Marakith Skyhook

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Exodus era.
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23 ABY




Dlarit Corporation

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Naga Sadow

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Marakith is a skyhook that originally hovered over the government district of Seng Karash, supported by its own repulsor engines. Marakith was formerly the official residence of the Governor of Aeotheran and his staff. The Skyhook was guarded by soldiers of the Dlarit Special Operations Group and served as the home of House Ludo Kressh.

Following it's restoration to House Shar Dakhan in 38 ABY, the base currently serves as the temporary headquarters of the House and a support function for it’s fleet.


Marakith was constructed in 19 ABY. The city of Seng Karash had started life in 13 ABY as a small prefabricated structure which quickly swelled following the Exodus in 15 ABY. Seng Karash had always been intended to be an isolated settlement and its original construction included little in the way of defense.

In order to protect the city against invaders and to provide a base for the Clan Naga Sadow members present on Aeotheran, Marakith was designed and constructed by Governor Malisane de Ath, later Malisane Sadow.

The Skyhook served as the headquarters of both House Ludo Kressh and later House Shar Dakhan for a number of years before being stolen by unknown force users, and was lost for over a decade. House Shar Dakhan constructed a new headquarters in Seng Karash itself and the skyhook was thought lost forever.

In 38 ABY following the Clan’s recapture of the Orian system from The Collective, Malisane revealed to the Dakhan Summit the existence of Marakith, apparently retrieved following his long search It was hidden by him at the planet Kangaras until needed. It was returned to Aeotheran as a temporary headquarters while the House re-estabilished themselves, and a support and repair function for the House’s fleet. Because of this the skyhook no longer hovers above Seng Karash and can usually be found in the higher atmosphere.


Despite its size the Skyhook boasts discrete lighting, compensating for the shadow such a large floating structure ought to cast over a city. Marakith also boasts hangars for small to medium ships as well as support facilities for larger vessels. It also has extensive defensive capabilities.

Access to the facility is highly restricted, visitors are only permitted by appointment when summoned by the House summit. These visitors are further restricted to only a small portion of the Skyhook designed for official entertaining and accommodation for visiting diplomats and business associates.

The rest of the Skyhook was out of bounds, even to high ranking civilian officals from the cities of Seng Karash and Kel Rasha, for this is the home of the House members and ranking military. Along with the apartments and offices of the Quaestor and Aedile are rooms decorated for the personal taste of each member, training facilities, laboratories, recreational facilities, and a private hanger for members' ships.

For years rumours circulated that Marakith had a hyperspace capacity designed for an emergency evacuation. This was confirmed when the skyhook was stolen. However following it’s return the integral hyperdrive has been damaged beyond repair or economic replacement and the skyhook is now bound to the orbit of Aeotheran.