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The Battleteam Leader is responsible for the overall welfare of his or her team. Battleteam Leader is a term more commonly used now that the "barrier" between the three Orders have been broken. In the past, there were three separate terms to specify a Battle Team Leader (Krath Tetrarch, Sith Commander, Obelisk Sergeant). This includes keeping members motivated and active. Duties of the Battleteam Leader include and are not limited to:

  • Maintaining a Battleteam website with roster, events, etc.
  • Running competitions within and outside the team
  • Forward any communications from higher in the command chain to team members
  • Report to the House Summit on a regular basis
  • Make promotion and/or award recommendations for members where appropriate
  • Set an example, both in conduct and activity (i.e. following the set requirements towards conduct, participating in competitions, on message boards, etc.)
  • Promote competitions and other events within the Dark Brotherhood

Powers - The Battleteam Leader has powers of awarding the Anteian Cross and awards for approved competitions that the Battleteam Leader may run.

Appointment - Battleteam Leaders are appointed by the House Summit with approval from the Master at Arms.