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Outer Rim Territories


Sith Space


Orian system


2: Orian Major and Orian Minor



Rotation period:

47 standard hours

Orbital period:

3285 standard days




9,530 km


Oxygen Mix, Type I (Breathable)




Slightly lower than standard

Primary Terrain:
  • Grasslands
  • Plains
  • Mountains
  • Small forests
Points of interest:
Native species:

Boma, Cannok, Katarn, Kinrath, Maalraas, Tarthosian Lion, Zakkeg

Immigrated species:
Primary language(s):

Galactic Basic Standard

  • Previously:
    • Massassi
    • Sith

Roughly 650,000

Major cities:
Major imports:

Food and Basic Supply

Major exports:

Minerals and Metals

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Tarthos, also known as Orian VII, was once part of the domain of the ancient Sith Lord Urias Orian. Remnants of Orian's rule cover the planet with ruined temples presenting the only noticeable landmarks for miles to see in some regions. The planet is a large tundra with little in the way of flora or fauna with most of the surface covered by permanently frozen ocean. The species of plants and animals that inhabit Tarthos have been forced to specially evolve to survive the harsh climate.

The planet serves as the headquarters of the Dlarit Security Force located in the heavily militarized city of Kar Alabrek. Markosian City was the former seat of power on Tarthos, housing the Governor and the small representative government that had been allowed to form. However, following the civil unrest that unfolded in late 35 ABY the city was placed under martial law and the capital returned to Kar Alabrek. Mucenic is the third major city on Tarthos, although not much is know about this settlement it is the secret headquarters of the Disciples of Ragnos.

The planet is populated by a diverse group of refugees imported into the system by former Governor Derev Niroth in an attempt to populate the planet. Several smaller cities have been established in the general area between Kar Alabrek, Markosian City and Mucenic. These serve as the only resource generating settlements on the planet, forcing Tarthos to still rely heavily on imported materials from the rest of the system.


Tarthos is a harsh world, suffering from the harsh effects brought on by the relative proximity of Orian Minor. On one hand, Tarthos owes its existence to Orian Minor, being much too far out from Orian Major to survive otherwise. However, the nature of Tarthos's orbit means there are periods, albeit brief, when it nears Orian Minor and becomes unusually warm, and periods where it's orbit takes it away from both stars, leaving the landscape cold and unwelcoming. The planet is known for storms, with heavy rainfall being common, despite the lack of any thick plant life, though there are a few small isolated forests across the world. The fauna on Tarthos is all rather unique. Though the species resemble many of the creatures found on Aeotheran and Sepros they have been forced to evolve into slightly different offshoots in order to survive the harsh temperatures. In recent years, the Dlarit Security Force has installed planetary shield generators in various locales on the planet, allowing for almost complete control of the elements within these shield generators.

Tarthos was discovered by the Sith Empire more than five thousand years ago. It became one of the worlds of Urias Orian's dominion, a Sith Lord during the reign of Marka Ragnos. Signs of the planet's history litter the landscape with several abandoned and ruined Sith temples across the surface, although not in the numbers found on Aeotheran or Sepros, presumably a sign of its lesser importance to the ancient Sith Lord. Most of the temples are now in ruin but remain the only noticeable landmarks on Tarthos' many wide, open plains.

Tarthos was rediscovered by Trevarus Caerick in 17 ABY while he was hunting down his former Master Kiln Tobasa. During the following two years as the clans prepared for the Exodus the Dlarit Corporation began diverting resources to the Orian system. The initial work took place on Aeotheran to construct the city of Seng Karash. After the Exodus in 19 ABY work began on Tarthos to construct a separate base to house the forces of the Dlarit Security Force away from the main population. The base was erected quickly, mostly prefabricated, and named Kar Alabrek after the grand castle at its center. House Marka Ragnos were chosen as the custodians of the new military base, their Quaestor becoming synonymous with the planet's Executive Director.

Kiln Tobasa returned in 22 ABY seeking revenge on his former student. The Dark Jedi Master manipulated the houses into conflict. House Ludo Kressh led an attack on Kar Alabrek, seriously damaging Alabrek Castle. Muz Keibatsu spent a great deal of his personal fortune to upgrade and rebuild the ancient ruin, installing new shielding to protect Alabrek Castle from future attacks.

When the True Brotherhood invaded the Orian system in 27 ABY one of their main target was Alabrek Castle. Housing much of the Clan's great library, Severina hoped the castle would contain the secrets she needed to obtain a new body. The castle's doors held, no doubt thanks to the upgrades installed five years earlier, and remained safe until the True Brotherhood had been driven out of the system.

Under the guidance of the planet's Governor, in 29 ABY planetary shield generators were installed utilizing the planets immense geothermal energy. These generators create small pockets on the surface where the climate can be controlled, allowing outstanding training potential for the Dlarit Security Force. Later that year, Alabrek Castle would be nearly destroyed by an unprovoked attack. Fearing further attempts on the city, then Governor Derev Niroth ordered the civilian populace to vacate Kar Alabrek, and what was left of Alabrek Castle was razed to the ground.

Seeing the potential Tarthos offered to anyone willing to invest in it, Governor Niroth began to immigrate refugees of the Yuzang Vong invasion. These workers were utilized to construct the new capital, Markosian City, in a very short span of time. In return, these workers were granted residency on Tarthos, and gained well paying service jobs around the planet. This en-masse immigration also led to the founding of Mucenic and several smaller settlements throughout the planet.

After six years of relative peace Tarthos would once again be targeted, but this time from within. The growth of the Corporation had made it possible for the small representative government to turn into a planet wide government finally asserting authority over the smaller settlement. Commerce and trade were now strictly regulated, taxes had to be paid, and a highly advanced public transportation system was being built. Most of these changes began a year ago when Governor Niroth left office. Then Executive Director Teu Pepoi elected former Director of Mining Operations, Kal Voss, as Governor. He immediately made changes to regulate trade among the smaller settlements, knowing they proceeded more than they were sharing. Only months into 35 ABY an internal power struggle forced Teu Pepoi to become the Corporation's Chief Personal Officer, leaving the position of Executive Director to Jeric Cyrin. Under his rule new military installations were created and new mining operations opened across the planet. Jeric wanted to speed up the reconstruction efforts in Kar Alabrek. Starting with rebuilding and modernizing the Castle then moving on to the Northern Coastline which was nearly finished. The goal was to push the city's completion from 44 ABY to the end of the decade. The planet's capital city was nearly finished, all major projects were completed and every sector was fully operational. Many smaller projects were still only half finished and the damage from the orbital bombardment in 33 ABY was still under repair.

Between the new government regulations and the longer hours laboring, the immigrates that were once thankful to be taken in were now becoming rebellious. Towards the end of 35 ABY protests broke out in the capital city. For days the protesters stood outside the gates of the Governor's Mansion. A handful traveled to Kar Alabrek and dared to protest outside the walls of Alabrek Castle. The protesters went to far though when they stole the Executive Director's private shuttle and crashed it into Orian Manor in an attempt to kill the Governor. Luckily the Governor survived, though badly injured, thanks to the quick actions of his Security Force. Shortly after the protests turned into riots. The Governor's mansion was destroyed and other than Orian Memorial Hospital the Blue Sector was lost. The Green Sector was looted then burned while the Yellow Sector was in complete chaos. Crime in the Red Sector had gone through the roof. The Black Sector remind on lockdown with an entire Battalion of DSF Solider waiting to take back the city. Executive Director Cyrin had no choice and finally gave the order to isolate the city and enact martial law. Using one of the planetary shield generators, the city was sealed off from the rest of the world. Jeric Cyrin then order the seat of power be returned to Kar Alabrek and until order was restored the Executive Director would have immediate control over the government.

Planet Geography


Tarthos is made up of four primary continents, as well as several lesser islands.

Lugar Da Forca

Lugar Da Forca is the only continent on Tarthos that is officially settled. The continent is almost entirely in the equatorial belt of the planet and is home to the closest thing to nice weather on Tarthos. The primary settlements on Lugar Da Forca are Markosian City, Kar Alabrek, and Mucenic. Additionally, there are several lesser settlements within the habitable zone of Lugar Da Forca.

Lugar Mau

Lugar Mau, also located within the equatorial belt, is home to a great many ruined temples and ancient ruins. Despite attempted colonization of Lugar Mau, every colony has failed. Many former colonists have said they felt the entire continent was haunted by "spirits". Occasional expeditions are sent to the continent to investigate these reports, however they inevitable fail to return. Little is known about the source of the ruinous temples, though their architecture bears a striking resemblance to that of Yavin IV. It is strongly believe that a handful of Massassi Warriors survived the ages and still live in the deep jungles of Lugar Mau.

Terra Inesorable

Terra Inesorable is a desolate and barren continent, with virtually no plant or animal life. A few mining operations and military training facilities have been erected, most notably one at the northern-most edge of the continent, however civilian settlements are out of the question due to the extreme harshness of the environment.

Terra Do Gelo

Terra Do Gelo is a frozen wasteland wholly outside of the equatorial regions. It remains dark nearly all times of the year, and exposure to the elements will cause death to even the strongest persons within minutes. There are a few mining operations on the southern coast, and two underground military training facilities along the northern edge, used for punishment detail among the ranks of the Dlarit Security Force.

Major Settlements

Markosian City

Main Article:Markosian City

Kar Alabrek

Main Article:Kar Alabrek


Main Article:Mucenic

Military Installations

While Kar Alabrek is the chief military installation on Tarthos and the Headquarters of the entire Dlarity Security Force, there are several military installations spread throughout the planet. Through the use of planetary shield generators, many of these installations are custom created to replicate climates of other worlds, providing an excellent training opportunity for all members of the Dlarit Security Force. Generally, most of these bases operate with only a platoon of soldiers, maintaining the base and serving as cadre for training rotations in the base. A few bases are maintained at a higher state of readiness, tactically located to provide a first response capabilities for the defense of the main continent. Additionally, the bases on any given continent are connected to each other via an underground tunnel system, useful in times of attack for maneuvering troops while maintaining stealth.

Mining Operations

The few precious minerals and metals that Tarthos does have are mined wherever possible. The climate and scarcity of these deposits require many temporary settlements that can be easily relocated when resources run out. While all mining operations are overseen by sentients, they are worked almost entirely by a droid labor force. Nearly 1/8th of the skilled labor on Tarthos is centered around fabrication and repair of droids and other machinery necessary for mining these materials from Tarthos. Despite this, the northernmost and southernmost regions of the planet are still unable to be mined, as the harsh weather conditions prohibit the use of even the hardiest droids.

Minor Settlements

Within the area comprising the three major settlements on Tarthos, several small "break-away" settlements have been created. While generally under the defense umbrella of Tarthos, those citizens who have opted to move into the 'wilderness' have done so at their own risk, and the government does not provide any regular assistance to these members. Most of the settlements remain small, their numbers pruned by the hostile environment and he many predators of Tarthos. Despite this, they continue to thrive through the tenacity of the settlers, and remain outside the authority of the traditional Tarthosian government for many years.

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