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Bal Demona
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Nar Shadda

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1.8 meters


86.2 kilograms





Personal Information
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  • Personal Lightsaber: Red
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Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Knight

Known masters:

Braecen Kaeth



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"Despair. Ruin. Slaughter. That's what I bring wherever I go. It doesn't matter to whom or why, they're all the same to me."
―Bal, regarding his role in the Brotherhood


Early life (8 ABY

Simple Beginnings

Raised by Voren and Talia Demona, they were very good parents who taught him a sense of honor and respect for those around him. A natural student, he did well in school and had no difficulty making friends with others his age or around his own age. A bit of a rowdy sort at times, he liked to roughhouse with his buddies from school and generally get into trouble as most younger kids do. Well liked by his teachers and by many parents of his friends, he generally had no trouble getting through life without somebody giving him some sort of advice. Overall, he had a great life...he and his parents didn't live well, but they made enough for them to take some time off if they wanted to and not worry about where the next credit was gonna come from, lots of friends and a loving family. However, that happy and blissfully ignorant childhood was destined to come crashing down around him....

Bal's Homeworld of Nar Shaddaa

The Walk Home...

On the way home from a friends house after school, he was supposed to meet up at the place of his father's employment to go out to dinner with he, his dad and his mom. After getting done eating, dad said that he had some great news...he had gotten promoted at work, and that was a big deal for him because he believed that hard work will get you places if you want it bad enough. The walk home was a happy one, everybody laughing and talking and generally having a good time. They had felt so happy that they took the long walk home, something that was only done on the occasions where the family wanted to spend just time together...his dad often brought work home with him. It eventually started to get darker, they must've taken a lot longer than they had originally planned because they should have been home by then. Their joyful evening came to a screeching halt not far from the home when they were attacked by two muggers. Pulling blasters and pointing them at his

A younger Bal in happier times

father, they demanded all that he had. His father, a noble man and no coward, saw the reason behind giving them all they wanted, he didn't want his family to get hurt at all. Even after the sacrifices of his father, they were to no avail and his two parents were killed on the spot. The two had their blasters leveled at him as well, but it was to his own luck that a few others had taken the same route home because the muggers heard them and fled back into the night.


After the killing of his family, he had nobody left on Nar Shaddaa that would help him survive. Unfortunately, at the age of seven, he was forced onto the street when their landlord kicked him out of his parent's home, saying that, since there was no steady income, he couldn't allow him to stay. Quickly, his blissful ignorance turned into an overly aware sense of just how harsh life can be at times. Even though he retained some of the qualities that his parents had instilled in him, some quickly went by the wayside in order to survive the hard and sometimes deadly streets of the Smuggler's Moon. He grew up quickly, finally finding just what you have to do in order to keep alive amongst thieves, muggers and murderers. He had to resort to stealing, petty theft and even breaking and entering...but he would never allow himself to carry a weapon. His honor, while still there, had shrunk a little...but his memory of what happened the night he was walking home never faded. Eventually, he managed to dig up a terrible job at a secondhand parts store. His boss, a very paranoid man, was constantly threatening to fire him because he though that he had stolen things. Luckily, he wasn't around very much to be a nuisance. He scratched up enough money to get his own place...dirty and small, but it was an improvement over the street. It was in this apartment complex that he met the future Mrs. Demona...a beautiful woman named Octavia.

Back to School

The Force-Strong Ocatvia had noticed the Force-Sensitivity in Bal in passing...even before they started dating. She always told him that she could feel his presence when they were both in the building. She started to teach him what little she knew about their mutual talent and, along with some experimentation, they managed to get some of the basics down themselves. However, as is with most every prodigy, they sought to refine their skills and learn some new ones. Doing a little research here and there, they eventually stumbled upon a lost item about a school that might be able to foster their talents. With a lot of effort, and not to mention and generous credit donation, they managed to catch a transport to Antei and the Shadow Academy. From the day that looked at it, they knew it was going to be an interesting experience.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood: The Early Days

The Order of the Obelisk

"You know, you've hit your head enough in the past...why do it again?" - Octavia

"Because I'm stubborn sweetheart...I figured you knew that already" - Bal

Despite his wife's objection, he ended finding himself drawn to the Obelisk Order. She had been right, a few too many knocks on the head back home had made her tend to worry, but he knew that she knew that he would be supported no matter what he chose. His wife had always been smarter than he, hence her choice to the Krath order. Must've been the guardian nature in him that possessed him to do what he did. His hard knocks on Nar Shaddaa had made him quite good at what he did in this order, making combat an almost second-nature to him with the Force making it more his nature than he thought.


His progress through the Brotherhood had been steady, one marked by academic success for the most part...making him wonder if his wife was right, as was the case a great many times. His success had drawn the attention of Braecen Kaeth, who shortly became his teacher and guide along the way of the Dark Side. Not a large man in any respect, his focus and attentiveness to any it large or minuscule...gave him a great amount of knowledge and wisdom. A man of great power, Bal was sincerely honored to have been blessed with his master and, if he had his way, would not fail the man who was going to sacrifice much of his time to training somebody that seeks what he has attained. Bal had, honestly enough, been searching for a master for a while, planning ahead until the time came to where he would choose and/or be made an offer. Luckily, he found Braecen...a boon to be most assured.

A Falling Out

As his career progressed, he found himself more and more away from Octavia on his own assignments while she was on her own. In the beginning, this was no hindrance as instant communication allowed them to stay in touch almost all the time. A lot of messages back and forth kept them in touch, and that was enough in the beginning. Over time, however, it became harder and harder to keep up with his wife as his own assignments kept him farther and farther away from her presence. The distance eventually started to erode on their relationship and, despite efforts on both their parts to keep it together, it eventually became too much to handle. They were officially separated later on.

Having lost his life-long love, he started to become harsh and severe and it had started to wear on his own friendships with the others of his clan. Becoming more withdrawn from his friends, he found himself becoming less and less trusting of others. This ended up coming to a head while Braecen was teaching him, lashing out at him verbally in a fit of rage over a tiny remark. Eventually coming to terms with Octavia's leaving and his childish display with Braecen, he decided that he would be better off with a fresh start...

A Change of Pace

Having alienated most of his friends in Plageius during the time immediately following his separation from Octavia, he decided he would be best off with a fresh start somewhere new. After a bit of research and a few recommendations later, he finally settled on a few places that he would want to end up. Taking a bit of time away from his constant training regimen, he made a few field trips over to where his primary options were to be found. Eventually though, he decided on one place: Clan Naga Sadow.

Starting Over

"Men generally fear change, becoming complacent and comfortable with their current situation. In general, they only see the opportunity to change about six inches before it hits them square in the face."

Quickly getting settled in, he set out to make new friends and colleagues within his new clan and his new house, that of Marka Ragnos. Quickly making an impression on more than a few of the members, including some of the higher ranked members, he found himself among a circle of good friends in a very short period of time. Consorting with his fellows on a regular basis, he learned the ropes of his new home as quick as he could, learning who the leaders were and to whom he should go if he ever felt the need to practice his fighting techniques. After a while, he was immersed in his new place...totally giving himself to his new clan. However, he never forgot the lessons he learned in Plageius having always thought history was the most important aspect of a person's existence. Among his new friends, some were quite influential and, despite his own shyness and lack of any real desire to lead, he found himself eying the reins of office.


It was during his internal debate to try for a prominent leadership position that some of the best news he had ever heard came to him: He was finally becoming a Dark Jedi Knight. He was overjoyed by this as it was something that he had wanted from day one. Watching all of his superiors toting their lightsabers on their belts had made him quite envious as he had only his armory lightsaber. As soon as the ceremony were over, he set out to find the materials that caught his eye in order to make his own weapon. Choosing his components carefully, he spent a great deal of time constructing his primary weapon. He spent the better part of a week going over designs in his head, trying to find the best balance between how he liked to hold his lightsaber and cosmetic style. After finally coming to a decision, he carefully selected the crystal he was going to use to project the blade. After all was said and done, he was satisfied with how his work had turned out.

Still having his eyes set on a position in office, he wasn't ready to consider being a teacher quite yet. His patience paid off however, as the opportunity arose...the Aedile position of House Marka Ragnos had come open, and he was intent on applying.

Fading into the Background

As time went, several wars were fought in the period of time since he had joined the Brotherhood. Once or twice holding a position of prominence, he found himself as more of a foot soldier than a jedi knight. Despite this, he held his head up high and held nothing against the organization that had welcomed him and his gifts so readily when he first joined it. After a while he found himself become more and more restless, yearning for a position of prominence that he held as the Aedile of Marka Ragnos. Before he knew it, the tenth Great Jedi War had come to an end. Instead of become upset at this development, he saw it has a boon in order to make himself fit for the next conflict.

Return to the Shadow Academy

His first stop was the Academy where he learned all of his initial lessons before becoming a full-fledged dark least in his own mind. Knowing that his mind must be sharp before the blade of his lightsaber, he studied as fervently has he had when he first arrived. Taking more classes, he made himself a promise to one day earn his way back into the good graces of the powers that be and get himself back into a notable position as he once had. Everyday he would arrive at the Academy, be it studying in the library, taking classes or just to soak in information. He would always smile as he read, knowing that, with each word, he was closer to his ultimate goal.

Ninth Great Jedi War (30 ABY)

Aedile of Marka Ragnos (32 ABY)

Eleventh Great Jedi War (38 ABY)

(Coming soon!)

Personality and traits

"I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for fury and hatred"
―Bal, reflecting on his life since Nar Shadda

As a child, Bal was carefree, patient, caring and honest. He often got dragged into trouble by his friends though, so he was generally found just as guilty as they were. He was always told that he got the looks of his father but the personality of his mother. After his parents died, his attitude started to drift towards the opposite end. He tended to retain his old personality but it started to fade over time. His carefree nature slowly turned into a closely guarded mentality, doing his best to never get attached to anyone or anything. By the time he was married to Octavia, little of his idealistic personlity remained. It was only his wife that he grew attached to as he got older.

As his skills in both the Force and lightsaber combat progressed, his attitude continued to change more quickly. He quickly became more impassioned, less caring and less honest. His patience in his life translated to patience in battle and his honest nature changed to very blunt speech, not altogether caring what others thought about his opinion. After his two relationships ended with his two children dying, his caring nature has all but disappeared entirely. Only his strong will and courage are left from his childhood.


Braecen Kaeth

"I am indebted to my parents for for my life, but to my master for learning to truly live it."
―Bal, speaking on being an apprentice

Fremoc Pepoi

"Hard times always reveal true friends"
―Bal, regarding his friendship with Fremoc during the Ninth Great Jedi War


Prior to his marriage to Octavia Obrie, Bal had no love life to speak of. While he had female friends, any potential serious relationship would either leave Nar Shadda through various circumstances or, in one case, become scared after an unintended display of his abilities.

Octavia Obrie

Bal: "You're dangerous."
Octavia: "Why?"
Bal: "Because you make me believe in the impossible."

―Bal to Octavia on their wedding day

Octavia Obrie was a lady who lived in the same housing area that Bal did. Their relationship was very casual at first, simply saying hello in passing or engaging in short conversation on occasion. Over time, the two started speaking on a more regular basis, occasionaly sharing a drink or two on special occasions. After a time the two fell in love and were happily married. later Octavia would become pregnant.

Their marriage would come to and end when, after a training accident, Octavia was taken to the hospital wing where she soon lost the baby. Bal was caught up in the war and was unable to go back to his wife. Later she would go back home and their marriage would end.

The dissolution of their marriage, coupled with the loss of their child, continues to weigh heavily on Bal, having never been able to be with her when she needed him the most or attempt to reconcile.

Kalei Basai

Bal's time with Kalei was a brief romantic fling, focusing more on the physical side of it versus emotionally nurturing each other. Meeting at a bar one night, conversation ensued as did some drinking. After a time, they retreated to a more private area.

The relationship, leaning towards physical pleasure, quickly degraded into not much more than lust over love. It wasn't until some time later than Bal found out that she had become pregnant over the course of their relationship but, like with Octavia, Kalei lost the baby shortly after birth.

After he heard the news, he lost interest in personal relationships for a time before coming to terms with what had happened.

Powers and abilities

Lightsaber training

"I'm not a murderer. I just win—thoroughly."

Despite having no training in any weapon aside from a basic familiarity with a blaster pistol, he quickly improved his technique with practice and experience. The assistance of his master and various other teachers having a affecting his skills as well. Initially he focused on Djem So, he was always williing to learn whatever he could from observing various other styles as well as their practitioners. Reading about the forms a great deal in the Shadow Academy also helped advance his abilities.

After passing through the Journeyman ranks, Bal started to work on Shien in addition to Djem so, rounding out his knowledge of Form V in doing so.

Force powers

"I believe the Force is neither good nor evil. It is a tool, like a hydrospanner"
Bal throwing his lightsaber

It is unknown if Bal's parents knew of his Force-sesitivity, but his abilities were either unexplained or ignored entirely throughout his early life. It wasn't until after his parents had met their end did his abilities begin to manifest themselves, though without conscious thought on his part, often when he was extremely angry. His first telekinetic feat he performed was drawing a knife to his hand from a short distance during a brawl when he was fifteen years old.

Upon joining the Brotherhood, his abilities were improved through teaching and practice. Focusing on powers that amplify his own personal combat prowess, While strong and quick in his own right, he will often use the Force in order to increase this even further and make himself able to overpower foes through the sheer power of his strikes alone. He is also highly skilled in telekinesis and several applications. Using the

Force, he can throw his lightsaber with great accuracy. He can also manifest telekinetic blasts of great power, as well as being able to make a small shockwave by focusing the energy into the ground.

To a slightly lesser extent, he is capable of harnessing his rage and using it in combat to improve his combat ability as well as using the Force to increase his reflexes. Using both these and his telekinesis in combat, he is able to engage enemies at close range as well as at a short distance.

Other abilities

"In our line of work, psychopathy can be a valuable job skill"
―Bal, sarcatically commenting Obelisk order

Growing up on Nar Shadda, he learned to quickly adapt to dangerous situations. Becoming able to live on the rough streets, he developed both a strong will to survive as well as the ability to stand up to others through great courage. The mean streets left him with a cold attitude towards people he doesn't know very well, sometimes brushing them off even if they're in need of help.

His most overwhelming personality defect is his tendency to be quick and to the point with anybody he encounters. He's not afraid to voice his opinion, be it popular or not. Sometimes his straightforward manner of speaking can get him in trouble if the wrong people take offense to what he says.



First lightsaber

Main article: [[Armory Lightsaber|Armory Lightsaber]]

Demona's first lightsaber was a standard armory lightsaber that he received upon elevation to the rank of Protector. Like all armory lightsabers, his was constructed using safe, easy to find materials to facilitate mass production. Due to a specialized emitter matrix, the blade length was fixed at three feet in length. The hilt contained but one focusing crystal that were always either blue, green, or red in color. Bal's lightsaber consisted of a single synthetic red crystal supplied by the Brotherhood.

Demona used the weapon during his initial training and while dabbling in various lightsaber combat styles as well as numerous combat training lessons. He additionally used it during meditation by staring into the ignited blade instead of using telekinesis to disassemble and reassemble the weapon in order to not disrupt the lightsaber's construction.

Bal's Lightsaber

Upon elevation to Dark Jedi Knight, he returned the weapon in order to utilize a lightsaber of his own creation.

Second lightsaber

In and out of combat, Bal is typically seen with only his crimson-bladed lightsaber emitted from a silver colored hilt with black accents. Atop the hilt extends a emitter guard that, while edged in appearance, is purely cosmetic on the creator's part and serves no practical purpose aside from shielding his hand from the blade. Eschewing a typical pommel cap, the end of his lightsaber instead extends to several pointed projections. With the end of the hilt constructed as it is, he doesn't utilize a ring to attach it to his belt and substitutes a magnetic plate instead. The activation stud has been modified to include a locking activator so he doesn't have to focus on keeping the blade ignited when throwing his lightsaber at a distance.

Having more freedom with his own lightsaber, he often uses telekinesis in his meditations. It is Demona's primary weapon and never strays too far from its master.


Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Fremoc Pepoi Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
32 ABY-32 ABY
Methyas L'eonheart