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Clan Scholae Palatinae
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32 ABY

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Born with the heritage of the Galactic Empire, Clan Scholae Palatinae ever stands proud, ready and able, an amalgamation of Dark Jedi and Sith, Gray Jedi and imperial loyalists, mercenaries and bounty hunters. Led by their shrewd Emperors, House Caliburnus and House Acclivis Draco come together to form glaive and hammer, together mustering their martial might to secure and expand their territory in the Caperion System and status in the Dark Brotherhood. Clan Scholae Palatinae is often referred to by its members by the simplified moniker “The Empire” or “CSP”.


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Clan Scholae Palatinae proudly traces its roots back to Emperor Palpatine’s Galactic Empire. For nearly two decades, the clan maintained an iron grip on its former territory and began to build a formidable military from conscription of the Cocytus natives. The clan fended off attacks from both within, including a terrorist organization known as 'The Cause' which attempted to restore power to the Cocytus natives, until in 34 ABY, the Dark Council’s Iron Fleet destroyed the Cocytus System, leaving the clan in disarray, forcing key personnel to escape.

The clan fled to the Caperion System, a system with diverse spacefaring civilizations and a complex political structure. The clan made its mark on the system by taking Caelestis City from The Meraxis Empire, claiming it as their new headquarters and establishing a new military: the Imperial Scholae Army and Imperial Scholae Navy. Time passed and tensions rose with the rest of the political bodies in the system.

After the Empire established a foothold on Seraph in 40 ABY, the Caperion system erupted into civil war. The war, which culminated with the invasion of the Children of Mortis, resulted in the unification of the Caperion system under the Imperial Banner. At present the Empire is taking expansive actions to build the infrastructure and economy of the Caperion System.

Clan Organization

The Emperor

The Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae acts as the supreme De Facto and De Jure authority of the domain of the Empire. While transfer of the title of Emperor is a relatively common occurrence, ultimate power over the citizens of the Empire remains solely with the throne. The Emperor may organize their administration in any fashion that best suits the needs of the ruler and the Empire.

After assuming uncontested control of the Caperion system, then Emperor Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz established several new organizations under his government. The complex bureaucratic structure was developed to better govern the entirety of the system.


The Proconsul of Clan Scholae Palatinae acts as the second in command of the domain of the Empire. As the right hand of the Emperor, the Vizier fills the role of advisor and executor of the Emperor’s directive.

The Vizier oversees all facets of operation of the Empire, but serves in a special capacity as the Commander of the Guard and Director of the Imperial Mission.

Imperial Ruling Council

The Emperor has established a loose organization of advisors and politicians that keep the Emperor informed on matters relating to the health and stability of the Emperor. At the behest of the Emperor, these party members may assume control of certain aspects of the greater bureaucracy.

House Acclivis Draco

Built upon a long standing history of the Krath, House Acclivis Draco serves the Empire as a covert organization of relic hunters. House Acclivis Draco uses a sigil of a dragon to represent its power. The Quaestor of House Acclivis Draco serves on the Imperial Ruling Council.

House Acclivis Draco operates from the secret mountain installation known as Havoc Base

House Caliburnus

Traditionally based on the philosophies and history of the Sith, House Caliburnus serves the Empire as an extension of its military might. House Caliburnus adopts the symbol of the legendary lightsaber of the same name. The Quaestor of House Caliburnus serves on the Imperial Ruling Council.

House Caliburnus operates from the fortress base known as Steelstrike Garrison.

The Empire of Clan Scholae Palatinae


The Caperion System

The Caperion System

Main article: Caperion System

The Caperion System has a well-established history of sentient inhabitants and space-faring technology, being home to 5 diverse political groups (6 including Scholae Palatinae). Once a newcomer to the system, Clan Scholae Palatinae has gained full control of the system. Now focused on growth, security, and prosperity, the citizens of the Caperion system have come to welcome the Imperial way of life.


Architectural Model of Clan Scholae Palatinae’s Headquarters ‘’The Monolith’’’

After the unification of the Caperion System and the near destruction of Ragnath, Clan Scholae Palatinae relocated their seat of power to Seraph. The move was considered controversial at first, but the consolidation of power on the larger planetary body proved effective in solidifying the Empire’s grip on the system’s political entities. In 40ABY, The Imperial Ministry of Finance authorized funding the construction of a planned city that would meet the needs of establishing the administrative complex at the heart of the Empire. The contract for construction was awarded to Trident Construction and Development, Inc. This company had previously worked with the Clan in the construction of Arx Ondorii on Caina, in the Cocytus System

The city was specifically planned for a location on the borders of the territories formerly ruled by The Democratic Republic of Elaya and the Nayama Dynasty. This decision had both strategic and symbolic power. Being placed on the border of the two primary belligerents in the Caperion Civil War enforced the ideal of Scholae Palatinae as a unifying power. Additionally, the proximity to the equator gives the location the symbolic power of being located at the center of Seraph.

At the center of the planned city, the Empire’s headquarters dominates the city’s skyline. The massive pyramid shaped building serves as a symbol of the authority of the Empire but also serves as the city’s spaceport. The upper floors, above the spaceport, are reserved for members of Clan Scholae Palatinae and other Imperial officials. The remainder of the building is open to the public and houses many shops, markets, public services and leisure spaces. The building is heavily fortified and offers protection for the local area.

The building was specifically placed in a position that aligned with the ecliptic of Seraph’s moon Ragnath. Each day, when Ragnath rises in the sky it aligns with the pinnacle of the building. This design element was included as a memorial to all of the Imperial Citizens that were killed during the brutal civil war and subsequent invasion of the Children of Mortis.

Government and Politics

The Empire, modeled on the workings of Palpatine's Galactic Empire, is the frontal governmental system operated by Clan Scholae Palatinae. The Empire is public knowledge to inhabitants of the Caperion System, while the Dark Jedi clan, the real force behind the government, operates in the shadows. This fact is unknown to all but the top military, economic and political leaders, those who are familiar enough with the Empire to know that disclosing its secrets is unwise.

Headquartered in the planned city of New Ohmen City on Seraph, Clan Scholae Palatinae established the Imperial capital on the continent of Elaya. This location was chosen for its strategic value, centralized location, and abundant resources. The city was built as a planned metropolis, designed specifically to serve the administrative and defensive needs of the Empire. From this seat of power, the Imperial bureaucracy rules over the Caperion System.

At the head of the bureaucracy is the Emperor, who assumes total power of the Empire. Serving directly under the Imperial Throne are the Military, the Vizier, and the Imperial ruling council. The Emperor acts as Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military. The Vizier acts with autonomy over the rest of the Government, serving as an extension of the Emperor’s will. Likewise, the Imperial Ruling Council governs the greater bureaucracy as an extension of the Emperor.

The current Emperor of Scholae Palatinae is Thran Occasus-Palpatine, who goes by the title of Emperor and Grand Moff.

The bureaucracy has a rigid hierarchy that comprises nine (9) Ministries. Each Ministry governs over a specific aspect of Imperial life. Under each Ministry, there are several Bureaus, each of which focus their efforts on more specific tasks within the government. Each Bureau may or may not have subunits referred to as Administrations or Offices, which focus on one specific governmental task. All of these Ministries, Bureaus, and Administration fall under the purview of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, which serves to facilitate communication between the compartmentalized bureaucratic arms.

Organization of the Imperial Government

The nine (9) ministries are as follows: Ministry of Commerce and Trade, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Safety, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Security and Justice, and the Ministry of Culture.

Some notable Bureaus are as follows: Bureau of Imperial Heritage, Bureau of Imperial Services, Bureau of Domestic Finance, Bureau of Imperial Sciences, Bureau of Land and Mineral Management, Bureau of Economic Affairs.


Due in part to the isolated relationship that the Caperion System has with the galaxy at large, modern economic principles had not been employed. Subjected to an underdeveloped economic base, the Empire began its economic growth dealing in trading luxury goods. This field proved extremely limited in its capacity to support growth. High taxation and tariffs along with the questionable economic practice of securing indebtedness from Ragnath’s wealthiest citizens had the Empire teetering on verge of economic collapse.

Under the reign of Emperor Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz, then special advisor to the Emperor Thran Occasus began cultivating and developing the manufacturing capacity of the Caperion System. Unifying existing governmental and corporate entities towards a unified economic vision proved fruitful, particularly in securing Imperial governance rights over the various territories of the Caperion system after the civil war. Under Lam’lamiz and Occasus, the Imperial Economic policy developed around securing loyalty to the Empire through prosperity and wealth generation. Former Political enemies and rivals of the Clan soon allied under demonstrations of how the Empire was capable of keeping their coffers full.

The economic plan developed under Occasus began with clearly delineating the sectors of the economy. In the Primary Sector, massive mining operations, farming operations, and extraction of other natural resources would build the foundation of the economy. Unified mining consortiums began extracting large quantities of Doonium, Quadranium, Corundum, Dolovite, Tibanna, Thorilide, Kesium Gas, and Solid Carbonite for use in construction projects that would develop the Secondary Sector. Now flush with raw material, a focus was placed on refining, manufacturing and construction. This sector of the economy flourished quickly and created the opportunity for the Empire to develop a healthy Tertiary Sector. This focused effort is still underway, overseen by the Vizier.

As a stress test of the infant economic machine, Thran Occasus and Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz oversaw the construction of a massive defensive space station and weapons platform known as the SARLaC. The massive military project proved to be an effective demonstration of a growing war-machine.


Imports/Exports: Under the oversight of Vizier, the import reliant economy of the Caperion system has been minimized. Goods from outside the Empire are taxed at an extraordinarily high rate. High tariffs, particularly on raw materials, have been established for the purposes of developing a strong and independent Primary Economic Sector. Consumer goods are imported at reduced tax rates, due in part to the still developing nature of the Secondary Economic Sector.

The Caperion system has begun to establish itself as a player in the local star sectors as a provider of Raw Materials, Repulsor Coils, Civilian Repulsor Craft, Electronic Stabilizers, Communication Devices, Gravity Generators. Several prominent businesses, such as Sal-Mal Repulsor, MagTek Liquid Mineral Extraction, GreevTech, and AnoDryve Innovations, have profited heavily from their relationship with the Empire. This burgeoning market has extended into the Financial Sector as stocks are traded on the Caperion IntraGalactic Stock Exchange (CISE).

Internal: At one time the prevailing philosophy on revenue generation came from high taxation and a misguided system of “Cash for Favor” among the wealthy residents of Ragnath. However, when the Empire expanded to encompass the whole of the Caperion System a wave of tax-slashing reform took place. Due to the dramatic increase in taxable population and better management and oversight for Imperial revenue, the old policies became antiquated. An established flat tax has provided a sustainable revenue stream for the Empire.

The Imperial Mission

Established under Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz, the Imperial Mission serves the Empire in carrying the message and values of the Empire to all of the Citizens of the Caperion System and beyond. Members of the Imperial Mission dedicate themselves to service to the Empire, particularly those who are in great need. The Mission operates as a charitable foundation, assisting those who have been displaced by conflict, tragedy and other catastrophic events. The Imperial Mission provides financial aid, housing, education and resources to those that have been impacted by such events.

The Imperial Mission is funded primarily by donors from within the Empire, who receive tax breaks for contributions. The early days of the Imperial Mission were filled with scrutiny about its efficacy and was laden with concerns over using goodwill as a propaganda tool. After the events of the Caperion Civil War and the Invasion of Ragnath, the Imperial Mission quickly got to housing orphaned children and relocating refugees. Shortly thereafter, scrutiny regarding the Mission and its activity waned.

The Imperial mission operates under the Office of the Vizier.

Chain of Command


The ISN Palpatine flagship of the Imperial Scholae Navy over Seraph and Ragnath

The Military of the Empire is divided into three (3) primary elements and operates directly under the oversight of the Emperor and Visier. The branches of the Imperial Military are The Imperial Navy, comprised of three (3) smaller fleets of Capital Ships and the TIE Corps of Starfighters, The Imperial Legion, comprised of the regiments of Stormtrooopers and Armored Units that protect the Empire on terra firma, and Imperial Special Intelligence, the network of spies and data analysts that protect the Empire’s interests. The structure of each branch of the military falls in line with post-Tarkin Imperial Doctrine, with modifications made to best suit the Empire’s needs.

Separate from the Imperial Military branches, under the office of the Vizier, the Praetorian Regiment and Special Forces Command serve the Empire as the tip of the spear. The Praetorian regiment also operates as the Royal Guard for the Emperor. These Guards wear the standard Crimson Armor of the Sith Eternal. Praetorian Regiment also operates a secret training facility, known only as SITE 921, on the dangerous planet of Venenum.

While not operating as active warfighters, several other administrations also fall under the umbrella of the Scholae Military. The Commission for the Proliferation of the New Order (COMPNOR), which operates the Imperial Propaganda Bureau and Imperial Secret Police (ISP) also falls under the Office of the Vizier.

Members of Scholae Palatinae are often embedded in leadership roles within the military branches. Operating as an extension of the Emperor’s authority, members of Scholae Palatinae may assume command of any Military unit, especially during times of war. Journeymen members are limited in their command capacity to a single squad or squadron. Equite members may command smaller capital ships, flights of starfighters, or entire companies of soldiers. Elder members have unrestricted access to command any unit necessary. These guidelines may be altered by direct order of the Emperor.

The Cocytus System (Former)

Main article: Cocytus System

Scholae Palatinae ruled over the entire Cocytus System until it was destroyed by the Iron Fleet of Darth Pravus and the clan fled to the Caperion System to establish a new home. Its natives were largely primitive and tribal and bent to the wishes of the Empire's superior technology and Force Powers. While the Empire swiftly took control of the 6-planet system shortly after the Exodus, they faced numerous uprisings throughout their rule from the capital world of Judecca. Now, the surface of its 6 planets are a smoking ruin, the ghost of the civilization left behind, marked hazardous with strong risk of radiation poisoning.

Allies and Enemies

Due to the Imperial nature of the Clan, it is not surprising that it is largely focused on improving itself and expanding its borders, knowledge and prowess. Thus, the borders of Scholae Palatinae have been less open than others due to the Clan’s natural isolation from outside influence. At present, the clan has just recently set foot in the Caperion System and begun to establish territory on the moon of Ragnath. Due to the complex political structure on Caperion and of the Dark Brotherhood, the clan has numerous domestic threats and those further afield.

Its current primary goal is to expand its territory, which is currently restricted to one city, albeit the technological masterpiece of Caelestis, on Seraph's moon, Ragnath, taken forcibly from Meraxis. Scholae Palatinae will slowly and patiently expand under the same principles as Emperor Palpatine expanded his power across the Galaxy, unafraid to forge false alliances and break them when the time is right.

Caperion System


Under the unified Caperion system, all former political groups have been absorbed into the Empire.


Allies and Enemies Beyond Caperion


  • Clan Plagueis - At one point in the distant past, Scholae Palatinae was aligned with the Clans of Satal Keto and Exar Kun. However when these two units fused into a vastly different Clan, Plagueis, a chasm was birthed between the two groups. Despite that rift, The Empire has had a long standing relationship with Clan Plagueis and counts it among it’s allies.
  • Clan Naga Sadow - A once strong alliance was shattered by Scholae Palatinae's betrayal of Naga Sadow and the theft of valuable artefacts from the Red Fury Pirates, most notably the aptly named Shattering. However, as recent as this feud was, the events of the Twelfth Great Jedi war put the clans back on the same side, and the future is uncertain. Complex diplomatic efforts have restored the alliance, but the strength of the alliance is tenuous at best.


  • Clan Arcona - In the past, Arcona was the sworn enemy of Scholae Palatinae. This stemmed from the time when Scholae Palatinae was forced to serve as a unit of Arcona. Even after years of separation this tension continued. However thanks to the dulling power of time, and the focus of enemies like the Collective, these feelings have finally faded. While in a state of half-truce, it remains to be seen if this peace will last.
  • Dark Council - While Clan Scholae Palatinae are extremely bitter about the destruction of the Cocytus System at the hands of Darth Pravus, Clan Scholae Palatinae nonetheless belong to the Dark Brotherhood, and does not possess the resources for war with the Dark Council's Iron fleet. They grudgingly supported the council in the fight against The Collective.

Tense Relations

  • Clan Taldryan - Taldryan was historically the dominant clan in the brotherhood, and Scholae Palatinae always had its eyes on taking them down, but out of respect and not hostility. While Taldryan no longer enjoys such a dominant position, with the dominant clans in the brotherhood being Arcona and Odan Urr, the clans maintain a mutual respect and have no significant history of conflict or formal alliance. Current tensions are the result of events of a joint summit between the clans, wherein Taldryan Proconsul and Ewok, Teebu Nyrrire was mistakenly served a dish which contained Ewok meat.


  • The Collective - The Collective were Scholae Palatinae's enemy during the Twelfth Great Jedi War. Scholae Palatinae suffered heavy losses fighting this powerful organisation that hates Force users of both sides and seeks their utter eradication, inspiring the entire Dark Brotherhood to units its forces against them. They have lent support to the Meraxis Empire in its fight against Scholae Palatinae.
  • Clan Odan-Urr - The Imperial nature of the Royal Clan immediately soured relations with this Light Side oriented Clan. Both have made it clear through passive-aggressive means, that if given a chance they would gladly clash with each other, however, their only interaction was on the same side as they fought against The Collective in the Twelfth Great Jedi War.

Typical Clan Actions and Reactions

Scholae Palatinae and the Empire have long taken the approach of “The Empire comes first”. Typically taking a stance of isolationism, Scholae Palatinae values loyalty to the Empire above all else and puts very little worth on that which occurs outside their borders. The Empire is protective of tradition and seeks to uphold the Imperial Ideal. The Empire values the diversity of the citizens of the Caperion System and uniqueness of the members of Scholae Palatinae, the unifying cry of “For the Empire!” is more than enough to rally individuals together. Scholae Palatinae is quick to defend its honor.

Under the leadership of Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz and Thran Occasus, the Empire has begun considerable efforts to establish itself as a player the local region of the Galaxy. Likewise, considerable diplomatic effort has been placed within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood to establish the Empires seat at the table.

Important Figures

These are the former and current leaders, or any influential member who is associated with the Clan. Individuals are delegated to one of these prestigious groups; however their reach, most likely, extends into one or more of these classes.

Legacy of Palpatine

Main article: Legacy of Palpatine
Legacy of Palpatine
Palpatine Induction
Dakari Kaeth Palpatine 11/2008
Thran Occasus 4/2009
Kell Dante 10/2010
Archangel Palpatine 03/2016
Evant Taelyan 03/2016
Lucyeth 05/2017
Reiden Palpatine Karr 12/2017
Rasilvenaira StormRaven 03/2021
Rayne 08/2022


Emperor Title Term
Karva Karva The Ceaseless
Timbal Timbal The Relentless
Dakari Kaeth Palpatine Dakari The Merciless 04/2006 - 10/2008
Braecen Kaeth Braecen The Heartless 10/2006 - 09/2007
Phoenix d'Tana Palpatine Phoenix The Ruthless 09/2007 - 11/2008
Lucien Kaeth Palpatine Lucien The Fearless 12/2008 - 01/2009
Thran Occasus-Palpatine Thran The Usurper 02/2009 - 07/2010
Ood Bnar Ood The Hardwood 07/2010 - 02/2011
Xen'Mordin Palpatine Xen The Manipulative 02/2011 - 08/2017
Elincia Rei Elincia The Disgrace* 08/2017 - 08/2019
Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter Shadow the Silent 09/2019 - 10/2021
Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz Kamjin The Conqueror 10/2021 - 10/2023
Thran Occasus-Palpatine Thran The Usurper 10/2023 - Present

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