Dlarit Special Operations Group

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Dlarit Special Operations Group
Organizational information

Chairman Astronicus Sadow

Led by:

Commander General

Parent organization:

Dlarit Corporation

  • Dlarit Armed Forces
  • Dlarit Naval Command

Orian system

Primary role(s):
  • Private Military Corps
  • Special Operations
Chronological and political information

28 ABY


Dlarit Corporation

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The Dlarit Special Operations Group, more commonly known simply as D-SOG, is the Dlarit Corporation's external hazard intervention, espionage, intelligence and logistics unit. It serves as the special forces and army counterpart to the domestic security provided by the Dlarit Security Force. While still a subsidiary to the Corporation as a whole, the Special Operations Group maintains a large state of autonomy within the Corporation as more often than not its members report directly to the Board of Directors instead of a specific military representative. Composed of a careful blend of Foxtrot Uniforms and Commissioned personnel, the members of the Special Operations Group are the only beings in the Corporation who are truly aware of the dark nature that controls the entire organization.


The documented reasoning for Special Operation Group's establishment in the early part of 28 ABY was due to the failures by the Corporation's Security Force to be able to both police their assets and handle matters of external security. In truth the Group was conceived following the defeat at the Battle of Antei in 27 ABY.

When the true identity of Corporation's owners was compromised during the Yuuzhan Vong attack mass panic broke out among the troops and only the impending doom staved off a total mutiny. This served to highlight the urgent need for a unit aware of the true nature of their leaders and in early 28 ABY with the drafting of Executive Order 28-021, more commonly known as the Orian System Security Act, a section of the Dlarit Security Force was consolidated into a single independent unit to become Special Operations Group.

Unlike the Security Force a decision was made not to subdivide the Group on the understanding a consolidated structure would provide more security and limit the chance of leaks. Since the Group's inception, the unit has evolved and grown alongside the Corporation and its masters; as of the Corporation's reorganization in 34 ABY, the SOG found itself virtually under the direct authority of the Board of Directors. This change was essential by design as the refocused Naval and Armed forces assets controlled by the Corporation were now being provided by the Corporation's true masters and their leaders instead of the Corporation proper.


Central Command

As with most of the Dlarit Corporation, Central Command is virtually dominated by the presence of Foxtrot Uniforms who are better known as the Disciples of Sadow. Unlike many other facets of the Corporation however, the Group's Central Command operates with a mixture of high-ranking Commissioned Officers loyal to the Corporation and the Board of Directors itself. While the much of the upper echelons of the Board are unable to busy themselves with the day-to-day operation of the Group, much of that monotony is handled by the aforementioned Commissioned Officers, such as Fleet Admiral Araic Simonetti or General Byron Cargas, or by high ranking Commanders and Directors of the Corporation.

Within the Foxtrot Uniforms of the Group, a specific ranking structure is maintained in relation to the rank granted them by the Board and outside forces. These ranks are referred to as Commanders and are divided into three ranks: Commander, Senior Commander and Marshal Commander. Commander is reserved for the youngest and most inexperienced members of these Disciples, Senior Commander is the title for those who have gained the wisdom to lead but have not yet learned enough to be seen as the Elders of their peers and finally Marshal Commander is for those who are only surpassed by the most wisened of them all or those who have served the Corporation as President. Outside of the Commanders, there lies an another position on the Board of Directors less involved with the Corporation itself; Directors are members of the Corporation who either operate small operational cells or have served in a magnitude above and beyond the call of duty, these individuals have been accepted into the Chairman's family and even share his name.

In open combat and in the field, the standard operating procedure (SOP) is for all command to cycle through the Board of Directors in its entirety before falling to Foxtrot Uniform Commanders and then finally the standard chain of command. As one would suspect, SOP maintains this unusual chain of command only for those present so as to not interfere with the affairs of the Board as they may be completing tasks beyond the scope of the Group or Corporation proper. In large scale engagements, such as those where the Board may be responding to the call of outside forces, the Special Operations Group typically will maintain a small defensive flotilla and armed force within the Orian system at the behest of the Board while engaging enemy assets with a bulk of the Group's assets. Commissioned Officers within Central Command are also trained and conditioned to avoid attachment or allegiance to specific Foxtrot Uniforms as the members upon the Board are known to change at any given moment.

Commissioned Assets

Commissioned military personnel create the bulk of the Special Operations Group and consistently undergo a rigid training regiment and doctrine to ensure that their loyalty to the Corporation is unwaving and their composure in combat alongside or against Foxtrot Uniforms is as strong as Beskar. Earning a commission for the Group requires extensive mental and physical exams in addition to several interviews to determine if they are a proper fit for the Corporation. The examinations are primarily done at recruitment centres such as the Group's Headquarters in Kar Alabrek, though smaller recruitment centres exist aboard the station Onyx 2 and within the Dlarit-Dakhani Tower of Kel Rasha; rarely candidates are directed to Dlarit through their Legate with the Galactic Alliance or their allies within the Corporate Sector Authority. This process has many points in which the potential candidate can be "washed-out", driven from the program and conditioned for life in the Dlarit Security Force, other positions within the Corporation or simply back into civilian life. Only candidates who have successfully cleared all the tests of the examination are permitted the truth about the Corporation's leadership, and even then this knowledge is only gleaned when the candidate is aware that if this information were to even potentially become public knowledge that their life is forfeit.

Once candidates have been admitted into the Group, they undergo constant training and conditioning alongside other troopers and Commanders to prepare themselves for future engagements. Personnel who prove their loyalty and skill to the Corporation and the Group are rewarded for their dedication and often those who's experience combined with their skill permit them to achieve more important positions within the Group such as Chief of Staff, Fleet Commander or Marine Commandant. Advancement into the ranks of Officers is rare but not unwarranted, the personnel who achieve these ranks often finding themselves at the call of the Board of Directors for their loyalty and proven ability for success. While life within the Special Operations Group is particularly harsh for commissioned personnel, these operatives have become much more vital to the Corporation following its reorganization in 34 ABY and as such have seen an improvement in their conditions within Orian space. Much of the danger of their lives lies within the potential for members of the Corporation being angered at their failures or the threat of combat against other Foxtrot Uniforms.

Conditioning and a strict doctrine will only leave so much of an impact upon the Commissioned personnel, their own emotions and behaviours still having quite a large sway upon how well these individuals perform for the Corporation. Fear and respect are often the most reported emotions amongst these personnel, especially during large engagements when Commanders are often known to lose their cool. While these emotions are the most often recorded, conditioning ensures that when these personnel are on-duty they are one-hundred percent focused upon ensuring the success of the Special Operations Group and the Corporation.


Armed Forces

Main article: [[Dlarit Armed Forces|Dlarit Armed Forces]]

The Dlarit Armed Forces are a joint Military corps consisting of the Army, Commandos and Marines under the command of the Special Operations Group. While prior to the Corporation's reorganization much of the Armed Forces fell under the command of the Security Force, recent changes have seen a large degree of control shifted to the Chief of Staff to co-ordinate the Special Operations Group's dedicated ground forces when times of War arise.

Naval Command

Main article: [[Dlarit Naval Command|Dlarit Naval Command]]

The Dlarit Naval Command is the direct authority concerning all Naval vessels controlled by the Corporation and the body controlling all starside or aerospace traffic within the Orian system. Lead by the Fleet Commander, the Naval Command oversees the Navy and former Starfighter Corps and maintains the security of the home system as well as co-ordinates all assets for external affairs.

"Dakhani Arms"

Main article: [["Dakhani Arms"|"Dakhani Arms"]]

Much of the information surrounding this branch of the Special Operations Group has been redacted by order of the Board of Directors until further notice, however the limited details that have been leaked reveal that the members of this agency were formerly of the Dlarit-Dakhani branch of the Corporation.


Main article: [[SHADOW|SHADOW]]

The Strategic Hazard Assessment Division and Operational Warfare agency, otherwise known as SHADOW, was formed in 36 ABY in response to attacks upon the Corporation by external threats and because of an "incident" between members of the Special Operations Group. SHADOW operates as a near-autonomous branch within the Dlarit Corporation under the umbrella of the Special Operations Group, its members receiving clearance above and beyond that of normal SOG personnel to the point that they report directly to the agency's directors and are permitted use of all SOG assets needed for their missions up to and including personnel.


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