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Outer Rim Territories


Esstran Sector


Orian system


2: Orian Major and Orian Minor



Orbital period:

436 standard days




10,300 km


Oxygen Mix, Type I (Breathable)





Primary Terrain:


Points of interest:
Native species:
  • Ombian (formerly)
  • Miscellaneous wild predators
Immigrated species:
Primary language(s):

3,000,000 in Seng Karash, 1,250,000 in Kel Rasha, 5,000,000 in other population centres, plus an indeterminate number of refugees.

Major cities:

Seng Karash Kel Rasha

Major imports:
  • Foodstuffs
  • Chemicals
  • Medicine
  • Technology
Major exports:

Naga Sadow

Possession Item:

ID 79947

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Aeotheran, also known as Orian III, and formerly Sepros III when the star system was still known as Sepros, is one of the three core hospitable planets in the Orian system, along with Sepros and Tarthos. It is located in the Esstran Sector at the northern end of the Trans-Hydian Borderlands between the two super-hyperroutes: the Hydian Way and Perlemian Trade Route. Orian rests on the northern outskirts of the Stygian Caldera, the large nebulosity that encircles the worlds of the original Sith Empire. It is not far from the Listehol Run, which connects with the Shaltin Tunnels, therefore placing Aeotheran within trading distance of the Corporate Sector where the Orian Assembly regularly does business through its subsidiary, Kaldex Transport Inc.

Aeotheran was originally home to the Ombi and once part of the Rakatan Infinite Empire. Thousands of years later, a Sith Lord from the first Sith Empire named Urias Orian came to the Sepros system and subjugated the Ombi, renaming the star system in his own name. The native people were either transformed through Sith alchemy into the monstrous Ekind, or else died when the Star of Ombus, the life-giving crystal the Ombi were linked to, was destroyed by Orian.

The only civilized settlements on the planet is the mining city of Seng Karash and the economic powerhouse city of Kel Rasha. Mount Dakhan is the current headquarters of House Shar Dakhan and is situated on an island to the east of Seng Karash. There are a number of pre fabricated mining operations across the planet but no other permanent settlements, however there are the two small holiday resorts on the island of Lor Zatean The planet has a tropical climate and is primarily covered in jungle and rain-forest, within which remain the ancient ruins of the temples built by the planet's original inhabitants–among them the haunted Bastion, which was once home to House Primus Goluud until the Third House's fall in the war against the curse loosed from Antei in 21 ABY.


Despite being temperate and habitable, the jungles of Aeotheran pose a major challenge for anyone who attempts to survive there. The planet suffers from constant rains and wet climate, leading to regular mechanical failures making life tough and hard for the workmen of the Orian Assembly. Life outside the walls of Seng Karash or Kel Rasha is dangerous, the jungles are inhabited by many predators, both native and imported during the days of the Sith Empire. It is suicidal to step into the jungles unarmed and the mining population is almost completely dependent on the Orian Authority for protection, both inside the city and out.

Aeotheran Map.jpg


Early history

Aeotheran was discovered by the Sith Empire more than five thousand years ago. It became the home of Urias Orian, a Sith Lord during the reign of Marka Ragnos. Signs of the planet's history litter the landscape with numerous abandoned and ruined Sith temples across the surface. Most are now reclaimed by the harsh and savage jungle, though a few are utilized by the remaining natives, all of whom have been forced to return to more primitive methods in order to survive.

Much of the planet's population were killed during an early investigation by Orian into the nature of the Star of Ombus which resulted in the explosion that formed the Karash Crater, leaving a massive scar on the land, the surrounding plant life withering and dying. Later, the remaining Ombi population, those who had not yet submitted to Orian's rule and been converted into his Ekind servants and cut off from the Star of Ombus, all died when the Star of Ombus was shattered as part of a ritual designed to make the Sith Lord immortal, killing those still linked to it.

Recent history

Aeotheran was rediscovered in 13 ABY when Trevarus Caerick rediscovered the Orian system. During the following two years as the clans prepared for the Exodus the Dlarit Corporation began diverting resources to the Orian system, choosing the tainted scar where Orian had sacrificed untold numbers of Ombi as the site of the city which would later become known as Seng Karash. The Clan chose the site because of the dark energies that still covered the scar, believing they would provide the perfect cover to mask their presence.

After the Exodus the Disciples of Kressh were chosen as the custodians of the new city, their Quaestor becoming synonymous with the planet's governor. To protect their true identities Seng Karash was kept separate from the Clan's military forces, who came to reside on Tarthos instead. The city remained exclusively policed by the civilian recruits of the Dlarit Police. A Mayor was also selected from the civilian population to maintain the façade of a municipal government. The current Mayor is Arik Shathis.

The city underwent significant changes to its defensive arrangements in 19 ABY at the instruction of Governor General Xanos Zorrixor after he began having nightmares of the galaxy in ruin. Future Governor Malisane de Ath oversaw the construction efforts of Marakith Skyhook which would serve as the city's primary defense and as a rather more private training facility for the then active House Ludo Kressh.

After the outbreak of the Alien Incursion in 21 ABY the Orian system was forced to take in refugees from nearby systems which had fallen to the extragalactic invaders. The population of Seng Karash quickly began to increase and the city was forced to expand beyond its original borders, a second ring of quarters being erected outside the main wall. The outer city was forced to dispense with the already meagre luxuries of the inner city and has become known as the "slums" by many.

During the Invasion of Orian in 23 ABY the True Brotherhood held Seng Karash hostage after destroying a large section of the residential district using the weapons onboard Marakith Skyhook. After the skyhook was captured the residential district was rebuilt with increased facilities to house the growing numbers of citizens and refugees.


The city of Seng Karash is the only one planetside that boasts a spaceport and is large enough to warrant an taxi system; as such the remainder of the planet is unsettled at large, those far-flung areas are accessible either by bullet tram, monorail, or shuttlecraft.


As of this writing, there is one known line operating on Aeotheran: the dedicated line from Seng Karash to Pandaemonium. This is no accident, as Raistlin has designed everything associated with the lavish resort to be an exercise in excess. The exclusivity afforded those who can avail themselves of Pandaemonium's services extends to the bullet tram; passengers are waited on hand and foot whilst dining on the finest foodstuffs the galaxy has to offer. Excepting this system, the city is connected to its mining outposts by a more spartan system.


Seng Karash is connected to its outlying mining outposts by a variant of the 10-T monorail train. This system is cost effective, easy to maintain, and replace, as the surrounding jungles, and its fauna, are ever threatening to overgrow it. In 29 ABY, the Voice of Justice, led by Deliverance, commandeered the Monorail, and set a bomb off on it and killing several hundreds of people.

Points of Interest

Seng Karash

Seng Karash is the principle city of the Orian system and home to around three hundred thousand employees. The majority of the Orian Assembly's civilian employees can be found on Aeotheran in this city, and to a lesser extent the cloud city of San Korinar on Amphor. It was the first major population center on Aeotheran with Kel Rasha coming in second. The miners in Seng Karash working shifts at the various mining outposts across the planet and traveling predominantly by shuttle to and from work, or in the case of the outposts nearest Seng Karash by a limited rail network.

Seng Karash at Twilight

The city of Seng Karash was the jewel of the Dlarit Corporation before the corporation was overthrown. While mostly prefabricated, its citizens are entitled to comfortable living conditions, despite the long hours and hard labour the mines demand. Between the commercial and entertainment districts, civilians are provided a range of opportunities, and support for spouses and families. The city was erected in a barren crater that marked the otherwise endless jungles of Aeotheran; the result of an investigation by Urias Orian into the nature of the Star of Ombus that killed much of the planet's population. Seng Karash is protected by a heavily shielded city wall that rings its entire perimeter and is constantly patrolled by units from the Dlarit Army.

Resettlement Center

Tent City

With the recent upheaval wrought by the refugee influx resulting from the Alien Incursion and the destruction of Dystopia, a portion of Seng Karash's population has been forced into living in canvas and burlap structures provided by the Orian Assembly. Although the Orian Authority has assured the residents of the so-called "Tent City" that these are only temporary accommodations, grumblings of dissent persist. However, back in the city, the Orian Assembly has worked hard to maintain the scenic image portrayed in the media to hide the true face of the Resettlement Center.

Despite the bar on entry into the city for those without the necessary clearance, it is believed the Blue Hutt cantina is used to illegally traffic supplies and materiel in and out of the city. Furthermore, the Greasy Hydrospanner, which is located in an abandoned warehouse in the city's sub-levels, is rumored to serve as a route into the city by those prepared to brave the gauntlet of the automated machinery in the city's power plant.

The Bastion

Built thousands of years ago by the original Ombi inhabitants of the planet, before even the days of Urias Orian, The Bastion stands alone, deep within the shadowed wilderness. The ancient temple was the site from which Xanos Zorrixor originally oversaw the colonisation of the Orian system in the year running up to the Exodus, after which it served as a secluded home for the remaining warriors of House Primus Goluud until the Third House finally fell during the Sixth Great Jedi War. Blamed for the Third House's fall, the haunted Bastion was abandoned again until its rediscovery by Malisane de Ath in 27 ABY and–against the wishes of the rest of the Sons of Sadow–reclaimed in the name of the Disciples of Kressh in order to train their elite warriors.

Lor Zatean

Lor Zatean was a small island resort in the Menaris Ocean near Aeotheran's Equator, a thousand miles south of Seng Karash. This dormant volcanic island was colonised in 24 ABY in a joint venture between the Dlarit Corporation and Dystopian Leisure and rapidly became popular with personnel of both Dlarit Mining and the Dlarit Security force, due to its many entertainment and relaxation facilities, and its all year round hot and sunny weather. It was a pleasant island resort, with both natural black sand and artificially constructed white sand beaches, volcanic formations, exotic plant life, and many imported species of none threatening animal and birdlife.

Among the entertainment facilities offered are marine tours of the depths of the coast around the island, sports such as surfing and paragliding, shuttle tours over the volcanic center of the island, and fishing trips on the oceans surface, depending on the tastes and funds of the visitor.

In 29 ABY, the Voice of Justice planted a bomb underneath the resort, and after some intense fighting and the death of Deliverance, the members of Clan Naga Sadow evacuated the resort just before the bomb went off destroying the Lor Zatean resort. In the following years following the collapse of both Dystopian Leisure and the Dlarit Corporation business shut down on the island and most of the buildings are now falling into ruin.

In 38 ABY the Government of Aeotheran, under the authority of Shar Dakhan, carried out extensive reconstruction on the islands main resorts, and they are gradually reopening for business.

Kel Rasha

Kel Rasha is the name of a city on the far side of Aeotheran on a western shore near the equator. Its construction is coinciding with the construction of The Gilded Archipelago approximately 145 kilometers away. Kel Rasha is very much everything Seng Karash is not. The area is somewhat lazily sprawling, with most buildings near the shore no higher than two stories. Further away, into a low set of mountains, a number of large skyscrapers are in construction, meant to house several large corporations, banks, and the like. A large portion is also set aside for holofilm studio lots as well.

Much of Kel Rasha is built with the philosophy of Subdued Opulence. Much of the architecture is deliberately meant to convey a very aesthetically pleasing yet austere feeling. The roads are specifically wider by a half a meter, with somewhat lower speed limits. The focus is less in material comfort, and more in stress free relaxation.

The businesses found in Kel Rasha are also conspicuously "Small Businesses" as there are very favorable taxing and zoning permit breaks to ensure this.

The Gilded Archipelago

The Gilded Archipelago is a chain of over 45 islands within a cluster approximately 13,000 square kilometers. Only 15 of these islands however, are larger than a decent sized residential subdivision. Historically there was a project to develop a city on the archipelago, and was zoned for hotels, businesses, restaurants, and sundry other 'tourist' stops.

However following the conquest of Orian by the Collective and their occupation the project was abandoned and nature took over, with many of the semi constructed facilities falling into disrepair and collapsing. Following the reconquest of Aeotheran by House Shar Dakhan the project has recommenced and a third of the larger islands has now been developed and has a growing population.

Mining Sectors

Back entrance to one of the planet's underground mining facilities.

The Aeotheran Government maintains effective control of the economy on theplanet, having full ownership of all major imports and exports. As such, areas across Aeotheran are divided into mining sectors, connected with Seng Karash by rail, and to one another by shuttlecraft. These range in size but are typically a large town with processing facilites, surrounded by individual mines. Each has a local manager, answering to the ministry of production, who oversees both production and local government. A local division of the Aeotheran Security Force is also present to keep the peace.


Most known is Generator 2, which powered all the mining outposts, and the Monorail to the Mining Outposts from Seng Karash. Generator 1 is actually underneath the city of Seng Karash, and powers the city's electricity. In 29 ABY, the Voice of Justice made their way to Generator 2 after the Monorail had exploded, killing hundreds,in an attempt to shut the power off to blame it upon the Dlarit Corporation.

The team would sneak into the building but Fremoc Pepoi and Kano Verda would remain outside as back up. Roxas wound up tripping an alarm, causing Teu Pepoi to become captured by Dlarit Security Forces. Fremoc and Kano blew a hole in the wall of the structure, making their way into the facility, killing as they moved. Methyas helped his friends until he was injured. Kano set the generator to explode and made everyone evacuate the facility. With the destruction of the generator, power to the Monorail and Mining Outposts, became non-existent. Generator one was tasked to help power the Monorail and Mining Outposts, leaving parts of Seng Karash without power. Fremoc feeling terrible about having blown up generator two, sent parts and portable generators to help alleviate the stress on generator one.


The majority of the civilian population on Aeotheran can be classified as human, although other species can be found here. As conditions on the planet are harsh, so, too, are the general attitudes of the mining class.

As there are many disparities in living conditions and levels of privilege on Aeotheran, there are just as many within each social class. On the whole, each segment can be considered isolationist and territorial; where a mining outpost's population will be belligerent towards 'city dwellers', they'll also be belligerent and untrusting of those from a different outpost, even though they both are in the same class. It is generally accepted that those dwelling in the Tent City are the most despised; ironically, the Tent City dwellers can be considered to be, other than the Force-users and military, the most feared as they have the least to lose should full-scale conflict erupt.

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