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Exodus era.
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Conflict: Disorder was an Order-related Rite of Supremacy that began on October 1, 2010.
Date: 27 ABY
Location: Temple Boyna, Triumvirate Library
Outcome: Obelisk deemed victorious




  • Krath Dark Jedi
  • War Droids
  • Alchemically enhanced beasts
  • Obelisk Dark Jedi
  • conscripted soldiers
  • Sith Dark Jedi
  • Sith Cultists
  • conscripted soldiers
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Disorder was a Rite of Supremacy that pit the three Dark Jedi Orders against one another for reasons someone else needs to define. The conflict occurred during a brief period in 27 ABY and was resolved after "X" happened, with the Obelisk Order emerging victorious over the other Orders.


Ma'ar discusses his plan for Boyna

Brief synopsis.


Gathering Storm

Mounting tensions between the members of the Dark Council increased to a fever pitch as the Fist of the Brotherhood, a Sith, announced his orders and plans to retake the Temple Boyna from the holdouts from Crask's droid forces. The Obelisk Master at Arms refused to accept this interference into their domain, verbally assaulting the Krath Grand Master for making that call. Further evidence showed that the Keibatsu had been sequestering themselves with Holocrons from the hidden vaults beneath the Shadow Academy, adding to the distrust of their Order.

Taigikori, Sarin and Halcyon discover the missing holocrons

An Order War

Korras and Kir rallied the Obelisk and dropped deep into the thick of Crask's droids, taking the Obelisk stronghold from the Droids and digging in, preparing to repel the Sith Forces as they marched toward the ancient base. Utilizing ancient and hidden tunnels beneath the 'Black Pyramid', Obelisk shock troops were sent through to the Triumvirate Library in an attempt to recover some of the holocrons stored there.

Korras and Kir lead the Obelisk to Boyna

The Krath, led by the Grand Master and Herald, retired to the Triumvirate Library with the intent of defending their holdings from any and all comers. Using the Rite of Exaltation, Muz artificially inflated the ranks of his generals to the rank of Dark Prophet and gave assistance to those among the Krath that utilized old sorcery and alchemy to bolster their forces.

Muz performs the rite of exaltation on Ashia and Shikyo

The Sith, rallying from the FFC Firefox airdropped in between the Temple Boyna and the Triumvirate Library, confident that their strength would be enough to not only claim the ancient Obelisk Temple for themselves, but also to repossess the Holocrons taken from the Shadow Academy. With the Voice of the Brotherhood and his forces focusing on dealing with the Krath, and the Fist of the Brotherhood leading his forces to retake the Temple Boyna, this left the Deputy Grand Master, the Sith Lord Sarin remained aboard the carrier, commanding an air assault on both targets.

Halcyon and Ma'ar direct their efforts

As the situation devolved further, each Order was fighting a war' on two fronts. The Krath defended their position from the above-ground forces of the Sith and the underground attack from the Obelisk using Mechu-Deru Droids, Krath War Beasts and other fell creatures warped by sorcery. The Obelisk focused on defending the Temple Boyna from the Sith and sought to gleam some advantage from their ambush on the Krath. The Sith defended nothing, attacking both of the ancient strongholds.

The Obelisk, having defended the Temple Boyna successfully, began to push back on their attackers, the Sith. The Sith, fighting a war' on two sides had focused on the Krath stronghold. When Darth Sarin went to ground to combat the Krath Dark Lord, the battle got out of hand, and only Jac Cotelin discovered the truth.

Deep in the Bowels of the Shadow Academy, the Sith Lord felt a disturbing presence surrounding the Order Discipline Holocrons. Having meditated on the phenomena, the was able to identify the unique Force Imprint of the responsible party, the Traitor Mike Halcyon. Moving to Antei, he broke up the Duel of the Sith Lords before the carnage could spread further, wiping the corrupting influence from them so that they could deal with the plotting of the Jedi.

Known Participants


Behind the Scenes

This Vendetta was planned and released under shroud of secrecy. With the standard name protocol of the Vendetta being divided into either a Rite of Supremacy or Great Jedi War, the insistence of calling the event a 'Vendetta' raised curiosity. Naming the event 'Disorder' was the only real hint to the nature of the vendetta, which would be discovered to be an 'Order War', where instead of fighting for the glory of their houses and clans, members would fight for the glory of their Orders. This was intended to not only lend more meaning to the orders as well as to help get members to break from their old alliances and help foster new friendships among the brethren.

Taking a lesson from the Rite of Supremacy called Spoils of War, the backstory was told via the comic book format. Written and with the cover drawn by Muz Ashen, the comic was commissioned to be drawn by Jedi Art Trick Anthony Warne, an up-and-coming comic book artist. Events for the Vendetta were put together by the Grand Master, the Voice Halcyon, and the Fist Ma'ar.

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