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Exodus era.

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The Great Exodus
Conflict: Dark Brotherhood withdraws affiliation with the Emperor's Hammer.
Date: 13 ABY
Location: Aurora Sector

Dark Brotherhood

Emperor's Hammer


Grand Master Firefox

Sector Admiral Astatine


Hundreds of Dark Jedi

Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet


Portions of Houses & Clans

Thousands of Imperial soldiers

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The Exodus is the name of the action in which the members of the then Dark Jedi Brotherhood seceded from the Emperor's Hammer. It has also been referred to as The Split.


For nearly a decade prior, the Brotherhood had existed as an independent, yet allied culture of an Imperial Remnant Fleet called the Emperor's Hammer. The original truce brokered by Grand Master Jedgar Octavius Paladin brought the nascent Brotherhood under the aegis of the Fleet Commander's powerful resources, and offered the Empire the skills of highly trained Dark Jedi. Ostensibly, the Fleet was given ceremonial position within the Brotherhood, and an advisory voice in its affairs.

As the years passed, the power of the Empire waned, while the Brotherhood prospered. Power-obsessed Officers began to utilize their status in the Brotherhood to draw ever-increasing resources away from the Iron Throne. Treachery, blackmail, and more subtle tactics began to erode the Treaty that had allowed both organizations to prosper.

The Council of Seven Brethren convened and slowly began to withdraw key positions and resources away from the Command Staff's control, undermining the tenuous position the Empire claimed.



Imperial Remnant

  • Stephen Ronin, Grand Admiral
  • Astatine, Sector Admiral

The Alliance of Seven Major Brotherhood Conflicts
13 ABY