire colony would be destroyed in the fighting. Finally, the Tribal Army's forces would draw Thuron's garrison in Menat Ombo out into the field while the KUDF launched a surprise assault on the city from outside the ruined It'kla District. While Jedi forces took down Thuron's army, Quaestor Liam would engage Cy Thuron in a lightsaber duel that would culminate in the false King's death.

After the defeat of Thuron and surrender or desertion of his forces, the Jedi would bring together the peoples of the planet to sign the Treaty of Menat Ombo, which granted equal rights and protections to each of the planet's nations while ensuring New Tython would have a local force distinct from the KUDF to defend its lands in the event of new conquerors attacking.

The Fall of New Tython

In the events prior to the Dark Crusade, the planet of New Tython had found itself locked in a civil war. Spearheading the aggressors, Cy Thuron, aided by the commander of the mercenary army, Ozan Miliet and the recently promoted Feeux, the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force suffered tremendous losses under constant assaults. Under the direction of his mysterious master, Cy Thuron began amassing his forces, forming a regime and marches his troops through New Tython.

Succeeding in capturing the Harakoan High Chieftain Whenua as well as the two Harakoan City Council members, Ministers Matiu and Kiri. Having Ordered his troops to send a message, an entire settlement of Harakoans were slaughtered during a Harakoan festival. Succeeding in disorganizing the Harakoan tribes, Cy Thuron marched his troops onwards towards Menat Ombo, successfully bringing it under his control.

Taken by storm during a Council meeting, all of the City Council members were captured. The Jedi made an attempt to get off-planet with as many refugees and KUDF forces as possible. The Jedi began their escape attempt outside of Menat Ombo by one of the Harakoan villages that had been left in the wake of Cy Thuron’s forces. They decided to make for the city to set free the refugees that had been captured. Several of the Jedi led by Raiju Kang Leader of the Knights of Allusis scaled the outer wall of the city under the cover of darkness. At the same time the another group of Jedi lead by Sight Nortorshin leader of Strike team Ooroo stowed away aboard a resupply transport entering the city.

Both groups made their way towards the Memit district where the refugees were being held as prisoners. It would become a bloody night as the Jedi cut and slashed their way through the occupied Menat Ombo. The actions of several Jedi came dangerously close to the darkness that night. The Jedi reached the refugees in the Memit district and released them from their prison. With the refugees in tow the Jedi began the long fight against soldiers and armor units as they made their way to Ordain Vonoro Spacedock.

Upon reaching the spacedock the Jedi barricaded themselves in and began preparing ships and treating the refugees that had survived the fighting. It stayed like that for the last few hours of the night. As the first rays of the sun shone over the horizon Cy Thuron’s forces began their assault on the Spacedock. The Jedi shaken from the initial volley of artillery fire regained their composure quickly and ushered the refugees into the waiting ships still in the hanger. However, the young Jedi Elleron made the ultimate sacrifice, staying behind to hold off the mercenary forces to ensure the rest of the Jedi and the surviving refugees would be able to escape the planet.

Out of the 4,000 refugees only 2,033 had made it off planet alive, and many were injured from the fighting and mistreatment from Cy Thuron’s forces. In the aftermath, the refugees were relocated to a new, temporary planet while the Jedi began to seek out ways in which to muster enough support to reclaim New Tython.

Last moments of Elleron[1]

Through victory, my chains are broken.

His face was rock-hard with tension as he concentrated everything he had into horrifying his enemies. Where the sweat had trickled down his forehead during the battle, it now fell like salty rain. Denath angled his head to growl over his shoulder. "Get... in." Raiju and Sight glanced at Denath, then at Liam. He nodded, and the wounded Strike Team leaders helped each other stumble into the hangar.

"That's enough, Denath," Liam gently instructed him. "There'll be enough time while they recover to dash inside." Denath may have glanced at him; with eyes like pits of black, it was always hard to tell what Denath was looking at. A blaster bolt buzzed past as the toughest of the soldiers got a grip on themselves.

"Doors only seal from outside... turn the shields up, and you can... fly straight through the roof. I will seal the doors." Denath trembled a little as the focus began to take its toll. More blaster bolts floated past, their aim terrible, as more soldiers began to man up and knuckle down.

The Force shall free me.

"We can't win by falling to the Dark Side. You've bought us enough time. Every Jedi needs to board these ships. You need to come back to the Light and come with us. We can all leave. The House needs its leaders - all of them."

"It's the only way," Denath panted. "We have to do... whatever it takes."

"That's not your body your choosing to throw away!" Liam chastised the Dark Jedi. A moment passed.
The darkness drained from his eyes, leaving behind forest green irises as Elleron regained control. Liam and Morotheri deflected another volley as the soldiers started to charge forward. Elleron paused for a moment as he watched them approach, as he watched Liam and Morotheri defend them. Another explosion echoed to their side, too close for comfort. "You're right, Liam," Elleron acknowledged as they all turned to the hangar. "The House needs its leaders." Elleron gathered whatever strength in the Force remained to him and threw Liam and Morotheri into the hangar. He threw his lightsaber into the external controls, severing them, and the doors sealed shut quickly with a sound like thunder. Elleron sighed and turned to face the soldiers, recalling his lightsaber to his hand. He raised the silver blade in a salute as he recited the Jedi Code.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no-

New Tython's Fall Credits

  1. Elleron "Taking Our Pride Off This Rock" HOU Fiction Archive

Exerpts from Chapter 1 Prologue

Destruction of New Tython

The Dark Brotherhood Master at Arms, Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar, walked across the Grand Master’s hangar on board of the Suffering before dropping to a knee. A battalion of Stormtroopers lined a walkway for the Grand Master’s triumphant return to his flagship. Aabsdu rose from his prostrated position and addressed the Grand Master. “The Suffering is at your disposal my lord, what is your command?” The Grand Master, inquisitively looked at his old ally, “Fire at will.” “My lord,” Aabsdu asked with uncertainty. “FIRE, all batteries, all torpedoes, fire the compliment. Sanctuary, Menat Ombo, Dac, Arca Praxeum, the dirt farmers in the FIELDS, burn them all down.” “My Lord, is this not an invasion?” The Dark Lord of the Sith’s hand grasped Aabsdu’s throat and lifted the man off of the ground. “This is genocide. The Harakoans, the Jedi, the filthy mongrels that have somehow evaded evolution. Destroy them all.”

“But, there will be sympathizers, powerful ones, Arcona, others....,” Aabsdu voice weakly responded. “I will drag the Consul of Arcona through the streets of Estle City and then execute her before her own people. Then they, and everyone else will understand the true nature of the Dark Brotherhood.” The Grand Master cast the Master at Arms aside and walked towards his destiny.


|Hyperspace |A/CRV Pride of Owyhyee |Clan Odan Urr |34 ABY

A'lora Kituri, Turel Sorenn, Xantros, and Jedi Master Gavriel Kadesh sat in a semicircle upon the floor in the hangar of the Pride of Owyhyee. In the chaos that followed the evacuation of New Tython the corvette’s command suites had been converted into medical bays. Hours early the core leaders of Odan Urr had stood numb, in shock by the events that had transpired in a mere few hours. All they had built, all they had sacrificed, was gone. They shouted, they debated, and they grieved until they eventually settled onto the hangar floor. Their hands interlinking and the Force providing each the guidance they sought. It was here that they grasped upon the strands of the infinite. The presence of lost friends warmly touched them and fueled their connection to the Force. Potential futures swirled throughout their combined meditations and throughout the ever encroaching presence of despair, hope rang omnipresent. There was hope that those lost had been lost for a purpose, that those who sought to do evil would eventually be redeemed, and that those who were once willing to sit on the side and watch would not be willing to defend the Light. The High Councilor of Clan Odan Urr was the first to break ranks from her friends and stood. Her demeanor markedly changed after the meditation. She knew in her heart that vengeance would not be the answer, but the Jedi and those willing to help them were responsible for responding. The Grand Master would need to be stopped, one way or another.

Chapter 1 Credits

Government and Politics

The Four Nations

Main article: [[Treaty of Menat Ombo|Treaty of Menat Ombo]]

Once ruled by the Jedi in concert with local authorities, since the overthrow of the conqueror Cy Thuron and his Monarchy, the peoples of the planet New Tython have come together to create a lasting peace. Comprising four national entities - Harakoans, Tythonians, Independents, and the Jedi themselves - they now follow separate governing styles and codes of law, tend to their own security with local militias and police forces, and preserve their own customs. Though they are united by international laws that secure their peace and the defense of their world, these four groups stand independently and are each unique hubs of culture and society on the planet.

The Tribes

Outside the confines of the Treaty of Menat Ombo, many Harakoan tribes remain on the planet that are not governed by its laws, nor by the Harakoan nation is has formed. These groups are either reclusive, unknown to the Jedi, or outwardly defiant of allowing settlers and Harakoans to live together as peaceful societies. Though the Treaty protects their rights as free people and prevents them from being conquered, the Jedi are always watchful to ensure they do not attack peaceful nations, while several of their Knights try to persuade these tribal groups to join the coalition of nations on the planet. Their efforts at diplomacy - and, when forced to it, battle - remain uncertain at best.

Council of Urr

Council chamber
Main article: [[Councillors of Urr|Councillors of Urr]]

The Council of Urr (commonly known as the Jedi Council) is overseen by a (temporary) High Councilor and ultimately controls all affairs of Clan Odan-Urr. Once relying on proclamations and representatives to enforce peace on the world, they now live as the warrior monks they were meant to be and avoid the politics of the planet's nations, except where they must intercede to prevent violence and discord. Charged with command of the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force, a military that draws on volunteers of all nations, yet defends the planet as a whole rather than any one nation, they now maintain a watchful eye over the planet and the Galaxy.

The Houses

House Satele Shan

The 'Satele Shan' logo
Main article: [[House Satele Shan|House Satele Shan]]

House Satele Shan, one of two Light-Side Houses of Clan Odan-Urr was created in 38 ABY, The House serves as the primary diplomatic force for the Clan whilst maintaining many other functions such as espionage and intelligence gathering, Peacekeeping and, when war comes, tactical mastery. The House formed after a splinter group of Clan Odan-Urr made an unlikely ally in the Harakoan Metropolis of Seher, one of the most advanced and independent tribes on New Tython. Operating as an advisory force for the tribe the members of House Satele Shan are provided accommodation as well as the ability to freely pass in and out of the City, the Seherob widely respect the opinion of their Light-sided comrades due to sworn protection of the Tribe as well as their command of technology beyond the Seherob’s own.

After the fall of New Tython bulk of the House escaped the destruction of New Tython, but former Quaestor Solari and nearly all of the Seherob were lost. Yet after several months wandering deep space, Odan-Urr found a new home in the Kiast System. Now freed from the Brotherhood's Clan system, House Satele Shan was reorganized into a Joint Task Force stationed on Daleem.

The current leaders of House Satele Shan are Quaestor Maximus Alvinius and Aedile Len Iode. There is currently one active Battleteam, Tython Squadron, led by Mauro Wynter

House Hoth

Main article: [[House Hoth|House Hoth]]


The Tribes

Main article: [[Harakoan|Harakoan]]

Harakoan society on modern New Tython is split into two dynamic groups - the Harakoan Tribal Alliance, and the unaffiliated tribes. Those Harakoans of the Alliance hold their own lands and preserve their own customs, though they do bend on areas of international law, and while they represent one nation on the world stage they are still diverse and divided among their own lines. Laws unite them as allies, but the political reality between the tribes is one of constant negotiation, bartering, and can even see hostility and subterfuge. Given that these tribes include more modern armaments among their warriors' armaments, the Jedi work in close concert to ensure these politics don't boil over into bloodshed.

The more independent tribes, though extraordinarily diverse, are usually run by elder councils - though not always. The Council of Urr, while respectful enough not to involve themselves in tribal affairs and let the elders rule their own tribes, will get involved when matters begin to supersede established boundaries, either between tribes or Treaty nations. Often, this intervention - be it diplomatic or military - is all that stands between the world and true war. Elder councils generally consist of medicine men, shamans, and war chiefs.

The Colonies

Main article: [[Tythonian Colonial Alliance,Independent Colonies of New Tython|Tythonian Colonial Alliance,Independent Colonies of New Tython]]

Once autocratic and independent, the Tythonian colonies of the world have united under the Tythonian Colonial Alliance. Of human majority, though technically welcoming other species and cultures under provisions of the Treaty, these colonies have united under a democratic process to elect governors for each colony and an overall executive branch to oversee them from Menat Ombo. Policed by a civilian security force that can, in times of need, arm itself as a military, they are slowly becoming peaceful, economically sound, and tolerant places. Even so, old prejudices and fears remain among the populace and will take time to lessen, while the lack of instability and rise of profit has worked together with the absence of the Jedi from direct policing and governance to allow a criminal underworld to form within some of these settlements.

On the other side of the colonist coin, several colonies of non-human majority such as the Dac Compound are still part of the Treaty, but are governed as independent city-states - the Independent Colonies of New Tython. Though each abides by international laws and is watched from afar by the Jedi to ensure no wrongdoing, each is ruled by its own customs, practices, and means, and maintains its own militias and territories according to its own rule. These societies vary from the familial and open, like the Wookiee village of Gradrrbecca, to places where strict governance and rigid social order rule, like the Dac Compound or the Geonosian hive of Hununku Pi. Each city-state tends to have its own inner political realities, though each is active in the world stage, ensuring they do not get the raw end of the deal in negotiations.

Notable Landmarks

The Velastari temple

Jedi Praxeum

The Jedi Praxeum, informally known as Jedi Academy or just Praxeum, is a school built for the education and training of Jedi. Located on the isolated planet of Kiast, it is Odan-Urr’s main training facility for Force users and it is deemed the safest place for Jedi within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.


The economy of New Tython is largely agricultural in nature and, due to its continued isolation has no real exports of note. Approximately 70% of the total population are hunter gatherers, interspersed with the predominantly agricultural colonies, and the few tribes which have adopted agricultural practices from the colonial populace. The main economic hub of note is Menat Ombo, which has seen much in the way of growth over the past few years, becoming a small but vibrant city where the world's political and economic undertakings are seen to. A handful of local currencies are beginning to emerge with more prominence, though the Galactic Credit Standard is accepted in the capital. Barter systems and local currencies, made from precious metals, gems, shells, or other goods, prevail throughout the tribal lands and independent colonies. Though no group can be mandated by its government to trade with others, they can neither be barred from legal trading, which has allowed entrepreneurs and merchants to begin to establish deeper economic ties across the planet's borders.

Society and Culture

A member of the native Harakoan species.


Although most of the Jedi who originally arrived on the planet were classically trained by It'kla himself, a series of Force philosophies soon emerged, either brought by new inductees from the Brotherhood, or just due to the poor and unrefined training methods of the Council. The majority of the Jedi adhere to what they perceive as the original teachings of the Jedi Order and are often characterized by their wisdom, but extreme hesitancy to commit. Jedi resembling the New Jedi Order in philosophical content have also emerged. Though they are usually viewed as hot headed and rash, they have a tendency to live up to their 'get the job done' attitude and several have even become members of the Council. The third major group of Jedi on New Tython are those that follow a more "Gray" path. Though their peers often view them with nervous suspicion, their quality of person has lent them a great deal of weight and influence when forming policy. For the moment, all three groups are quite content to work in harmony and acknowledge the balance achieved by doing so.

In recent years, events on the planet and the realities of becoming strong enough to face down Brotherhood threats has led to an increase in the unity, training, and discipline amongst Jedi ranks. The decision to remove themselves from planetary politics and become more of a stabilizing, peacekeeping force has allowed them to swell in numbers and in power, while the leadership of the Council of Urr helps to keep them largely on the path of the Light Side of the Force. With the recent emergence of Houses Hoth and Satele Shan, they have strayed from their original, loosely-defined beginnings and have largely come to resemble the Dark Clans they oppose, though as a foil rather than an ally - a powerful entity of the Light, still far from the power to outwardly oppose the Darkness, yet now with the ability to start doing some good within the Galaxy.


The variation among the tribes of Harakoa is staggering due to the variability of climate across the world. Though there are tribes practicing subsistence agriculture, many rely upon domesticated animals for hunting and warfare. Sedentary tribes typically live in buildings constructed from mud bricks or grasses while the highly mobile tribes of the hunter gatherers possess structures which can be quickly broken down and carried by domesticated beasts. The home ranges of tribes range from thick, impenetrable jungle, to wide open deserts, rolling plains, rugged mountains, and chilled northern forests, while evidence now emerges of tribes with rudimentary seafaring skills. Each tribe has uniquely adapted to exist ideally in their respective habitats.

Though society has largely become more peaceful and prosperous for the Treaty's tribes, many within their society have expressed misgivings toward the future. While the young, and the formerly oppressed, engage in more trade and adoption of modern technology and customs from the colonies, their elders express distrust toward the changes in their culture. The result, coupled with Harakoan pride and tradition, has been their societies becoming even more fiercely Harakoan. What modern tech is acquired is decorated and treated according to tribal practices, always adorning the settlements while never overtaking them, and tradition remains king amongst the diverse tribes.


Though not as diverse as the tribes, the colonies have their own rich cultural heritage. Their technology is often antique and well maintained (colonists are often employed as techs by the Jedi to maintain their starfighters, due to the mechanical aptitude of the colonists), and their methods of agriculture have left a lasting mark upon the indigenous people of Harakoa. The species of colonists varies by planet, but the two most predominantly represented species are humans—inhabiting the plains and forests—and Mon Calamari—who build colonies along the coasts of major lakes, rivers and oceans. The proximity of New Tython to many human-populated worlds and Dac itself is likely what drives people to settle here, though in very sparse numbers as life upon Harakoa is often harsh and unforgiving.


The military of Clan Odan-Urr is known as the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force and is formed primarily from the three major species inhabiting the planet. This force, as it is associated foremost with the Jedi, tends to be very liberal in its political outlook. Both colonial militias (such as the Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos) and the Harakoan tribes (Iwu Zawag and Iwu Kazharam) who joined because they tend to favor reconciliation and cooperation between the species. In its new role as an international peacekeeping force, and a mobile force to face threats throughout the Galaxy, it has evolved into an elite force for quick, precision strikes.


Falling directly under the command of the Jedi and used in both domestic and Galactic affairs, the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force's many planetary units are divided into four components - the 1st Armored Assault Column or "Kota's Fist", the Harakoan Korahaii, Zawi, and Gioki Hosts, the Colonial Militias such as Shadow Company and the Melewati Bushfighters, and the Tech Division, mainly comprised of The Ratchets Maintenance Department. These units are eclectic and varied, yet have sworn themselves to the Jedi's command allow them to both ensure peace on New Tython and face Sith and other threats outside of the Yhi System.

Outside of the Jedi's control, each nation of the planet has its own militia forces, the largest by far being the Harakoan Tribal Army. Comprised of the warriors and scouts of every tribe in the Tribal Alliance, this group seldom comes to full formation, but is obligated like all other Treaty militias to assemble in the planet's defense when needed. Largely traditional, these forces range from warriors and headhunters, to scouts and archers, to mounted cavalry and even deploys mystics in rare cases - though outside of a few rare cases, these technically only add to the tribes' morale. However, the tribes do maintain some technology taken, refurbished, or bought from the colonies and other modern forces to be deployed against outside threats - though these are typically decorated and incorporated in ways that are fiercely, and defiantly, Harakoan. While the KUDF would coordinate these forces for any domestic problems, they do not fall under Odan-Urr's Order of Battle and cannot be brought to bear against Brotherhood or other forces.

Next in the planet's defense are the Tythonian Security Forces, civilian police and paramilitary forces that protect Tythonian cities and towns. Though typically armed with stun batons and light armor and weaponry, these can be assembled into military ranks if the call is put out, and can be outfitted with heavier gear if need be. Predominantly human, this force does allow non-humans to join its ranks, though depending on their species these alien security officers might find themselves faced with bigger obstacles to cross for promotions and lower pay. While technically coordinated by the KUDF in times of domestic war, they are not a part of the Jedi's Order of Battle and cannot be deployed by them against threats outside of the Treaty's dominion.

Finally, each City-State employs its own militias, some of which are contributors to the KUDF but otherwise operate much like the Tribal Army and TSF. The Dac Compound employs a Marine Corps, from which some soldiers have elected to transfer into the Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos, while the Bothans of Rashk are family and friends of the Last Stand. The Wookiee colony of Gradrrbecca, while all naturally inclined toward jungle survival and self-defense, are defended by The Chosen - a fighting force that was part of the KUDF long before the Treaty was signed, and whose majority still fight for the Jedi. Finally, the Geonosians of Hununku Pi maintain their own local battle droids to augment their flying warriors, while having sold the Legion of Steel to the Jedi years ago for the KUDF. These droids they still help to maintain, as well as offering some of their technicians and workers to the Ratchets. Thus, while some Independents serve in the KUDF, they also maintain distinct forces outside of Jedi control to help defend their own borders.


New Tython possess a fleet of ships known as the Tythonian Space Militia. Ship types within the fleet typically include T-65 X-Wings, BTL A-4 Y-Wings, ETA-2 Actis interceptors, and RZ-1 A-Wing interceptors. Capital ships include the NSD Fey'lya's Last Stand and the VSD Endor's Triumph, as well as two Assassin-class corvettes A/CRV Proxia Mustirion and A/CRV Pride of Owyhyee. Each ship or squadron functions like a militia headed by a militia captain, who takes direct control of the squadron during times of emergency and war. Squadron captains are usually senior members of the Clan who have been pilots or officers since their days in the Rebel Alliance, or have prior military experience. That said, in the years of and following the Dark Crusade, many younger and even Jedi captains have emerged, while colonists and even the rare urbanized Harakoan have taken to the stars - though the latter still attribute much of their ships' functions and abilities to mysticism and faith rather than technological know-how.


New Tython was the fourth planet in the solar system DLSCX-2298, which is the millennia-old Republic designation. The people living on the planet typically refer to the system as the Yhi System, a term adopted from a tribal name for the local star. There are 11 confirmed planets within the Yhi System, though most are far-flung gas giants and Harakoa seems to be the only habitable planet which exists. it was destroyed in the Eleventh Great Jedi War

Kiast System is the new home system that the Clan Odan-Urr relocated to after the destruction of New Tython. The Kiast system is situated in the Nilgaard sector in the Outer Rim Territories. It is located somewhere within the Palioxis Cloud nebula in an isolated part of the sector, branching off from the Perlemian Trade Route.

Allies and Enemies


  • Clan Arcona – In the wake of necromancy being predominant in Clan Tarentum, Clan Odan-Urr has sought out new allies in the weakening Brotherhood. Under the leadership of Atyiru Caesura Entar, Clan Arcona stands as the likeliest of allies to combat the Brotherhood in its weakness. With Clan Odan-Urr now seeking war to bring about the end of the Brotherhood before it can rise again, it will need allies to face the greatest challenges. Currently, Clan Arcona has found itself to be saturated with those balancing between both sides of the Force, thus the alliance will need to be carefully maintained, or risk falling into conflict. In order to ensure the alliance is preserved, the Shadow Lady must be able to keep her darker vassals in line, or risk breaking the tenuous alliance. Looking past their stances in the Eleventh Great Jedi War, the Dajorra-Yhi Concordat was signed in 39 ABY to create the foundations of a lasting alliance. Although their stance towards Clan Tarentum is that of allies, Odan-Urr will agree not to hold these ties against Arcona, so long as Arcona remains uninvolved in conflicts between the warring factions.


  • Clan Taldryan – Were it not for Clan Odan-Urr’s alliance with Clan Arcona, the two would have been allies. Consisting of Force-users across the broad spectrum of the Force, Clan Taldryan doesn’t pose a threat or ill will towards Clan Odan-Urr. Having been on the same side of the Eleventh Great Jedi War has strengthened relations, making Clan Taldryan the second-most available to come to Odan-Urr’s aid. Establishing a protectorate with Clan Odan-Urr, Taldryan would be likely to come to the Jedi’s aid, should Odan-Urr be directly attacked.
  • Clan Scholae Palatinae - Were it not for Scholae Palatinae’s views following that of the late Emperor Palpatine, Odan-Urr could have allied themselves with Scholae Palatinae as a splinter faction from the Empire. However, certain views that are not shared between Clan Scholae Palatinae and Emperor Palpatine might yet form the foundations of a possible alliance with Clan Odan-Urr. Both clans had sided with Jac Cotelin during the Eleventh Great Jedi War, making room for cease-fire treaties to be established.


  • Clan Tarentum – Regardless of the alliance formed between Clan Tarentum and Clan Odan-Urr in the aftermath of the Horizons virus when Odan-Urr came to their assistance against the flagship of Zoraan’s fleet in charge of assaulting Yridia II, the Halberd, Tarentum’s recent dabblings in necromancy has since drawn the attention of Clan Odan-Urr, which has broken ties to the desperate clan and are currently on the verge of issuing all-our war on Clan Tarentum as their most immediate rivals. Standing on opposite sides of the Eleventh Great Jedi War, the rift between them hasn’t recovered into the Brotherhood’s reformations under Darth Pravus.
  • Clan Naga Sadow – Relations with Clan Naga Sadow have gone sour since the Eleventh Great Jedi War. Standing steadfast alongside Muz Ashen against Clan Odan-Urr in the Tenth Great Jedi War with a continuing pattern lasting past the Eleventh Great Jedi War have created a rift between the clans. However, the as-of-yet undiscovered truth of Naga Sadow harbouring the former Grand Master responsible for the Brotherhood’s hatred against the Disciples of Odan-Urr threatens to create all-out war against the clans, once the Sentinel Network is able to unveil the Grand Master’s whereabouts. A history of Sith alchemical experiments designed to kill Jedi lends to the position of Clan Odan-Urr, who seek to remove all evidence of these practices as a threat.
  • Clan Plagueis - With Clan Plagueis having been the sole supporter of Esoteric in the Eleventh Great Jedi War and condoning slavery, relations with them have been soured and border on a declaration of warfare. Nothing has been established since the ending of the conflict to keep these clans from ripping at each other’s throats, thus Clan Plagueis stands as a rival faction against the forces of Odan-Urr. Not directly involved with Muz Ashen’s attempt to strengthen the Brotherhood nor with the Jedi, tensions are lesser than those of Tarentum.


  • Clan Revan - Though revolutionaries regarding Brotherhood policy, Clan Revan was at least moderately traditionalist when considering ideology and, therefore, relations with Clan Revan were extremely sour. However, some of their former members have made a good home within Odan-Urr.

Important Figures

V'yr Vorsa - Headmaster of the Arca Praxeum

COU Character & Leadership Guides

The Odanite Code

The Odanite Code was created to by member's of the summit and Clan title holders on October 7th, 2017 as Great Jedi War XII was about to start. This Code is cumulative efforts of the entire Clan Leadership to set real-life guidelines on how now only what COU stands for but how it's leaders and members should interact with each other and the entire clan as a whole.

COU Leadership Guidelines

The COU Leadership Guideline was created to help members grow in developing their own leadership by learning some of the basic skills tools. This guide offers many ideas in ways to create activities for your members, but also ways to mediate and solve conflict as well. It can help assist you in growing your own leadership abilities so that you may become a successful leader in the ranks of the Clan and whole Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

COU Character Development Guideline

The COU Character Development Guideline is for individuals who are interested in learning more about developing their own character. It was aimed to provide the necessary knowledge about the process of character creation and development. It teaches on various matters ranging from sources of information and inspiration for character development through the DJB Character Sheet system and includes many important details to describe how they relate.

COU Writing Guideline

The COU Writing Guideline is here to help individuals improve their writing workshop and develop their own story-crafting skills. It provides individuals with a bunch of useful hints and examples of specific situations, which will be mentioned throughout the guide.

A Novice's Guide to Odan-Urr

A Novice's Guide to Odan-Urr was created as a crash course and reference guide to the lore and plotlines individuals will encounter as a member of Clan Odan-Urr. It also introduces members to things that are going on right now, so that they can more easily jump into the action in the Clan.

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History of the Summits of former House Odan-Urr
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Nausinikos "Ji" Urr 11.14.2010 - 05.14.2012 Yuki Suoh 01.08.2011 - 04.28.2011
Nausinikos "Ji" Urr 11.14.2010 - 05.14.2012 Quejo Drakai Xyler 04.28.2011 - 11.02.2011
Nausinikos "Ji" Urr 11.14.2010 - 05.14.2012 Eli Denan 11.02.2011 - 05.14.2012
Eli Denan 05.14.2012 - 04.29.2013 Nausinikos "Ji" Urr 05.14.2012 - 09.10.2012
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Alethia Archenksova 12.10.2017 - Present Blade Ta'var 12.21.2017 - Present
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Kaira Rohana 04.28.2011 - 11.02.2011
Jendan Morgana 11.02.2011 - 01.25.2012
Elleron Morakei 09.27.2012 - 07.02.2013
Samael Ozriel 07.02.2013 - 09.18.2013
Raiju Kang 09.18.2013 - 10.24.2013
Samael Ozriel 01.15.2014 - 06.07.2014
Rhiann Baenre 06.22.2014 - 12.14.2014
V'yr Vorsa 12.17.2014 - 03.01.2015
Elleron Morakei 03.02.2015 - 11.02.2015
Xantros 12.04.2015 - 08.23.2016
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Blade Ta'var 02.12.2017 - 12.21.2017
Ranarr Kul 01.05.2018 - Present

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