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  1. Members must use their DJB character's name as their DJBWiki username.
  2. Members may only have one DJBWiki account. Accounts may be renamed at the member's request.

The Wiki Tribune

  1. The Tribune has final say on all articles.
  2. The Tribune's rulings can only be overturned by the Grand Master or his Deputy.
  3. The Tribune has the right to create and add new Guidelines or Editing Policies at his own discretion as long as they adhere to the writings in the Dark Covenant.
  4. Arguing with the Tribune can result in a temporary ban from the Wiki.

Editing Behavior

Making too many edits in a short time period is a bad habit.
  1. Administrators (members of the Wiki Staff) may edit any part of the DJBWiki. This includes: articles, categories, images, and user pages.
  2. Any page may be locked ("protected") by an Administrator. Article Talk pages should explain any denied access, except in the case of any DJB Official Policies. Official DJB Policies may only be changed by Administrators or Dark Council.
  3. Do not create or edit articles for the purpose of defaming any part of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Members are encouraged to write articles from a factual basis, with as little personal influence as possible. Sometimes this is unavoidable, in that the facts stir emotional debates or an opposing viewpoint. However, no member is to use these articles as a lauchpad for their personal vendettas. Repeat offenders will be referred to the Chamber of Justice.
  4. Vandalism will not be tolerated. Vandalism is generally defined as editing a wiki in a way that is intentionally disruptive or destructive. There are four generally acknowledged types of vandalism: deletion of legitimate information, insertion of nonsense or irrelevant content, addition of unwanted commercial links (spam), and policy violations specific to that wiki. Dark Jedi Brotherhood members who participate in Vandalism will have their content removed, receive a warning, and be added to a list of "known DJBWiki Vandals". Repeat offenders will be sent to the Chamber of Justice.
  5. Users are responsible for their own character articles; however, minor edits (spelling corrections, etc.) are acceptable for anyone to perform.
  6. Cut down on the number of edits by using the Show preview button and making as many edits as possible in one Save rather than a series.
  7. If a member demonstrates the severe inability to use the Wiki correctly on at least three occasions, the member will be banned from the Wiki until they take the Wiki Basics course. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Wiki Staff.
  8. The title of any character article must reflect the name on the member's dossier. If the member has a Clan name, it may be excluded from the character article's title.

Talk/Discussion Pages

  1. Talk pages may not be cleared. It is necessary to retain all conversations to preserve a record of the discussions to eliminate repeat topics.
  2. Do not make snide comments or target members on any Talk page. It is necessary to remain civil and mature in matters of disagreement.
  3. Sign and date your posts to talk pages (not articles!).
  4. Disagreements must be discussed on the article's Talk page, not on the main article.


  1. Avoid obscene or ridiculously unneeded information in the Trivia (e.g. So-and-so hates so-and-so for no reason) sections. Try to make trivia something interesting about the Character, not the creator. Those who include such information will be punished.
  2. Unnecessary information that can be found on your dossier file, data tracked by the main DJB database, may not be repeated on the character articles. This includes, but is not limited to: medals, dates of promotions, Shadow Academy training, and lists of owned gaming platforms. This does not include Positions Held, since that has an acceptable place under DJB Facts.


  1. Unless you have a paragraph discussing the image and tying it into the article, it will be deleted. Just throwing up an image because it relates to your character is not enough, explain why it is there. (Instituted January 2007.)
  2. Images (including Lightsaber images) must be shrunk down to a manageable size. For example view this article: Kaine Mandaala. Notice that he has put in his warbanner with the following code: [[image:0005-banner.jpg|thumb|100px|left|Kaine Mandaala's Warbanner]]. 100px being the suitable size for warbanners.
  3. Character images in all infoboxes must be set at 250px, unless their original size is 225px or less.
  4. Images outside of the infobox should be at a maximum of 200px or less, no more.
  5. Images may not be more than 700 KB, unless otherwise noted by the Wiki Tribune.

Image Categorization

  1. If you upload an image, you must categorize it. A list of available categories can be found at Category:Image Categories.
  2. If you upload an image, you must include the {{fairuse}} tag, even if you created it.
Here is a prime example of how to do it correctly
Or click on this instructional image for the full size view of how it should look when uploading an image
Example of how an image should be uploaded

Featured Articles

In order to qualify for a Featured article, the nomination must...

  1. …be well written and detailed
  2. …be unbiased, non-point of view
  3. …not be the object of any ongoing edit wars
  4. …not be tagged with any sort of improvement tags (i.e. more sources, expand, etc.)
  5. …have a succinct proper lead that can be used for the front page featured box
  6. …have a reasonable amount of red links; use common sense
  7. …have a complete, detailed biography if it's a character article
  8. …not have been previously featured


1 day

  • Does not use "Show preview" button after two warnings
  • Does not categorize images after two warnings
  • Insults on a talk page

3 days

  • Does not use "Show preview" button after a total of three warnings
  • Does not categorize images after a total of three warnings
  • Continued insults on a talk page after a 1 day ban

(Bans more than 3 days follow the pattern for 1 and 3-day bans.)


  • Expelled from the DJB
  • Is a spambot


  • If a member demonstrates the severe inability to use the Wiki correctly on at least three occasions, the member will be banned from the Wiki until they take the Wiki Basics course. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Wiki Staff.