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Robert Sadow
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33 BBY

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6' 1"


225 lbs

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Dark Jedi


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Robert Sadow has served the Dark Jedi Brotherhood for nearly a decade. He has gone through many life-altering changes in his time and continues to learn each and every day of his existence. He is a Sith Warlord, Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow, and Son of Sadow.


The Early Days

34 BBY- 15 BBY

Rowan Daragon, a member of the True Mandalorians, knowing that the end was near, sent his wife and unborn son into hiding. He was killed along with the extermination of the True Mandalorians by the Jedi during the Battle of Galidraan. His son Robert never met his father.

Robert grew up on the streets of NeeHa, pretty much living a non-existent life. Doing odd jobs and learning the skills that one needs to survive in this galaxy. He assisted many bounty hunters, assassins, and mercenaries and learned lots and lots about ground warfare. But his dream was always to fly.

Joining the Empire

15 BBY- 4 ABY

When the Old Republic disbanded and became the Empire, Robert knew that was the life for him. So he quickly applied for the Imperial Academy and after passing all the requirements he was accepted. After many missions and accomplishments Robert was lucky enough to be assigned to the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera. After showing his capabilities, Robert was offered an assignment in Special Ops. It turned out they were putting together a special squadron named Black Wing Squadron. Black Wing's main mission was to deal with the Rebel's Rogue Squadron. They issued the squadron newly invented Tie Defenders. But on their first mission, which was supposed to be the end of Rogue Squadron along with the rebel fleet, tragedy struck. That battle later became known as the battle of Endor. After the loss of his squadron along with the Death Star, the Executor, Darth Vader, and the Emperor himself, Captain Pellaeon of the SD Chimaera gave the order to retreat. Robert Daragon reluctantly hyperspaced back to Coruscant.

The Wandering Years

4 ABY- 14 ABY

Vlad Harkonnen

After returning to Coruscant Robert realized the Empire was dying, without the Emperor or Lord Vader there really weren't any strong leaders. Issard had taken over the Imperial City and most of the Admirals had declared themselves warlords and separated from the Empire. Robert left the Empire and for the next ten years took numerous jobs, made a few friends and even more enemies. It was during this time that Robert met his Mentor, Vladimir Harkonnen. Baron Harkonnen ran a spice exploitation operation on the planet Arrakis. Robert took a position in the operation and Harkonnen took a liking to the young pilot. The two soon become inseparable as the Baron treated Robert like a son and began to show him all the skills that he possesses today.

After helping the Baron run his operation for several years, a coup d’état was staged by a rival family, which ended in a great battle between warlords which Harkonnen lost. The Baron was dead after the outcome of the battle, in which he was killed by a mystical religious fanatic’s poisoned needle.

With the outcome of the defeat on Arrakis, Robert needed to move on. He had heard about a special group when he was in Special Ops called the Emperor's Hammer and after using some connections and passing the requirements, Robert Daragon joined the Dark Brotherhood.

The Dark Brotherhood

14 ABY

On March 12 of the year 14 ABY Robert became a member of the Dark Brotherhood. He originally joined House Borealis of Clan Aquillas as a member of the Sith, but a new House that was just founded quickly caught his eye. So after only nine days in Aquillas he moved to House Naga Sadow.

Unfortunately, after only two months from the founding of House Naga Sadow, Quaestor Tron Sadow was called away on a critical mission to Byss and was forced to step down as Quaestor. His Aedile, Krath Priest Taage, was named the next Quaestor. Quaestor Taage, needing a new Aedile, Robert Daragon was chosen. So after only being in the Dark Brotherhood for a mere month and a half, Robert was a Dark Jedi Knight and the Aedile of House Naga Sadow (talk about being in the right place at the right time). Krath Priest Taage's term was short, as he stepped down and left the Dark Brotherhood entirely for a bounty hunting career. But upon his departure, Tron Sadow returned and took his rightful place as Quaestor. Keeping me as his Aedile we would lead House Naga Sadow through some interesting times.

One of House Naga Sadow's greatest victory involved the pirate Uhrias. Quaestor Tron Sadow led the house in defeating the pirate and claiming his Nebulan-B frigate, the Foresight, as Naga Sadow property. During this operation Robert lost his right hand and forearm due to a thermal detonator.

In April of 14 ABY Robert made a decision to transfer to the Krath order. Without any Krath leadership in the house he took upon the role and assisted the Krath members in Operation Deep Strike. House Naga Sadow played a very important role in this Dark Brotherhood operation, lead by Quaestor Tron Sadow.

A Clan is Born

15 ABY

For a year Tron Sadow and Robert Daragon brought House Naga Sadow through many tough times. Until April 3 of 15 ABY when Tron's dream came true and Grand Master Khyron approved "Clan" Naga Sadow. Robert was named as Tron's Proconsul and was moved up to the rank of Krath Archpriest. Thus a new era had begun.

After being a clan for two weeks, Naga Sadow lost the Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos. As a Quaestor was a position Robert really desired, he stepped down as Proconsul to take the Quaestor position. But within a month Consul Tron Sadow was once again forced to step down. So with the encouragement of many members Robert hesitantly took the position of Consul. This would be the beginning of the troubles for him. After nineteen days of unresolved dealings with the Dark Council (GM Stryker's office), which included a Great Jedi War, Robert stepped down from all positions and joined House Marka Ragnos.

A Dark Time For Bob

After numerous disagreements with the Dark Council Robert was charged by the newly formed Chamber of Justice of Treason. He was placed under arrest and brought before the Inquisitors. Robert went peacefully as he believed himself innocent, but quickly learned he had made a very huge mistake. Robert was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death, however due to his dedication of service the punishment was reduced. Instead of death, he was subjected to months and months of torture. He was brutally disfigured until he was unrecognizable. His wife and son were brought before him and executed while he watched. And finally he was stripped of his ability to use the force. Soon he was released, forbidden to ever return to the Dark Brotherhood he disappeared for a time.

The Return

16 ABY- 17ABY

After a short time Robert Daragon once again joined the Dark Brotherhood, being so disfigured he was not recognized. Under an alias of Rob Rowan, he joined the Krath order once again in House Marka Ragnos. Starting all over again as an Apprentice of the Dark side he began retraining. In just over a month he had once again re-graduated the Shadow Academy and held the rank of Guardian. Looking for new ways to challenge himself he offered his services as Clan Librarian, and created the Clan Archives, The Sadow Files.

But seeking something new out of his "second chance" in the Dark Brotherhood, he decided to return to the ways of the Sith. So he transferred to House Ludo Kressh, where he helped out in Operation Darkfall and a Great Jedi War. In his time in Ludo Kressh Robert moved up to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and in January of 17 ABY was named the Commander of Sapphire squadron.

After a short time leading, or corrupting as some people accused him of, Sapphire squadron; Robert once again returned to following the ways of the Krath order. Remaining in Clan Naga Sadow he transferred to House Marka Ragnos, where Robert was quickly named the Aedile. But it just wasn't for him and he returned to House Ludo Kressh and was named the Commander of Diamond squadron.

For seven months Robert lead Diamond squadron, but House Ludo Kressh was quickly becoming a place where drunken commanders where looked down upon. The Kressh cantina was getting less and less more popular. Thus a place Bob didn't belong in. So looking for a new home, he joined the elite Sith house in the Dark Brotherhood; House Archanis of Clan Taldryan. But became restless and went out wandering the universe as a Rogue Jedi.

Return to Naga Sadow

18 ABY

After a short time wondering Robert once again returned to his home of Clan Naga Sadow. He agreed to take the position of Aedile of House Marka Ragnos and than moved on to become Quaestor of House Primus Goluud.

Rebuilding House Primus Goluud with the help of Battlemasters Raistlin Majerus Sadow and CrimsonAngel, the house took part in a Clan Feud. While ultimately being defeated the young house held its own. After six months it was once again time for Robert to take his rightful place as commander of the best damn squadron in the Dark Brotherhood, Sapphire Squadron.

Clan Naga Sadow

After a short time Quaestor Scithe decided to step down after a long term as leader of House Ludo Kressh. Robert replaced him as the house’s fifth Quaestor. Everything was going great in the house, it was truly one of the most active times. Then a great debate took place between the Dark Council and the Emperor’s Hammer Fleet Commander. When the decision was given from Consul Darth Vexatus to leave the Phare System Robert was forced with a very difficult decision. House Ludo Kressh being the Sith of the clan, had quite a few members who were also ranking members of the Emperor’s Hammer Tie Corps. Thus most were not leaving. Unlike the revolt that happened in House Primus Goluud, the separation in Ludo Kressh was handled peacefully. Aedile Malik Sadow decided to choose with the so-called separatists. All members who chose to go with him were allowed to collect their belongings and leave with him. Robert decided to stay behind and assist a large portion of the house that had decided to stay.

The Exodus

19 ABY- 23 ABY

The next few weeks were very difficult times. Robert fought and fought with the Dark Council to stop the closing of Clan Naga Sadow. But he was continually turned down. The clan was to be closed and the loyal members were to be merged into an existing clan. Robert assisted with this procedure than retired from the Emperor’s Hammer forever.

After a short time Robert arrived at the Orian system and rejoined House Ludo Kressh. Upon returning he found his beloved Sapphire Squadron abandoned and closed down. By being very persistent with his Quaestor, he was allowed to re-open the squadron. Soon numerous veterans of Clan Naga Sadow began to return and join Robert in Sapphire. The squadron was once again alive and than another opportunity arose. House Primus Goluud was in need of experience and a new leader, so Robert took the position of Quaestor of Primus Goluud.

Robert had his hands full as the Dark Brotherhood was still regrouping from the Exodus and having trouble getting new members. The house slowly began to grow but it soon became obvious for the Clan to continue to prosper it would have to down size. So the members of Primus Goluud were transferred to the other two houses and House Primus Goluud was no more.

Returning to Ludo Kressh he once again found himself in charge of Sapphire Squadron and when Quaestor J’Rai Sadow stepped down, Robert regained his position as Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh.

Son of Sadow

23- 26 ABY

During his second term as Quaestor, some of the best new recruits for some time joined the Clan. Robert was also serving as the Clan Envoy at this time and got to see first hand the talent that graced Clan Naga Sadow. Most of these new members quickly moved up the ranks and have kept the tradition that Clan Naga Sadow is today.

For his hard work and long time dedication of Naga Sadow, Robert was awarded with the prestigious title of Son of Sadow.

Robert made a few changes to the structure of the house, some of which you can still see today. But mostly Robert's second term was a failure on his part. He had many things going and than was forced to step down and leave the Brotherhood as he was called away for reasons even today Robert will not speak of.

Back Again, But New Home

26 ABY

After over a year, Robert rejoined the Brotherhood in House Ludo Kressh. He once again took over as Commander of Sapphire Squadron but soon found something lacking. During this time, he brutally abused and destroyed the Alcoholocron at a notorious Clan party. It was time for Robert Daragon to leave Clan Naga Sadow. He received the position of the Quaestor of House Satal Keto in Clan Plagueis and began a new chapter in his life.

Upon leaving Clan Naga Sadow, Robert was called before the Clan Summit. Consul Manesh Sadow stripped the title of Son of Sadow from the long time member. While initially hurt, Robert quickly realized that it was just a title and no matter what he would always be a Son of Sadow.

The welcome in Clan Plagueis was not a warm one. Robert quickly realized his leadership skills would need to be adjusted as within his first week he was turned in to the Chamber of Justice. Already going down that path once, Robert learned to adjust and give the members what they desired in a leader.

House Satal Keto slowly grew in strength and when the position of Proconsul became vacant, Robert's work was noticed and he was promoted. However, after only a short time Robert was forced to step down due to a strange illness.

The illness took a serious toll on the Sith and he was forced to go into seclusion and joined the rogues.

Lost Family

28 ABY

Fully recovered from his illness, Robert Daragon returned once again to the Clan that he would always consider this his home. After a short time Robert was once again appointed the Commander of Sapphire Squadron.

Robert Daragon- 29 ABY

With the loss of his father before he was even born, Robert Daragon grew up always looking for a new father figure never really paying much attention to his mother. So much so, that at a young age Robert had gone his own way and abandoned his mother all together. After Robert left, his mother had settled down beginning a new family that resulted in a son, Jerreth Atema.

Like his half-brother, Jerreth had the capabilities of the force, but chose a different path than Robert Daragon and they never crossed paths.

It would take decades before Robert would know of his brother, as fate had brought his nephews, Ylith Atema and Tyren Atema, to his home in Clan Naga Sadow. As Robert grew older he began to realize the void he had created with his lack of family. Wishing to fill that void he embraced the Atema’s as his true family, even taking their name. To redeem his past mistakes the Sith is very protective of his nephews as well as their families.

Betrayal on Thor

On a routine mission to the planet Thor in the Phare system, Robert Daragon’s life was shook upside down. The members of House Ludo Kressh had walked into a trap that had been set in motion for years. Fred the Seal had revealed himself as a traitor to Naga Sadow working for the remnants of the Phare system.

Along with Walord Kwanda Rosman, the leaders of the Phare system wanted their revenge on Clan Naga Sadow for their abandonment. Equipped with the deadly Sadow Virus, Fred flew the Sapphire Star towards Sepros planning to release the virus during the clan conclave. The members of Ludo Kressh on Thor had already been infected with the virus, including Robert Daragon.

After finally getting the upper hand on Warlord Rosman, Robert took the former Imperial Admiral’s life and contacted his former friend trying to stop him from his mission. Fred laughed at his former master’s request, telling him this was his destiny. The seal than revealed that it had been him that had ended the life of Sith Warrior CrimsonAngel a betrayal that Robert could never forgive Fred for. So Robert than entered in the override code for the Sapphire Star and set a course for Orian Minor. And that was the end of Fred the seal as the former flagship of Sapphire squadron crashed into the second sun of the Orain system.

Life Change

After the betrayal of his best friend and the exhausting encounter near Telos, Robert Daragon decided to change his ways. No longer would he rely on the primitive tools he had come accustomed to, the Sith Battlelord decided to push his training in the Dark Side beyond the limits he had experienced since being stripped of his powers so long ago. Robert would no longer substitute his blasters for his saber and he would no longer hide his ugliness beneath his white attire. Instead he would embrace his past failure and use this as strength to fuel his power thus making him more powerful than he had ever been. The training began and Robert Atema Daragon soon becomes more and more powerful.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Taage Aedile of House Naga Sadow
14 ABY
None Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow
15 ABY
Ximeno Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
15 ABY
Raistlin Majerus Sadow
Tron Sadow Consul of Clan Naga Sadow
15 ABY
Scithe Commander of Sapphire Squadron (first term)
17 ABY
Kahran Ramsus Aedile of House Marka Ragnos (first term)
17 ABY
Closed Commander of Diamond Squadron
17 ABY to 18 ABY
Mairin Astoris Aedile of House Marka Ragnos (second term)
18 ABY
Tomass Banys
Thrawn Kratas Quaestor of House Primus Goluud (first term)
18 ABY
Raistlin Majerus Sadow
Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya Commander of Sapphire Squadron (second term)
18 ABY to 19 ABY
Carl Lost
Scithe Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh (first term)
19 ABY
Malik Sadow
Closed Commander of Sapphire Squadron (third term)
21 ABY
Konus Sadou
Ric Gravin Quaestor of House Primus Goluud (second term)
22 ABY
Konus Sadou Commander of Sapphire Squadron (fourth term)
23 ABY
Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu-Goura
Canis Loopus Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh (second term)
23 ABY
Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu-Goura
Draken-Korin 'Ylith' Elariël Atema Commander of Sapphire Squadron (fifth term)
27 ABY
Corin Kaedin
Quejo Drakai Xyler Quaestor of House Satal Keto
27 ABY
Acheron d'Tana
Scorpius Proconsul of Clan Plagueis
27 ABY
Ethran Sayre Isradia
Starlion Commander of Sapphire Squadron (sixth term)
28 ABY
Tsingtao Ming
Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu-Goura Aedile of House Ludo Kressh
29 ABY
Tsingtao Ming
Ashia Kagan Keibatsu Consul of Clan Naga Sadow
29 ABY - 31 ABY
Manji Keibatsu Sadow
Jades "Imperial" Atema Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
31 ABY - 32 ABY
Fremoc "Demonic" Pepoi
Tyren Atema Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow
32 ABY - Present

Outstanding Achievements

  • I drink beer.
  • Fermented many nasty gym socks into a powerful drink, Sock Whiskey, in less than 30 minutes.