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Kalei Amari Basai
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Kalei Basai is a Priest in Naga Sadow.



Kalei Basai was born in 8 ABY to what some would consider, at the time, a rather well off family. Her mother, Dabri, and her father, Torin, felt more than blessed to finally have a child after many years of trying. Growing up on Tatooine, never once did Kalei get to experience any weather besides dust storms. She longed as a child to not only see things like rain and snow, but feel them as well. Being in a family that actually had some money to their name, Kalei was picked on as a child. Whether it was out around the neighborhood playing with others or during school, everyone knew what type of family she came from. Any time she would come to school in a new outfit or have something new with her, it would only cause more ridicule. Kalei was seen as more of an outcast than anything else in her youth.

Having no friends to speak of, her family became her friends. Her mother was a housewife and was always there when she would need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to. Her father would also be there, but he worked most of the time until late hours. During the weekends however, he was the one who would comfort her and play games with her to make her feel wanted. As she grew, her bond to her family only became stronger. Her cousins became closer friends than anyone her own age. The rest of her family, including her grandparents, eventually moved off planet in search of other worlds and other things to experience.

School never went any better for Kalei as the years went on and she did not allow it to get to her. She received high marks in her classes because she was able to focus on the work and not dealing with the drama of having friends. To say that she did not wish for the drama at times would be a lie, because when all of her work was done, she would sit in her room and look out the window to see children in a nearby playground playing with each other. Any time she had gone over to try and play with them, she would be snubbed or physically pushed away. Unable to do anything about this, her parents feared she would go into a depression at a young age.

Finding confidence in writing and drawing, Kalei was able to express her feelings through these and not allow them to bottle up inside of her. The only problem with this was that in art and writing competitions at school, she would end up placing in all of them, causing her classmates to dislike her even more. She did not allow this to faze her though, as she knew, or at least thought, her family would be there and stand behind her as long as she needed them to. This was about to change.


Around the time Kalei turned 14, her mother began to get sick. No doctor knew what was happening to her; all they knew was that her body was giving out on her very quickly. At no time during her life had she ever seen her mother sick. She had always been healthy and active and always managed to take care of herself. In the span of about a month, her mother went from bad to worse and soon her life had been taken from her. To start with, her father and she were closer than ever, comforting each other because neither wished to leave the house after the funeral. After two weeks, things began to take a turn for the worse.

On Her Own

Kalei’s father began to go out to the bars every night and not come back until late. He was still working, because she had gone to his job to make sure he was still there during the days. He worked his job like nothing was wrong but would not return until the early hours of the morning. The only time she got to see her father was on the off chance she was awake when he would leave for work, and even then he would barely acknowledge her. This began to tear Kalei up inside, because he had been her only strength since her mother had died.

By the time her 15th birthday rolled around, Kalei began to realize that things had changed. Her father was spending less and less time at the house, and there was no food in the house at all. Knowing that she needed food to survive, she pulled herself out of school without her father’s knowledge and began to work small jobs to gain money for a meal each day. One night while sitting in the dining room that was now rarely used eating the small bit of food she had managed to find for herself, Kalei’s father came in the door completely drunk. Seeing someone at the table eating, he began to demand who she was and what she was doing inside his house. Even through trying to explain that she was his daughter, he demanded more information, not believing who she said she was. Coming within an inch of beating her, he passed out on the floor of the dining room. Having nearly seen her life flash before her eyes, Kalei now knew that it was best to avoid the main areas of the house once night hit.

Each day was about the same for a year; leaving right after her father did to find work, coming home in the early evening with the small meal she had been able to find that day, and sneaking off to her room before her father came home. She did not even speak to her father for that whole year. On her 16th birthday, Kalei had managed to save up enough money to get a decent meal for herself. Deciding that her father probably wouldn’t be home until late that night, she took a chance and ate down in the dining room once more. This was a mistake that nearly cost her life. Her father came home before the sun had even gone down that night with a bunch of his drunken friends. Actually remembering that it was his daughter’s birthday, he decided to do that old tradition of spanking your child the number of years old they were. But because of his drunken state, it was much worse than that. He and then each of his friends in turn physically hit Kalei 16 times until she was left on the floor, fighting to even keep herself conscious.

It took her two days to be able to go out and look for more work to feed herself, because all of the food she had gotten herself for her birthday had been eaten by her father and his friends. It wasn’t until about a week later that Kalei noticed her father not coming home at all. Taking a day to go to his place of work, she began to ask around to see if he had been there. No one had seen him for about four days and had almost come to the house to check on him. Informing them that he had not been home at all, they said if they heard from him they would let her know and shoved her out the door. Walking around a small part of town, she began to ask people she hoped would have seen him or at least heard from him. It took her practically the whole day, but finally someone came forward and told her that the previous night, he had left on a transport for an unknown destination.

On the Streets

For the first time in her whole sixteen years of life, Kalei was completely alone. Knowing that she did not have her father or any of her family near her anymore, she had to fend completely for herself. It took about a week for her to realize that she could no longer keep up with the house and keep herself somewhat healthy at the same time, so she decided to sell the home she had known for her whole life. It sold for more than she thought it would even sell for but there was one thing she had not counted on. Because of her age, even though she was the one selling the house and had been allowed to sell it, she was not entitled to the money that had come from the sale and it all went straight to her father’s account.

Having been counting on that money to get herself somewhere safe, Kalei knew that she needed to find jobs every single day and some place to stay every night now. Each day she would walk around the market and shops and offer her assistance to anyone who wanted it that day. Most of the jobs she managed to get were jobs that no one else would even think about doing; reaching into droids that would no longer function to pull out a single tiny piece to place into a new droid which caused her arms to become cut because she was told not to dismantle the old droid and to just reach inside. Sitting at food stands where people would demand that she know their orders already because they were regulars or not get paid. Everywhere in town she would go she would end up with the grunge jobs. Every night after finding some sort of food from the small pay she got from that day’s job, she would sleep in alley ways to keep herself away from the harsh elements of Tatooine.

By the time she was 18; Kalei had done so many jobs and looked so beat up that it was amazing she was still alive. One night, after finishing eating and heading towards her normal alley where she had a nice shelter set up, someone was waiting on one of the corners. As she came to the corner, her arm was nearly ripped out of its socket when the boy took a tight hold on her arm. An evil set of eyes turned on her face as she felt a kick hit her stomach and another to the back of her knees. Seeing something attached to his belt when she fell to her knees on the ground, Kalei thought it looked like an old lightsaber handle, but it was beaten up and looked as though it had been turned into a club; blood stains all around it. Not getting a very good look at it, her eyes only wavered from the item on his belt for a second before nothing else was known but pain and blackness.

A metal pipe had been swung at the back of her head with all the strength the boy could put out. The last sight that Kalei saw was her now bright red hand coming off the back of her head. She did not know how much time had passed, but she awoke in a dark alleyway with all the possessions she had been carrying gone and her shelter destroyed. Blood had caked itself onto the back of her hair and all Kalei could do now was attempt to find her way back out of the alley in an attempt to get some help for herself. It took her a few days to recover and she had actually found someone who gave her some food but nothing more as she recovered.

Months went by with nothing major happening to her. She continued to work the jobs that no one else would just to get herself some money. It wasn’t until she was walking towards her now rebuilt shelter in the alley way that a group of four or five guys came up behind her and slammed her head against the wall of the alley. The guys then started to slam her head against it as she could feel the blood on the back of her neck. It was taking most of her strength to keep herself conscious. Something was about to be taken from her by force rather than her wanting to give it up; her innocence. She was then slammed to the ground and her pants were being ripped off as she slipped in and out of consciousness from the wound on the back of her head. The only reason she had been able to stop them was her foot came straight into the gut of the one trying to get to her.

Kalei had barely managed to get herself away from them and out to the open in the light where they wouldn’t follow her. Again, no one wanted to help her and she had to take time recovering. The rest of her time on Tatooine was rather uneventful, though she was still doing the same scrap jobs she had been doing for the better part of four years.



Right around her 21st birthday, someone came up to her and offered her a different life. They told her there was something special about her and that she no longer needed to live her life on the streets. That somewhere else wanted her, wanted to train her. A place she had never even heard of wanted her, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Upon arrival at the Brotherhood, Kalei’s life took a turn for the better. She was accepted into the house of Satal Keto in Clan Plagueis. Her training began immediately as she began to make her way through the ranks, spending only two days as an Apprentice before advancing to Novice. Just over a day later she was promoted from Novice to Proselyte.


But even through all of this, she still felt out of place, and had thoughts of leaving the Brotherhood to find somewhere else to live. It was then that she got this odd feeling to go to a Dojo owned by Mitsuhide Akechi. Unknown to her at the time, he had felt her wanting to leave and had caused it so she would find her way to that Dojo at that specific time. Arriving there, she did not even remember how she had gotten there. Mitsuhide began to train her in fighting with a blade just to see how well she would do and to see if she was even worthy of coming back and training with him more.

The following day Kalei found herself once again at that Dojo where further training ensued. It was later that night after training and sitting and talking with Mitsuhide that she found out the only way for someone to know where his Dojo was is if they had been there before or they were invited. Not only that, he offered her a place to stay instead of her old room. Taking a bit of time and a few cups of tea to think it over, she finally agreed and was shown to the room which she thought would be her home until she no longer needed it. That was very far from the truth.

Naga Sadow

After transferring to the clan of Naga Sadow to follow along with her new found master and friend, things began to change. Mitsuhide had become more and more distant; things were not as they should have been. The Feud between the two houses of Naga Sadow just made things worse as he transferred out of Marka Ragnos and went to Ludo Kressh. It was a hard choice, however, after all that had been lost in the Feud, including connections to the ones she called family, Kalei packed up her few belongings that she had at Mitsuhide’s and left back for where she had once lived.

Things remained quiet for a few days as she attempted to settle back into a normal routine. Her recent promotion for Jedi Hunter and now lack of master caused a great fear to well up inside of her. If no one would be willing to take her under their wing, she feared that her training would have to stop there and she would never reach the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

Master and Jagen

That was when someone did finally come along and agree to help her continue her training; the clan’s proconsul Ashura Isradia. With his help, Kalei now knew that she could reach the rank she had wished for since she got here.

As a part of her trials, Kalei was sent on a mission for Ashura, one that she did not know the details of until she was already making her way there. A former lover had gone away from the Brotherhood, Jagen Zarbo. He had been one of the first to speak to her on the way to the Brotherhood, and the first to become her friend. It was after an argument that they had broken up and he had left the Brotherhood in a huff.

It had fallen upon Kalei to go after him and either bring him back or put an end to whatever it was that he had been doing. The transport had taken her to Aerothan along with an extra passenger that she did not expect; Aleho, Ashura's youngest apprentice. It had turned to Kalei to keep an eye on her as well as complete her mission.

After things seemed to be going their way, Kalei and Aleho ended up captured and had to use their own Jedi instincts to find a way out. They managed to defeat all of their opposition on the way to a communications room to get in contact with Ashura to let him know where they were. There was one last thing standing in their way, Jagen.

As Aleho made her way to the communications terminal, it was up to Kalei to fight off Jagen. She was soon down and it looked as though it was to late until Ashura arrived and saw the two destroyed armory sabers that she had been using. She was soon handed the saber she had created for herself when she reached Dark Jedi Knight and realized that there was only one solution to this problem.

In the end, she had to do one thing she never thought she would have to; she killed off Jagen Zarbo.


What happened to Kalei after that isn’t known by many. Her time as a Night Hawk was very productive, allowing her to move up to the team leader after the former leader, Zaxen, stepped down. The Great Jedi War caused Kalei to realize more panic lived within her than she ever thought possible.

After a mishap in the skies, Zaroth, Zaxen, and Kalei ended up being captured on the surface and tortured. The clan came together to get them rescued and gave them a small chance to recover from the ordeal they had been through. After the war, however, everything seemed to fall apart for the Knight.

Vanished Love

The one that she had fallen in love with, Zaroth, vanished. During the rest of her recovery time, Kalei kept hearing that no one had seen or heard from him since their return. Once she was fully healed, she attempted to send a personal communication to Zaroth, hoping he would at least answer her. Unfortunately, there was no answer. He ended up gone for so long that he was moved to Rogues. As his BTL, not to mention the one who he had fallen in love with, she felt it was partially her fault that he left.

After a time of doing very little for her team, she gave up the title of BTL, allowing the team to have a leader who would actually try to help them instead of dealing with her own problems.

Where is She?

No one seems to know what happened to Kalei between the GJW and the next Clan Feud. This is due to the fact that she did not want anyone to know where she actually was. She left no notice except that she was going on a personal mission and would return when it was completed. Seeing the look in her eyes, the ones who took the message didn’t dare argue with her.

Kalei decided to go planet hopping. With everything that had recently happened in the Brotherhood, she wouldn’t dare stick around until she found the answers that she wanted.

The list of planets visited was not kept, even by Kalei after she returned. However, what happened on those planets remains in the mind of the Knight.

Each planet did not have any special meaning, nor did it serve much purpose other than it could lead her to Zaroth. One thing that she did not think would happen was that on each planet, she ended up in a bar. As one who is really unable to hold her drinks, she would end up allowing herself to flirt with whoever she wished to at the bar on any particular night.

What would happen after that, no one really remembered due to the excessive amounts of alcohol that were consumed. However, right before she would leave each planet, she would hunt down one of the local gangs of trouble makers and ask them the simple question of whether they had seen Zaroth. But like most gangs, they wanted nothing to do with any investigations and would attempt to attack her. In the end, most of the gangs were sprawled in their local alley; saber wounds the cause of their deaths.

She later got a long distance communication that urged her to return for a Clan Feud, the house in need of her assistance. Finally giving up on her search and knowing the anger would remain bottled up inside her for a while, she decided to return to help her house.

Back with the Brotherhood

Everything seemed semi-normal once Kalei was back with her clan and back with those that knew her. The anger of Zaroth leaving both her and the clan was still pent up inside of her. Normally, she would keep her distance from others whenever possible.

Not long after, the battle teams of the house got a makeover, causing her to be moved from the Hawks to the Raptors. Her activity among the house improved a bit as the clan took cover in the Refuge.


Kalei's change of look while she was gone

The anger inside the Knight was still there as they got to the Refuge. She wasn’t allowed to show who she really was, so she had to attempt to keep everything on the down-low with her anger.

This was nearly impossible to do once they had reached the bar. She had gone there and met up with Fremoc, Dyrra, and Bob. She started to drink what had been given to her by order of Bob. Soon, Bal showed up as she started to mumble about everything that had happened to her recently.

He actually decided to listen to her and comfort her. Deep down, she did have feelings for him. They soon decided to leave and go off to the apartment to be by themselves. Once the others came back up, they knew what had happened in that apartment between Kalei and Bal, but passed it off. Not long after that, as the Raptors were relaxing in the apartment, they were suddenly attacked and Kalei ended up with a dagger in her shoulder, causing her to lose her ability to use that arm.

Unknown Time

There has been a stint of time where no one knows where Kalei had gone off to, or what was happening with her. There was no getting the information out of her either, as she would not speak of it. She did return in time for the next War, however missed most of it due to the birth and then loss of the child of she and Bal Demona.

Once Bal returned, she wanted nothing to do with him, and finally let him know what had happened to their child.

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Positions Held
Before Position After
'Unknown' Black Guard to Aedile Tsingtao Ming
29 ABY to 30 ABY
'Zaxen' Battleteam Leader of the Night Hawks
30 ABY to 31 ABY
Ekeia Iclo Black Guard to Quaestor Fremoc Pepoi
31 ABY

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