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Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin Taldrya-Cantor
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25 BBY (age 73)

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1.9 Meters


106.59 Kilograms





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Dark Jedi


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"Ze Bruthahood! Fur Ze Bruthahood!"
―Lord Jac

Jac is a twice previous Grand Master of the Brotherhood.

Character History

Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin is the youngest of all Grand Masters. His first appointment to the throne of the Dark Brotherhood came in his late thirties. Now almost a decade later, Cotelin has only increased his physical prowess. Cotelin has always been a larger man. He towers over most at a height of six feet and three inches. This height makes the Grand Master's weight seem very well proportioned over his body. Most of his mass comes from the muscles adorning his upper and lower body, earned from years of physical labor as a teenager and early adult. Even though the brute strength of Jac Cotelin can overpower almost all opponents, it is Jac's wisdom and charisma that set him apart from most.

Physical Appearance

The Grand Master is known for his facial expressions. Jac can look as grim as Eos on the day of the split, or as bright as the rebels on the day the Emperor died. It is his smile that makes the distinction, with careful inclinations added through his brow. When smiling, the entire face of Jac Cotelin lifts and he looks as if he is a child. This reverses completely when he is angered; dimples turn to wrinkles and the brown tightens, making Jac look fearsome to all. Cotelin has a very well-defined set of jaw and cheek bones, making him look even more menacing. Cotelin wears his brown hair short, keeping with the norm that was from his years in the Imperial Navy. His brown eyes are piercing; always watchful and always observing that with is abound.

Grand Master Cotelin's lightsabers

Cotelin normally chooses to discard his formal robes for the more form fitting suit that was a gift received when he was in his first term as Grand Master. The suit is black and sleevless with the vest lined with gold to match his rank. The actual formal robes of the Grand Master do come out occasionally, and Jac tends to wear the hood low over his brow, casting a shadow over his all-seeing eyes. Cotelin carries with him two lightsabers: one being the custom-made golden lightsaber given to him by his former apprentice, Lord Khyron, and the other being a modified version of the original lightsaber he constructed. The Golden lighsaber emits a gold beam and is of the finest quality. Jac's other saber has been modified from its original form to have a thinner blade and casing, as well as to carry a scaling blade-emitter. This allows Jac to shorten the blade for the frequent occasion of when he uses it in his off-hand and keep it well concealed under his vest when he does not. That saber emits a dark blue blade.


Cotelin was injured in a crash that occurred during his training as a pilot. A large shard of the metal sliced through the young pilot's right knee. Cotelin was out of duty for a month. To this day, the injury gives him trouble. If he lands hard on it or has something colide hard, it will cause a great deal of pain. His Jedi skills have eroded the effect, but it still causes Jac to limp from time to time.

A Mon Calamari - an Aquatic race


Growing up, Cotelin displayed a violent allergic reaction to fish. Since then, he has used the force to suppress any allergies. He still dislikes food from the sea though.

Distinguishing Marks

Cotelin has a scar on his right knee from the injury he had as a pilot. There is a large scar from a lightsaber wound to his left thigh that was obtained in a battle with Clan Naga Sadow during a Great Jedi War. Further scars are abound, but none are noteworthy. Cotelin has a variety of tattoos, most hidden from view. The one noticeable one is the marking on his forehead; the symbol of a Dark Lord of the Sith. It is shaped as a diamond with a smaller oval in the center. The other tattoos include the secret order tattoos and a small marking on his left arm that was his Beta squadron designation—since worn away from wounds and time.

The Autarch's Shuttle


Although he was a pilot for many years and commanded the Super Star Destroyer Avenger for twice as long as that, Jac strangely hates to fly on large starships. The Grand Master does not like the feeling that he is not in control of his own safety, and has seen one too many enemies penetrate the bridge deflectors of a star cruiser for his liking. Cotelin prefers small, personal craft like his personally modified Assault Gunboat for his travels, or more recently, his shuttle from the Autarch. If he is forced to travel on a Star Destroyer, Jac does not frequent the bridge during battle.

DJB Facts

  • Former Seneschal
  • Twice Grand Master
  • Former Consul of Taldryan
  • Former Deputy Grand Master
  • Son of Taldryan


  • Hunts Buffalo
  • Is awesome
Positions Held
Before Position After
Crona Grand Master
14 ABY
Justinian Khyron
Firefox Grand Master - second term
22 ABY - 26 ABY
Taigikori Aybara Justicar
33 ABY - 36 ABY