Rybanloth System

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Rybanloth System

Outer Rim Territories


Subterrel sector





  1. Aris
    • 3 moons
  2. Sarmus
    • 1 moon
  3. Omus Massa
    • 5 moons
  4. Kalus
Space Stations:

Cardan III

Space Routes:

Hydian Way

Native species:
  • (some form of wild creature)
  • (some form of wild creature)
Immigrated species:
Official language:

Galactic Basic

Major imports:
  • Foodstuffs
  • Technology
Major exports:


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The Rybanloth System, was awarded to Clan Taldryan as the prize for First Clan in the Rite of Supremacy Second Darkness. The system is relatively small, having only four orbiting bodies, but is reputed to be tainted with the Dark Side and home to many secrets waiting to be uncovered. It lies near the Subterrel sector in the Outer Rim Territories.



Blurb about Aris
Desolate rock - no atmosphere - nothing to do here


Blurb about Sarmus
Gassy (?) - nothing to do here

Omus Massa

Blurb about Omus Massa
Gassy - Tibanna gas mining


Main article: Kalus

Blurb about Kalus


... something sexily Dark Jedi-ish. Original rewarding stated it was tainted by Dark Side, which means Dark Side Nexus. History should pull from ancient Dark Jedi/Sith lore... perhaps the system was used as a hidden base, or a meeting point?

It's fairly off-grid, due to its size, and the fact it can't naturally support life. I feel as the one planet with habitable conditions should be Hoth-like. Originally, Kir wanted a Rybanloth planted to be a secrety, dark side place for Tal... humans/whatever could live on it, but it was harsh living. No plant life that could sustain a sentient population and fierce wildlife.

System history should focus on a wider perspective than that of the planet history.

Early History

More Recent History

this covers more recent, pre-DB events. Whether that be Empire or something older.

Tal Time

How Tal acquired it, what we decided to setup and use it for.
Focus on mining of tibanna from one of the gas planets.
Setting up Prophet's Refuge as main base of operations.

Space-floating repair yard for our fleets.

Operation: Swift Justice

Behind the Scenes

System originally created by: Raken for Rite of Supremacy - Second Darkness
Part of Project Reboot (2013-2014) - Authors: Aidan Kincaid (Shad) & Kazmir Natas

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