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Araxis Farron

The Stormreaver

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"As to the field of battle; it is the abiding of the dead, and he who wishes to die shall live, and he who wishes to live shall die"
―Araxis reflecting on his beliefs before a coming battle.

Araxis Farron is a Human Male, Obelisk Exarch of Clan Naga Sadow. Robbed of a real family at an early age, Araxis now fights for a chance to redeem his fallen kin. Former apprentice of Fremoc Pepoi.


Early life

Early memories of Araxis' life were all but forgotten the day of his tragic loss. On a fairly normal day in Anchorhead, with the suns high in the sky, Araxis walked with his family oblivious to the surroundings which would ultimately shape his future goals. The Farron family had been rather unknown, and not been in league with dangerous organizations of the galaxy, but still someone wanted them dead, and as such had hired a simple ban of Rodian Mercenaries to do the job. Araxis decided to jog on ahead of his parents, attempting to hide from them next to a vendors stall, thinking it would be fun to jump out and surprise them. Time seemed to stand still, and only the sound of a blaster filled the air. Two shots, that was all. Araxis left his hiding spot and rounded the corner to see two bodies laying on the ground, he dared not venture any further. Choking back his fears, two Rodians darted from the scene, bumping into Araxis' on the way. One of them lost a datapad and shouted in a language Araxis' didn't understand. Brushing himself off, Araxis picked up the datapad and on it saw his parents faces alongside the kill order. Approaching the bodies, he saw his parents laying before him, death by blaster pistol, and dropped to his knees letting tears flood down his cheeks. No words escaped his lips, only filling his mind, Why am I still here?

It was 8 years more before Araxis fled the planet of Tatooine, but for every day that went by on his home planet, he searched for answers that he was clearly not going to find. Packing what belongings he had, and using all of his savings, Araxis beckoned his adopting family fare well in search of those who had pulled the trigger. Hatred still filled his heart, and fueled his desire for revenge. Following only his instinct to lead him along the correct path to his task of avenging.

Into the Brotherhood

Along his journey for revenge, Araxis visit multiple systems over the course of a year. One of the primary stops on his journey, Araxis took refuge in a forgotten battlefield. It was here that Araxis scavenged the armor that he currently wears, he thought of it as a memento to great Warriors who live their lives as a constant war. Working odd jobs here and there to make credits to finance his trips, he learned a multitude of skills that eventually he turned into hobbies he practice even after leaving the area in which he learned them. While exploring in the Orian System, he came across something he'd not seen before, but heard many stories about. A warrior with a brilliantly glowing sword, able to cut through even the finest of metals or deflect the strongest of infantry arms. The Warrior fought with such determination and seemed to be fueled by anger, rage, or hatred. It captivated Araxis' mind, as he had had dreams of such warriors, and even felt that he himself might be destine to become one. After the warrior had fought through her opposition, she took notice of Araxis as the force energies emanated from his very being. With an extent of her hand and invitation to join the Dark Brotherhood, Araxis stepped forward to become that which had invaded his mind.

The start of his training seemed rather tedious and unfulfilled. Araxis, who currently followed the Sith order, sought more excitement then he was seeing from his first placement in Acclivis Draco. During his time in Acclivis Draco, Araxis saw little in the way of tasks and tests, and felt that his life was becoming unclear and undirected. Noticing that a friend, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart had also joined into the Dark Brotherhood, Araxis applied for a transfer to House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow. With great luck the transfer had been approved, and Araxis was once again finding purpose in his training as a Dark Jedi arriving at the rank of Proselyte.

Becoming the Black Guard & An Apprentice

Araxis Farron's Warbanner
Through Araxis' training, he'd found himself in need of answers to questions that dwelled on his mind. On opportunity presented itself to Araxis in the form of a Master, one Fremoc Pepoi. While training under the guidance of Fremoc, Araxis was taught how to channel his anger of the events that unfolded during his childhood into his battle focus. With more of the guidance Fremoc put forth, Araxis was able to progress his training further and obtained the ranking of Protector. After all his training, Araxis found new faith in the teachings of the Obelisk order. With steady progression, Araxis started to get notice from the higher powers within Clan Naga Sadow, namely that of Consul Manji Keibatsu Sadow, who inducted and named Araxis his personal Black Guard.

After being inducted into the Order of the Black Guard, Araxis continued his studies and training. He had learned much, and participated in many different trials the Brotherhood had put before he and his clansmen. A mere few weeks had passed, and Araxis was well on his way to his next promotion, however he was confronted by another challenge, in the form of the Antei Combat Centre where he was to face the one he was sworn to protect, Manji Keibatsu Sadow. As a the vicious battle raged forth, all indications pointed toward Araxis' demise, both combatants could know nothing but. In the last moments however, Manji stopped the contest, stating that Araxis had indeed proved his worthiness, and was qualified to take part in ACC battles. This pleased Araxis, who was well in need of rest, more so that of his physical body. It was during this time that Araxis opted to continue training his mind through meditation.

With the qualifications, and Araxis' hard work over the weeks past, he was promoted to the rank of Guardian, as well as his own Warbanner. Obtaining the Guardian rank, Araxis decided to follow the specific pathways of the Obelisk Centurion. With his new found rank, Araxis was dispatched to Tarthos along with Fremoc Pepoi, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, and other Naga Sadow clansmen to assist in completing a task.

The next few months would contain more trials then Araxis could possibly fathom.


It had been many months since Araxis had been dispatched with his clansmen, and with their task complete, news broke down the chain. The Night Raptors had been dissolved with Commander Kano Tor Pepoi being assigned to a new task, Araxis found himself in the limbo of a battle team. His Master, and Quaestor, Fremoc informed his choice of taking a select few from the Night Raptors and placing them within the ranks of the Night Hawks, thereby strengthening the team as a whole. Araxis accepted this, and met with his new leadership, one Ekeia Iclo.

However, this transition of leadership was short lived with Ekeia Iclo getting recalled to other duties within the DJB. The Night Hawks were without a leader, and Araxis feared the worst possible outcome of being dissolved. In the few days after the announcement of Ekeia Iclo, Araxis sorted his equipment just the way he liked it. His chamber was dark, but he liked it that way, reminded him of a simple time. Removing his armor, he began to polish it and maintain it. A tune rang in his head, something he used to hear on his homeplanet. Halfway into the cleaning of his armor, a communication light started to blink on the gauntlet still strapped to his left forearm. His Master, Fremoc Pepoi had requested his apprentices presence within the confides of the main hall. Araxis, only half finished cleaning and maintaining his armor, strapped on his gear and made haste to the main hall. Entering the main hall, Araxis stood in awe of the gathering before him. It looked as if nearly everyone had gathered in the majestic hall, Fremoc and *Methyas heading the mass. Asked to take a knee, Fremoc look onto his apprentice, and Araxis suddenly knew what was expected of him,

Araxis during his time as a Knight
"There is no peace; there is anger
There is no fear; there is power.
There is no death; there is immortality.
There is no weakness; there is the Dark Side.
I shall render unconditional obedience to the Grand Master, the Supreme Commander of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi, and to my Clan Naga Sadow.
I shall defend with my life the sacred body of the Dark Brotherhood.
I shall never reveal its secrets to those uninitiated in its ways.
I shall hunt down and destroy all those who would cause it harm.
I shall submit to the will of those appointed over me so long as doing so causes the Brotherhood no harm.
I shall seek an end to the cursed light, and bring darkness to all whom I conquer.
Before this body and in shadowed secrecy do I swear this creed.
So be it, until there is no light, but a resurrection of the Empire of Darkness..."

With the Oath sworn, and duty fulfilled, Araxis was deemed ready and worthy, hense forth known as a Dark Jedi Knight of the Obelisk Order, a full blood warrior in service to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and Clan Naga Sadow. Awaiting his next task, Araxis lost himself back into training.

Behind Enemy Lines

After being promoted to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, and assigned to his new unit, the Night Hawks, Araxis was deployed to Tarthos after a massive siege broke out. On the fields of Mucenic, he stood alongside his fellow clansmen against the likes of Vongspawn, Ekind, and assorted others. The battle took it's toll on many, with constant shifts in morale and numbers, but through the assistance of D:SOG Troopers, the collective might of the Naga Sadow clansmen were able to stave off the advancing lines of enemy and keep a rough hold on the situation. During this time, Araxis' former Master, Fremoc Pepoi was given field command of the situation, and started to formulate plans for victory.

The battle seemed to be at a stalemate, with neither side gaining much ground, even with the assistance of artillery against the enemy vongspawn and Ekind. It wasn't until Aedile Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart broke formation and started to frenzy down the numbers of enemies at a specific section of the battle line. Taking on more than he could possibly muster against, Araxis was forced into aiding his close friend and Aedile, so that the House leadership would survive. Surviving the encounter, the two were marked as gutsy heroes, but that quickly changed as Field Commander Fremoc Pepoi had the two placed under arrest, disarmed, and ordered to report to the Command Center. During there time there, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart and Araxis faced not only charges, but dishonor in front of a person that wanted nothing more than to let them free, knowing what they did was for the best. To their astonishment, the charges were dropped, but still not allowing them back into the field.

Commander Fremoc Pepoi had decided that this battle needed to change direction, and the enemy numbers needed to be thinned out, and as such approved a black-ops mission which saw the Night Hawks deployed behind the enemy line. The orders were simple, go in, kill/push as many vong towards the main line as possible. Spare troopers and whatever weapons were left were given to the Hawks so that they could complete their mission, but there would be no reinforcements. Being recalled from the field, Night Hawks Commander Sarconn, Ekeia Iclo, and Venator joined up with Araxis for immediate departure from the Command Center. Before leaving, Methyas gave a package that he'd received from Fremoc via the Fist of the Brotherhood to Araxis. Inside the package was a new prototype Lightsaber,The Stormreaver, a reward for earlier testing Araxis completed for the Fist.

Deployed behind enemy lines, Araxis and the Night Hawks took on massive waves of enemies which was made light of by an inside contest between Sarconn and Ekeia. Preforming to their orders with the utmost precision, the Night Hawks kept the enemy in a tight pincer with the main line of Dark Jedi forces, allowing the airstrike ordered by Fremoc Pepoi to be highly affective. Although lots of injuries came to the winning side of the engagement, most Dark Jedi walked away from the battle fit to fight another day.

Flying Tank of Liberation

After the key events that took place behind enemy lines, Araxis and the rest of the Night Hawks returned to the forward command center to be given their new orders. With their victory, the forces under the command of Fremoc Pepoi were to take the assault to Markosian City, liberating it from Ekind and Vongspawn control. During this time, however, there were a great deal many changes at hand. The Naga Sadow Clan had now been downsized into House, as had every other clan under the Dark Jedi Brotherhood banner. With the shuffle in leadership, Araxis was confused as to whom he was to follow orders. Taking a brief pause from the command chamber, filled with the abundance of great DJB warriors, past, present, and future, Araxis received another package from the Fist, again for past testing during his downtime.

His new armor adorned, Araxis took part in operation "Flying Tank of Liberation" alongside Fremoc Pepoi, Kano Tor Pepoi, and Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart. The objective was simple, stealing a Repulsor Tank and a transport capable of bringing it to Markosian City via the air. The journey downward into Markosian City was anything short of Crazy to a normal person, but was highly affective. The events that unfolded inside the battle zone in the hours after the operation were most disturbing, even to the likes of Araxis. The bombing of Green Sector as Methyas and Araxis cleared out all Ekind and Vongspawn sector from sector shook his very foundation of belief in the command place on Fremoc Pepoi. However, unlike most, Araxis understood the choice that was made, it was a last resort option that was unavoidable.

It was after this transgression that Araxis learned of the eventual fate of Fremoc, exile. But he placed it out of his mind, proceeding with the final stages of the battle at hand. Fighting alongside his most trusted and worthy combatants, friends even, Araxis helped in the eradication of all Ekind and Vongspawn threats on Tarthos.

Brief moments of Rest

Following the events of Tarthos, Araxis was dismissed from his service as Black Guard of the Quaestor of Clan Naga Sadow. While relaxing and continuing his training, Araxis was named to the newly created position of Prefect of Inos. An honor if any he had received thus far in his days among the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. It was also at this time, Araxis learned of his lineage inside the Pepoi family, the family of his former Master, as well as Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, Kano Tor Pepoi, and Teu Pepoi. While the moments of rest were ending, a new challenge waited on the horizon.

Reemergence to the Brotherhood

"I was born on a battlefield. Raised on a battlefield. Gunfire, sirens and screams... They were my lullabies..."
―Araxis passing words of his life to his apprentice.

Shortly after the last recorded sighting of Araxis within Brotherhood space, Araxis was informed of his lineage to the Pepoi family name. Considering the relations he had built with differing members of Clan Naga Sadow, there were always those that stood above the rest. He was, however, unable to build further on any of this new found information. It was at this time that Araxis had been named as the Praetor to the FIST, a position that Araxis' could never have imagined he'd call his own one day. Taking the position, Araxis knew that a great many challenges would await him, but glorious return would be his for succeeding. The only issue that remained was his former master, Fremoc Pepoi Sadow would once again be issuing the orders. Ever since the events of Tarthos that saw Fremoc exiled from Clan Naga Sadow, Araxis' trust in Fremoc was anything short of nil. Within mere months however, Araxis began to see the ways Fremoc constructed his thoughts and plans into actions, he better understood why the events of Tarthos were necessary, and with that, Araxis was finally able to become Fremoc's most valuable asset.

Not long after seeing a point of view he never considered to be reasonable... logical... sane even, Araxis was deployed onto Black Ops deployment by order of the Fist of the Brotherhood. It is at this point that most recorded information on the Praetor, any information at all really, is known. Only the orders exchanged between the FIST and Araxis are viewable to highly placed individuals of the Dark Council.

With much time away from the place he called home, his allies and friends, his only true living family, Araxis reemerged to the general radar of Clan Naga Sadow and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as a whole. He was, in short, a changed man. His thoughts and actions now more focused and refined would see him through to the great rewards he once envisioned when he began his journey as a Praetor. Being elevated not once, but twice, through the Obelisk ranks to Prelate, Araxis was finally at a place in his life where everything seemed clear, connected, and with purpose. Deciding he needed to return to some training in his down time from Black Ops assignments, Araxis took Kalia Phoenyx on as his apprentice. This choice was one he'd also longed for, becoming a Master to an Apprentice and passing forth his knowledge thus far.

The Red Rose Harnessed

It what seemed to be a crazy twist of events, something.. no, rather someone from those Black Ops missions had followed Araxis back into the Brotherhood. No one but the two individuals knew of the events that fateful night. Not long before his return to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Araxis had been deployed to the underworld of Nar Shaddaa for one final mission. The mark was not extremely high value, but could lead to much larger events if certain information was released. With all the pertinent information gathered, and escape route planned, Araxis activated the power systems in his armor, grabbed his trusty lightsword Stormreaver, and set out into the dark abyss of the night atmosphere. Approaching the building that all signs had lead to, his mark waiting inside, Araxis sized up a quick count of possible resistance. He deduced that, at best, minimal effort would be sufficient to get the job done. Mere moments before stepping from the shadows, a transmission from the FIST came through, immediate orders to return to The Spike. Araxis knew this would mean he couldn't take it easy on this mission, he'd have to go full force.

Removing himself from the shadows and using all the available resources at his disposal, Araxis punched hole after hole into the building, including the men inside, to reach his target. However, what happened on the other side of the final door not even he could have anticipated, even though he'd had a strange feeling from the moment he'd set foot on Nar Shaddaa, Araxis was at a loss for words. Entering what appeared to be the centralized location for the marks operations, a violent explosive power erupted sending out shockwaves and random items that loosely laid around the room clear into his path. One such item knocked Araxis' lightsword clean from his hand. Blood covered not only the floor in large pools, but the walls and ceiling as well. In the focal point of the explosive display of carnage, a woman sat, bare to the world as the day she would have been born. The blood shimmering under the lights, the ruby tint being enhanced by Araxis' lightsword, he stepped forward slowly so as to not startle her. Grabbing his weapon, he noticed it's damaged sections, allowing the energy remaining to power the blade for a few moments more before shutting off for good. Looking to the woman, Araxis took a knee staring her down directly. Her eyes had a look of innocence to them, but deeper into them he saw the look of a warrior who just wiped clean a room of galactic scum.

Extending a hand to help her to her feet, Araxis asked the woman her name. No answer came from her lips, and the same result following the question of what happened. Araxis knew there was something about her, something that could not simply be left behind on such a despicable planet. The vibe Araxis felt from the mysterious woman, it was the same feelings he had a long time ago. The quest of vengeance, that never ending search. removing his tabards to give the woman some form of clothing, Araxis offered her a chance to leave with him, to a place where she could be taught how to harness her power, the same place he had ended up but a two and a half years prior, the woman looked at him with an overwhelmed expression. Following him to his personal ship, she stopped half way into boarding the ship. Looking to Araxis, she said simply "I am the Red Rose, but you may call me Kalia".

Into the Unknown

After training his apprentice, watching her rise to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and planting herself firmly into Naga Sadow's infrastructure, Araxis returned to his duties as a Praetor. For a time he was content, but started to get a sense that something was not quite right. These powerful feelings led him to resigning his post among the Fist's Staff, and seeking out the root of what troubled his senses. Throwing away his ties to the Pepoi clan, for reasons of obvious worry, Araxis loaded up on supplies and set off into the unknown.

Scepter of Ragnos & The Crusade

Araxis shortly after the Dark Crusade had begun.

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Passing the Limits

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The Dyrnwyn Armor


The Dyrnwyn Armor System


Following the events on Aeotheran, Araxis helped perform a weapon demonstration and simulation for the Fist of the Brotherhood; a mission that the Knight performed above the expectations of the Fist. Araxis' performance warranted a good deal of attention and recognition for his Clan and it's warriors. Upon returning to Tarthos and Mucenic for some rest and relaxation he had been informed by his Aedile, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, that the Fist was to deliver them a reward for their efforts and the honour bestowed to their Clan during the simulation. Shortly thereafter, Araxis himself received a Holonet transmission from the Fist himself informing that for his impressive display and combat prowess he would be granting him an additional award for his efforts. After the success defense and repulsion of the siege on Mucenic, Araxis returned to the Temple to discover another package had arrived for him specifically from the Fist.

Armor System Details

A specially designed armor system developed and tested by Dark Lord of the Sith, Muz Ashen, the Dyrnwyn armor system is unique amongst the different armored platforms in the Brotherhood due to its mixture of highly evolved Mandalorian armor crafting techniques and advanced Krath Alchemy. Comprised of multiple pieces of armor worn over a specially designed power armor liner, this liner is similar to that of a body glove and contains a micro energy field projector as well as limited ceramic plating in vital locations to keep its wearer protected from blades or projectiles that could penetrate or squeeze between the armored plates. The armor plates and pieces themselves are cast from Duraplast and integrated with powerful electronic systems to allow the wearer easy manipulations via an integrated control and HUD system. Further to that, the armor has been augmented by Krath Alchemy to lighten the armor to the point that it's wearer believed they're wearing traditional clothing. This sorcery allows the wearer to not only move and react faster than their armored brethren, but use talents through the Force with greater ease.


The Stormreaver

The Stormreaver

Following the events on Aeotheran, Araxis help perform a weapon demonstration and simulation for the Fist of the Brotherhood. Exceeding the skills and experience of the Fist or clan-mate Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, his performance warranted much attention and recognition for his Clan for their combat skills. Upon returning to Tarthos and Mucenic per his deployment orders, Araxis was informed, via Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, of a Holonet transmission that the Fist sought to reward them for all the effort and the honor they brought to Clan Naga Sadow. During the siege of Mucenic on Tarthos, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart was taken into custody by D:SOG commandoes for disobeying direct orders from Commander Fremoc Pepoi, and Araxis along with him. During this time, the two Knights claimed there weapons which had been delivered directly from The Fist. Deployed alongside his BTL Leader, Sarconn, Araxis took his chances to learn about the blade, and forge his developing technique in the forge of warfare. The Stormreaver is the sister-blade to Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart's Harmony.

Blade Mechanics

A customized weapon created by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Muz Ashen, is a unique saber comprised of a single ovoid hilt held comfortably in the wielder's palm with a raised edge resting between their middle and ring fingers. The primary ignition switch rests near the center of the hilt opposite the wielder's palm with twin emitters found at either end of the hilt. When ignited the blade takes a signature shape matched by no other Lightsaber: twin trailing crescents act as a guard to the wielder's hand while the blade itself streaks out into two defined blades separated by mere inches at the tip capable of narrowly fitting a traditional saber between them. Due to its ovoid hilt the weapon has a nature of being called a sword as opposed to saber, the egg-like hilt generating a blade with a depth that is nearly a sliver when compared to a traditional saber and as such has a different feel when wielded due to its vastly different Gyroscopic effect. The Light-Sword's unique profile and gyroscopic effect are boggling to many duelists due to the fact that it's shape and effect do not match the familiar profiles of a traditional blade containment field. The blade containment field with this weapon is actually created by advanced Krath Alchemy forcibly moulding the containment fields from each individual emitter to its fixed position. Due to this time consuming work to ensure that each blade is identical and these fields don't fail, these blades are in extremely limited quantities.

Brisingr of Ragnarok

Brisingr of Ragnarok

With a design in mind, and all the required components to make a blade that suited his combat prowess, Araxis began his work with the utmost care and dedication. Through multiple attempts of trial and error to find the perfect combinations, Araxis crafted what he felt to be the pinnacle of his abilities, a lightsaber truly of his own.

Remembering once, long distant in his past, a mere conversation of the common folk on the streets of Tarthos, that all great blades of warriors carry their own names. His last blade, the Stormreaver, was named by another as a token of the name Araxis was leaving behind as he found a place with his long forgotten family The Pepoi's. The thought of such things weighted heavy on his mind for many days, and Araxis refused to ignite the new weapon until it held a name. Among the discussions he had had with his apprentice, Araxis remembered one in particular about the weird words his father had for different things. Among the favorite of these words was the one for Fire, or Flame. It was at that moment Araxis knew exactly what his new blade would be deemed, and during a training session with his apprentice later that day he unveiled what he had worked on for some time. The FIST was present at this particular training session for reasons unknown, but it mattered not to Araxis. As Kalia drew her armory saber and ignited it, Araxis removed his new hilt from a case slowly taking the time to admire his work, turning to his apprentice he signaled her to advance on his position, speaking in a thunderous voice "Come my apprentice, face the Brisingr of Ragnarok".

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Unknown Black Guard of the Consul of Clan Naga Sadow
33 ABY
Locke Sonjie
Position Created Prefect of Inos
33 ABY - 34 ABY
Position Dissolved
Cethgus Kuga Magistrate of the Fist
34 ABY
Cethgus Kuga
Cethgus Kuga Praetor of the Fist
34 ABY - 36 ABY
Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae
  Fifth Caste of the Inner Order
34 ABY
Position Created Marshal Enforcer
35 ABY - Current
N/A Assistant Professor of Combat
36 ABY
Position Created Sergeant of the Scepter of Ragnos
36 ABY - Current

Outstanding Achievements