Fading Light

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Fading Light
Conflict: Vendetta
Beginning: 31 ABY, Capture of Avenger II
End: 32 ABY, Battle of Korriban
Location: Stygian Caldera
  • Brotherhood victory in three more systems of Sith Space
  • Retrieval of the Sword of Ferran
Major Battles:

  • Darth Krayt
  • Esoteric

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With the majority of the worlds in the ancient Sith Empire under Brotherhood Control, the One Sith consolidates their forces to make final stands on their remaining worlds. This is considered the second phase of the Dark Crusade, meant to exterminate the One Sith as a rival and threat to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Every engagement stretched the Brotherhood further and further, straining resources and manpower just as surely as the bonds and fragile relationships between Clans and their members. Through the stress of campaigning and tempered through the brutality of war, every victory over the One Sith sowed hostility among rival factions of the Brotherhood.

Together, the Brotherhood committed three more star systems to their control in the Stygian Caldera after a multitude of brutal engagements against One Sith Forces under the direct or indirect command of Esoteric. However, new battle lines were being drawn throughout this drawn out conflict, and these would pit old friends and new enemies alike not only against the One Sith, but also against each other.

Phase I


Further information: Bosthirda

The Grand Master of the Brotherhood, Muz Ashen, knew that the swift war against the One Sith was far from over. Though the Brotherhood had celebrated multiple victories and had conquered various systems that were a part of the ancient Sith Empire, the One Sith were still a dangerous faction that needed to be terminated.

The first target chosen in this second phase of the campaign was the planet of Bosthirda. Strategically, it was a key location for Brotherhood forces to capture. Located along the Kamat Krote, a hyperspace route that had access to the ancient Sith homeworld of Korriban, it would be a key base of operations to launch a final assault on the aforementioned planet. As well, Bosthrida was rumoured to be the location of an ancient Sith artifact known as the Sword of Ferran. The Grand Master knew that having the artifact as motivation for the Clans would keep them united, if barely, in conflict again their enemies. He would be able to achieve his ends, and the Clan who struck the final blow against the enemy on the planet would lay claim to the powerful Sword, and all the honours that holding it entailed.

The Sword of Ferran.

The combined forces of the Brotherhood descended upon the planet. The ranks of the Force-wielding Brotherhood could feel the strong taint of the Dark Side of the Force emanating from the planet. It was, after all, the location of a dark side temple, as well as a former hidden retreat for various Dark Prophets and other acolytes of studying the dark ways.


  1. Taldryan
  2. Plagueis
  3. Arcona

Phase II


Further information: Begeren

As Brotherhood forces celebrated the success of their victory at Bosthrida, the upper echelons of leadership realized that a clean-up operation was needed elsewhere. Orders from the highest authority told the various Clans to assemble forces to strike at the planet Begeren, located at the end of the hyperspace lane near Kalsunor, a previously conquered world. And once again, Grand Master Muz Ashen knew that in order to sway the Clans into his plans, the promise of invaluable knowledge and artifacts would be more than enough motivation for them to come to task and see his plans through.

Brotherhood forces easily wrestled control of the surrounding space of Begeren, paving the way for their ground forces to land on the surface. Compared to the majority of other worlds that had been under One Sith control, it was sparsely defended. The harsh, desert climate of the planet, combined with its challenging terrain still made the initial assault difficult. Well-placed Ion Cannon batteries, coupled with strategically sound defensive positions set up by One Sith forces led to a larger amount of casualties than had been predicted. However, through sheer numbers and force of will, One Sith forces were eventually dispatched or routed.

Members of the elite ranks of the Brotherhood forces deployed to Begeren still had many tasks set out before them. In the Valley of Monuments, the rumoured site of an untold amount of ancient Sith relics, was the location of the enemy's last stand. Some of the Brotherhood's best and brightest ventured forth into the Valley, each of whom faced unique challenges and the One Sith's most dangerous foes. Their battles, and their quest united through instinct and the Dark Side led them to an ancient palace. But only a select few made it far enough to learn anything of note.

There, Aidan Kincaid and Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae waged a final battle against the One Sith-aligned Darth Necren, and her loyal Mandalorian bounty hunter, Lanis. During the confrontation, the two learned of the betrayal of a member of the Dark Council, though the specifics were still lost to them. The battle was waged, and eventually the combined strength and power of the two Dark Side adepts dealt a crippling blow to the bounty hunter and Necren.

Following their victory, a squadron of Nephilim stormed the palace, placing Kincaid under arrest and taking the Arconae out of sight. Whoever was the mastermind of betrayal on the Dark Council had caught Kincaid before he had had a chance to escape, spreading doubt throughout the Brotherhood. For now, the resolve of the Brotherhood was secure, and the traitor's true allegiance was unchanged.


  1. Aidan Kincaid
  2. Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae
  3. Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor
  4. Halcyon Taldrya

Phase III


Further information: Nicht Ka

Every engagement left more questions than answers. Even as Brotherhood forces faced the final hurdle before being able to launch an assault on Korriban, cracks were beginning to form in the Brotherhood leadership. Rumours of a traitor on the Dark Council began forcing additional barriers between already reluctant allies, and the fact Esoteric kept alluding the Brotherhood was contributing to their tactical frustrations.

Nicht Ka was made out to be the final key to successfully unlocking Korriban's proverbial gates. The harsh planet had been under the intense scrutiny of Dark Brotherhood intelligence resources, and they had determined that an important One Sith facility was located on the surface. More importantly, Esoteric and his most loyal servants had made it their residence, inferring that the planet was an important hub for their intelligence gathering operations, as well as the personal fortress of Esoteric. A facility of such importance was bound to be heavily defended and hard to infiltrate, but one way or another it had to be done.

One Sith forces barely holding the line on Nicht Ka.

A direct assault was launched on Nicht Ka, with the Clans deploying the majority of their own assets to assist the Grand Master in his war plans. A vicious battle was waged, both on the sky and on the ground, and for a time both Brotherhood and One Sith forces fought ferociously to a stalemate. The tide of war was only determined by the fanatic Dark Jedi on either side of the conflict, fighting tooth and nail amongst each other in support of the masters they thought worthy of supremacy. But just as had happened since the beginning, the Brotherhood eventually found themselves to be militarily victorious. However, various leaders throughout the Brotherhood had lost faith in the reigning Grand Master, and had proof to back up their claims.


  1. Clan Arcona
  2. Clan Taldryan
  3. House Tarentum
  4. House Odan Urr
  5. Clan Naga Sadow
  6. House Scholae Palatinae
  7. Clan Plagueis

Overall Unit Standings

  1. Clan Taldryan, First Clan of the Brotherhood
  2. Clan Arcona, Second Clan of the Brotherhood
  3. Clan Plagueis, Third Clan of the Brotherhood
  4. House Tarentum
  5. House Odan Urr
  6. Clan Naga Sadow
  7. House Scholae Palatinae

Heroes of Fading Light

  1. Aidan Kincaid, First Hero
  2. Halcyon Taldrya, Second Hero
  3. Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor, Third Hero


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