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Sadow Palace Temple of Sorrow
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Unknown, c. 5100 BBY




Urias Orian

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The Temple of Sorrow was one of the Temples of Orian constructed around the central Palace of Orian. In 19 ABY it was taken as the home and ruling seat of Clan Naga Sadow and dubbed the new Sadow Palace. Located on the planet Sepros in the Orian system, Sadow Palace was formerly the seat of power of the Sons of Sadow, and was also the seat from which the Heir of Sadow once ruled the clan. The temple was previously guarded by soldiers from the Dlarit Special Operations Group.

For many years the Consul and Proconsul operated from the Palace. Today, the Temple remains unoccupied, following the attempted removal of Collective occupation forces in late 37 ABY.


The Temples of Orian were constructed over five thousand years ago during the reign of Marka Ragnos in the days of the old Sith Empire. The temples were positioned in a heptagram around the central palace. Each temple was devoted to one of the seven tenets of the Final Way. Through focusing the power of the dark side through the temples, Urias Orian hoped to make himself immortal.

To date, most of the temples lie in ruin and the Palace of Orian utterly destroyed. When the Disciples of Sadow arrived in 19 ABY following the Great Exodus from the Phare system the Temple of Sorrow was chosen to serve as the new Sadow Palace, as it was in the best state of repair, at the time. Though the Temple of Sorrow is arguably in the best state of repair over the whole of the temples, it is not being actively used as the seat of government for the Sadowan Clan. The attack by the Collective in 36 ABY had left much of the sections of the temple in varying states of ruin. The Collective had destroyed much of the ornamentation of the Clan's palace, and had attempted to ensure the temple would go unused.

The Temple would not be abandoned by the Sadowans.


As with all the old fortresses of Urias Orian, Sadow Palace bore signs of the age in which it was built. The walls were shaped from a marble-like structure and possessed an unnatural, sometimes unnerving, elegance, their curves flowing as if molded like clay. The palace stood as a testament to the building prowess of the Clan.

The main spire extends several floors and lofts, far higher than the canopy of the planet's foliage. The upper floors contain most of the electronics and modern equipment such as the HoloNet relay and various tactical consoles which are linked up with the Dlarit Security Force headquarters of Kar Alabrek on Tarthos. The spire holds the offices of the overlord, consul, and proconsul. The temple also houses the clan's near-legendary library of Sith artifacts, tomes, and holocrons. Among the artifacts stored in Sadow Palace are the swords of Sadow and Shar Dakhan and the Holocron of Tulak Hord.

The deepest levels serve as the quarters for the Dlarit Special Operations Group detachment assigned to protect Sadow Palace. The palace guard are commanded by the palace prefect who acts as the planet's military governor.

Overlord's Office

Overlord's Office

This is the nerve center for the main operations of all things inside the Clan. From his office, the Overlord can access any piece of information or any member of Naga Sadow at the wave of his hand. Two statues hail in the back of the room, one on either side. Both are of Human form, both naked like the day man himself was born. The statues are kept in the Overlord’s office as a reminder that the Human form is one of the purest conduits of the Force, as well as one of the most fragile. The Force can be used both in aid and in destruction, and the statues serve as reminders that not only are your enemies as weak or as strong as the Force serves them, but so are you. A lesson the Overlord makes sure his Clan members know well and take heed in.

Between the two statues, in the middle of the room, lies a giant HoloNet display. The display is used to keep track off and to plan strategic moves for the Dlarit Forces. From checking on Dlarit Holdings, Police Reports, and Dlarit Army and Navy positions, the Overlord can plan an entire battle without ever leaving the comfort of his office.

Of course, like all high up positions, this office has several secret compartments containing weapons, and even a couple hidden passageways, but where those are only the Overlord knows, as those who installed them met with some “unfortunate accidents.”

Consul/Proconsul Offices

Consul and Proconsul's Offices

PCON and Con offices are located close to each other and have both a conjoining hallway as well as a secret passage way to each room. The PCON Office is smaller and is loaded with monitors. Some located to cycle through the building security systems, other are linked to various outposts within the Clan, and a couple are inactive, to be used only by secure lines. A large desk sits at the end and allows the PCON to look out over the surrounding landscape. Many say this actually gives the PCON a chance to ponder why he actually accepted the position as the monitors hum behind him; others believe it gives journeymen and workers something to work harder by, knowing that the PCON can see all.

In comparison the CON office is massive. It has a secret passageway not only to the PCON but also leading to the many other rooms within the Palace, as well as escape route should they ever be necessary. Two large windows sit on either side of a large desk, which sits on a raised surface and faces out towards a long executive table. The office is used for many things besides everyday work. It is large enough to hold celebrations to those privy enough to receive an invitation, as well as various ceremonies. Not all ceremonies are considered congratulatory, in fact, when called to this office it is generally common practice that you see if there will be others there, otherwise you could find yourself fired, demoted, exiled, or even leaving in a body bag. However emergency meetings and the likes are often held in the room. The walls are of a dark red color, symbolizing both the anger and hatred of the Dark Side as well as the blood that is so often spilled by those who possess it.

Rancor Pit

First establish by Ashia when she was Consul of Naga Sadow. Having acquired a pet Rancor during her time with the Night Sisters, she thought it would be rather handy to keep the loyal pet, not to mention the Pit was a great place to get rid of her enemies, and any evidence of her enemy ever having been there. It is housed directly below the Auditorium and is often referred to as “the belly of the beast.”

The rancor pit itself consists of a large arena. This can be used for both the exercising of the rancor as well as setting up various objects for the victim to hide behind, to give the rancor some mental, as well as hunting, practice. Plus, it gives a small element of fairness to the soon-to-be-lunchmeat. At the back of the pit there is a cave, of sorts. It is large enough that the rancor can roam around and sleep in and is kept mostly in this area unless out for exercise or observation. 4 large windows, reinforced by 4 layers of transplas, looks onto the arena. This allows for the viewing of the last moments of the enemy as well as for keeping tabs on the beast. The door to the arena is doubled. With the first set swinging in, a small hallway of sorts and then other set of doors which swing outwards. This is an attempt to make it harder for not only the rancor to escape but also the food given to it.

In case of escape, outside the pit lies a series of electrical stunners. Not wanting to kill her pet unless absolutely necessary, Ashia made sure the plan of action first involved stunning the creature to be placed back within its own confines.


Barracks and Shooting Range

In the sub basement levels are the quarters for the Dlarit Special Operations Group detachment assigned to protect Sadow Palace. The palace guard are commanded by the palace prefect who acts as the planet's military governor.

Each room is fit enough for comfort but are not over done. They are placed next to the ranges for easy excess to training. Ranges are state of the art and carry only the best in fire power. During training for the last Great Jedi War a bet was made and lost, the details of the bet are still unknown, but the loser went in the darkness of night and placed the crests of all the other Clans on the targets. In the morning the training commander, although originally from another Clan, decided to let the crests stand.