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House Marka Ragnos
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Alabrek Citadel

Historical information
Formed from:

Disciples of Ragnos




27 ABY as Battleteam Marka Ragnos


30 ABY

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Notable members:

Trevarus Caerick, Formerly as Overlord

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Marka Ragnos is a restored House of Clan Naga Sadow in the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi. Originally founded in 9 ABY and formed out of the Disciples of Ragnos. It was dissolved into a Battleteam after the Great Clans of the Brotherhood were reverted to Houses. During the anniversary of the Exodus in 30 ABY, House Marka Ragnos was restored at the blessing of the Clan Summit. Marka Ragnos is the only surviving House out of the original three of Clan Naga Sadow; the other sister Houses were Ludo Kressh and Primus Goluud.

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The story of House Marka Ragnos begins some 5,300 years before the Battle of Yavin, when the Dark Lord of the Sith, Marka Ragnos himself, began his reign over the Sith Empire. Under his rule a Golden Age was ushered in. Ragnos ruled with unparalleled success for 300 years. During his final years, he established a cult like society of warriors, scholars and other figures who swore an oath of loyalty to him.

Even after Marka Ragnos was succeeded by Lord Naga Sadow, this cult remained loyal to him and left Korriban, wandering across the galaxy with no destination in mind. In their travels, this cult came across the planet Karana III and settled there. They began calling themselves the Disciples of Ragnos and continued to worship their master and practice his dark doctrine. However, the Disciples were eventually driven away from Karana, and they settled on the planet Loki in the Phare system.

It was not long before Astronicus Sadow, the last surviving descendant of Lord Naga Sadow, came to Phare and asked the Disciples to join him under the flag of House Naga Sadow. The numbers of House Naga Sadow grew and it slowly became one of the most powerful houses within the Dark Brotherhood. In 17 ABY it became Clan Naga Sadow and the Disciples of Ragnos were reformed into House Marka Ragnos. The Epistle of Marka Ragnos continued to live on within the House, adored in the traditions of old. As the years passed, the House grew and new tradition were made. The Disciples slowly earned respect from within the clan and outside of it.

In 28 ABY, a decade and a half after the unit's ascension to Clan Status, the Dark Council at the behest of the Grand Master determined that all of the Great Clans of the Brotherhood needed to be reformed into Houses seeing the surviving Houses of Kressh and Ragnos dissolved into House Naga Sadow. However the Disciples survived in the form of Battleteam Marka Ragnos. It wasn’t long before Naga Sadow once again earned clan status and the Disciples saw the return of their great house.

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Disciples of Ragnos

Main article: Disciples of Ragnos

The Disciples of Ragnos are a theocratic cult that believes in the divinity of Marka Ragnos. The cult is shrouded in secrecy only those who are disciples know who the other disciples are. At present time the Disciples of Ragnos are not an in-character organisation as depicted in the article linked.

House Summit

The list of known Quaestors and Aediles since the rebirth of House Marka Ragnos is as follows:

House Marka Ragnos
Quaestor Service ended on: Aedile Service ended on:
Teu Pepoi Sept 9, 2011 Jeric Cyrin Sept 9, 2011
Jeric Cyrin May 5, 2012 Position vacant -
Kalia Phoenyx May 23, 2013 Methyas Pepoi l'eonheart Nov 29, 2012
Vaar Mai Jul 27, 2013 Position vacant -
Teu Pepoi Jul 14, 2014 Rosh Nyine Nov 16, 2013
Vaar Mai Feb 15, 2014
Kalon Tsucyra Entar Jul 14, 2014
Kalon Tsucyra Entar 02 Mar, 2015 Maelous Ascarend Dec 15, 2015
Sanguinius Entar Mar 2, 2016 Tasha'Vel Versea Mar 2, 2016
Tasha'Vel Versea Aug 21, 2016 Ophelia Delacroix Jun 24, 2017
Muz Ashen Jun 24, 2017 Ophelia Delacroix Jun 24, 2017
Kojiro Keibatsu January 7th, 2019 Marcus Kiriyu Sept 11, 2017
Armad July 13, 2018
Muz Ashen January 7, 2019
Muz Ashen Incumbent Xolarin Incumbent

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