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Outer Rim Territories


Sith Space


Orian system


2: Orian Major and Orian Minor


2: Gamuslag, Sepros Minor

Orbital period:

470 standard days




12,460 km


Oxygen Mix, Type I (Breathable)





Primary Terrain:


Points of interest:
Native species:

Boma, Cannok, Katarn, Kinrath, Maalraas, Zakkeg

Immigrated species:
Primary language(s):
  • Galactic Basic Standard
  • Massassi (formerly)
  • Sith (formerly)

1,000 in Temples of Orian, barracks space reserved for DSOG units


Naga Sadow

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Sepros, also known as Orian V, was once the throne world of the Sith Lord Urias Orian. The planet remains largely abandoned but for the Temple of Sorrow which now serves as the new Sadow Palace for the members of Clan Naga Sadow.

Beneath the ruins of the Temple of Fire is a large baradium deposite which is mined by slaves captured from the native population and forced to toil in the mines. The old Temple of Steel was refitted as a base of operations for the Dlarit Special Operations Group and now serves as a base for the Orian Authority.


Sepros is a forest world, covered in large forestry similar to the great wroshyr trees of Kashyyyk. The planet suffers from torrential rain and any electrical equipment is likely to experience technical problems due to the humidity. The surface of Sepros is filled with predators. Urias Orian imported various off-world species and monsters; rumor has it even beasts from Dxun lurk beneath the forest canopy. It is rumored to have once been a source of Cortosis ore, though any veins have long since run dry. Little light reaches the surface of Sepros and the so-called "shadow lands" are a breeding ground for many of the native and imported predators.


Early history

Sepros was discovered by the Sith Empire more than five thousand years ago. It became the throneworld of Urias Orian, a Sith Lord during the reign of Marka Ragnos. Signs of the planet's history litter the landscape with numerous abandoned and ruined Sith temples across the surface. Most are now reclaimed by the harsh and savage forest, though a few are utilised by the remaining natives, all of whom have been forced to return to more primitive methods in order to survive. Much of the planet's population died when Urias Orian shattered the Star of Ombus, the life-giving stone to which the native Ombi had been forever linked; in the wake of the stone's destruction, only those who had submitted to Orian's rule and been cut off from the Star of Ombus by being converted into his Ekind servants remained alive.

Exodus Era History

Sepros was rediscovered by Trevarus Caerick in 13 ABY while he was hunting down his former Master Kiln Tobasa. The two clashed in an epic duel in the ruins of the Palace of Orian where Caerick discovered the Amulet of Orian. Using the Amulet's power he destroyed the Palace of Orian, collapsing it on top of Kiln Tobasa and escaping with the amulet.

Having discovered the Orian system, Trevarus Caerick recommended it as the site of his clan's future home and resources were diverted to begin construction works of a city on Aeotheran. Though Aeotheran had been chosen to home the main civilian work force of the Dlarit Corporation, Sepros was picked out to serve as the more isolated headquarters of Clan Naga Sadow. The Palace of Orian itself had been raised but the surrounding Temples of Orian remained standing and the Clan chose the former Temple of Sorrow to serve as the new Sadow Palace. The Temple of Sorrow formally became the Clan's new headquarters following the Exodus in 15 ABY. The Temple of Sorrow houses its own HoloNet transceiver although it is still dependent on the main HoloNet transmitter in Alabrek Castle on Tarthos.

In 22 ABY a large deposit of baradium was discovered underneath the Temple of Fire. Though the Temple of Fire was in a much worse state of repair than the Temple of Sorrow, the Clan went ahead with establishing a small outpost within the ruins, although little actual repair work was conducted and only a small prefabricated base was erected on top of the existing ruins. To take advantage of the ongoing war with the alien invaders during the Incursion the Clan decided against installing a formal outpost as part of Dlarit Mining. Instead, loyalist forces from the Dlarit Security Force were assigned to the outpost and instructed to enlist the "help" of the natives, forcing them into labor within the dangerously radioactive mines. The baradium was subsequently sold on the black market for a gross profit.

Following the Battle of Antei and the Invasion of Orian in 19 ABY the Dlarit Security Force was reorganised with a separate unit designated the Dlarit Special Operations Group being formally created in early 24 ABY. Rather than base D-SOG together with the DSF in Kar Alabrek on Tarthos the Temple of Steel was refitted to serve as the new unit's headquarters.

New Order Era History

Sepros has seen some growth of infrastructure. The planet experienced a period of growth and relative prosperity until the revelation of the Collective in 35 ABY.


The various races inhabiting Sepros are sometimes casually referred to as Seprosians in the same way as those from Corellia are Corellian or from Coruscant may be referred to as Coruscanti.


Humans form the main population of the planet but they remain technologically primitive compared to the rest of the modern galaxy. It is said that these humans served as slaves during the Sith Empire having been children of the original Dark Jedi born untouched by the Force and as such shunned by their elders. They lacked the knowledge to make use of the Sith technology left behind after Urias Orian died and were forced to compete with the other sentient races to survive, resorting to a more primitive, feudal lifestyle. In the millennia since the Humans slowly relearned how to use some of the technology, though their understanding remains minimal at best and they have only ever succeeded at bastardizing the machinery left behind.

Some of the Humans who inhabit the shadow lands beneath the heavy layers of foliage have evolved into what are colloquially known as "ghosts". Their skin has been bleached white from the complete lack of sunlight and almost all are bald with hair a rare genetic trait. The ghost tribes are among some of the more savage and most primitive of the Human tribes with many having reverted to cannibalism.


In addition to the Human tribes, the legacy of Urias Orian is apparent in a sub-species that inhabits the tropical regions called the Ekind. The Ekind are Human offshoots, being half-Human and half-reptile. They are the product of years of Sith sorceries. The Ekind live almost exclusively in the forests and seldom venture out onto any of the limited number of open plains. Like the other sentient races, the Ekind are split up into several tribes. Unlike the Human population which is, by large, feudal in nature, the Ekind maintain a degree of mutual respect for the other Ekind tribes, though violence is not unheard of between them.


It is unclear exactly when the colony of Wookiees first came to inhabit the forests of Sepros. Some speculate they were brought there by Urias Orian intentionally and that the large trees are indeed the very wroshyr trees from Kashyyyk brought along with the Wookiees. However, others believe Sepros may have been the work of more than just Urias Orian and point to even more ancient powers. The Wookiees live together in a large colony within the forest.

Additional structures

Sepros has a number of ancient cities, the largest being Anta Kinan which lies along the edge of the great northern sea on the main continent. The cities are said to date back to the Sith Empire when Urias Orian ruled the planet and have long since fallen into disrepair, the species left behind being forced to make do with their minimal understanding of the largely Force-based technology within the ruins. Most of the cities are inhabited by the remaining Humans though a small number have been taken over by the Ekind offshoots.

The natives attitude towards the Clan has been strongly influenced by the limited surviving history available in the ruins about the ancient Sith. Some of the tribes harbor a deep hatred for Force-users for having been treated as outcasts and slaves during the days of the Sith Empires. The Ekind, in particular, dislike most other races for the experimentation that led to them being as they are. Despite the generalizations, a few of the tribes revere their ancient Sith masters and considered Urias Orian a god who they believed would one day return to them. Such tribes have since come to revere the members of Clan Naga Sadow in the limited contact they have had with them.

The Incursion Megalith was constructed on Sepros to commemorate the fallen of Clan Naga Sadow during the Incursion War.