Kr'Tal System

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Kr'Tal System

Expansion Region


Surron sector





  1. Volcanus
  2. Golari
    • 3 moons
  3. Taruma
    • 1 moon
  4. Karufr
    • 2 moons
  5. Lanchi
  6. Altur
    • 2 moons
  7. Muraght
  8. Ateliuc
  9. Kaltace
    • 1 moon
Space Stations:
  • Teagon Asteroid Belt
Space Routes:
Native species:
Immigrated species:
Official language:

Galactic Basic


320 million

  • 30% Human
  • 49% Zeltron
  • 21% Other species
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The Kr'Tal System was a nine-planet Star System located in the depths of the Expansion Region. Considered a wild system, colonization of the only inhabitale world―Karufr―didn't occur until longer after the Ruusan Reformation. Becoming a source for mining activity, the system was quickly stripped of its resources and abandoned by all but the large contingent of colonists. The Galactic Empire made use of the system centuries later as a military supply depot and manufacturing complex until its fall in 4 ABY.

The system was robbed of its solitude by the Dark Jedi of Taldryan shortly after the Exodus of 19 ABY. Although relatively unknown, it was found near the popular trade route, the Corellian Run, which made it an ideal system for a base of operations. Fleeing from the remnants of the Emperor's Hammer, the Taldryan ambassadors pledged support to the governor in return for land rights. Eventually, the Dark Jedi usurped control of the system and established their own authority from the shadows.


Early History

- Post ruusan reformation*, 700ish BBY Republuc sought to re-expand from the Core Worlds. To this end, they granted a conglomerate of corporations control over the outer expansion zone*. Kr'Tal was one such system infested with the corporations. Heavily mined of raw materials until all resources were drained. This caused strife for the settled Zeltrons and brought a large mix of immigrated species. The families of workers of the corporations. Anti-republic feelings borne.

- Eventually, 500 BBY, corporations were evicted by the Republic, but the damage was done to the once pristine system. Larger colonies joined together to form cities over the abandoned facilities/worker housing complexes.

Galactic Empire

18 BBY (somewhat recovered from mining/foresting operations) - Nothing would change until the Imperial Era. In an effort to develop key regional centers, the Empire invested in colonizing the planet of Karufr. Sent in a Moff to take over the system and begun creating large factories for TIE production.

During the Galactic Civil War, though a minor outpost, Kr'Tal was used as a depot station for military fleets. It's being near enough to the Corellian RUn hyperspace route made it ideal as a hidden cache for use by the Empire and its allies.

However, after the fall of the Empire after the Battle of Endor, Kr'Tal was able to separate itself from the New Republic. Moff X, already comfortable with his hedonistic lifestyle, fashioned himself a dictator and ruled over the system from Karufr.

Beyond the Hammer

19 ABY, Taldryan flees Karana System

Dark Jedi ambassadors originally sought refugee status. By manipulating the former Moff-turned-dictator, they were given right to settle on Karufr. Eventually, the Dark Jedi covertly established themselves throughout the government and eventually took control. The former Moff was given the choice to serve as a puppet or die.

Kr'Tal became the base of operations for Taldryan to rebuild. Eventually it was used to recuperate from losses suffered at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong. Etc. Taldryan's control of the system became absolute in 3X ABY. They sought to expand their influence in the galaxy during the Dark Crusade.


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