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Order Of The Consular
Organizational Information
Governing Body:

The Jedi Council Of Odan-Urr


New Tython

Official Language(s):
  • Galactic Basic
Affiliated Organizations/Governments:
Notable Locations/Temples:
Historical Information
Date of Founding:

~3 ABY

Other Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"A Consular is a specialized kind of Jedi. They focus more on cerebral Force skills. They're our healers, our researchers, our seers."
―Zayne Carrick

The Order of the Jedi Consular was one of three Orders that make up the members of Clan Odan-Urr. The path of the Jedi Consular is one of learning, research, healing, diplomacy and furthering ones knowledge in the Force. Jedi Consulars are unique amongst the three orders for that fact that members of the Order of the Consular prefer to use words and diplomacy to settle disputes over the use of the lightsaber. However, they do carry a lightsaber and do use it when the time calls for it.

Description and History

Liam Torun, Jedi Consular

The path of the Jedi is one of harmony, one that avoids violence and seeks to unite living beings through the peace of the Force. Jedi Guardians are needed to prevent the spread of evil, but it is the Jedi Consulars who uphold the central precepts of the Jedi Code. A Jedi can study the ways on the Consular following their ascension to the rank of Jedi Knight. The Consulars seek diplomatic measures in spreading peace and harmony throughout the galaxy. Refraining from drawing their lightsabers (many Consulars wielded a green bladed lightsaber) except as a measure of last resport, Consulars spend a great deal of time studying the mysteries of the Force. A Consulars role in the Jedi Order has remained largely consistent throughout its history.

What Jedi Guardians achieve through combat, Jedi Consulars achieve with words or non-violent use of the Force. Concentrating on mental refinement through study and meditation, Consulars seek to perfect the art of diplomacy and mediation, hoping to calm a tense situation or mend hurt feelings through civil discourse, reasoning, and parley, rather than drawing their lightsabers and cutting down an attacker. While Jedi Consulars would attempt to avoid conflict for as long as possible, the Consulars were sensible and carried a lightsaber, often with a green blade to symbolize their commitment to peace. Teachers, seers, and healers all claimed alignment to the Consular’s way of thinking and were respected members of the Order. While there are many sub-branches to the Consular class, the most skilled and learned Jedi Masters were granted the honorific title of Sage Master. According to the Jedi Archives, it was two Sage Masters that were said to have joined two Warrior Masters in the founding of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant circa 4,000 BBY. These four Masters were honored with bronzium depictions on the main entrance stairs at the terminus of the Processional Way. Profound skill with the Force is the mark of a Jedi Consular. The greatest Healers, Seers, Prophets and Researchers have come from the ranks of the Jedi Consular. Consulars can be outstanding fighters if pushed, but are more likely to rely on Force talents such affect mind or telekinesis. While the Force is a significant part of our effectiveness as is useful in detecting deception, using the Force to prod warring parties to sign a treaty is considered an abuse of a Jedi’s power.

Paths of the Jedi Consular

Jedi Seer

A'lora Kituri, Jedi Seer

A Jedi Seer was a specialized Jedi Knight who pursued the teachings of the Jedi Consulars. Serving the Jedi Order as conduits to the Unifying Force, the Seers were responsible for receiving Force visions and interpreting them for the Jedi High Council and the Council of First Knowledge. Working closely with their brother and sister Lore Keepers, the Seers updated and provided new information to store in the holocrons of the Order. While nothing new by the time of the Ruusan Reformation, the ideals of the Seer were put in context within The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, a guidebook written by Jedi Masters to help aid Jedi Initiates to better understand the roles they will be able to pursue in the future. The section relating to the Jedi Seers was written by a member of their ranks, famed Seer Sabla-Mandibu. While Jedi could sometimes show aptitude in receiving visions from the Force, there were only a select few which had a propensity for having the vivid Force dreams of a Seer. Capable of feeling the very will of the Force and seeing distant events, Seers were a vital part of the Order, often serving as a first alert to impeding surges in the dark side. The Jedi Seers of the ancient past are responsible for the creations of many of the most well know stories of the Order. Those Seers capable of foretelling future events were dubbed Prophets, and were the group that wrote down the Prophecy of the Chosen One. Following the reconstruction of the Order in the wake of the Great Jedi Purge, a Jedi Council of Seers was formed to foretell future events. The group saw the rise of Kol Skywalker and foretold that he would do great things for the Order.

A Twi'lek Jedi Healer

Jedi Healer

Led, historically, by the Circle of Jedi Healers, the Jedi Healer draws upon the Living Force to preserve life and cleanse impurities and wounds. Working closely with the Medical Corps, the Healers oftentimes worked on the battle fields of war-torn worlds, aiding in the medical treatment of soldiers

Jedi Researcher

A Jedi Researcher was one of many specialized titles a Jedi Knight could earn while pursuing the title of Jedi Consular. Working within the Jedi Order to improve the Jedi Archives through theory and science.

A green adegan lightsaber crystal, commonly found in the lightsaber of a Jedi Consular
  • Jedi Archeologist

Jedi archaeologist were Researchers specializing in the acquisition of knowledge related to the history of the galaxy and the Jedi Order. Working in the field with the Exploration Corps, archeologists were all members of the Academy of Jedi Archaeology. With a special division set aside to xenoarchaeologists, the archeologists were greatly active during the Great Sith War as they discovered ancient Sith artifacts in hopes of keeping them from the Sith.

  • Jedi Astronomer

The study of astronomy within the Order was particularly important, as these Jedi were responsible for plotting routes to secret Jedi-held planets, such as Illum and Ossus. Because they were experts at locating black holes and quasars, Astronomers could oftentimes be found traveling along the Outer Rim Territories plotting new routes, or in the Temple updating and maintaining the galaxy holomap displays.

  • Jedi Liturgist

Those Jedi who studied philology, or language, were known as liturgists. These individuals would endeavor to understand the ways that different species communicated with each other. A Chief Liturgist during the Golden Age of the Old Republic, Master Jorus Trass was known for uncovering the secrets of the Tarasin Skintone Language, and detailing his research in the document entitled, Shades of Meaning.

  • Jedi Biologist

Experts in biology, these Researchers worked within the Jedi Temple Menagerie studying new species data received from the ExplorCorps. With great insight into the inner workings of alien flora and fauna, these Jedi were masters of Consitor Sato, a technique obtainable through mastery of the Force. Master Bowspritz was a famed biologist in the years following the Ruusan Reformation, contributing data on species strong in the Force to the guidebook, The Jedi Path.

  • Jedi Geologist

The geologists of the Jedi Order were experts in the field of geology and served in a similar capacity as the archeologists. Working closely with the Agricultural Corps, the geologists helped identify minerals in the soil that would be conducive for plant growth. A unique event happened in 100 BBY when geologist Michael Tandre crash landed on the Mid Rim planet Orellon II. Teaching the native Kentra the ways of the Sword, Plow, and Spirit, Tandre created a peaceful religion known as the Holy Order of the Je'ulajists

Jedi Ambassador Adi Gallia, Adviser to Chancellor Finis Valorum

Jedi Ambassador

The Jedi Ambassador was a Jedi Knight who had followed the teachings of the Jedi Consulars. A specialization undertaken by a few, the Ambassador served as representatives of the Galactic Republic, and advisers to the Galactic Senate's members.

Famed Jedi Diplomat Noga-ta negotiates peace on Barab I.

Jedi Diplomat

The Jedi Diplomat was a Jedi Knight who had followed the teachings of the Jedi Consulars. A specialized task force of large group of Jedi, the Diplomats of the Jedi Order were sent into tense situations to force a compromise and end the threat of bloodshed. Diplomats were skilled negotiators and wore their lightsaber as a reminder of their strength and authority. Diplomats were widely respected as peaceful beings who seek the simplest way in deciding upon the terms of a treaty.

Solari, Jedi Lorekeeper

Lore Keeper

A Jedi Lore Keeper was a broad term for a Jedi Knight who had pursued the school of thought that gave one the title of Jedi Consular within the Jedi Order. Consisting of archivists, historians, and librarians, the Lore Keepers maintained the repositories of knowledge that allowed the Order to grow and learn, calling on wisdom from the Jedi Masters long since past, and contributing knowledge from the scholars of the future.

  • Jedi Archivist

The Jedi archivists were tasked with the tedious job of storing all text in the Archives and library. Translating all data in to various common tongues, the archivists would store and sort the information gathered into one of the four halls of the Archives. Specializing in the storage, organization and retrieval of knowledge, they would receive and archive knowledge so that others might learn, and in the process expand their own awareness of the galaxy. Delving into many areas of study, allowing the Force to guide them to their areas of specialty, these Jedi rarely saw combat, and were only sent on data-retrieval missions, or to accompany diplomats in need of a constant stream of information.

  • Jedi Librarian

Walking the halls of the library and Archives, the Jedi librarians were the main interface with the collection of knowledge stored at the Temple and its satellite facilities. Interacting with visiting Jedi and assisted by small droids, a librarian could help locate any resource at a moment’s notice. Some librarians also studied as historians, such as Madame Jocasta Nu in the latter days of the Republic.

  • Jedi Historian

Jedi historians, or chroniclers, were members of the Librarian's Assembly specializing in research not only into the history of the Jedi, but also the early beginnings of the Republic. The historians were responsible for the oversight and analysis of the Holocrons, led by the Caretaker of First Knowledge, the leader of the Council of First Knowledge. Historians of the Old Republic sometimes wore special robes based on Ansatan design, signifying an elevated learning to that of their peers. Over the centuries, Madame Nu, her ancient predecessor Atris, and the reformed Order's first historian, Tionne Solusar were known to dress in these patterns.

Role In The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Consular Chronicler A'lora Kiituri, current Consul and member of the Consular Order of Clan Odan-Urr

Within the cortex of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, the Consular plays a specific role. Although, historically, there are many positions available to a Consular, within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood the Consular plays the role of a diplomat, an ambassador and a Force wielder. Whilst the Guardians and Sentinels are the primary fist of Clan Odan-Urr, the Consulars are the doctors, the healers, those who stay at the back of the fight and assist those in need. However, not only assist on the battlefield, but assist with, like said above, diplomatic purposes. The Jedi Consular is the primary Force user of Clan Odan-Urr and, therefore, are expected to have a deep knowledge of the Force and practice it regularly. With the guidance of the Quaestor, the Consulars of the Order are given orders on the battlefield, as well as, carrying out the will of the Force for the council. The Consular is a wise, well oiled machine that is the backbone of the Jedi Order.