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Hafalia Seprosin Chunasca

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The Ombi were the near-Human natives of Sepros. Considering the Sepros system's history with the Infinite Empire—as indicated by the Star Map buried on Sepros—the Ombi were thought to have originated from a Human colony brought to the system to serve as slaves for their Rakatan overseers.

The persecution of the Ombi resulted in their people never advancing particularly far technologically, and millennia passed with them still confined to their native Sepros. Millnnia later, come the Sith Lord Urias Orian, the Ombi were enslaved once again by their new dark overlord, who slew their king and took Princess Hafalia Seprosin Chunasca as his mistress. Orian transplanted several Ombi slaves from their native Sepros to Aeotheran, Dentavii Prime and Tarthos, where he and his Dark Jedi apprentices forced the Ombi to construct a new network of Sith Temples.

Orian sired an heir with Hafalia, as did several of his apprentices with other Ombi, the Sith Lord hoping she might one day join him as a pureblooded lord of the Sith, uncontaminated by what he perceived as the filth of Sith crossbreeding that had now left most of the ruling Sith Council halfbreeds. However, as time went on, Orian began experimenting on the Ombi with the Sith sorceries developed by the alchemist Bo Vanda. His manipulations twisted the Ombi into a race of Sithspawn mutants, much like Orian's contemporary sorcerer Naga Sadow had done with his Massassi warriors. Out of shame, the deformed Ombi renamed themselves the Ekind, meaning cursed in their native tongue. His malformed slaves made the perfect workforce, accelerating the construction of the network of temples the Sith Lord desired of them.

Tiring of the native Ombi, Orian's depravity reached its height when he sacrificed the surviving members of the race in a dark ritual that trapped their souls inside the crystal that would later become known as the Star of Ombus. With the Ombi extinct, all that remained were Orian's ghastly Ekind mutants, and a small handful of purebloods who had been born as a result of the couplings between he and his fellow Dark Jedi with some of the original Ombi—in Orian's case, Princess Hafalia. The genocide of the Ombi race brought about Orian's downfall, with Lady Hafalia turning on her master, resulting in his death. The Dark Lady of the Ekind subsequently rallied many of the Ekind and joined up with Okemi to take part in his uprising against the Dark Jedi Lords. Hafalia was killed during the uprising, her body later being interred in a tomb on Kangaras, while a handful of the Ekind who had fought with her were exiled to Antei along with Okemi.

Five millennia later and history repeated itself once more when this time the heir of Sadow and his disciples arrived to subjugate the last survivors of the Ekind, as well as silence the final colony of true Ombi remaining on Aeotheran. Another ten years later, and many of the remaining Ekind had been captured and forced to work as slaves in the illegal baradium mines of Sepros. In the end, however, the very last Ekind were finally sacrificed by Trevarus Caerick in a dark ritual reminiscent of the actions of Orian himself on Aeotheran millennia earlier that had led to the creation of the Star of Ombus.

Following the ritual sacrifice in 29 ABY, the Ekind were believed extinct. However, unknown to the vassals of the Dark Brotherhood, the spirit of Hafalia Chunasca had been returned to the Orian system, her soul anchored to the Scepter of Orian, and the Ekind ghost managed to shield one last tribe of her people during the genocide. With the leadership of their ancient princess, now their Dark Queen, the final survivors of the cursed race subsequently plotted against their dark overlords, hoping—at last—to finally take revenge and free their people once and for all.


  • For all practical purposes, the Ombi were baseline Humans, and hence genetically no different to Corellians or Hapans—hence the reason Urias Orian saw them as a way to replenish the diminishing pure Dark Jedi bloodlines.
  • The Ekind were technically still the same as the original Ombi, with the exception of the mutations that had been performed on them by Urias Orian having transformed them into ghastly mutants with random reptilian features such as patches of scales, claws, a lack of hair, regions of skin discolourations, etc. The exact mutations varied from Ekind to Ekind.
  • Due to their history, the Ekind hate Force-users with a passion, Sith in particular, so this page should not be seen as an invitation for creating a custom character because an Ekind would despise the Dark Brotherhood.