Clan Scholae Palatinae

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Clan Scholae Palatinae
General information
  • Commander Wrath of Praetorian Squadron
  • Maverick
  • Assorted members of Praetorian Squadron

Ragnath, Caperion System

Historical information
Formed from:

House Scholae Palatinae


13 ABY


To Clan level 19 ABY and 38 ABY


To House level 33 ABY

Other information

Dark Brotherhood


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Clan Scholae Palatinae is one of the original units of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and one of the first that had been made into a Clan in 19 ABY. With the decree from the Dark Council in 33 ABY it returned to its original House status along with all the other Brotherhood units. Independent and proud, today, it presides as the ruler of the Caperion System, its dominion. It traces its roots back to Emperor Palpatine himself, and rules its territory in the Caperion System as a tribute of the Great Empire he built. The Empire, although small, is an important and historic force within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.


Main article: Clan Scholae Palatinae history


During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Palpatine tasked specific Dark Jedi within his intelligence division to serve as guards to the greatest secrets and storehouses the Empire had. They would be known as the Emperor's Guards. After the battle of Endor, the intelligence division lay in partial ruin. When the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet formed out of the collapsing Empire, intelligence on the Emperor's Guards were salvaged and from this new information a new unit would be born. This unit was House Scholae Palatinae.

The logo of the Emperor's Hammer

Scholae Palatinae quickly gained many members, attracting those who valued the secrets of the dark side, and even some of the light This influx of membership allowed the House to be formed quickly into a Clan, bringing with it three houses below it; House Dorimad Sol, House Acclivis Draco, and House Caliburnus. From this membership, Clan Scholae Palatinae was able to obtain the Victory-class Star Destroyer Excidium and a Modified Corvette, Victory. With these new ships, Scholae Palatinae was able to move from their increasingly harsh world onto a world that was better off, keeping itself alive.

However, the liveliness would be in vain. The Star Chamber decided to destroy Clan Scholae Palatinae for reasons that have never been fully revealed. While the members of Caliburnus had been decimated, the members of Dorimad Sol and Acclivis Draco were placed into Clan Arcona and had dangerous experiments were performed on them. Soon after though, it was discovered House Caliburnus had not been destroyed and was a thriving society instead. Surprising the Star Chamber, Caliburnus was allowed to regain its former members and given the ability to rebuild Clan Scholae Palatinae again. Thus ended the first Great Jedi War for the Clan, and the beginning of Scholae's hatred for Arcona.

The Exodus

Outside Clan Scholae Palatinae, the dark side was changing. The Star Chamber had rumblings of change, and the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet was slowly become corrupted with greed and power from the inside out. Rumors of "unfortunate accidents" and strange power plays consumed the dark corners of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Inside Scholae, similar events occurred. Apprentices and other Journeymen were chastised quicker, and punished frequently. Equites were given either nothing to do out of spite, or many things to do out of malice, But the leadership knew what was going on. Thus would begin the Exodus. The Seven along with most of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood would help evacuate all of its holdings along with most of the loyal members. And when they left their system, they demolished everything behind them, as to make sure the Emperor's Hammer could not find out where they went; the Shroud. And for Scholae Palatinae specifically, the Cocytus System.

Judecca, Scholae Palatinae's homeworld


Over the next many years, Clan Scholae Palatinae would enter or be pulled into many conflicts to aid the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. During the War of the Star Chamber, Scholae was influenced by a corrupted Jac Cotelin, but they were able to reclaim their honor. During the Third Brotherhood Civil War, Scholae would unite reluctantly with Clan Arcona and Clan Taldryan to defend against an exact clone of then Grand Master Jac Cotelin.

But it would be during the military preparedness exercise, Second Darkness, that the Clan would finally get its long time revenge on Clan Arcona. During the victory celebrations, the Yuuzhan Vong had entered Brotherhood space. It was during this time that Consul Braecen Kaeth had fired upon the Arconan vessel, Eye of the Abyss, in order to leave it as fodder for the Brotherhood's escape. But the Arconans, instead of going back to their own system, attempted to regroup and tow themselves to the Cocytus System in order to conquer it from a weakened Vong and Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Although fighting did occur, the Vong were overwhelming. Clan Arcona and Clan Scholae Palatinae both had to fight off the Vong in an alliance of sorts in order to save themselves and escape to the Shroud. It would be during the following months that each Clan would attempt to take back their systems from an overconfident Yuuzhan Vong. The Reclamation of Judecca was an official retaking of most of the Cocytus system as well as Judecca, the Scholae base planet.

Under Grand Master Sarin, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was united and was tasked with taking back Antei. Clan Scholae Palatinae was given both the tasks of clearing out the Shroud as well as landing Dark Jedi ground troops in order to attack specific locations. Scholae knew going through the Shroud would mean definite casualties, but the Grand Master and Clan Arcona thought of it as justice for the disabling of Eye of the Abyss. However, when the Brotherhood arrived at Antei, the Vong were utterly destroyed by a Jedi Master known as Omancor Crask. Him, his students, and many war droids fought off the Vong and claimed Antei as their own. The original plans were still in place, but now the Dark Brotherhood would be fighting off rogue Jedi. Scholae aided in the defeat of the Jedi as well as the reclamation of different special places on Antei.

New Life and Death

Many different conflicts erupted after the events of the Yuuzhan Vong and Crask. The Dark Council tasked the Clans in killing the Killiks on Salas V. The victor, who would end up being independent House Revan, would claim ownership of the planet.

When a rogue Grand Master Zoraan arrived to attempt to retake the Brotherhood, Clan Scholae Palatinae had helped to fight off the former Grand Master, and when the One Sith attempted to destroy the Brotherhood shortly after from the inside, Scholae aided Grand Master Muz Ashen in his crusade against the One Sith, claiming the planet Korriz in the process for themselves. However, Muz Ashen had also attempted the Rite of Immortality, destroying Antei in the process and almost destroying Korriban.

However, in the middle of the Dark Crusade, the Cocytus system went through some troubles. The government of the system saw an opportune time to take over the monarchy and establish a personal dictatorship. With the aid of Imperial Intelligence and Battleteam Caliburnus, Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus was able to assassinate the rogue leader and his followers as well as establish a new order in the system severely loyal to the Consul and Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae.

In the destruction of Antei's surface, the surviving members of old enemies came out from the shadows. Old members of the Cause, people who had spied for or worked with the Yuuzhan Vong, or those who believed in the corrupted teachings of Jaac Cotelin, the One Sith, or former Grand Master Zoraan had come together to form a militia that would attack the Cocytus system (the first in a long line of systems they wanted to cause destruction in). However, the Clan united and easily put a stop to the terrorist threat.


Under Emperor Xen'Mordin, Clan Scholae Palatinae went through a mass restructuring after all these crises, remodelling itself to further reflect the ideals of the Galactic Empire, abolishing the monarchy entirely. The current battleteams were absorbed into the Clan structure itself and new Houses were established; Excidium and Imperium. House Imperium gained a battleteam by the name of Shadow Guard, with battleteam Acclivis Draco remaining a separate entity within the Clan.

The Cocytus Empire

Government and Politics

The Scholae Empire, modelled on the workings of Palpatine's Galactic Empire is the frontal governmental system operated by Clan Scholae Palatinae. The Scholae Empire is public knowledge to inhabitants of the Caperion System, while the Dark Jedi clan, the shadow government, operates in the shadows, unknown to all but the top military, economic and political leaders, those who are familiar enough with the Empire to know that disclosing its secrets is unwise.

Headquartered in the City of Caelestis, the main city of Ragnath, the Imperial Government is led by the Emperor of the Scholae Empire. The Emperor rules de facto over the territory claimed by the Scholae Empire. The appointed officers, and below them the Senate, help alleviate some of the duties of the Emperor. Advisors within the Imperial Palace handle the functioning of Judecca so that the Emperor has the time to direct and control as he wills.

The Emperor of the Cocytus System and the Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae form a singular role. While this subjects the system to more frequent changes in Emperor, it is not enough that it causes major alarm for the citizens, who fear the title more than the man himself. These leaders became known as the Tyrants. It is the Tyrant of the Clan who rules as the public face of the system, totally intertwining the fates of both the system and the Clan to the politics of the Brotherhood, without ever making its presence known.

The current Emperor of the Cocytus System is Elincia Rei, who goes by the title of Empress.

Appointed Officers

The appointed officers of The Cocytus Empire are hand-picked and answer only to the Emperor.

Grand Marshal

The most powerful of these appointed officials is the Grand Marshal, who is widely seen as the second in command of the territory. The Grand Marshal is in charge of the Imperial Scholae Army. The Grand Marshal is always an experienced Brotherhood member who is capable of accepting the responsibilities of system army leader in addition to the role of Proconsul. The Grand Marshal is the one who mobilizes the system’s forces every time there is an attack, either from out of system or from within. While many like to believe that the police force is an independent force, they too are ultimately under the control of the Grand Marshal.

The current Grand Marshal of the Cocytus System is Braecen Kaeth. System Moff

The second crucial position beyond the Emperor is that of System Moff. The Moff is the structural keystone to keep all of the government running. Ultimately reporting to the Emperor the Moff is utilized as the main controller of all the system’s functioning. While the public still recognizes the Emperors direct authority over the politicians of the system, it is the Moff who keeps them all in line per orders from the Emperor. Should any ruling seat of a planet become empty it is the System Moff whom steps in to keep that planet functioning until either a new leader is put in place, or a Dictator is assigned to begin final training to eventually step in. The System Moff has to be cunning and intelligent to keep the system from grinding to a halt. Coupled with the fact this position also deals with the duties of Clan Rollmaster, the Moff plays a very important role to insure that both the Clan and system continue to function.

The current System Moff is the Mune Cinteroph, the master of both the current Empress and Grand Marshal.

The Planetary Governors

Planetary rule on Antenora, Ptolomea and Caina are each enforced by a Planetary Governor, the planetary ruler under the structure of the Cocytus Empire. In reality, the Planetary Governors are mere pawns of Clan Scholae Palatinae, and of the Emperor, each having very little power. The Planetary Governor roles are mostly taken up by yes-men who would never dare to defy the Emperor's will. Any defiance from a Planetary Governor is dealt with fast and mercilessly. The last time this happened, an accident was faked resulting in the death of the Governor and his supporters.

The Imperial Senate

The Imperial Senate, comprised of Dark Jedi members of Clan Scholae Palatinae and civilian politicians, is an advisory body to the Emperor. Members of the Imperial Senate meet regularly to discuss various matters, which have crucial meaning for functioning of the Empire. However, Cocytus is not a democracy and The Imperial Senate has no power to make any real decisions. It may provide opinions on certain matters or its own ideas for bills, but they still need to be reviewed and approved by the Emperor himself, and are frequently overruled. Nevertheless, the Senate serves the function of make people think that they have influence on how the Empire is ruled.


A wealthy Star System and a member of the Mid-Rim Trade Federation (MRTF), the Cocytus system is economically diverse. As a first tier economic system the economy is involved in the technological and experimental science industries, with almost half of all citizens employed in these areas. The primary sector of Cocytus’ economic development revolves around raw, natural resources: wood, crude oil, and duracrete. There is a free-floating shipyard placed strategically within the orbit of Judecca. Raw materials from the planets and moons of the system are shipped into orbit for assembly of commercial transports and very small amounts of military vessels. The materials not needed in the shipyard are either exported to other systems or sent to Gressil a large industrial moon orbiting the Gas Planet of Iblis.

It is Inter-stellar trade that makes up another large portion of the economy, particularly of the systems technological advancements and cutting-edge science. The largest consumer and greatest trade partner of the Cocytus System are the denizens of the Antei System, which accounts for 88% of exports and 33% of imports.

While often misperceived as a free market economy, government intervention is more prevalent than the wealthy Core worlds; however, it is far less than those of the Outer Rim. While the several of the system’s planets (such as Caina and Vassago) are harsh environments plagued with natural, elemental barriers for life forms to utilize, all have been proven to be beneficial to the overall economic stimulation.


  • Technology (Weapons, Energy, Propulsion)
  • Experimental Science (Advanced Gravity Studies, Applied Physics, Dynamic Anatomy)
  • Natural Resources (Wood, Crude Oil, Duracrete, Water)


  • Food (Exotic meats, Sensitive Vegetation)
  • High Grade Ore (Ditanium, Tritanium, Cortosis)
  • Advanced Weaponry (Targeting Systems, Missile Production)

Allies and Enemies

Proconsul Cyris Oscura, Consul Xen'Mordin Vismorsus, and Rollmaster Elincia Rei, the summit of Clan Scholae Palatinae

Clan Scholae Palatinae Structure

Clan Scholae Palatinae is the shadowy organisation, mostly of Dark Jedi, that uphold the Empire in secrecy. Their existence is only known to a select few that can be trusted to have the wisdom not to leak confidential information. Led by the Consul, also the Emperor of Cocytus, and supported by the Grand Marshal (Proconsul) and the System Moff (Rollmaster), Clan Scholae Palatinae is divided into two forces, both equally important arms of the Empire. Imperium enforces Imperial rule within the laws of the Empire, while Excidium operate entirely within the shadows as they perform tasks that the Emperor cannot be associated with.

House Excidium

House Excidium is known for their wild cards of dubious character, some even outright criminal, but this is exactly what Excidium needs to watch over the Cocytus Empire. This group uses a wide variety of skills to ensure that the Empire is protected from internal and external threats that the Clan either can’t see or can’t fight due to more delicate reasons, such as politics or public image. As a result, it is publicly disassociated from the Clan itself and its loyalties may appear to be less than dependable, but in reality its fealty is to Cocytus Empire above all else.

Battleteam Tacitus Athanasius

House Excidium houses Tacitus Athanasius. A secretive group, the battleteam serves as a silent dagger to enemies of the House and its leaders. Very little if known of the unit to the outside world, and secrecy is one of its most deadly weapons. The members go after mostly special targets, and take out possible threats that remain hidden in the shadows. As the name says, they are the silent death to all who oppose the House, and by extension the Cocytus Empire.

House Imperium

House Imperium is a house that lays back and views things from afar. They have patience and a care for knowledge and context. Combat is important, but what happens behind the lines is more important than the front of the lines to Imperium. When war breaks out, Imperium will be the first to know and the first to lay out a plan. In relative peace, they perform more operational duties. Members of Imperium can fight boldly when necessary, however they would rather define themselves by their ability to overpower the enemy through forethought and knowledge. What drives them is understanding; knowledge in the world around them and knowledge in the eyes of others.

Battleteam Shadow Guard

Within House Imperium exists the Shadow Guard. To the general public, this group does not exist. The existence of this group is on a need to know basis. They protect the leaders of House Imperium from outside attacks, especially considering House Imperium is focused more on knowledge rather than combat. They strike from where the enemy usually doesn't look; the shadows.

Battleteam Acclivis Draco

The Tyrannical Legacy

It has become a tradition that the Consuls of Scholae Palatinae be given a secondary Title as a description of their personality. These titles are not given lightly and are earned by the actions and demeanor of each. After their reign has finished, the title remains in the history books as the legacy of what their rule brought to the system.

The Tyrants of Scholae Palatinae:

  • Karva The Ceaseless
  • Timbal The Relentless
  • Dakari The Merciless
  • Braecen The Heartless
  • Phoenix The Ruthless
  • Lucien The Fearless
  • Thran The Usurper
  • Ood The Hardwood
  • Xen The Manipulative

Chain of Command

Consul and Emperor: Xen’Mordin Vismorsus-Palpatine

Proconsul and Grand Marshal: Cyris Oscura

Rollmaster and System Moff: Elincia Rei

House Quaestors: Lexiconus Qor, Lucyeth


Main article: [[Scholae Palatinae Military|Scholae Palatinae Military]]

The military of the Cocytus System is broken into three elements: Militia, The Fleet, and The Legions. Each branch is highly regarded for their skills in warfare; though, each element is uniquely different in the way it is deployed and managed. As a combined force, they are designated The Military of Scholae Palatinae. Based on Imperial rule and tradition, the divisible elements can be positioned and commanded with greater ease.

Presiding as Overlord of the Legions & Clan Fleet is the Emperor’s Right-Hand: The Grand Marshal. This is the highest rank one can attain within the Military, short of being the Emperor himself, and is seen as the Chief Military Expert and Leader within the Cocytus System.


The standing Army of each planet is entrusted to their Field Marshal, who answers to the planets, King or Queen. The Field Marshal is entrusted with ten legions of common soldiers. These are warriors who have signed into a professional army but not committed themselves to the true armies of the Royal Legions. Thus, they are capable but still hold reservations about open warfare. The largest standing order of the Militia is to step up whenever the local police forces are overwhelmed, leaving the Naval Forces and Legions free to execute the Emperor’s bidding.

Elements of Militia

The most fundamental element within the Militia is the cohort: a grouping of one hundred (100) soldiers. The exception is the First Cohort, whom is under the direct control of the Legion’s Commanding Officer. This cohort is larger than the standard cohorts; standing double the standard 100-soldier element. When the First cohort is joined with the additional cohorts it becomes designated as a Legion of Cocytus (or their respective homeworld; i.e. Legion of Antenora). Command of multiple Legions is the Field Marshal. This Officer is tasked with the maintenance, recruitment, outfitting and direction of no less than five (5), one thousand (1000) soldier Legions.

Organization of a Militia Legion

  • Legion: 1000 Troops
  • Cohort: 100 Troops
  • Century: 50 Troops
  • Contubernium: 10 Troops

The Need for Militia

A standing militia was found on each planet prior to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion as a token, or ceremonial, guard of the acting Planetary Ruler. However, following the Reclamation of the Cocytus System, the new rulers were ordered – the then Consul Pheonix Olkyssagh d’Tana Palpatine – to maintain a standing Army at all times. With these additional troops, armed and trained, the Legions of Scholae Palatinae would be free to act when the time came.

Purpose of the Militia Legions:

  • Bolsters military depth during times of Galactic War
  • Tasked with providing support to local law enforcement in maintaining Law and Order
  • Commanded by the Field Marshal or King/Queen of a Planet

Chain of Command

While the standing armies, or Militia, of each planet falls under the direction of the planetary ruler – the King or Queen – the Emperor and his Grand Marshal remain the superior officers. In addition to the Emperor and Grand Marshal, the Surface Marshal and their Judge also remain above the Field Marshal in the Chain of Command.

Militia Chain of Command:

  • Emperor
  • Grand Marshal
  • Surface Marshal
  • Judge
  • Field Marshal
  • Legion Commander

The Fleet of Scholae Palatinae

Main article: [[The Fleet of Scholae Palatinae|The Fleet of Scholae Palatinae]]

The Naval Forces of the Cocytus System fall under a modified Imperial Navy protocol. The modification allows for the respective leaders, or appointed Officers, to issue commands that would – under normal circumstances – be outside the Chain of Command. Due to their minute size – in comparison to a Galactic Empire Fleet – the Captains of the presiding vessels of establish a Chain of Command based on the strategic value of their Capital Ship.

Chain of Command

The Naval Chain of Command:

  • Emperor
  • Grand Marshal
  • Dark Paladin
  • Surface Marshal
  • Judge
  • Fleet Admiral
  • Ship Captain

While a loose hierarchy has been established by the individual commanders of the Clan Fleet, it is roughly based on the military value or rank of the ship they command. Thus the Captain of the Excidium II rules the Navy de facto – if removed from the regular Chain of Command. This hierarchy is utilized when the ships are unable to get orders from the Clan Fleet Admiral, Grand Marshal or Emperor.

The Naval Chain of Command:

Scholae Palatinae Corps

Main article: [[Scholae Palatinae Corps|Scholae Palatinae Corps]]

There is a distinct element to space combat that can either ensure the success or failure of a battle plan. This lies in the strategy, effectiveness and overall preparation of starfighter pilots. It is through the grit and determination of these fighter elements that a battle can sway from desperation to a legendary feat.

The Scholae Palatinae Corps was created in an effort to ensure the continued success of the Clan’s Naval Forces during the reformation of the Fleet. At the insistence of then Proconsul Pheonix Olkyssagh Palpatine, and then Quaestor of Caliburnus, Thran Occasus, the Corps were created under the rule of Consul Braecen Kaeth. It was dictated that they would co-op with the Naval Forces, but maintain an elusive identity of their own.

The best candidates were then accepted in the Academy upon Judecca and trained to handle a vast array of flight duties. The Cadets were often forced to fly mundane missions or transport personnel; however, once they had paid their dues, there were inducted into full flight status. Upon attainment of flight status, an individual is then transferred to one of the Fighter Corps elements and assigned a ship.

Chain of Command

Retaining an elusive identity, while coordinating with Naval Forces, strains the normal requirements of the Chain of Command. In an effort to remove concerns, and questions, about whose orders to follow in combat, the following structure was set in place.

The Corps Chain of Command:

  • Emperor
  • Grand Marshal
  • Fleet Commander
  • Corps Commander
  • Division Commander
  • Wing Commander

Legions of Scholae Palatinae

Main article: [[Legions of Scholae Palatinae|Legions of Scholae Palatinae]]

The members of Scholae Palatinae share a common ancestry, or at least roots, to those whom served the Reborn Emperor on Byss as his Force-Adept Guardians – blunt tools to execute his will. To augment what this forces lacked in numbers, the Emperor awarded them command of thousands of Storm Troopers (The Legions of Scholae Palatinae) to assist in the execution of his machinations.

When the Reborn Emperor and his Adepts fell, the Scholae Palatinae – with the Storm Troopers in tow – departed into the Outer Rim. Without resources and stable leadership, this force found its way into the Dark Brotherhood and become of its integral parts in the pursuit of the Final Way. For Countless years, Scholae Palatinae would use its military might to subjugate star systems and influence the outcome of battles in the Brotherhood.

Organization of the Legions

Only the strongest of warriors can enlist as soldiers of the Scholae Palatinae Legions – generally being trained for multiple years and given the highest grade of military armor and weapons. As the old Troopers perished, their replacements were the near-equivalent of the Imperial Storm Troopers, but a daunted military, and a political asset; both within the Cocytus and Antei Systems. The Legions of Scholae Palatinae, a force to be feared and respected.

Organization of the Legions:

  • Squad: 9 Troops
  • Platoon: 38 Troops
  • Company 152 Troops
  • Legion
  • Regiment
  • Battlegroup
  • Army

Chain of Command

The number of enlisted troops fluctuates from fifteen thousand (15,00) to sixty thousand (60,000) military-ready soldiers that have been given an assignment within the Palace Guard’s Army. The original standard was maintained until the Yuuzhan Vong occupation of the Cocytus System, where each Legion numbered near a thousand (1,000) warriors and was broken into military standards; though, the number of elements and the amount of soldiers was based on the exact number of Officers available to command. Once the Reclamations from Vong rule of the Cocytus System were complete, the newly appointed Emperor – Phoenix Olkyssagh d’Tana Palpatine – sought to bolder his forces to prevent future invasions. The exact numbers are still in flux as Scholae Palatinae scours the galaxy, recruiting warriors from all walks of life.

Legion Chain of Command:

  • Emperor
  • Grand Marshal
  • Surface Marshal
  • Judge
  • Commanding Officer of a Regiment
  • Commanding Officer of a Legion



Main article: [[Judecca|Judecca]]

Judecca, based in the Cocytus System, is the home planet of Scholae Palatinae and its capital city is Ohmen. It is thought to have been the first planet formed in the System after its star, Imperius, was formed and it has a temperate climate with varying geographic features. The native species of Judecca refer to themselves as Syrei. Its major imports are weaponry, food, and various ores. Its major exports include education, ancient artifacts, and various exotic items. Judecca has three moons in its orbit: Brutus, Cassius, and Judas.


Main article: [[Antenora|Antenora]]

Antenora is believed to have been the second planet formed in the Cocytus System, shortly after the formation of Judecca, and is the second-closest planet to the System’s star, Imperius. Not long after its formation and the emergence of intelligent life on its surface, the world was invaded by the Rakata, who enslaved the population of people living there, known as the Homoglyphs. The Rakata brought with them human and Jilruan slaves from other conquered planets, who then interbred and gave rise to the Antenorans which currently inhabit the planet. After a plague swept through the planet and severed the Rakata’s connection to the Force, they were almost powerless and the resulting calamity brought about a loss of control of the terraforming machinery that maintained the planet’s climate. The ozone layer protecting the planet was torn apart and caused the fields of the planet to wither and burn from the harsh glare of Imperius. Due to the tilt in the planet’s axis, the northern continent of Li Gandor was able to escape this devastation. During the time of Clans, Antenora, with its capital city of Suzel, was the home planet of House Acclivis Draco of Clan Scholae Palatinae. Antenora has two moons in its orbit: Sereia and Ugolino.


Main article: [[Caina|Caina]]

Caina, the third planet in the Cocytus System, is an arctic wasteland of a world. Despite the cold temperatures and glacial geography, Caina was rich in natural resources, having been chartered as a mining colony during both the Old Republic and the reign of Emperor Palpatine. The planet proved profitable on both occasions, and the ore which was mined had been rumored to have an abnormal ability to resist blaster fire when treated properly, a discovery which was documented by Kuat Drive Yards. After pirate activity increased in the area and was fought back by the Empire’s forces, the value of this ore decreased significantly, to the point where it held little economical value. The Empire pulled its forces out and left the colony in disarray until it was rediscovered by Dark Jedi from Scholae Palatinae, who claimed it as part of their dominion. Thus the planet of Caina, with the capital city of Daemon, became the home to House Dorimad Sol under the banner of Scholae Palatinae. Caina has ten moons in its orbit which are known as the Bolgia Satellites: Alechino, Barbicca, Cagnazza, Calcebryna, Farefalla, Grafficane, Malacoda, Malebolge, Rubicanne, and Scarmilyone.


Main article: [[Ptolomea|Ptolomea]]

Ptolomea is the last planet in a chain of rocky worlds which make up the Cocytus System. The planet’s surface was originally covered in ice and rock. Seemingly by chance, the global temperature began to rise and, over time, caused plant life to spring forth from its previously frozen rocky soil, resulting in dense jungles covering the face of the planet. The passage of time eventually found the planet to be settled by human or human-like beings whose societies rose and fell throughout time, leaving behind many statues, temples, and other works as proof of their existence. Dark Jedi from Scholae Palatinae stumbled onto the planet at some point and would decide to claim it as theirs. With the capital city of Almagast, Ptolomea was the home of House Caliburnus. Ptolomea has three moons in its orbit: Albergio, Barbatos, and Zanche.


Main article: [[Iblis|Iblis]]

Iblis is a gas giant located within the Cocytus System under the dominion of Scholae Palatinae. Due to its nature as a gas giant, Iblis’ surface is uninhabitable. Thin rings which encircle the planet are home to asteroids that contain four mining outposts, of which Fauzir and Theron are the most profitable, that provide ores and fuel as exports. Iblis has a cluster of eight moons in its orbit: Astaroth, Gressil, Marchosias, Nemea, Vetis, Zepar, Zepar I, and Zepar II. It should be noted that Zepar I and Zepar II are an asteroid and a comet, respectively, which are caught in the gravitational pull of the moon Zepar.


Main article: [[Vassago|Vassago]]

Vassago is a moonless planet located within the Cocytus System under the dominion of Scholae Palatinae. The planet has been a barren world with treacherous terrain and a lack of sentient inhabitants for much of its life. Advances made in thermal-graphic and subterranean sensor technologies revealed a hidden wealth of common ores beneath the planet’s surface. Despite this, the resources below Vassago’s harsh terrain were passed over by mining companies in favor of planets where the raw materials were more easily accessible. As time progressed, the planet would be claimed by Scholae Palatinae, and was essential to the Clan’s initial development. Over time, further colonization and budgeting expansion of the planet were put aside until an archaeologist named Armon Venic unearthed a rare metal ore which would come to be known as Venic. With a shimmer and a crystal clear reflection, the material was in demand for use in building as well as jewelry, which renewed Scholae Palatinae’s interest in developing settlements on the planet.

Allies and Enemies

Due to the Imperial nature of the Clan, it is not surprising that it is largely focused on improving itself and expanding its borders, knowledge and prowess. Thus, the borders of Scholae Palatinae have been less open then others due to the Clan’s natural isolation from outside influence. This isolated mentality was weakened severely under the reign of Emperor Xen’Mordin Vismorsus who helped orchestrate one of the First Alliances the System had seen in years, while also finally cooling down the major tensions with those whom were once seen as enemies. For the first time, Scholae Palatinae was seen more as a member of the whole of the Brotherhood and not as such a black sheep, who was unwilling to work with anyone.




Clan Arcona

In the past, Arcona was the sworn enemy of Scholae Palatinae. This stemmed from the time when Scholae Palatinae was forced to serve as a unit of Arcona. Even after years of separation this tension continued. However thanks to the dulling power of time, and the focus of enemies like the Yuuzhan Vong, these feelings have finally faded. While in a state of half-truce, it remains to be seen if this peace will last.

Clan Naga Sadow

Once strong allies, relations between Scholae Palatinae and Naga Sadow have greatly cooled over the years. Following the Brotherhood Civil War, the two groups entered a neutral stance, with no real efforts being made to renew the former bonds.

Clan Taldryan

The Royal Clan has always set its eyes on taking down the most dominating Clan of the Brotherhood. However, this goal has always been one of respect and not hostility. The professional manner in which Taldryan has conducted itself and managed to be such a dominant force served as the goal Scholae Palatinae wanted to be able to surpass. Personal differences and views of superiority have prevented any real alliance from being formed.

Clan Plagueis

At one point in the distant past, Scholae Palatinae was aligned with the Clans of Satal Keto and Exar Kun. However when these two units fused into a vastly different Clan, Plagueis, a chasm was birthed between the two groups.

House Revan

Interactions with Revan have been kept to a minimum since House Revan was created in 30 ABY. Scholae Palatinae found the effort Revan put into winning the conflict on Salas V, but remained hesitant from opening relations with the House. This House is now closed.


Clan Odan-Urr

The Imperial nature of the Royal Clan immediately soured relations with this Light Side oriented Clan. While no interaction has occurred between the two groups, both have made it clear through passive aggressive means, that if given a chance they would gladly clash with each other.

Clan Tarentum

Neutral in the past, Tarentum delivered a major political blow during the Sixth Great Jedi War. This action sent a shockwave through the Royal Clan and began a time of strife that nearly ripped Scholae Palatinae apart. Due to this, Scholae Palatinae has been incredible cautious in dealing with Tarentum. Efforts to repair relations between the Clans have all failed within days.

Typical Clan Actions and Reactions



Deeply loyal to the ideals of the Empire, any threat to its stability can begin to turn the gears of war. Historically over aggressive, perhaps due to the roots in being Guards to the Reborn Emperor on Byss, Scholae Palatinae will go to any lengths to define the Empire. Loyal and Strong-headed, these traits have lead to troubles for the Royal Clan on more than one occasion. The overly- aggressive nature has faded over the years, with greater emphasis being put on rational and reasonable approaches to what serves the Clan best, whether that be combat or diplomatically.

Aside from defending the Empire when needed, the Royal Clan is far more prone to sit in haunches and review the current situation of either the Brotherhood or abroad (Imperial Sector, New Republic, etc.). Once a deeper understanding of the situation is obtained and potential weaknesses are found, The Disciples of Palpatine will delve into the conflict with every fiber of being. Nothing is ever attempted halfway; Scholae Palatinae will give its all or not go at all.


Known to isolate itself, Scholae Palatinae has a long history of closing its borders to outside influences at the first sign of trouble – internal or external – and begin the proper course of action that serves the Clan best. During times of stability, the Clan has become far more open to the rest of the Brotherhood seeing that there is strength in having allies, even it is to only advance the continuing security of the Empire.

Once a pact of peace has been violated, Members of Scholae Palatinae react immediately with defensive measures and a retaliatory strike to show they are willing to defend themselves. While seen as over-zealous, diplomatic discussions can prevent the call for full on war. While this has drawn the Clan into direct confrontation several times, the Clan’s history is far more scattered with small retaliation skirmishes then full on conflicts.

Real Life


Scholae Palatinae continuously works on advancing itself in various aspects. The three major dynamic aspects the Clan focuses on are: Character Development, Comradery and Clan Development.

  • Character Development: The concept of Character Development is two-fold. The first aspect of Character Development is the hope that every member will advance their personal skills and abilities through participation and activity within the Brotherhood. Whether a member strives through competitions, Shadow Academy or gaming – it is the hope they will find their own strengths to build upon and to strengthen areas they are weaker in. The second aspect is that of fictional development where it is the hope that ever member will strive to grow their character history, story and to find a role in the larger fictional community. Over time it is hoped each member will have ample opportunity to explore their character and delve out their personality and behaviors to create a more enriching environment.
  • Comradery: Members of the Clan are expected to continuously foster a family-like environment with their fellow members, within and without of the Clan. While conflict may arise, it is most often due to the over zealous nature of defending the Clan that causes it. However, most members recognize appropriate boundaries and maintain a fun environment for everyone. This strong relationship is heavily built through communication via the Clan E-mailer, IRC and the Forums.
  • Clan Development: The Summit of the Clan, along with the senior members of the Clan are tasked with the development and advancement of Scholae Palatinae. This ranges from fictional geared projects (Clan History, Planetary Descriptions, etc.), providing mentorship (The Master/Student Program, Setting the Example, Active Participation, etc.) and providing vigorating competitions (Clan Feuds, Clan Events, Monthly Topics, etc.). The goal is to continually progress the Clan, increasing activity and developing the fictional stability of Scholae Palatinae.


The reactions of Clan Members are largely instinctive and based on the 'actions' that are instilled as a member progresses in the Brotherhood. It is our hope that members will stand loyal, devout and courageous in the face of adversity, and if they ever feel cornered or trapped, that they have a group of friends that is Scholae Palatinae that they can return to for protection and advice. In truth it is expected that every member of the Brotherhood should feel welcomed and never antagonized by Scholae Palatinae, with the ideas of brotherhood extending not just to the Clan, but through all Clans, Houses and their members.

If a member violates the Code of Conduct, however, they will be punished. Right Action is considered the core principle of being a member. Whenever a member violates this Code, punishment will be given though the level of correction will often be based upon the individual’s sincerity.

It is expected that Siciples of Palpatine will not rise (or stoop) to their antagonists, unless those individuals are violating the core principle of right action, which is held dearly by the Clan. This bond is attained through sincere interest and devotion to one’s self, Clan, and the Brotherhood. All of which is attained through the comradery and respect, which is forged in the Clan.

Important Figures

These are the former and current leaders, or any influential member who is associated with the Clan. Individuals are delegated to one of these prestigious groups; however their reach, most likely, extends into one or more of these classes.

Sons and Daughters of Palpatine

Main article: [[Children of Palpatine|Children of Palpatine]]

The Children of Palpatine are those who have been awarded the Clan Title, a rare and prestigious honor.

Influential Leaders

These individuals have lead Scholae Palatinae or aspects of Scholae Palatinae with the highest level of honor and commitment, forever impacting the workings of the Royal Clan.

Individuals with Impact

These individuals have been involved with Scholae Palatinae, helping change it for the better. Their names should not be forgotten for the great work and example they provided for Scholae Palatinae.

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