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The Independence Games (commonly abbreviated IGs) were a series of club-wide events to commemorate the Exodus. They were a series of competitions set across Brotherhood Space as a celebration of the Brotherhood's strength and independence. While the medals for winning such award were rather prestigious and participants earned Seals, much like in other vendettas, tallies of points from the clans and houses were informal, and bore no standing officially. Independence Games were typically held every year, except when recent conflicts stretched the membership of the Brotherhood thin.

Dark Jedi Olympiad

The first Independence Games were hosted less than a month after the Exodus, hosted by Kaiann Yetaru Entar and covering over thirty events.

Individual Star Players

  1. Arania Lawakiro
  2. Dalthid

Independence Games (2004)

Hosted By Kaiann Yetaru Entar on the one year anniversary of the Exodus, this month-long celebration spanned many different events and broke several participation records for events at the time.

Individual Star Players

  1. DJM Arania Lawakiro (Satal Keto)
  2. KP Dalthid (Satal Keto)
  3. KPN Betja Jun (Taldryan)

Independence Games II (2005)

Seal of Alliances

The IGs held in the year 2005 was a joint effort between the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the Rebel Squadrons. During the Games, Clans Exar Kun and Satal Keto merged to form Clan Plagueis. At the conclusion of the Games, every Dark Jedi was awarded a Seal of Alliances for each event they participated in.

Individual Star Players

  1. Arania Aquillarum Lawakiro Palpatine (Scholae Palatinae): 257 points
  2. Merlance (Tarentum): 150 points
  3. Braecen Triadus Isradia (Plagueis): 114 points

Independence Games III (2008)

Seal of Remembrance

Held off Antei, this was the only Independence Games held away from Antei, due to the occupation by alien forces. Hosted by Braecen Kaeth and Phoenix d'Tana Palpatine with the aide of Prajna Berkana. During the closing ceremony of the Games, each participating member was given Seal of Alliances for their contributions.

Individual Star Players

  1. Angelo Dante (Scholae Palatinae): 124 points
  2. Ylith Atema (Scholae Palatinae): 110 points
  3. Legorii (Arcona): 82 points

Independence Games IV (2011)

Seal of Return

Muz Ashen and his Dark Council held these Independence Games on Antei. Before the games could begin, the Dark Lord proclaimed Arcona and Naga Sadow to return to their Clan status after spending two years as a house. At the end of the games, those participating received the Seal of Return.

Individual Star Players

  1. Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae
  2. Shadow Taldrya
  3. Masika Oshairana
  4. Angelo Palpatine Dante
  5. Jade Sadow

Independence Games V (2013)

Seal of Reminiscence

Hosted by James Lucius Entar Arconae, these Independence Games were held as a brief reprieve from the Dark Crusade. At the end of the games, those participating received the Seal of Reminiscence. Full results of these games can be found here

Individual Star Players

  1. Kalon Dane Beviin
  2. Andrelious J. Inahj
  3. Mayda Ferium
  4. Legorii Kryotek Entar
  5. Troutrooper