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Clans are the largest organizational unit in the Dark Brotherhood, consisting of up to three Houses. Houses were once aligned to a single Order during the rule of Justinian Khyron, but slowly became multi-order following the events of the Exodus. Following the resignation of Grandmaster Muz Ashen and his succession by Grandmaster Darth Pravus, Independent Houses were abolished and the then-Houses, Scholae Palatinae, Odan-Urr and Tarentum were given Clan status.

Clans are led by a Clan Summit, consisting of a Consul, the primary command position, and the Proconsul, the secondary command role. The Clan Summit is the highest possible position in the Brotherhood without sitting on the Dark Council, and as such, the highest levels of professionalism are expected from persons holding these positions. The Clan Summit is responsible for the cohesive operation of all Houses and Battleteams within the Clan.

Clans are unique from other units such as Houses in that they feature in a special type of Vendetta - the Clan Feud. In a Clan Feud, two or more Clans compete against each other for medals and glory, or even the chance to gain ownership of possessions. These possessions are usually acquired previously in other Vendettas, such as a Great Jedi War. Clans can also hold titles, similar to Houses, for placing in a Rite of Supremacy, such as "First Clan", "Second Clan" and so on. These titles are held for the duration between Rites and the use is discontinued upon another Clan holding that place.

The current clans are:

The Dark Council is sometimes called the 'over-clan' of the Brotherhood, but this term is relatively archaic.

Former Clans

Sometimes lack of activity or membership causes the Dark Council to dissolve or combine Clans.

Some that have met this fate are: