Kr'Tal System

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Kr'Tal System

Expansion Region


Surron sector





  1. Volcanus
  2. Golari
    • 3 moons
  3. Taruma
    • 1 moon
  4. Karufr
    • 2 moons
  5. Lanchi
  6. Altur
    • 2 moons
  7. Muraght
  8. Ateliuc
  9. Kaltace
    • 1 moon
Space Stations:
  • Teagon Asteroid Belt
Space Routes:
Native species:
Immigrated species:
Official language:

Galactic Basic


320 million

  • 30% Human
  • 49% Zeltron
  • 21% Other species
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The Kr'Tal System was a nine-planet Star System and was the Home System of Clan Taldryan for 16 years. It was attacked by the vengeful Justicar of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood force Clan Taldryan to abandon it indefinetly in ABY 35. It is located in the depths of the Expansion Region. Considered a wild system, colonization of the only inhabitable world―Karufr―didn't occur until longer after the Ruusan Reformation. Becoming a source for mining activity, the system was quickly stripped of its resources and abandoned by all but the large contingent of colonists. The Galactic Empire made use of the system centuries later as a military supply depot and manufacturing complex until its fall in 4 ABY.

The system was robbed of its solitude by the Dark Jedi of Taldryan shortly after the Exodus of 19 ABY. Although relatively unknown, it was found near the popular trade route, the Corellian Run, which made it an ideal system for a base of operations. Fleeing from the remnants of the Emperor's Hammer, the Taldryan ambassadors pledged support to the governor in return for land rights. Eventually, the Dark Jedi usurped control of the system and established their own authority from the shadows.


Early History

Around the year 700 BBY the Galactic Republic seeking expand to out from the Core Worlds moved into what would come to be called the Expansion Region. It was there they discovered a myriad of systems with prime worlds for colonization and more rich with untapped resources. To this end, they granted conglomerates of corporations Charters for the colonization and exploitation of. The system that would come to be called the Kr'Tal system itself was infested with several mega-corporations shortly thereafter. Heavily mined of raw materials, large portions of the few rocky moons and planets ravaged. This often continued until resources were depleted. This caused long term strife and poverty for the settled Zeltrons and brought in a large mix of species seeking industrial work.

The Tensions between the immigrant aliens and the native Zeltrons spilled over into open conflict. In 567 BBY growing awareness that it was Corporate interference, manipulation, and authoritarian rule resulted in an alliance between immigrants and natives and after a brief war the Mega Corporations were forced from the planet. The Local population, so-recently untied, struggled for a couple hundred years to come to a peaceful, equitable social and political situation.

Galactic Empire

A member of the Republic, represented in the Senate by a larger neighboring system, the Kr'Tal System was transferred to Imperial Authority in 18 BBY. Earlier ecological devastation had been largely restored and local industrialization had been massively scaled back. The Empire maintained a small Garrison of Army troops and a Holonet buoy but otherwise left the backwater system to its own devices. During the Galactic Civil War, though a minor outpost, Kr'Tal was used as a depot station for military fleets. It's being near enough to the Corellian Run hyperspace route made it ideal as a hidden cache for use by the Empire and its allies.

After the fall of the Empire after the Battle of Endor, Kr'Tal was largely unaffected by the rise of the New Republic. The Imperial Governor removed his uniform and continued to rule the planet with an authoritarian, if not light hand

Beyond the Hammer

In coordination with the other Clans participating in the Exodus of 19 ABY, Taldryan fled the Karana System where it had previously been based. By manipulating the former Moff-turned-dictator, Consul Kir Katarn Taldrya negotiated rights to settle on Karufr in exchange for a large sum of credits paid directly to the Governor. Eventually, the Dark Jedi covertly established themselves throughout the government and eventually took control in a coup in ABY 21. The Governor was never seen again. Kr'Tal became the base of operations for Clan Taldryan to rebuild.

As a home base Clan Taldryan came to greatly appreciate the remoteness of their system relative to other busy systems and especially the other Clans of the Brotherhood. With a population already somewhat used to totalitarian rule the local population was urged to increase their industrial output and mechanize means of production. The planned for, 1st in its class Navy the Clan sought to build would require local facilities to repair, refit, and supply it. The Clan leadership hired industrial interests to advise on how best to streamline manufacturing processes across the system in support of its military build up. During the Clan's golden age (between ABY 15 and ABY 29) Taldryan's military was second to none but the Iron Throne itself and entirety of the Kr'Talian economy was behind supporting it.

It was a devastating loss to Taldryan when in ABY 35 the Justicar, Jac Cotelin, attacked. The former Grandmaster, a Son of Taldryan, had grown angry with the direction of the Clan's leadership in opening its rolls to those of Light Sided affiliations to the Force as well as non-Force Sensitives. Perceiving that the Clan he'd lead and bore the name of had betrayed its roots he arrived in system at the head of an Iron Throne Navy task force and proceeded to destroy nearly 50% of the Clan's fleet while at dock. He continued, once local resistance had essentially been swept aside, to lay waste to the planet Karufr from orbit. He made no attempt to land ground forces or offer a surrender.

It was a motley collection of personal shuttles and the few remaining Taldryan naval vessels, all of whom were nearly critically damaged, that fled from the [REDACTED] rendezvous site. On the run for nearly an entire year from the Justicar before encountering the Caelus System, what would become the Clan's new home, no official mission was ever sent back to the Kr'Tal system. The fate of the planet or its local population remains a mystery that the present Consul, Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama, does not seem particularly rushed to solve.


  • The Kr'Tal system was originally proposed and used as a # system of planets for seven years until PCON Vodo Biask Taldrya reworked the entire system in collaboration with Zxyl Venzos (then called Anubis) to have #.
  • Planet images were created anew for the reworked system by Vodo and Anubis.
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